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In honor of the Jordan 32’s, here’s 5 more sneakers inspired by really expensive cars

Nike loves their Flyknit material. Adidas might have BOOST but Nike has their Flyknit and it’s killer. It’s super lightweight so for us runners it works beautifully, unless you want support but at least it looks cool.

Nike knows that we love Flyknit so they’re literally throwing it on every silhouette ever. They got Flyknit Air Force 1s, Air Max 90s, and even on Jordans.

Their newest Jordan 32, yes they run that far, is coming out with Flyknit material but that’s not what makes these Jordans cool. They are inspired by those high end Italian sports cars. You can see it through the sleek minimalist design. Check it out:

Made to fly. The #AJXXXII balances innovation and style.

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The red colorway is called “ROSSO CORSA” which is the same red Italian motor racing teams enter cars in.

This isn’t a new idea though, Nike takes inspiration from cars all the time whether it is the silhouette itself or just another colorway. They have a bunch of them but here’s a few of our favorites.

Ferrari 14’s


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One of the more recent on the list, the 14s were already inspired by sports cars but the red colorway was so perfect for this shoe.

Kobe V Aston Martin Pack

You remember when Kobe “jumped” an Aston Martin? Well these were inspired by that moment.

The shoe is actually pretty cool ’cause it has these small details like its laces that say “That’s how you do it.”

DMC x Nike 6.0 DeLorean Dunk

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Nike absoulutly nailed the DeLorean vibe, as in it looks sick but don’t ever use it ’cause it’s trash.

All jokes aside, the shoe is dope. The taillight bottom is nice and I like the stitch-less look, it’s definitely a nice piece if you like collecting sneakers.

Air Jordan XVII

Here’s another Aston Martin-inspired sneaker but the difference is that these came in a briefcase with a CD for only $200.

That’s a steal compared to today, something like that now would be like $500.

Nike Air Max Light Porsche GT3 RS


The backstory on these is crazy but here’s the TLDR;

Online sneaker shop Purchaze created the Air Max kicks you see above for the team that helped promote their store.

The promo team used a Porsche to promote the store so Purchaze, with the help of Leyp, a group of sneaker customizers, and Porsche created the shoes just for them.

The sneakers are sick and it’s crazy how rare they are. I can only imagine how much resale would be on those.