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New Balance just did a sneaker collab with Evangelion for all the anime lovers

You can tell a lot about someone by just their kicks nowadays, your sneakers are a representation of who you are.

That’s what I love about fashion and the sneaker world, there’s so much variety that you can choose to be original or follow a trend.

Maybe you don’t like the colors on some sneaker, you can just buy a white pair and make custom jawns yourself.

It only gets better when you see your favorite brands coming together and making something that brings out the best qualities of each other.

New Balance is doing that now for all you anime lovers.

NB and Evangelion have come together to drop a special collection that will only release in China and Japan (no news on whether it will see an international release yet).

Using its Fresh Foam Cruz model the shoe is nice in its own right but the execution was not really there.

The colors stray a bit too far from the anime without any actual anime imagery, there’s just a lace lock that says Evangelion.

These kicks come in a dope white zip-up bag that serves as the packaging so I’ll give them points there. The purple one is fire for sure but If you still aren’t sure if your gonna cop here’s some more angles.

I can’t be all that mad at NB because they are helping to push anime into the sneaker world.

These are just stepping stones into seeing how well other anime sneakers could do on the mainstream market.

If these do well the future of sneaker crossovers could look real good.