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Louis Vuitton is the latest brand that wants to collab with Virgil Abloh

There’s no denying Virgil Abloh is the hottest designer we’ve seen this year.

The creative director for Watch the Throne┬áback in 2011 is finally getting the love he’s worked so hard for.

From helping Kanye with his epic “Runaway” project, to creating the brand Pyrex, his latest beast, Off White, is really Abloh’s his best work yet.

To get a better understanding of his work, just look at the Nike collab coming out this year. He’s also doing some classes with Nike this week, so you know he gives back to the community.

On top of that he’s kinda an outsider in the fashion world. He studied architecture and civil engineering, like how?

It really gives hope to kids that want to be a part of the fashion world but can’t really afford it. He’s doing what Kanye is doing with fashion but better.

He’s a solid dude all the way around so why wouldn’t you want to work along side Abloh? Rumors are spreading that LV is looking to work with Off White.

According to @Supreme_leaks_news, the same guy who leaked the Nike x Supreme, LV and Abloh might be cooking something up.

Supreme Leaks News is pretty solid when it comes to leaks like this and a collab between the two wouldn’t surprise us.

What’s more surprising about this news is that this would be Virgil’s first collaboration with a larger fashion house.

From what we saw with their Supreme collab we can only imagine what an Off White x LV design would look like. The only problem I can see with it is that retail is gonna cost a few months of pay checks, so be ready.

Rumors did circulate that large fashion houses like Givenchy and Versace were going to make Abloh their Creative Director but never came true.

Honestly though they probably considered him and if they didn’t before they sure will now.

He’s the future of the fashion world, a black man with a masters in architecture is the future of fashion, that’s crazy.