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Adidas is dropping special yack-resistant ‘Oktoberfest’ sneakers

When you finally make it you gotta look back to where it all started. You gotta pay respect to your roots or else you wouldn’t be where you are now.

Adidas is doing that right now with a new Oktoberfest sneaker, and it just screams fall.

The shoes employ the München silhouette, which is fire, but with that colorway it’s just perfect.

My favorite part about it is that it isn’t an ultra boost or NMD. They went with a classic Adidas design that ain’t overplayed.

Check it out, they’re actually fire.


This isn’t your average München either, it has some little secrets that makes this a unique sneaker you have to cop.

First, it’s a premium shoe, it’s made with the finest leather but it also sports a DPBR coating. Now you must be wondering “what is this so called DPBR?” Well it stands for durable puke and beer repellent.

No this is not a joke, they are actually beer and puke resistant.

Adidas has just changed the sneaker game once again ladies and gentlemen.


Now you can drink and party all you want knowing your kicks will be fresh no matter what happens.

Sure it’ll be nasty if there’s puke all over them but at least you can just wash it off with some beer.

Besides having a DPBR coating the back features a festive design while the inside looks like a picnic tablecloth.

It also sports the word “Prost,” which is German for cheers, right next to the three stripes.

They’ll be available September 2nd here, so you’ll have more than enough time to cop and break them in before Oktoberfest starts.

They’ll set you back €199.95, that’s about $237.05, but a premium shoe gotta come with a premium price tag.

Adidas is seriously killing the sneaker game I mean check out their Neighborhood collab, and now this. Just wow.