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5 billionaires who prove you don’t need swag when you’re stupid rich

We all dream of being filthy rich at one point in our lives. For some of us it’s an every day dream. The idea of nice clothes, cars, and a sweet penthouse seems so great.

Once you have money you no longer have to compare gas prices to save a few pennies or decide whether blowing your paycheck on some new Yeezys is a good life decision.

We would be looking mad fly if we had the money.

But maybe we have it backwards. It seems like the richest people don’t really spend their money the way we would.

Take Apple founder, Steve Jobs, for example he always had that classic turtleneck, basic jeans, and your average dad shoes.

There are a whole bunch of reasons for deciding to wear the same fit everyday.

You won’t need to run around wondering what to wear, you save money, especially if the fit is cheap, and you become a figure. People see you and they’ll instantly recognize you.

Many billionaire have definitely caught on and are just mailing it in with their fits.

Bill Gates, $89.9 billion net worth

Microsoft founder Bill Gates also seems to not spend much money on clothing. Just peep what he wore last year on vacation with Bono.

According to Forbes, Gates is the richest person on Earth. In fact, he has held this position for 18 of the past 23 years. This man is no joke.

You would assume the man is swagged out from head to toe, but no. It is understandable though, I mean the dude is 61 and rich as hell, he doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone.

Jeff Bezos, $114.2 billion net worth

Amazon’s CEO and Forbes second richest man (who’s trying to live forever) in the world, Jeff Bezos, used to be real simple. That was until this meme above showed his transformation.

It wasn’t until recently that Bezos glo’d up and started expanding his style, but he was previously known for his blue button downs and khakis.

Even still today it’s nothing too crazy, just clean looking suits, but I’ll give it to him he is definitely one of the best dressed on this list.

Mark Zuckerberg, $62.3 billion net worth

Forbes has the Facebook founder slotting in at 5th on the overall most paid list. It is shocking to see someone this young and racky have so little interest in fashion.

He always has a grey shirt on with jeans. His reasoning? In a 2014 Q&A Zuckerberg said,

‚ÄúI really want to clear my life to make it so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve this community.‚ÄĚ

It would be nice not having to ever worry about what to wear but it seems so boring. Just look at that closet!

Phil Knight, $29.2 billion net worth


The Nike founder surprisingly isn’t dressed all that well either. Nike, which has such a superb line of state of the art sportswear, never helped Knight look fresh.

The man founded Nike, arguably the greatest sneaker brand we’ve ever seen. I guess when you focus on making sneakers for so long you forget about the rest of the fit.

He’s not as bad as others on the list. It’s a shame, just saying pinstripes and jeans… I don’t know man.

Elon Musk, $18 billion net worth


Tesla founder Elon Musk is another billionaire who doesn’t dress too badly but it’s just the simplicity that confuses us.

When Musk decides to dress casually he usually just wears a plain tee and jeans. Musk was married to an actress, how did he not take some swag notes?

For a man who is trying to bring us closer to the future, his style is very much stuck in the present.

SLUMS is the streetwear brand pushing the next generation to live different

“Simply. Living. Under. My. Standards.”

That’s the message SLUMS founder Big Slummy wanted to get across when he first launched his Bay Area brand back in 2014.

But that message has grown to be much more than an acronym.

It now stands for a mindset of kids everywhere who know they don’t want to conform to the lives waiting for them if they just settle for mediocrity. SLUMS represents the next generation of creators who understand one thing: there’s more to life.

But even more than that, it’s about doing what they love and leaving an impact.


This is a movement that’s looking to push street culture further by making events and shows for the people, by the people. Where gentrification continues to grow they are staying true to their roots and holding on to their culture.

They ain’t your average start up streetwear brand either. They got some character. SLUMS is not trying to be another clone. Just a quick glance at what they have on offer proves that. We spoke to Slummy and found out a bit more about them.

We know what the acronym SLUMS stands for but what does it mean to you?

The whole acronym gave me direction and helped me realize life is lived at one’s own accord so please yourself, not society. Growing up it could have been easy to live the whole peak at high school life and live the routine zombie life after it, but I wanted something more out of life and to leave my impact. I didn’t fuck with the whole trying to fit in and morph/mold into people’s expectations or what other people wanted because at the end of the day it’s you left with your decisions so I choose for myself not off anyone else’s standards.


Do you feel like kids in the Bay Area are represented well enough when it comes to music, style and overall culture?

The Bay area fasho supplies a lot to the culture and barely gets any credit for it, the youth out here be getting slept on. The Bay area is having its lil creative renaissance right now a lot of the shows being thrown be all independent no men in suits paying for it. It’s still developing and growing but it’s becoming a battle against gentrification making it so hard to find spot to throw these events for shows/artshows. 

Your Grimey Hooligan design is clearly based on early cartoons so do you plan on making that a staple of you brand?

Yeah the Grimey Hooligan is damn near the mascot of the SLUMS. I want to have him drawn in so many different styles, the old vintage cartoon style is just one of his iterations. I have so many versions of him in the vault just waiting for the right time to drop them. Regardless of the style it can be anime version, Simpsons, etc. You can tell it’s the Grimey hooligan ’cause the essence of him from lil traits, for one you’ll always see the shit head. It’s a little timeless thing to do I kind of learned from Babymilo and KAWS there’s certain characteristics they did that can be remixed with all these different variation of characters.

Are there any brands that you look up to or would like to work with down the line?

I always told myself that my idols are either gonna work with me or work against me, be my friend or be my enemy type shit. I grew up watching that Team Ice Cream volume one skate video so that’s what sparked my interest to this whole streetwear shit so I’ll say BBC and Ice Cream got a special place in my heart. Other brands I really fucked with are shit like Old HUF when Benny Gold did graphics, Mishka NYC, BAPE shit but like early BAPE shit like 2011 and earlier. Collabs from brands would be cool but that’s something I haven’t really thought of. I’m more for getting them licensed from my favorite things (shows/games) or artists that I favor.

How do you feel about exclusivity in the streetwear world and how do you plan on working that idea into your brand?

Sometimes the concept sucks because shit be so overpriced cause of this whole “limited” stock shit but designs/production don’t even live up to the price. But it’s pretty vital to have in a clothing brand the whole exclusive shit makes people feel like they in a secret club, so far for exclusive shit I just don’t restock so you get that one chance while it’s out. I’m trying to throw more events hosted by the SLUMS brand soon so making exclusive merch for the events is something that’s on my mind.


What is the vision for SLUMS?

Shit all I know is 10 years from now I want a flagship store that I can throw shows at, a getaway for creatives to get shit done, and be settled with life chilling. 

SLUMS is all about community and while they’re local now, Slummy has the vision to make this something that blows up and stands the test of time.

Check out some of the lookbook for their latest collection below.

Peep the SLUMS store here to cop now.

Meet WAFFLESNCREAM, the first skate crew coming out of Nigeria

When thinking about skate brands or skate culture, cities like NYC, LA, and even London come to mind.

But a group of skaters based out of Lagos, Nigeria plan to shake up the skate game.

WAFFLESNCREAM have been around for eight years now and sell clothes along with skate supplies but it hasn’t been until recently that they began grabbing the attention of outsiders.

Go Skate day 2017

A post shared by WAFFLESNCREAM (@wflsncrm) on

By creating the first skate edit in Nigeria they are making strides into putting Lagos on the Skate map.

Holding¬†87% of Nigeria’s total population, the city of Lagos is huge.

Despite the size of Lagos, without a single skate park in all of the city it is no easy fight to legitimize skating in Lagos to both Nigeria and the rest of the skate world.

On their about us page WAFFLESNCREAM describe themselves as a:

“Community of likeminded skateboarders, bmx riders, graffitti artists, photographers, musicians, graphic designers and video directors to bring a genuine approach to celebrate subcultures.”

A post shared by WAFFLESNCREAM (@wflsncrm) on

In an interview with Huck they explain why they started WAFFLESNCREAM,

“The love is for everything the culture stands for…The frustration comes from not having a brand that embraces this culture in Africa and which is run by Africans.”

It is a brand by Africans for Africans inspired by Africa. Through their work they’ll inspire¬†others to work towards a goal.

A post shared by WAFFLESNCREAM (@wflsncrm) on

Their end goal as reveled through an interview with Highsnobiety is,

“We want to open a shop next year. Skaters will be able to work at the store, edit their videos there and get supplies, too… We‚Äôre also about to try and build our first skate park.”

They’re dreaming big and could definitely¬†use support. So make sure to check their out their website¬†and cop a tee.

Here is Nigera’s first Skate Edit:

Meet Sarah McDaniel, the baddie who wants to teach you about science

Whoever said science isn’t sexy was mistaken. They must’ve never watched Bill Nye’s show or seen Sarah McDaniel, Playboy’s first non-nude model.

With more than 1 million followers on IG it may seem surprising that someone who’s built a following from being insanely bad is also interested in writing and speaking about science. But Sarah is different.

Raised in a small town in Northern Cali, she travels around the world for some of the biggest shoots and spreading knowledge. What also makes Sarah unique is that she has Heterochromia, a condition which causes a different coloration in either one’s eyes, hair, or skin.

Game of thrones party who’s down

A post shared by Sarah (@krotchy) on

Huskies are also known for this condition as a result of how they are bred. A lack or excess, of melanin, is the cause for the change. Other famous celebs who have this condition include Mila Kunis, Henry Cavill, and Venus the Cat.

McDaniel isn’t letting her beauty be the only trait that defines her as she contributes scientific articles on a social publishing site Filthy.

Her dream was never to become a model, but to be an investigative journalist. McDaniel wrote in her first article about her about her ultimate dream saying,

“Dissecting the science of brain centers and exploring exotic fungi, maybe eating lunch with Neil DeGrasse Tyson.”

She has written a wide variety of articles ranging from emotion-changing parasites and zombie fungus to black holes. Her most recent one is about how our subconscious controls us.

They are definitely worth a read and some will have your head spinning as McDaniel tackles some pretty complex ideas.

Here, McDaniel explaining her condition a little more:

Have you ever wondered what other dimensions would be like? Well prepare to be confused

Zombies might not just be a fantasy also…

The truth of black holes:

You can find the rest of her articles here.

Sarah is definitely making science sexy again. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the beauty.


A post shared by Sarah (@krotchy) on

Peep the artist who puts rappers on sandwiches in this lit photo series

If¬†there are two things social media loves, it’s food and celebrities. When they come together thousands¬†of likes appear. It’s like a magnet, just so wild¬†how much people eat it up.

Instagram account¬†@celebsonsandwiches¬†has capitalized on this and bring these two worlds together in a magical way. The page’s founder Jeff Macarty told Mashable through an email where he got the idea to start this page,

“While snacking on a fully-loaded Italian sandwich. He and his girlfriend were discussing [Aziz] Ansari’s¬†very public love for food¬†when it occurred to him that it might be funny to paint the two together.”

Such a casual conversation led to a huge Instagram account. He uses water color to illustrate his drawing and adds a nice charm to them.

He has already done a range of different celebrities ranging from political figures to musicians. You can buy any of his artwork that you see on his Ig at his website.

Oh and you know he keeps up with celeb news as he has done “Hotline Bling” Drake, tongue out Miley Cyrus, and even got Game of Thrones.

Our favorites have to be the hip-hop ones. We’ll just show you and you’ll know why.

It wouldn’t be right if Bronson wasn’t done

@bambambaklava on a chicken cheddar biscuit

A post shared by CELEBS ON SANDWICHES (@celebsonsandwiches) on

No one was safe from this meme when it was hot

@champagnepapi on a canadian bacon and cheese. #GIVEAWAY! Tag two friends below for a chance to win any print of your choice. 👍🏼🍔

A post shared by CELEBS ON SANDWICHES (@celebsonsandwiches) on

Even the legends can get some sandwich love

Notorious B.I.G. on a BLT with avocado

A post shared by CELEBS ON SANDWICHES (@celebsonsandwiches) on

Shout out to Snoop

@snoopdogg on a fried chicken and waffle sandwich Print at Link in bio.

A post shared by CELEBS ON SANDWICHES (@celebsonsandwiches) on

Where do you get a Whopper likes this LMK

@wizkhalifa on a BK Whopper

A post shared by CELEBS ON SANDWICHES (@celebsonsandwiches) on

They don’t want you to eat #MajorKeyAlert

@djkhaled on a turkey sausage and egg white breakfast sandwich #major

A post shared by CELEBS ON SANDWICHES (@celebsonsandwiches) on

Starboy is gonna feel the heat after a bite of that

@abelxo on a buffalo chicken

A post shared by CELEBS ON SANDWICHES (@celebsonsandwiches) on

Riff Raff is really out here on this bread

@jodyhighroller on a shrimp po’boy

A post shared by CELEBS ON SANDWICHES (@celebsonsandwiches) on

Tbt to when Meek died #TwitterFingers

@meekmill on a Philly cheesesteak

A post shared by CELEBS ON SANDWICHES (@celebsonsandwiches) on

What a coincidence your girls up there Niki oh wait…

@nickiminaj on a turkey and pepperoni with lettuce, oil, and vinegar

A post shared by CELEBS ON SANDWICHES (@celebsonsandwiches) on

Should’ve been a chopped cheese

Jay Z on a @fatsalsdeli Thanksgiving sandwich. GIVEAWAY!!Tag two friends for a chance to win a @fatsalsdeli $50 gift card.

A post shared by CELEBS ON SANDWICHES (@celebsonsandwiches) on

Now I know why Chance wrote “Blessings” look at that sandwich

DAMN that’s simple as hell

How a 25-year-old makes bread posting memes about Soundcloud rappers

With the rise of the internet, we saw the rise of something greater, memes.

You may think memes are just some harmless source of entertainment but Ka5sh, a professional meme maker, claims otherwise.

Now living in LA, the North Carolina native is going viral for his unusual occupation.


In a recent interview with NBC Ka5sh claims major music labels have contacted him to create memes around artists with upcoming albums:

‚ÄúLet‚Äôs say like, Interscope wants me to make a pack of memes for a release for a certain rapper. And they want everyone to think that that rapper has a lot of like, buzz around them and that other people are making memes about them, but it‚Äôs really just me making a whole bunch of them and then them being dispersed through different accounts.‚ÄĚ

Dude¬†isn’t exactly wrong. Think back to “Hotline Bling” and all the attention Drake got from the incessant¬†social media memes and gifs.

Here’s the lit¬†interview he did with NBC.

Ka5sh posted this meme the same day Playboi Carti’s debut mixtape dropped:

A post shared by KA5SH (@ka5sh) on

When Ka5sh isn’t making memes he is also a rapper and artist who is definitely worth checking out.

His music video “I’m Depressed”¬†is full of symbolism and flat out hilarious:

It’s no surprise labels have begun to market their artists through memes. As the rise in meme culture has exploded, nothing grabs your attention¬†like a good meme.

Here are some of Ka5sh’s best memes.

Everyone’s favorite hot dog of course.

If anyone knows where I can find me a fine one like this hmu 😍😍😍😍

A post shared by KA5SH (@ka5sh) on

This is just one of many Chanel Westcoast memes that Ka5sh posts

Those khakis tho…

Hello everyone my name is Dave Welsby and my wife has been really weird to me lately. Ever since my birthday when she came home late and brought me subway for my birthday dinner she’s been avoiding me and doesn’t really acknowledge when I talk to her. It’s like I’ll say words and she hears just the last 2 sentences and just makes something up to make me think she was listening. Last night I was telling her about the new trains I was thinking about getting and after is asked her what she thought she said “Ah yeah you too honey! ” then rushed into the living room to talk on the phone. She hasn’t cooked cleaned or done laundry in weeks. Which is fine I don’t mind doing those things but she HATES when I do them. She’s never satisfied when I wash the dishes there’s always something she finds wrong so we agreed that she would just do cleaning stuff. I just don’t know what to do I had to wear these giant slacks to work today from my Halloween costume last year ( I was Micheal Klump one of micheal scotts characters from my favorite tv show the office) and everyone laughed at me. What is my wife up to why is she acting so strange to me what can I do to fix this?

A post shared by KA5SH (@ka5sh) on

Any Pence meme is always appreciated.

“All god jokes contain true shit”

Celebs are donating the flyest kicks to raise money for hurricane victims

With all the hurricanes and other wildness going on, it’s safe to say the earth is cooked.

Mother nature must be tight af because these disasters are leaving communities completely destroyed. There ain’t much you can do if you’re not around the affected area but you can always donate some bread to help out.

Big celebs like Drake have already given heaps of cash to Texas in wake of the Hurricane Harvey. Now it’s your turn, but thanks to StockX you might be able to get a little gift in return.

For those who might not know, StockX is a sneaker “stock market” site for sneakers that’s actually endorsed by some pretty big celebs.

What makes the platform great is that the resellers aren’t charging crazy and StockX check the sneakers to make sure they’re legit before sending it to you.

They’re really changing the sneaker world and now they are doing some good for those affected by the hurricane Harvey and Irma.

They’ve partnered with some big celebs like Pharrell, LeBron and Virgil to raffle some crazy hyped sneakers.

You can find the relief effort at Stockx, where they explain the movement,

“For each $10 donation made between now and September 25th, 11:59 pm PDT, ¬†the donor will receive one entry for the chance to win. Funds raised will be matched by Eminem, up to $250,000. All proceeds will go to the Greater Houston Community Foundation and Team Rubicon in support of the Hurricane Harvey and Irma relief efforts.”

They’ve already raised over $90k and the campaign isn’t even over. You still got time to donate, so maybe you’ll be able to cop some new sneakers for a steal and help the needy.

Here’s some of the craziest kicks you can cop.

They got a pair of Virgil Blazers, but honestly he should’ve done the 1s


These have raised over $7,000 while resale for this will cost you around $600.

LeBron donated a pair of LeBron 9s Watch the Throne  (These are rare)


The king has helped to raise well over $4,000 which isn’t that much higher than resale. The last pair of these to be sold on StockX was purchased for $3,500.

Don C pulled up with his Just Don Beach pack and he  signed the box


The Beach pack go for around $700 on the resale market but the dude has help raise over $3,000.

Pharrell brought his Pink F&F NMDs that are impossible to find anywhere


Nothing is clear about these pairs, they may or may not drop eventually, but they’ve been kept off the reselling market. Pharrell has raised over $18k.

Eminem didn’t disappoint, He donated his Jordan 4s


Resale for these go for well over $10k, that’s wild bro. These brought in over $34k in donations.

New South Park video game is harder for black characters, like real life

Creating your character in a video game is one of the most important parts of the experience. It can really make or break the game.

When you make a character you put your creation into a game and write his or her story.

Sometimes you don’t want to make a serious character and instead make some monstrosity, hell I do it all the time.

Games like Fallout, Mass Effect, and the Elder Scrolls series all have pretty deep character creation menus that allow for some ugly ass creations.

But when you allow the people behind South Park to make a character selection you can expect they’ll do something clever.

With their latest game, Stick of Truth, they’ve added a difficulty slider that changes your skin color.

No joke, don’t believe me just look at it yourself.

This isn’t just a slider for skin it actually makes the game harder, it’s a social statement from the¬†South Park¬†creators in a video game… genius.

It won’t affect combat but it will change everything else, Ubisoft confirmed this by saying this, in a Eurogamer interview:

“The difficulty slider impacts the amount of money players are given, and how they’re spoken to throughout the course of the game.”

You get to even choose your gender, not just male or female either you can be transgender or cisgender.

The only problem is that this game is a sequel to Stick of Truth, a game that didn’t have gender so being anything but male would cause a plot hole.

Thankfully South Park writers aren’t dumb and added this sequence that you can find at around the 44 minutes.

This game is too smart and a must-cop for any gamer casual or hardcore.

New Balance just did a sneaker collab with Evangelion for all the anime lovers

You can tell a lot about someone by just their kicks nowadays, your sneakers are a representation of who you are.

That’s what I love about fashion and the sneaker world, there’s so much variety that you can choose to be original or follow a trend.

Maybe you don’t like the colors on some sneaker, you can just buy a white pair and make custom jawns yourself.

It only gets better when you see your favorite brands coming together and making something that brings out the best qualities of each other.

New Balance is doing that now for all you anime lovers.

NB and Evangelion have come together to drop a special collection that will only release in China and Japan (no news on whether it will see an international release yet).

Using its Fresh Foam Cruz model the shoe is nice in its own right but the execution was not really there.

The colors stray a bit too far from the anime without any actual anime imagery, there’s just a lace lock that says Evangelion.

These kicks come in a dope white zip-up bag that serves as the packaging so I’ll give them points there. The purple one is fire for sure but If you still aren’t sure if your gonna cop here’s some more angles.

I can’t be all that mad at NB because they are helping to push anime into the sneaker world.

These are just stepping stones into seeing how well other anime sneakers could do on the mainstream market.

If these do well the future of sneaker crossovers could look real good.

Alexander Wang drops line of ’90s rap-inspired tees and they’re fire

Hip-hop and style have gone hand in hand since the first MCs came about.

Hip-hop has something that makes it just straight cool. Maybe it’s the flow or the words the MC can spit but either way hip-hop culture is now pop culture.

These artists are the ones who can shift the culture and decide what we see as cool, they’re always at the cutting edge of trends. They told us baggy was cool so everyone rocked baggy jeans. Alexander Wang has realized this and has teamed up with Procell Vintage, local NYC vintage retailer, to create some vintage hip-hop tees.

They feature some of the biggest names in hip-hop like Notorious B.I.G., Public Enemy, Junior Mafia, and Snoop Dog, just to name a few.

In an interview with HypeBeast, Wang explains how he chose these artists to feature,

“I basically picked out my dream lineup: Aaliyah, Dr. Dre, Wu-Tang Clan, Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Fugees, Snoop, Lauryn Hill, etc.”

These shirts come from Procell’s private archive, which apparently is huge and incredibly rare. But out of this collab with Wang the¬†Aaliyah tee will be the rarest once to be produced.

Now you’re thinking what could make it so rare? Well in an interview with with i-D,¬†Procell said,

“A lot of the other shirts we have are incredibly rare, but others exist ‚ÄĒ they’re in another dealer’s hands, they’ll come up on eBay, or they’re somewhere in Japan. In 15 years of doing this, I’ve only ever seen this shirt once.”

These shirts are gonna be hot and you can get them right now at Wang’s flagship store in NY.

Here are some pics of the project but be warned they are FIRE!

Here’s the rare Aaliyah tee

This Biggie tee is fire

But how they have Biggie twice and no Tupac?

Dre got his nice and simple just how we like it

Let’s not forget, the rap game isn’t only men

Who said white guys can’t rap?

R&B and hip-hop go hand in hand

That group was stacked, damn

Wang really repping East Coast with this collab

Ayy but Snoop out here