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Hold this L: 5 rappers who are low key hardcore gaming nerds

Nowadays everyone is a gamer, I mean it’s just become so easy and accessible to play. It doesn’t matter if you play on PC, console, or mobile you are a gamer in one way or another.

Platforms like Twitch and YouTube have really pushed the gaming landscape so now it’s mainstream. Even e-sports are becoming more popular with companies like Yahoo and ESPN covering major events.

With rumors of e-sports making its way into the Olympics it’s safe to say gaming will be here for a while. Sure, not everyone is a hardcore gamer or a pro player but most of us play for the fun. Gaming has made its way into all sorts of groups imaginable, even hip-hop.

Here’s a couple rappers that don’t even try to hide it, they are proud gamers and you’ve most likely heard of them.

The Game

Yes, The Game is a gamer. Pun not intended.

Back in ’08 he destroyed Bow Wow in madden 55-23, which you can still watch here.

He goes on IG frequently to roast his opponents on 2K and Madden, showing no regard for feelings at all.

The Game is already intimidating in real life and now that I know he’s nice on the sticks, I’ma be shook if I have to face him.


Brought out Yachty in Atlanta just to destroy him in Mario Kart

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Everyone knows Logic is probably the biggest nerd in the rap game so it’s not surprising he’s a gamer.

What is surprising is that he has his own YouTube channel with 887k subscribers.

There you can watch him play games or just chill with him while he talks about whatever is on his mind.

Oh, and if you’re not sure if he really is a gamer peep his gaming room.

Chief Keef

Do it For the Navy @glonavygaming

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Ok now I know you didn’t expect Sosa himself to be here but yes he is also a gamer.

He even has a gaming crew called GloNavyGaming. That’s so crazy like, who would’ve ever thought Chief Keef would have a gaming crew.

Don’t be talking sweet about Chief Keef online now either or you might have to get beat (virtually, of course).

Lupe Fiasco

我在上海玩街头霸王! It was so broken …but so fun! 我想回来。

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The man loves Street Fighter and is actually pretty good.

He even went against Daigo Umehara, a legend in the Street Fighter community, and won 3-2.

People are unsure if the fight was legit or not but most likely Daigo wasn’t trying and just having fun.

Either way Fiasco showed some real skill.

Soulja Boy

When Soulja Boy isn’t taking L’s I guess he’s chilling playing video games.

Soulja Boy isn’t new to gaming either he’s been following competitive Halo since ’09.

He went to Halo Camps in ’09, which is what Chris Puckett is referring to.

Maybe a team will pick up Soulja Boy but with his luck he’d just end up with another L.