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Pusha T says Kanye West produced his new album from ‘top to bottom’

We’ve been patiently waiting for Pusha T’s King Push album for some years now.

Yeah, he dropped his last album, King Push – Darkest Before Dawn, in 2015 but that was just a prequel.

As far as we know, he’s been working on King Push since 2013… so what exactly is taking so long for it to drop?

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We haven’t gotten much info on that but it looks like it may be because of Kanye. During his performance at Made In America on Sunday, Pusha said this,

“I’m gonna go ahead and let y’all know. I’ve done this album like three times, right. [Kanye] come in, he pick all the beats and shit. Then he hears the beats and he scraps them and says ‘I can do better.’ He’s done that shit like three times.”

We all knew Kanye was a perfectionist but damn he’s dedicated to making art.

Honestly though it’s not out of his character to do this, like my mans is never satisfied.

On a positive note, Kanye is doing all of Pusha’s beats on this project so we can expect some fire and with all that scrapping they should sound perfect.

Pusha didn’t seem all that mad that the album was taking forever, he knows greatness takes time. Just peep how he explains the situation:

Let’s just hope we can see this album soon ’cause I’m dying to hear what Pusha and Kanye got to offer.

It was reported that Kanye was chilling in the mountains of Wyoming working on his next project, which Push reportedly has a heavy influence and presence on too.

Top that with the alleged Kanye x Cudi secret album and we can all expect this coming Yeezy SZN to be one of the biggest yet. Stay tuned.