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Yeezy SZN 5 is here but here’s where you can cop the same fit for cheaper

Kanye is more than your average celeb, he’s a legend.

Sure, he might not be the same dude from back in the early 2000s but the work he created will always be there.

Kanye is everywhere and anything he touches becomes gold. The man’s fanbase, that’s me, will support him no matter what he does.

Except for his clothing line… and it’s not that it’s ugly it’s just BREAD.


Most of the stuff just sits there, it’s really only the Calabasas stuff that ever sells out.

There is honestly no way to tell that someone is wearing Yeezy clothing unless they outright say so or have some hyped up piece.

I already know people are gonna argue that it uses premium quality materials and that it’s high end,

But like what’s the difference between a $425 a nylon swimsuit and a $45 one?

That got me thinking, what else does Ye sell that looks like something way cheaper?

Yeezy: $425

American Eagle: $26.97 (It’s on sale right now)

Yeezy: $295

H&M: $25 (A few times in the dryer and you’ll be good)


Yeezy: $195

Hanes: $10 ( It’s buy 1 get 1 free so like $5)

Yeezy: $775

GalaxyArmyNavy: $82.99

Yeezy: $325

Champions: $60 ( Cop the 3XL and now you got the Yeezy look)

High end fashion isn’t supposed to be for everyone and this ain’t for me.

Kanye, keep working on sneakers cause those 700s were trash.

NEIGHBORHOOD x Adidas collab draws inspiration from Japanese streetwear

It looks like NEIGHBORHOOD and Adidas are back at it again with another collab that has us hype.

We are still waiting for those Inki Runners that we saw back in the beginning of Summer.

These are pretty fire and it’s about time this silhouette got some love they aren’t bad at all.

Now it looks as if we are getting more of NBHD and Adidas but this time they are bringing INVINCIBLE, a Japanese streetwear brand.

The leak comes from IG user @icefuckingfire.

@neighborhood_official @invincible_inc or ? #icefuckingfire #adidas #neighborhood #invincible

A post shared by @icefuckingfire on

Overall it’s another solid NMD collab but I mean how do you mess up white and black.

The only problem with the shoe is the tiger, it looks mad goofy.

Dope idea just terrible execution especially from these major brands.

There are some more angles that continue to make the shoe look good but man, they gotta do something about that tiger.

@neighborhood_official @invincible_inc US 5 #icefuckingfire #adidas #neighborhood #invincible

A post shared by @icefuckingfire on

This isn’t the only NMD collab that these two brands plan to release.

It’s similar to an earlier partnership they did with the ZX 500 as they both have the shark teeth print.

These are fire too and thankfully don’t have no weird looking tigers on ’em so that’s a plus.

Adidas is killing it with their collabs so we know it’ll be fire.

Vans just copped Dickies for $820 Ms, but will they be able to save them?

America has always pushed for brands to carve their own slice of the pie but sometimes these brands get just a little too large. Brands like AT&T and Comcast seem to only get bigger and bigger as years go on.

These big brands just buy smaller brands (smaller than them, at least, they be spending billions) so they only really ever get larger.

They might not quite be monopolies but with fewer mom and pop shops you basically have to support these big companies.

Now American worldwide apparel and footwear company, VF Corporation, has bought Dickies for the price of $820 million USD, according to Business Insider.

The Bib Overall is a practical classic. Here it is as shot by the guys from @propermag for the #fitforpurpose book.

A post shared by Dickies-Life (@dickieslifeofficial) on

Dickies is a workwear brand through and through but also has a skateboard department on the side.

They really offer a look that strays away from the normal streetwear trend that can be really refreshing.

Jakes. Day 1 @woodwardwest. @jakehayes #jkjhnsn 🎥 @thejoeface #dickiesskate

A post shared by Dickies Skateboarding (@dickiesskate) on

And It was no little deal, VF threw bands at them. They bought them at $820 million, that’s some serious money.

VF is probably chillin’ though because they have around like 30 brands to their name and they are not just some unheard of brands.

These are well-established brands with large followings on VF’s roster:

– Northface

– Nautica

– Vans

The list goes on. In 2011, they bought New York’s favorite, Timberland. That cost them only like $2 BILLION.

Weekend vibes 😁 #dickieslife #mydickieslife 📸 @maralafontan

A post shared by Dickies-Life (@dickieslifeofficial) on

VF absolutely rules the outerwear market and owns about 55% of the entire backpack market. So is it really a surprise if they own TNF, Jansport, and Eastpak?

It’s only a matter of time before they buy another brand up, so the question is who’s it gonna be?

Would you cop this $250 Raf Simons duct tape just to use it as a belt?

Raf Simmons is a living legend in the fashion industry from his work with Adidas to Joy Division. The man has done so much for fashion that you gotta give him respect.

When Calvin Klein announced Simmons would become their chief creative officer we were hype. As he moved to New York, he took his unorthodox brand with him.

When we saw his new collection on the runway we thought it was looking pretty wild.

And it’s not because I don’t understand the designs but because a lot of them had this weird looking belt in them.


A post shared by Raf Simons Official (@rafsimons) on

It’s been a while since then and it looks like the collection finally dropped alongside this “belt.”

Turns out it was not a belt at all, but tape and not just any tape DUCT TAPE. Like bruh, what is so wrong about a normal belt? Oh, and this isn’t your normal roll of tape it’s $250.

If you do decide to buy it consider some of these applications. Maybe you have a whole in some jeans, well BOOM tape it up.

Raf Simons

Forget Supreme stickers on your Mac, why not just wrap it in duct tape? And let’s not forget it’s duct tape so you’ll be ready for a Zombie apocalypse.

Ya know what, I think I changed my mind I might have to cop this tape now, it’s just too useful.

Justin Bieber is human after all, gets curved by girl on Instagram DM

We all want to believe that with money we can bag anyone we want, I mean look at Jay-Z and Beyonce, or Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis.

Like, how did that ever happen? But hey, it’s not always about looks. Unfortunately the whole money thing might not be so true though as Justin Bieber got rejected.

Yes, Justin Bieber the dude who has been making millions of dollars since he was 13, got denied by a girl. The woman that denied him is a fitness trainer in Georgia that was seen on on @fitnessonbroughton.

She was advertising some purple energy drink while doing a little dance that I guess Biebs liked so he slid into the DMs.

Now you’re probably wondering “why would she deny someone like Bieber?”

Well that’s because she already has a man. This was her response to her own tweet:

Y’all people be posting bae goals but this girl curved a millionaire for her mans. That’s goals.

Of course the “Beliebers” are trying to defend Justin in saying he only asked who she was but let’s be real we know what he wanted.

That’s like sending an eggplant emoji and saying you’re talking about an actual eggplant.

Hopefully Bieber can go to his church soon and find some guidance but hey, we all face rejection bro.

The ‘NBA Face Merge’ Instagram account might be a little too wild

Ever since Snapchat added face swap, it’s become on of the most-used features on the app. It’s pretty hilarious…

That concept has been around forever though, but was probably too hard for the casual internet user. These face swaps can lead to hilarious pictures or something straight outta hell.

Recently O’Shea Jackson Jr., Ice Cube’s son, shared by far one of the funnies NBA meme pages. @nbafacemerge takes some of your favorite NBA players and mashes their face together in a way that’s just too funny.

Players past and present are not safe from this page, you will get your face merged. They’ve been creating hilarious face swaps since back in 2015.

Sadly their last real post was in early 2016 but in February they posted this.

A post shared by NBA Face Merge (@nbafacemerge) on

It looks like these new rookies might have more to fight against more than just massive expectations.

The Ball family definitely needs a good swap especially LaVar Ball who loves talking crazy.

I can see it now, LaVar and Lonzo… oh man

While we wait for that to happen look at what they’ve done so far.

Oh man this is awkward

They really got the Rick Ross look

Kobe and MJ is a must

The splash bros have become one

One man team right here

Here’s a real duo that’s ending well


Looking like the alien emoji

Lakers legends finally united

LeBron to the Knicks?

Dude who looks exactly like Conor McGregor gasses everyone in NYC

As one of the biggest fights in all of boxing approaches with Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, the HYPE IS REAL.

While we eagerly wait for the 26th to come around there are still plenty of things to take place before then.

The trash talk is absolutely hilarious, both Conor and Floyd know how to put on a show. We all know the fight probably won’t live up to the promos but this build up has been great.

There is so much content that there is truly something new every day.

Of course the internet was full steam ahead and this video of a fake McGregor is a must watch because it’s just too funny.

Islam Badurgov, a street workout athlete, who a month ago pretended to be McGregor out in LA has struck again in NYC.

It’s unbelievable the crowd he brought together in LA but the New York crowd made his LA appearance look like a little get together.

Look, Times Square is usually packed but DAMN there was no room for movement.

It’s crazy to see how many people actually believed him to be the real McGregor. I guess I can understand why they thought that but still.

He attracted so many people it’s crazy. He even got some cops to take a picture with him like BOI.

On top of that, Badurgov pretty much stopped traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge. I would’ve been mad asf if I was there.

But that’s something McGregor would probably do and get away with.

So if you were wondering how big of a deal you have to be to get away with anything you have your answer.

Supreme closes their Fairfax store but is a Brooklyn one on the way?

With rumors of Supreme opening a new store in Brooklyn it looks like they got some money to throw around.

The only other location in the US just closed down to move. Pictures of the Supreme LA store without its famous banner have surfaced.

Bye Felicia R.I.P. 👋🏻

A post shared by Vlad Elkin (@highinla) on

Of course Supreme isn’t just going to leave the West Coast without a store as they left a sign saying they are moving.

Instagram user @yungflexmaster was passing by and caught a video of the naked store front.

A post shared by @yungflexmaster on

The big question is will Supreme have time to open another LA store by the fall season comes around again?

They must’ve been planning this move for a while now because there’s no way they would leave LA without a store.

Word on the street is that the new store will end up in the art district around where the L.V. x Supreme pop up shop was.

With how well the collab did you know they have mad money and probably decided to upgrade their stores.

I mean, we might be getting another in New York but that was kinda necessary.
Comparing sizes, the NY store is by far one of the smallest.

Only Preme knows the real reason for the LA change, but let’s hope its dope.

Donald De La Haye is a reminder of the double standard in the NCAA

College athletics are as American as apple pie. The culture of college football and basketball are ingrained in our national fabric.

This has naturally led to the NCAA bringing in millions upon millions of dollars, none of which goes to the players themselves. The coaches and university presidents, yes.

These athletes do receive scholarships if they’re valued enough, which is a sort of compensation, but it’s clear the NCAA, the governing body of college sports, does not want their players starting a business or making money.

Donald De La Haye was the most recent example made of this as he’s a YouTube influencer as well as a kicker for the University of Central Florida football team.

ITS GAME DAY!!! I know you’re free at 6:30 so might as well come watch our spring game 😏 Be there or be Square!

A post shared by Donald De La Haye (@deestroying) on

De La Haye loves football but also has a passion for videography. He saw it as a career after his playing days were over and the kicker wanted to chase his dreams but was forced to choose either one or the other.

After monetizing his videos to generate some side money, the NCAA ordered him to stop as they felt he was using his image and school to promote his channel.

Refs do the MOST to throw that flag 😂 Click da bio & die of laughter 👀📺 w/ @kvngtas

A post shared by Donald De La Haye (@deestroying) on

He was faced with the decision to either honor his football scholarship or continue his YouTube channel to support himself as a young student athlete. Donald posted this emotional video when he decided the latter.

In another video update, he explains he used some of his extra UCF merch to do a giveaway to promote himself.

What he thought was giving back to the community the NCAA saw as a form of De La Haye profiting off supplies given to him for free.

The school did very little for him besides submitting a waver to the NCAA that would allow him to continue to make videos with some conditions.

In an interview with Forbes De La Haye explains the conditions as this saying,

“I can’t mention football, can’t talk about quarterbacks, can’t go on the beach and throw around a football with friends. I couldn’t do anything connected to football.”

Of course he could’ve chosen to not monetize the videos but he also needed the money as an average broke college student looking to make some funds.

It’s not all bad for him as the recent publicity has brought him many more views on YouTube and thousands of followers on his social media.

De La Haye clearly isn’t letting this situation get to him just take a look at his Instagram.

Just kickin it in LA 👟🏈 Good hands @ryantotka! 👐🏽

A post shared by Donald De La Haye (@deestroying) on

He’s enjoying life right now and following his passion so we can only hope for the best.

If you want to help De La Haye, check out his GoFundme here which he started in order to continue his education at UCF.

Walmart is selling ‘Back To School’ guns for sale, so WTF is really good?

We all know what to expect when we pull up to a Walmart. It’s gonna be pure madness.

The amount of foolishness that happens there is almost unreal.

I don’t know why Walmart attracts all the crazies (probably the deals) but they need to fix that problem. But the most recent shenanigans are by far one of their worst incidents.

A Walmart decided to put one of their “Back to School” signs on a gun cabinet.

Just peep this.


Having it as a back to school sign was bad enough but the fact that it says “like a hero” makes it so much worse.

On top of all that we’ve had many recent shootings throughout America so it’s kind of a traumatic image to many people.

This is just one of Walmart’s many accidents. The fact this is probably one of the worst is saying something.

They are the same company that made the twin towers out of soda boxes and once had a woman pleasure herself with a Sausage.

That is just some big news but there are plenty of videos that prove Walmart is the place to be if you’re looking for a quick laugh.

Here are some of the craziest gifs we found.

Just when life starts looking alright…

My dude walked by and didn’t care

Pumpkin Fail GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

You gotta make the first hit count c’mon now

How TF did no one care this is not normal WALMART PLEASE

Where is this man trying to go

Service Walmart GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Whatever she’s on no thank you