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The Israeli army low key has the baddest soldiers in the world bruh

For the country of Israel, living around a whole bunch of countries that hate you probably ain’t easy.

Having to be in constant battle has led Israel to have one of the strongest armies in the world even though they’re relatively small.

Every Israeli citizen has to serve in the army because of the constant threat of attack. Living on what is considered “Holy Land” doesn’t seem to be all that good.

It’s not all bad, though. There are certain aspects of the country that are truly blessed…

Thanks to @hotisraeliarmygirls we get to see some of the baddest women we’ve ever seen in any army. This is some real beauty not some plastic LA girl who just got bread to buy herself some looks. (But if you’re an LA girl who’s had some work done I don’t mean no disrespect hmu and let’s talk).

I’ve hyped these girls up too much already just look what the Holy Land has produced.

War is stressful, hit the beach instead

She might look sweet but she’ll bite back

Cats like cake too

That look is deadly

How can see make army pants look so sexy GOD DAMN

The figure is brazy son

Jordan need to make her an official model

Her eyebrows were on fleek even while she was enlisted

She gotta be Spanish!

Body armor never looked so good

How she look differently bad in every pic

When ya girl is strapped

That cake was blessed by God himself

She’s smiling because she knows how bad she is

Whoa whoa whoa her eyes are up there

They got light skins in Israel too

Bangs making a comeback?


Working at the beach that’s Kulture Hub’s kinda girl

This is too much badness in one post