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Putting 2017 haircuts on old NBA legends is low key genius

There’s no arguing that basketball is one of the biggest sports in America. Everything about the sport is mesmerizing, from the crossovers to the dunks and the NBA is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world.

Let’s be honest, we all do a little crossover as we walk down the crowded streets of NYC or pretend to take a buzzer beater with crumpled paper.

There’s so much history in the NBA, there could be endless discussion about championships, MVPs, or even who’s really the GOAT.

But there was one question no one dared to ask until now. What would some of the NBA’s greatest players hair look like if they were entering the league now?

A brave man named Tyson Beck decided to finally answer this question.

Beck is a Digital Artist and Graphic Designer for the NBA as well as other organizations. He makes those crazy player edits that you’ve probably seen before.

The amount of effort he puts into his work is no joke, that’s some real talent. Definitely give him a follow, especially if you’re a fan of the game.

Here are some of our favorite edits from his Old Faces Fresh Cuts collection.

Lord Pretty Flacko Jordan

Tyson Beck

Guess Kobe is a Big Baller now

Tyson Beck

You could’ve brought LeBron’s hairline back up

Tyson Beck

Allen Iverson just ain’t the same without his cornrows tho…

Tyson Beck

Congrats Richard Hamilton, you’re king of the teens

Tyson Beck

Kevin bruh, what is that on your head?

Tyson Beck

Move over Hayward, there’s a new man in town

Tyson Beck

Dirk must’ve heard Lil Pump… once

Tyson Beck

Why Manu look like the guy your girl tells you not to worry about?

Tyson Beck

Yao Ming about to drop 92 in a game

Tyson Beck

Reggie Miller really looks like Gerald from Hey Arnold

Tyson Beck

Can’t tell if Magic Johnson is happy about his new hair or the chip

Tyson Beck

When Erving gives you that look

Tyson Beck

Paul Pierce a little too old for that one

Tyson Beck

Shaq’s hair really got him acting bold

Tyson Beck

Kid on Reddit shares how he was able to cop Supreme for 4 cash at Kmart

Nowadays copping Supreme for retail has become increasingly difficult as the brand continues to reign above all other streetwear purveyors.

One lucky Reddit user, cokeslurpees, managed to cop some blank Supreme tees in a Kmart for $4 cash each.

First off, how did Supreme tees even end up in a Kmart? They weren’t even in New York, the Kmart in question was in Idaho.

No one is really sure how this happened but this is how the theory goes, according to Vice i-D.

Supreme has never said where they get their tee shirts from so people suspected various brands like American Apparel. Since American Apparel was going under they sold their stock to Kmart.

Stores like Kmart usually buy out inventory from companies but always rip off the tags. For whatever reason they missed these tags and the rest is jawn history.

There’s a theory about what collection or line theses shirts could have been intended for but we can never be sure with the amount of tees Supreme has in its assemblage.

The yellow is believed to be either from the Mike Hill collab or their Nun shirt while the teal and dark green are thought to be from the Thrasher and Araki collabs respectively.

Theses shirts are one of a kind and with a history like that I wouldn’t be surprised if they had some sort of crazy value.

Fit Watch: 10 New York streetwear brands on the come up

Living in New York is hard, especially when it comes to rocking the flyest gear. As the fall season quickly approaches you’re gonna need to cop some new gear so that people don’t forget the swag.

You wanna stand out, not be some lame who rocks whatever’s hot so you shouldn’t have to wear your Thrasher shirts, joggers, and Timbs once you’re done reading this. Actually you might want to keep those Timbs around.

Don’t sleep on these brands or your wallets are gonna hurt once you have to pay that eBay resale. Let’s be real, Supreme and BAPE ain’t cheap but lucky for you these brands won’t break the bank and you’ll still look good.

People will see you and you’ll be hailed as “the man of tomorrow.” A$AP Mob will come to you for their future fits all ’cause you were ahead of the game.

This list of upcoming New York brands will propel you to the top of the pecking order.

Rulez of Rebelz

You can now purchase the 69 GANG collection at @basemnt.conceptstore based in Kiev, Ukraine 💥🔫

A post shared by RULEZ OF REBELZ (@rulezofrebelz) on

Rulez of Rebelz was started by an 18-year-old college student Brian D. Wolfe. His brand has gone through various name changes like Royal Triumph and No Rulz.

His dark designs help his brand stand out from the rest and many big names have been seen wearing his apparel.

People like Swizz Beatz, Theophilus London, and Sofia Richie have all been seen rocking Wolfe’s brand. As more and more famous figures wear his brand it is only a matter of time before Rulez of Rebelz explodes.

All Timers

Alltimers Forever 🍸 New Summer stuff available tonight at midnight 7/1 🌝

A post shared by The Alltimers League (@alltimers) on

All Timers started back in 2013 and are known for their quirky skate decks. This alone makes them stand out from the rest of the skate brands.

Their decks take the shape of anything you can think of. Rihanna? Yup. An Optimum remote? Yup. And before you even ask, yes Gumby from the 1988 show Gumby Adventures is also a deck.

Their clothing is an added bonus to the already solid brand that is All Timers. Don’t sleep on this or it’ll be too late.

Kid Super

My favorite look. Been designing the new line 🔥🔥 📷 by @john___ellis styled by @katiebrannock

A post shared by KidSuper (@kidsuper) on

Kid Super comes from the imagination of Colm Dillane who owns more than just a clothing store. The brand also serves as studio, backyard, and living space.

On Dillane’s website you can find his different art pieces, varying from claymation to paintings. His designs are innocent and complex.

Dillane’s unique designs will surely see Kid Super become the next big streetwear brand.


📷: @derekwood

A post shared by Belief® (@beliefnyc) on

Belief is the hard work of three friends and their shared dream to do something they love.

Through their store that they hope to inspire others to reach for their dreams, which explains the name and motto “Ever Upwards.”

You gotta respect the work they’re doing and the sick clothes they make. They are only getting more and more popular so don’t be surprised when Belief is everywhere.

Stationary Denim

@silasjune wearing our Pray Prey jacket…

A post shared by Stationary Denim (@stationarydenim) on

Stationary Denim is — you guessed it — a denim streetwear brand out of the Bronx. But they do work outside of denim as well, a look at their campaigns shows much more than just denim.

What they are doing is sick and no doubt has potential to blow up. Definitely keep an eye out for Stationary Denim, what they have dropped so far has been too clean.

Stay Cool NYC

Mood All Summer Long Enter Code “Family” For 10% Off Your First Order

A post shared by STAYCOOLNYC ™ (@staycoolnyc) on

Stay Cool NYC claims to bring something new to streetwear with what they call “Chillwear.”

Skate, surf, and streetwear come together with a little retro vibe to make up what Stay Cool NYC and it works well.

All their designs rep an array of colors that combine to make some dope pieces. Get on the Stay Cool NYC train now or you’ll be too late.

Rōnin Division

Neo Tokyo

A post shared by RŌNIN (@ronindivision) on

Rōnin seems is a clothing brand based out of New York with heavy Eastern influences. They already have a solid following so their clothes are selling out but it might not be too late to cop.

It makes sense though as many of their pieces just look so good. Their following will only get bigger from here on out so hop on this quick or be prepared to pay resale.


QuarterSnacks is a Skate brand first and foremost with their own crew that goes anywhere and everywhere to skate.

They’ve made some pretty dope collabs with big name companies like Nike and DSM.

As they slowly amass a larger skate following eventually even common folk will buy and QuarterSnacks will blow up.

Nine One Seven

New stuff available now

A post shared by (917) 692-2706 (@callme917) on

Created by Supreme team’s very own Alex Olson, 917 plays very much to New York.

Made in the USA, Olson’s many designs are definitely inspired by his time skating around New York.

With many of Supreme’s offshoots getting hype there’s no doubt Olson’s brand will gain a huge following. If you like 917 check out his other brand Bianca Chandon.

Artillery Concern

Artillery Concern is the creation of Gabriel Martins and Mei Tan who focus on creating high quality outerwear.

Martins started Artillery’s design back in 2011 and has since been working on the brand.

Although there is still no product out, from what we’ve seen from their season one look book there is no doubt this brand is fly and deserves some love.