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Meet Sarah McDaniel, the baddie who wants to teach you about science

Whoever said science isn’t sexy was mistaken. They must’ve never watched Bill Nye’s show or seen Sarah McDaniel, Playboy’s first non-nude model.

With more than 1 million followers on IG it may seem surprising that someone who’s built a following from being insanely bad is also interested in writing and speaking about science. But Sarah is different.

Raised in a small town in Northern Cali, she travels around the world for some of the biggest shoots and spreading knowledge. What also makes Sarah unique is that she has Heterochromia, a condition which causes a different coloration in either one’s eyes, hair, or skin.

Game of thrones party who’s down

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Huskies are also known for this condition as a result of how they are bred. A lack or excess, of melanin, is the cause for the change. Other famous celebs who have this condition include Mila Kunis, Henry Cavill, and Venus the Cat.

McDaniel isn’t letting her beauty be the only trait that defines her as she contributes scientific articles on a social publishing site Filthy.

Her dream was never to become a model, but to be an investigative journalist. McDaniel wrote in her first article about her about her ultimate dream saying,

“Dissecting the science of brain centers and exploring exotic fungi, maybe eating lunch with Neil DeGrasse Tyson.”

She has written a wide variety of articles ranging from emotion-changing parasites and zombie fungus to black holes. Her most recent one is about how our subconscious controls us.

They are definitely worth a read and some will have your head spinning as McDaniel tackles some pretty complex ideas.

Here, McDaniel explaining her condition a little more:

Have you ever wondered what other dimensions would be like? Well prepare to be confused

Zombies might not just be a fantasy also…

The truth of black holes:

You can find the rest of her articles here.

Sarah is definitely making science sexy again. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the beauty.


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