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Missy Elliott to be the first woman rapper ever inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame

Missy Elliott was just inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, making her the first female rapper to be inducted ever.

Missy has been a pioneering and ground-breaking force in the music industry since the early 90s. She has racked up an incredible amount of awards and record sales over the years and is the only female rapper to have all six studio albums go platinum.

The five-time Grammy Award-winning rapper, songwriter, and producer known for hits such as “Get Ur Freak On” and “Work It, ” broke the boundaries of genre and the boundaries of gender in a heavily male-dominated industry.

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Her debut album, Supa Dupa Fly, catapulted the Virginia Beach rapper-singer into superstardom. She went on to change the sound of mainstream hip-hop.

Over her career that spans three decades, she’s written for some of the music industry’s biggest stars including Beyoncé, Whitney Houston, Aaliyah, Mary J. Blige, Ciara and many more.

Missy took to social media to celebrate the honor.

The Hall of Fame described Elliott in their announcement as, “a groundbreaking solo superstar, pioneering songwriter-producer and across-the-board cultural icon.”

Missy’s induction not only marks the first female Hip-Hop artist to be inducted but only the third rapper in the nearly 50-year history of the Songwriters Hall of Fame to do so, joining fellow rapper inductees, Jermaine Dupri and JAY-Z.

Though Missy Elliott is grabbing headlines for this historic achievement, we are sure to see her name appear more regularly as she set to release her first album since 2005 this year.

It’s clear to see the influence she has on the game today, especially with new artists like Tierra Whack and Noname paying homage to her through their work. Missy has truly paved the way for talented artists like them before they were even born!

The induction ceremony will take place on June 13 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in NYC.

Putting 2017 haircuts on old NBA legends is low key genius

There’s no arguing that basketball is one of the biggest sports in America. Everything about the sport is mesmerizing, from the crossovers to the dunks and the NBA is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world.

Let’s be honest, we all do a little crossover as we walk down the crowded streets of NYC or pretend to take a buzzer beater with crumpled paper.

There’s so much history in the NBA, there could be endless discussion about championships, MVPs, or even who’s really the GOAT.

But there was one question no one dared to ask until now. What would some of the NBA’s greatest players hair look like if they were entering the league now?

A brave man named Tyson Beck decided to finally answer this question.

Beck is a Digital Artist and Graphic Designer for the NBA as well as other organizations. He makes those crazy player edits that you’ve probably seen before.

The amount of effort he puts into his work is no joke, that’s some real talent. Definitely give him a follow, especially if you’re a fan of the game.

Here are some of our favorite edits from his Old Faces Fresh Cuts collection.

Lord Pretty Flacko Jordan

Tyson Beck

Guess Kobe is a Big Baller now

Tyson Beck

You could’ve brought LeBron’s hairline back up

Tyson Beck

Allen Iverson just ain’t the same without his cornrows tho…

Tyson Beck

Congrats Richard Hamilton, you’re king of the teens

Tyson Beck

Kevin bruh, what is that on your head?

Tyson Beck

Move over Hayward, there’s a new man in town

Tyson Beck

Dirk must’ve heard Lil Pump… once

Tyson Beck

Why Manu look like the guy your girl tells you not to worry about?

Tyson Beck

Yao Ming about to drop 92 in a game

Tyson Beck

Reggie Miller really looks like Gerald from Hey Arnold

Tyson Beck

Can’t tell if Magic Johnson is happy about his new hair or the chip

Tyson Beck

When Erving gives you that look

Tyson Beck

Paul Pierce a little too old for that one

Tyson Beck

Shaq’s hair really got him acting bold

Tyson Beck