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What really happened in Wyoming? A look into Kanye’s listening party

Kanye is known for showcasing his music in amazing ways. Who remembers when he dropped Watch The Throne with Jay-Z and was rapping on 50-foot digital shark tanks?

He then went on to blow everyone out of their seats with the Yeezus tour that completely turned the performance side of rap on its head with West’s use of props, set design and performers on stage with him.

Kanye would outdo himself again, debuting his 2016 album The Life of Pablo in an open to public listening party/fashion in NYC’s legendary MSG. And last night in Wyoming, he continued the trend with a celebration for his latest album, Ye, like none other.

Is that new Ye sounding 🗑 or 🔥?

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With all the buzz surrounding Kanye over the last six months, it’s no surprise that an announcement was made that the listening party for his newest work would be hosted in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where West spent his time making this album, as well as four others under G.O.O.D. Music.

Kanye has a brolic list of collaborators including Kid Cudi, Ty Dolla Sign, Jeremih, Young Thug, Charlie Wilson, Nicki Minaj, and many other smaller contributors helped make this album what West wanted.

Kanye flew out journalists, celebrities, and industry moguls to listen to his latest work, from the likes of Nas to Chris Rock and internet personalities like YesJulz and Adam22 of No Jumper.

The younger generation was in attendance too with the likes of Ian Connor, Lil Yachty, Luka Sabbat, A$AP Nast and many others pulling up together in a PJ.

Of course, the fit god himself Jonah Hill was in attendance and was with Kanye himself the entire night.

Kanye did not leave anyone out, except for Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97.1 who is clearly very salty about the situation.

Kanye also live streamed the invitational listening party to millions of fans waiting for the album.

Kanye addressed many controversial topics including the Stormy Daniels Trump allegations, the allegations against Russell Simmons, the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal, and his wave making “slavery was a choice” comment.

On top of commenting on the things he has said in public Kanye also has a retrospective moment with the album art, “I hate being Bi-polar, it’s awesome,” is had written in neon green over a surreal Wyoming landscape photograph that Kanye took on the way to the listening party.

Alongside the album release, Kanye has launched a capsule collection all about Wyoming, consisting of 6 pieces adorn with ‘Wyoming’ and hand-drawn doodles of things Kanye must’ve taken inspiration from, including the solar system.

His album is available to listen to on Spotify, Tidal and Apple music. Kanye created something great and we are very much so looking forward to what else Yeezus has in store for his fans.

Is Kanye collaborating with Trump on merch? Ya boy investigates

Could we be endorsing a madman? Kanye West is obviously not ok and without surprise, he has started to sign the name “Trump” on his merchandise.

As seen on White Trash Tyler’s IG story:

Most clout gods would praise this as the boldest move in 2018, but we can only hope Kanye is just trolling us by throwing a political deviant’s name onto “Saint Pablo” gear.

The move would be even more clout worthy if Kanye was signing Trump’s name for album promotion. It would make sense as he has two projects dropping in June.

But who are we kidding? It’s Kanye and he’s definitely not ”cooning for cash,’ as Ebro noted. He’s doing this because he has been low key brainwashed by the white folks out in Calabasas.

Somehow, someway, whatever group Kanye is chilling with, has had an influence on his way of thinking.

High key Caitlin Jenner voted for President Donald Trump, and Kanye fucks with her heavy. The two became very close after Jenner’s gender reassignment surgery.

Two years after, Kanye was seen hanging out with the Cheeto Jesus in NYC to discuss “multicultural issues.” The FOH, there is no way this is a coincidence – homie has been brainwashed by the Jenners and the Kardashians.

How do you go from interrupting a national broadcast and speaking out against Republican President George W. Bush to having a conversation with Ebro about how much you love Donald Trump?

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Kanye has the American right to endorse whatever political party he wants or go on whatever free thinking rant he needs to but it’s crucial that he stays true to himself.

‘Jesus Walks Kanye’ would never have said anything like this. Even the fact that homie believes in the words of Candace Ownes, a black and far-right journalist, is beyond me. Plus, Owens supports the MAGA movement and claimed that BLM protesters are whiners,

At a University of California event, Owens viciously spoke on the BLM movement. She said,

“Victim mentality is not cool… “‘We’re oppressed! Four-hundred years of slavery! Jim Crow!’ By the way, none of you guys lived through that. Your grandparents did and it’s embarrassing that you utilize their history. You’re not living through anything right now… I don’t know why people like being oppressed, it’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard.”

Kanye’s tweet,

This is not the Kanye I grew up on. This is not the Kanye I want to endorse or support. I really miss the old Kanye. Hopefully, he’ll wake up out of this brainwashed phase he’s in.

It’s time to come out of your Calabasas bubble homie. Wake the fuck up Kanye! It’s time to touch the hearts of those whose thoughts really matter.

Stop reaching for souls that will exploit you.

‘The College Dropout’ 14 years later: Why I don’t miss the old Kanye

Fourteen years ago today (February 10) Kanye debuted his first studio album, The College Dropout. 

To say it was a masterpiece is an understatement.

The 21-track project debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200, sold nearly a half a million copies its first week, was nominated for an unprecedented 10 Grammys (winning best rap album) and, to this date, is still Ye’s best-selling effort ever.

In an era of T.I.’s Urban Legend, Ludacris’s The Red Light District, and Eminem’s Encore, Kanye went left. The College Dropout has skits, spoken word, a church choir, radio singles, lyrical exercises, and even his own personal testimonial to how he arrived as a recording artist.

He gave Jamie Foxx his R&B debut, he somehow mashed up Freeway with Mos Def, and even brought Jesus to the club. That doesn’t even speak to how he bridged the gap between generations of music through sampling.

The College Dropout was the first time the world was able to digest Ye’s signature sped-up soul sample style on a grandiose scale: 14 of the 21-tracks — all produced by West, by the way — were samples. Kids who may have never been exposed to the classics before them all of a sudden were jamming out to remixes of legends.

Luther Vandross’ “House Is Not A Home” on “Slow Jamz”, Chaka Khan’s “Through The Fire” on “Through The Wire” and Marvin Gaye’s “Distant Lover” on “Spaceship”, are just a couple. That doesn’t include Aretha Franklin, Tupac, Bette Midler, and a host of other more obscure cuts.

The College Dropout felt like it was different, and it was. Kanye shattered the mold of what a hip-hop album was supposed to sound like. The record oozed with innovation and originality; it literally doesn’t age.

And that’s exactly why I don’t miss the old Kanye.

It’s easy to become a prisoner of a moment; to be trapped in a memory, in a feeling, in a high. God forbid someone impresses or moves us, because then they’re subject to that impression and that impression only. That’s where a lot of us are with The College Dropout.

Kanye addressed this limiting state fans tend to cage artist in on his last album, The Life of Pablo, in a song called “I Love Kanye”.

“I miss the old Kanye, straight from the Go Kanye, chop up the soul Kanye, set on his goals Kanye,” he raps.

I understand the demand — College Dropout was groundbreaking — but, we have to let it go. We have to allow artists the freedom to grow. Old Kanye, the same Kanye that took the risks we found ourselves loving, IS the Kanye we have today. Old Kanye gave us 808’s & Heartbreaks and MBDTF. Old Kanye gave us “Stronger,” “Amazing”, and “Blame Game”. Missing the “old” Kanye is dismissing the one right in front of us.

The College Dropout was a moment in time. Many say it’s his best work; that, this is the Kanye we signed up for. But truth be told, it’s just one chapter in an unfinished book.

The College Dropout is 14 years old today. And it deserves all the praise, recognition, and replays that comes its way.  What this classic album doesn’t deserve however, is a glorification that strangles its creator.

Let’s appreciate it for what it was, enjoy it and look forward to seeing what else will come forth from its inception.

Louis Vuitton is the latest brand that wants to collab with Virgil Abloh

There’s no denying Virgil Abloh is the hottest designer we’ve seen this year.

The creative director for Watch the Throne back in 2011 is finally getting the love he’s worked so hard for.

From helping Kanye with his epic “Runaway” project, to creating the brand Pyrex, his latest beast, Off White, is really Abloh’s his best work yet.

To get a better understanding of his work, just look at the Nike collab coming out this year. He’s also doing some classes with Nike this week, so you know he gives back to the community.

On top of that he’s kinda an outsider in the fashion world. He studied architecture and civil engineering, like how?

It really gives hope to kids that want to be a part of the fashion world but can’t really afford it. He’s doing what Kanye is doing with fashion but better.

He’s a solid dude all the way around so why wouldn’t you want to work along side Abloh? Rumors are spreading that LV is looking to work with Off White.

According to @Supreme_leaks_news, the same guy who leaked the Nike x Supreme, LV and Abloh might be cooking something up.

Supreme Leaks News is pretty solid when it comes to leaks like this and a collab between the two wouldn’t surprise us.

What’s more surprising about this news is that this would be Virgil’s first collaboration with a larger fashion house.

From what we saw with their Supreme collab we can only imagine what an Off White x LV design would look like. The only problem I can see with it is that retail is gonna cost a few months of pay checks, so be ready.

Rumors did circulate that large fashion houses like Givenchy and Versace were going to make Abloh their Creative Director but never came true.

Honestly though they probably considered him and if they didn’t before they sure will now.

He’s the future of the fashion world, a black man with a masters in architecture is the future of fashion, that’s crazy.

Kanye apparently posted up on a mountain in Wyoming making new album

It’s been all quiet on the Kanye West front for a minute now. Since his hospitalization in November while on his Saint Pablo Tour, Kanye has mostly stayed out of the public eye.

He surfaced briefly to go chit-chat with human trash receptacle Donald Trump and then posed for pictures with POTUS, proving that his hospitalization was for good reason.

Since then it’s been quiet for Pablo. He did not appear at his own Yeezy fashion show in February and then was absent from the Met Gala last week as Kim Kardashian appeared solo dolo on the red carpet.

Kanye also scrubbed all of his social media on twitter and Instagram, and there were suggestions something was amiss with the 808‘s artist.

But according to a report from TMZ, Yeezus is all good, he’s just chillin’ on a mountain in Wyoming creating his new album.

TMZ even claims to know which mountain he’s on, but don’t want to create any problems for Kanye. From the report,

“We know exactly where he is but hey, we don’t want to ruin his mojo … we like his music, too. But we can tell you he’s been there a week and also went 2 weeks earlier, so he’s smack in the middle of the creative process.”

Kanye has done this kind of thing before. He famously went to Hawaii to record My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Saint Pablo was recorded all over the globe, including stops in Mexico and Italy.

It seems like this strategy of holing up in various isolated locales has worked for Kanye in the past, although ‘old Kanye’ used to make five beats a day in his room for three summers.

Anyways, we hope Kanye is feeling happy and healthy out there on top of a mountain in Wyoming.

Back in February ‘Ye claimed the album was called Turbo Grafx 16, which is a wild name but at this point we expect nothing less. Looking forward to whatever Kanye cooking up out there.