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You can now cop Burger King with ‘WhopperCoin’ cryptocurrency

This summer saw “Cryptocurrency” booming as bitcoin prices have skyrocketed.

This “online currency” isn’t all that new so those people who bought into bitcoin early have made huge profits. Bitcoin today is about $4.6k for just 1 bitcoin. That’s crazy because it was only just a few years ago that you could get a bitcoin for like $400.

What makes cryptocurrency so appealing is that it’s safe to use. Transactions are put into block chains that serve as ledgers that people can’t mess with.

The only problem with Bitcoin is that its blockchain is so small that transactions can take up to 10 minutes.

Waiting times won’t get any shorter as more people hop on this boat but maybe there will be a fix. Cryptocurrency is looking to be the future of money and so many other cryptocurrencies have popped up recently.

Not all have been as successful as bitcoin but some do manage to make us laugh.

For example in 2013 a new coin came out called Dogecoin. Named after the Doge Meme you can imagine it didn’t last too long.

Now it seems Burger King is out here making their own Cryptocurrency called ‘WhopperCoin,’ according to Engadget.

Don’t get too hype now cause it’s only in Russia (hopefully they bring that over here).

It works like a loyalty program as with every Whopper purchase you get a WhopperCoin. Eventually when you have enough WhopperCoins you get, you guessed it, a Whopper.

The WhopperCoin won’t just be for Whoppers though as they will be tradable with other people. Burger King really is the restaurant of the future like c’mon who else uses cryptocurrency?

It’s a cool idea that hopefully makes its way to the U.S. and eventually the rest of the world.

This is definitely the push cryptocurrency needs to legitimize itself as a real form of money.