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The Israeli army low key has the baddest soldiers in the world bruh

For the country of Israel, living around a whole bunch of countries that hate you probably ain’t easy.

Having to be in constant battle has led Israel to have one of the strongest armies in the world even though they’re relatively small.

Every Israeli citizen has to serve in the army because of the constant threat of attack. Living on what is considered “Holy Land” doesn’t seem to be all that good.

It’s not all bad, though. There are certain aspects of the country that are truly blessed…

Thanks to @hotisraeliarmygirls we get to see some of the baddest women we’ve ever seen in any army. This is some real beauty not some plastic LA girl who just got bread to buy herself some looks. (But if you’re an LA girl who’s had some work done I don’t mean no disrespect hmu and let’s talk).

I’ve hyped these girls up too much already just look what the Holy Land has produced.

War is stressful, hit the beach instead

She might look sweet but she’ll bite back

Cats like cake too

That look is deadly

How can see make army pants look so sexy GOD DAMN

The figure is brazy son

Jordan need to make her an official model

Her eyebrows were on fleek even while she was enlisted

She gotta be Spanish!

Body armor never looked so good

How she look differently bad in every pic

When ya girl is strapped

That cake was blessed by God himself

She’s smiling because she knows how bad she is

Whoa whoa whoa her eyes are up there

They got light skins in Israel too

Bangs making a comeback?


Working at the beach that’s Kulture Hub’s kinda girl

This is too much badness in one post

In honor of the Jordan 32’s, here’s 5 more sneakers inspired by really expensive cars

Nike loves their Flyknit material. Adidas might have BOOST but Nike has their Flyknit and it’s killer. It’s super lightweight so for us runners it works beautifully, unless you want support but at least it looks cool.

Nike knows that we love Flyknit so they’re literally throwing it on every silhouette ever. They got Flyknit Air Force 1s, Air Max 90s, and even on Jordans.

Their newest Jordan 32, yes they run that far, is coming out with Flyknit material but that’s not what makes these Jordans cool. They are inspired by those high end Italian sports cars. You can see it through the sleek minimalist design. Check it out:

Made to fly. The #AJXXXII balances innovation and style.

A post shared by Jordan (@jumpman23) on

The red colorway is called “ROSSO CORSA” which is the same red Italian motor racing teams enter cars in.

This isn’t a new idea though, Nike takes inspiration from cars all the time whether it is the silhouette itself or just another colorway. They have a bunch of them but here’s a few of our favorites.

Ferrari 14’s


A post shared by TheSneakerChamber™ (@thesneakerchamber) on

One of the more recent on the list, the 14s were already inspired by sports cars but the red colorway was so perfect for this shoe.

Kobe V Aston Martin Pack

You remember when Kobe “jumped” an Aston Martin? Well these were inspired by that moment.

The shoe is actually pretty cool ’cause it has these small details like its laces that say “That’s how you do it.”

DMC x Nike 6.0 DeLorean Dunk

A post shared by RLWayne #NT (@rlwayne141) on

Nike absoulutly nailed the DeLorean vibe, as in it looks sick but don’t ever use it ’cause it’s trash.

All jokes aside, the shoe is dope. The taillight bottom is nice and I like the stitch-less look, it’s definitely a nice piece if you like collecting sneakers.

Air Jordan XVII

Here’s another Aston Martin-inspired sneaker but the difference is that these came in a briefcase with a CD for only $200.

That’s a steal compared to today, something like that now would be like $500.

Nike Air Max Light Porsche GT3 RS


The backstory on these is crazy but here’s the TLDR;

Online sneaker shop Purchaze created the Air Max kicks you see above for the team that helped promote their store.

The promo team used a Porsche to promote the store so Purchaze, with the help of Leyp, a group of sneaker customizers, and Porsche created the shoes just for them.

The sneakers are sick and it’s crazy how rare they are. I can only imagine how much resale would be on those.

Pusha T says Kanye West produced his new album from ‘top to bottom’

We’ve been patiently waiting for Pusha T’s King Push album for some years now.

Yeah, he dropped his last album, King Push – Darkest Before Dawn, in 2015 but that was just a prequel.

As far as we know, he’s been working on King Push since 2013… so what exactly is taking so long for it to drop?

Awkward Stephen Colbert GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert - Find & Share on GIPHY

We haven’t gotten much info on that but it looks like it may be because of Kanye. During his performance at Made In America on Sunday, Pusha said this,

“I’m gonna go ahead and let y’all know. I’ve done this album like three times, right. [Kanye] come in, he pick all the beats and shit. Then he hears the beats and he scraps them and says ‘I can do better.’ He’s done that shit like three times.”

We all knew Kanye was a perfectionist but damn he’s dedicated to making art.

Honestly though it’s not out of his character to do this, like my mans is never satisfied.

On a positive note, Kanye is doing all of Pusha’s beats on this project so we can expect some fire and with all that scrapping they should sound perfect.

Pusha didn’t seem all that mad that the album was taking forever, he knows greatness takes time. Just peep how he explains the situation:

Let’s just hope we can see this album soon ’cause I’m dying to hear what Pusha and Kanye got to offer.

It was reported that Kanye was chilling in the mountains of Wyoming working on his next project, which Push reportedly has a heavy influence and presence on too.

Top that with the alleged Kanye x Cudi secret album and we can all expect this coming Yeezy SZN to be one of the biggest yet. Stay tuned.

Louis Vuitton is the latest brand that wants to collab with Virgil Abloh

There’s no denying Virgil Abloh is the hottest designer we’ve seen this year.

The creative director for Watch the Throne back in 2011 is finally getting the love he’s worked so hard for.

From helping Kanye with his epic “Runaway” project, to creating the brand Pyrex, his latest beast, Off White, is really Abloh’s his best work yet.

To get a better understanding of his work, just look at the Nike collab coming out this year. He’s also doing some classes with Nike this week, so you know he gives back to the community.

On top of that he’s kinda an outsider in the fashion world. He studied architecture and civil engineering, like how?

It really gives hope to kids that want to be a part of the fashion world but can’t really afford it. He’s doing what Kanye is doing with fashion but better.

He’s a solid dude all the way around so why wouldn’t you want to work along side Abloh? Rumors are spreading that LV is looking to work with Off White.

According to @Supreme_leaks_news, the same guy who leaked the Nike x Supreme, LV and Abloh might be cooking something up.

Supreme Leaks News is pretty solid when it comes to leaks like this and a collab between the two wouldn’t surprise us.

What’s more surprising about this news is that this would be Virgil’s first collaboration with a larger fashion house.

From what we saw with their Supreme collab we can only imagine what an Off White x LV design would look like. The only problem I can see with it is that retail is gonna cost a few months of pay checks, so be ready.

Rumors did circulate that large fashion houses like Givenchy and Versace were going to make Abloh their Creative Director but never came true.

Honestly though they probably considered him and if they didn’t before they sure will now.

He’s the future of the fashion world, a black man with a masters in architecture is the future of fashion, that’s crazy.

Ranking the best ‘GoT’ streetwear collabs you can cop right now

Love it or hate it you can’t deny that Game Of Thrones has completely changed the way people watch and make TV.

It has become a pop culture phenomenon, you can’t get away from it. Just go on Twitter on a Sunday night and you’ll see. It brings so many genres together that anyone who watches it just gets instantly hooked.

Now GoT is coming for the streetwear lovers trough their “Rep The Realm” campaign.

In honor of season 7 they partnered with 7 brands to create a mix of streetwear and fantasy. And it’s not just some random brands either they got BBC and Ice Cream, Carrots, even ALIFE.

These are so fire that we did you the favor of ranking the best ones.

7. ALIFE by Treis Hill

Simple isn’t always bad but it’s disappointing knowing this what was dropped.

The GOT universe is huge and they could’ve done some crazy looking hoodie but instead went with a boring white hoodie.

Like, I could’ve done the same thing on any shirt printing site smh.

6.  Koio by Chris Wichert

It’s the little details on the shoe that make it fire.

The shoes features the words “Kingslayer” printed on the sole, the Lannister sigil on the heel, and a little golden hand lace holder.

The sneakers pay tribute to Jaime Lannister but unfortunately can’t be purchased. Koio will be doing a giveaway that you can enter through IG.

5. DEE & RICKY by Dee and Ricky Jackson

Dee & Ricky went for an all purpose item, pins.

It’s a mix of new and old, it’s funny that something like GOT can give off these nostalgic vibes by just being in 8bit.

If you position them right on your clothing they’ll be a great piece for starting conversation or a good ice breaker.

4. Billionaire Boys Club

This jacket is fire as they got all the family crests on there.

Sadly, the Jacket isn’t for sale either and the raffle is no longer open. In fact the winners have already been selected.

Honestly my favorite part about the jacket is the BBC logo, looking clean.

3. CARROTS by Anwar Carrots

@hbo Presents: Carrots™ for @gameofthrones Micro-Capsule “Enter to Win” available now #winterishere, tag a friend using #reptherealm

A post shared by Carrots By Anwar Carrots (@carrotsbyanwarcarrots) on

What makes this design nice is that it’s filled with genuine love for the show.

Anwar Carrots explained on HBO’s website,

“His wife and collaborator, Stella Blu, first introduced him to the show. ‘We work from home… and while we work, we watch Game of Thrones.’”

This isn’t just another paycheck for him, Carrots cares for the show and is something he connects to.

2. 40’s & Shorties by Adem Niazi, Drew Byrd and Ryan De La Cruz

Call this a little bit biased but the shirt bangs. They looked through the lore and made a dope design.

The vintage style mixed with GOT just gives off good vibes and works so well together.

1. V/SUAL by Van Styles

These decks are fire, hands down the best collab to come out of HBO’s “Rep the Realm.”

This is a one of a kind piece that’ll have anyone who sees it completely mesmerized. It’s a straight piece of art.

If you love GOT you need to enter this giveaway ASAP shit is too brazy.

Fresh off the L, Conor McGregor launches his own clothing line

Since “The Money Fight” it’s becoming clear that there weren’t any real losers.

Sure, McGregor didn’t knock out Floyd before the 4th or even last until the 12th round but he still made the bread.

Pundits gave gave him the respect he deserved for his boxing debut plus he got a nice check for an estimated $30 million. Between the fight pay and endorsements, it’s speculated that McGregor will beat Cristiano Ronaldo for the claim of world’s highest paid athlete on Forbes’ list.

I’d gladly get my ass beat for the type of money.

McGregor may have lost the fight, but he beat Floyd in both the shit talking department and in style. Indeed, Floyd’s moniker is ‘Money,’ but let’s be honest McGregor flexed on him way harder.

Conor stays fly, just look at him going to a training session.

Arriving for a late night training session in @beatsbydre!

A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on

Thankfully The Notorious is gonna bless us with his very own brand called ‘August McGregor.’

The August refers to stylist and partner, David August Heil, who hooked him up with the iconic “Fuck You” suit he wore for the first Mayweather-McGregor press conference.

The start of a great day in my storied career.

A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on

Heil has dressed other celebs like Kobe and Will Smith just to name a few. This man isn’t some random… he’s well known.

With a star like McGregor and a designer like Heil, this brand is gonna be big.

According to MMANYTT the store will stock a variety of clothing. Of course they’ll sell tees and accessories but we’re excited to see the suits they’ll come out with. MMANYTT claims the price of the suits will range anywhere from $500-$1200.

This is a deal compared to what McGregor pays for his suits. According to The SouthLand Times, Heil said:

“McGregor spends $7000 to $9000 per suit, $5600 to $12,650 per sport coat and $715 to $1130 for dress shirts when he’s ordering from Heil.”

I have nothing to say but just BRUH.

Thankfully we won’t have to pay that much when the brand launches their first drop January 2018 alongside other retailers.

Their site, August McGregor, is up already but there isn’t much to see.

Don’t sleep though ’cause they might drop some heat, and knowing these two they probably will.

Adidas is dropping special yack-resistant ‘Oktoberfest’ sneakers

When you finally make it you gotta look back to where it all started. You gotta pay respect to your roots or else you wouldn’t be where you are now.

Adidas is doing that right now with a new Oktoberfest sneaker, and it just screams fall.

The shoes employ the München silhouette, which is fire, but with that colorway it’s just perfect.

My favorite part about it is that it isn’t an ultra boost or NMD. They went with a classic Adidas design that ain’t overplayed.

Check it out, they’re actually fire.


This isn’t your average München either, it has some little secrets that makes this a unique sneaker you have to cop.

First, it’s a premium shoe, it’s made with the finest leather but it also sports a DPBR coating. Now you must be wondering “what is this so called DPBR?” Well it stands for durable puke and beer repellent.

No this is not a joke, they are actually beer and puke resistant.

Adidas has just changed the sneaker game once again ladies and gentlemen.


Now you can drink and party all you want knowing your kicks will be fresh no matter what happens.

Sure it’ll be nasty if there’s puke all over them but at least you can just wash it off with some beer.

Besides having a DPBR coating the back features a festive design while the inside looks like a picnic tablecloth.

It also sports the word “Prost,” which is German for cheers, right next to the three stripes.

They’ll be available September 2nd here, so you’ll have more than enough time to cop and break them in before Oktoberfest starts.

They’ll set you back €199.95, that’s about $237.05, but a premium shoe gotta come with a premium price tag.

Adidas is seriously killing the sneaker game I mean check out their Neighborhood collab, and now this. Just wow.

Hold this L: 5 rappers who are low key hardcore gaming nerds

Nowadays everyone is a gamer, I mean it’s just become so easy and accessible to play. It doesn’t matter if you play on PC, console, or mobile you are a gamer in one way or another.

Platforms like Twitch and YouTube have really pushed the gaming landscape so now it’s mainstream. Even e-sports are becoming more popular with companies like Yahoo and ESPN covering major events.

With rumors of e-sports making its way into the Olympics it’s safe to say gaming will be here for a while. Sure, not everyone is a hardcore gamer or a pro player but most of us play for the fun. Gaming has made its way into all sorts of groups imaginable, even hip-hop.

Here’s a couple rappers that don’t even try to hide it, they are proud gamers and you’ve most likely heard of them.

The Game

Yes, The Game is a gamer. Pun not intended.

Back in ’08 he destroyed Bow Wow in madden 55-23, which you can still watch here.

He goes on IG frequently to roast his opponents on 2K and Madden, showing no regard for feelings at all.

The Game is already intimidating in real life and now that I know he’s nice on the sticks, I’ma be shook if I have to face him.


Brought out Yachty in Atlanta just to destroy him in Mario Kart

A post shared by logic301 (@logic301) on

Everyone knows Logic is probably the biggest nerd in the rap game so it’s not surprising he’s a gamer.

What is surprising is that he has his own YouTube channel with 887k subscribers.

There you can watch him play games or just chill with him while he talks about whatever is on his mind.

Oh, and if you’re not sure if he really is a gamer peep his gaming room.

Chief Keef

Do it For the Navy @glonavygaming

A post shared by Chief Keef (@chieffkeeffsossa) on

Ok now I know you didn’t expect Sosa himself to be here but yes he is also a gamer.

He even has a gaming crew called GloNavyGaming. That’s so crazy like, who would’ve ever thought Chief Keef would have a gaming crew.

Don’t be talking sweet about Chief Keef online now either or you might have to get beat (virtually, of course).

Lupe Fiasco

我在上海玩街头霸王! It was so broken …but so fun! 我想回来。

A post shared by Lupe Fiasco (@lupefiasco) on

The man loves Street Fighter and is actually pretty good.

He even went against Daigo Umehara, a legend in the Street Fighter community, and won 3-2.

People are unsure if the fight was legit or not but most likely Daigo wasn’t trying and just having fun.

Either way Fiasco showed some real skill.

Soulja Boy

When Soulja Boy isn’t taking L’s I guess he’s chilling playing video games.

Soulja Boy isn’t new to gaming either he’s been following competitive Halo since ’09.

He went to Halo Camps in ’09, which is what Chris Puckett is referring to.

Maybe a team will pick up Soulja Boy but with his luck he’d just end up with another L.

New web browser plugin ‘Icebox’ stops you from copping shit online

You know that feeling you get when you’re just browsing Amazon or something and start buying shit for no reason?

Sometimes those things become actually useful but let’s be real we didn’t really need them and you could’ve spent that cash better elsewhere.

I’m not all that impulsive with clothing but if you’re a PC gamer like me you know when Steam sales come around it gets bad.

If only there was something that could really make me consider every purchase beforehand.

Well, now there is and it’s from the people behind Finder is a website that helps you, the consumer, get the most bang for your buck. It compares prices of everything you could want from insurance to shopping.

Icebox, Finder’s new product, is a chrome extension that replaces the buy button with a timer of sorts. You set how long you have to wait to buy something and after however many days you decide to cop or not.

Essentially you’re putting the item into an ice block but you choose how long it takes to melt (think of it this way if you’re cool).

This is a great way to save money, especially if you love online shopping cause you have time to think. They work on over 400 online shops so good luck trying to avoid Icebox.

Unfortunately there isn’t a tool like Icebox for Steam but hey at least they got Amazon on lock.

You can now cop Burger King with ‘WhopperCoin’ cryptocurrency

This summer saw “Cryptocurrency” booming as bitcoin prices have skyrocketed.

This “online currency” isn’t all that new so those people who bought into bitcoin early have made huge profits. Bitcoin today is about $4.6k for just 1 bitcoin. That’s crazy because it was only just a few years ago that you could get a bitcoin for like $400.

What makes cryptocurrency so appealing is that it’s safe to use. Transactions are put into block chains that serve as ledgers that people can’t mess with.

The only problem with Bitcoin is that its blockchain is so small that transactions can take up to 10 minutes.

Waiting times won’t get any shorter as more people hop on this boat but maybe there will be a fix. Cryptocurrency is looking to be the future of money and so many other cryptocurrencies have popped up recently.

Not all have been as successful as bitcoin but some do manage to make us laugh.

For example in 2013 a new coin came out called Dogecoin. Named after the Doge Meme you can imagine it didn’t last too long.

Now it seems Burger King is out here making their own Cryptocurrency called ‘WhopperCoin,’ according to Engadget.

Don’t get too hype now cause it’s only in Russia (hopefully they bring that over here).

It works like a loyalty program as with every Whopper purchase you get a WhopperCoin. Eventually when you have enough WhopperCoins you get, you guessed it, a Whopper.

The WhopperCoin won’t just be for Whoppers though as they will be tradable with other people. Burger King really is the restaurant of the future like c’mon who else uses cryptocurrency?

It’s a cool idea that hopefully makes its way to the U.S. and eventually the rest of the world.

This is definitely the push cryptocurrency needs to legitimize itself as a real form of money.