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New web browser plugin ‘Icebox’ stops you from copping shit online

You know that feeling you get when you’re just browsing Amazon or something and start buying shit for no reason?

Sometimes those things become actually useful but let’s be real we didn’t really need them and you could’ve spent that cash better elsewhere.

I’m not all that impulsive with clothing but if you’re a PC gamer like me you know when Steam sales come around it gets bad.

If only there was something that could really make me consider every purchase beforehand.

Well, now there is and it’s from the people behind Finder is a website that helps you, the consumer, get the most bang for your buck. It compares prices of everything you could want from insurance to shopping.

Icebox, Finder’s new product, is a chrome extension that replaces the buy button with a timer of sorts. You set how long you have to wait to buy something and after however many days you decide to cop or not.

Essentially you’re putting the item into an ice block but you choose how long it takes to melt (think of it this way if you’re cool).

This is a great way to save money, especially if you love online shopping cause you have time to think. They work on over 400 online shops so good luck trying to avoid Icebox.

Unfortunately there isn’t a tool like Icebox for Steam but hey at least they got Amazon on lock.