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New South Park video game is harder for black characters, like real life

Creating your character in a video game is one of the most important parts of the experience. It can really make or break the game.

When you make a character you put your creation into a game and write his or her story.

Sometimes you don’t want to make a serious character and instead make some monstrosity, hell I do it all the time.

Games like Fallout, Mass Effect, and the Elder Scrolls series all have pretty deep character creation menus that allow for some ugly ass creations.

But when you allow the people behind South Park to make a character selection you can expect they’ll do something clever.

With their latest game, Stick of Truth, they’ve added a difficulty slider that changes your skin color.

No joke, don’t believe me just look at it yourself.

This isn’t just a slider for skin it actually makes the game harder, it’s a social statement from the South Park creators in a video game… genius.

It won’t affect combat but it will change everything else, Ubisoft confirmed this by saying this, in a Eurogamer interview:

“The difficulty slider impacts the amount of money players are given, and how they’re spoken to throughout the course of the game.”

You get to even choose your gender, not just male or female either you can be transgender or cisgender.

The only problem is that this game is a sequel to Stick of Truth, a game that didn’t have gender so being anything but male would cause a plot hole.

Thankfully South Park writers aren’t dumb and added this sequence that you can find at around the 44 minutes.

This game is too smart and a must-cop for any gamer casual or hardcore.