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There’s finally a video game controller you can use for any console

Console gaming has been a popular way of gaming for the past decade. With many consoles comes different controllers of varying shapes and buttons.

Very soon, controllers start to add up and you’re forced to re-learn that console’s controls all over again. This makes having multiple consoles super frustrating as controls become harder to remember.

With PC gaming now rising in popularity, many of the current controllers for consoles such as Xbox One and PS4 can plug into a computer with a special cord.

Steam and other developers have developed PC-exclusive controllers to replace the standard mouse and keyboard hassle.

If you play all three because of console exclusives, having to store all of these controllers, keyboards or whatnot has to be taxing.

But what if you could have a “universal remote” that works with not only the main consoles and PC, but with your phone and other older console models?

Enter the ALL Controller

The ALL Controller was designed as the world’s first universal controller, compatible with many systems such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Android, and more.

It resembles the Xbox One Controller but with an LED screen similar to the Steam controller. Check out the Kickstarter campaign here.

The controller is completely wireless even though you can connect it to a USB for better connections to computers.

You can rearrange buttons to your liking, flip the axis, and even set commands to the back of the controller to get past challenging parts of a certain game.

Happy Stephen Colbert GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Developed by Digital Depth Inc., the ALL Controller has a “robust gamepad with a high quality build” according to The Verge who got their hands on the ALL Controller.

In addition to connecting to most devices, it can emulate a mouse and keyboard functions on games that don’t have gamepad support.

Slated to drop around May 2018, the ALL Controller has the power to change the way we game.

5 WWE superstars that need another roster shakeup to save their careers

WWE had an ingenious idea in the Superstar Shakeup, where talent would either switch brands or NXT talent would make their main roster debuts.

The one after Wrestlemania saw talents like Shinsuke Nakamura and Tye Dillinger debut as well as Kevin Owens and The Miz switch brands.

This freshens up competition and creates brand new feuds so the product doesn’t become stale.

Recently, rumors of another Superstar Shakeup have been swirling after Summerslam, with some rumors stating that some talent may be shifted down to NXT.

Another Superstar Shakeup is definitely what the company needs to do in order to keep the same feuds from happening too many times.

Big Cass from Raw to Smackdown Live

Big Cass is going to be a great big man, even despite getting injured.

For one, he has the skills and tools needed to succeed in the role. Management is high on Cass as he’s receiving a huge push.

He turned heel and distanced himself from Enzo Amore and demolished him in their match at Great Balls of Fire and again on Raw that Monday night.

His current feud with Big Show and Amore has no purpose other than to give Cass momentum into a bigger tier feud.

A move to Smackdown would be great for Cass as he can reunite with Carmella and get rid of Ellsworth for good.

They could be the heel couple on Smackdown Live and should give Cass the boost he needs towards his first singles title.

Roman Reigns from Raw to Smackdown Live

I hate Roman Reigns.

His character is straight garbage and he just needs to flat out be a heel.

He was rushed to the top of WWE and down fans’ throats. Naturally, they all revolted and booed the crap out of him.

Even The Rock couldn’t save him from the shower of boos that Roman got after winning the Royal Rumble in 2015.

Roman Reigns GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

He’s been in a really physical feud with Braun Strowman lately and just inserted himself into the Universal Title Picture for Summerslam.

With Cena rumored to be moving to Raw, this would be the perfect opportunity for Reigns to move to Smackdown.

He can be a heel there and freshen up his opponents to guys like Tye Dillinger, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Baron Corbin.

Apollo Crews From Raw to NXT

God, what happened to Apollo Crews?

He was touted with so much fanfare as many remember him for his work in PWG as Uhaa Nation.

He debuted and had serviceable matches in NXT but wasn’t ready for the main roster just yet. He was just a smiley babyface with no character depth.

Then he was rushed to main roster and fell flat on his face.

Nxt GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Yeah, he had great athleticism and speed with that bulky frame but no one could get invested in him because well, what or who was he and why is he on my screen?

He had a lackluster feud with The Miz over the IC Title and then disappeared into the midcard vacuum.

He recently surfaced as part of the Titus Brand, but hasn’t done anything of value yet in the company.

A move back to NXT benefits Crews as he can flesh out a new character for fans to latch onto and still show his incredible athleticism.

Dolph Ziggler From Smackdown Live to NXT

Poor Dolph Ziggler. This guy went from being a World Champion to not even being booked for this year’s Summerslam.

Ziggler has always been a great babyface and also worked well as a heel. However, recent events have left Ziggler off the card entirely.

Dolph Ziggler GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

A move to NXT is good as his credibility can help build up the brand and he can find new, younger talent to work with.

Ziggler just deserves better. Even if he has to work down in NXT for a while, it’s still better than being left out of the loop entirely.

Mike Kanellis from Smackdown Live to NXT

I love Mike Bennett. He’s great as a heel and could have been magic to Smackdown.

Then he was saddled with the love gimmick and he immediately fell flat. God, that gimmick just makes me want to throw up.

It’s just such a bad device for a wildly talented wrestler who could do so much better.

Send him to NXT where he can get a totally new gimmick and be the heel I loved in NJPW, ROH, and even TNA.

Jon Jones just single-handedly destroyed his own career… Again.

Jon Jones is one of the best pound for pound fighters in the cage today. However, he has single-handedly destroyed two careers: his own and Daniel Cormier’s.

Jones fought and defeated Cormier for the UFC Light Heavyweight Title at UFC 214 via knockout in the 3rd round. It was an impressive victory and a great redemption story.

Yet again, the fairy tale victory of Jon Jones comes to a crashing halt.

News broke on Tuesday night that Jones tested positive for steroids for the third time in his career. He’s been stripped of the lightweight belt and may face a 4-year suspension.

Once the news broke, mixed responses came out as many reacted to the Jones drug test.

Some fighters weren’t surprised at Jones’ failed drug test with many claiming that Jones’ career is pretty much over.

Others are praying for the results to be false and just some crazy miscalculation. Personally, I feel bad for Daniel Cormier.

Cormier’s camp released a statement where the former lightweight champ said he “doesn’t know anymore” and “can’t believe we’re going through this again.”

Cormier believed he was beaten by the better man that night at UFC 214 and to find out Jones had an unfair advantage must be devastating.

Jones has a history of failing drug tests with the last one being at UFC 200 in which he made up some crazy story on how his performance boosters were tainted.

Yeah sure, and pigs fly.

The UFC 214 fight should be overturned but that’s simply not enough to fix the emotional damage and career of Cormier.

Jones’ third failed drug test of signals an end to his career as well.

And as for the rumored fight with Brock Lesnar?

Extremely unlikely with Lesnar still suspended for a year and Jones most likely serving a 4-year suspension.

Jones’ fantasy comeback from a dark situation to reclaiming the UFC Lightweight Title is simply ruined by his problem with steroids.

Thus signals the end of one of the greatest pound for pound fighters ever, whose problems outside the Octagon led to his inevitable downfall.

Here’s what was poppin’ at Play NYC, New York’s first gaming convention

A few weeks back my aunt sent me a text message with a link to sign up for this game convention called Play NYC. I signed up for the free raffle and got two tickets.

I was hype when the email came through because this would be my first gaming convention. We got to Terminal 5 early as all hell and were two of the few people waiting in line to be let in.

Many people of all ages attended and some even cosplayed as recognizable video game characters. Once we were let in, it was a whole different world. There were developers everywhere and even old school games set up for your enjoyment.

Booths full of classic or newer merchandise littered the first floor and the entire event was streamed live on Twitch with famous Twitch streamers joining the fray.

Developers littered all three floors eagerly getting us to test many of their projects slated for release on PC as well as consoles like Xbox, PS4, or both. I got my hands on some pretty solid demos. Here’s some of the best games I witnessed at Play NYC.


“Avariavs” is a fantasy game centered around two races, the Hume and the Eoni. The Hume have lived under Eoni rule for centuries.

Now the Hume want to eradicate all of the Eoni and rule themselves.

A pretty solid story to wrap my mind around as it deals with conflicting ideals and the real truth behind what’s right and wrong.

Being one of the first demos I got to play, this blew me away. The character design was detailed and the fluidity of a JRPG-esque style of combat was awesome as hell.

The attacks did drop the frame rate for the game slightly, which was a bit annoying, but the system for attacking, as well as all the animations, were stunning.

A pretty solid alpha game with great potential. I signed up to be a beta tester for the game simply because it impressed the hell out of me.

I’d definitely look forward to seeing this game in the Steam library and on consoles for the future.

Replay Value: 10/10

“Kingdom Bash”

“Kingdom Bash” is a fantasy action game for up to 4 players.

Developed by Matthew Alan Estock, “Kingdom Bash” is a throwback to couch multiplayer where you can invite your friends over and all play the game in the same room.

You choose between different fantasy characters such as Knights, Archers, Mages, etc. and fight it out on different maps.

The game is pretty easy to learn with some solid controls and old school graphics that remind me of retro games on systems like the N64.

The maps all have different effects on the gameplay as enemies can spawn during the match to make things more interesting.

Items are also present in the game, however, they always spawn in the middle of a map. Careful planning is necessary if you want to grab that item or get merked by one of your friends

Solid game overall with a very good premise behind it. I’m a sucker for retro looking games and this one, along with the custom soundtrack, has a place in my 64-bit heart.

Replay value: 8.9/10


Personally, I don’t really like Trivia or Quiz games. I used to enjoy a good game of “Trivia Crack” until it got boring because nothing new ever came out of it.

“eQuiz” is an app for your mobile phone or tablet where you can challenge your friends’ knowledge of topics from sports to movies.

The game, currently out on the app store, is a great little app that I got to mess around with challenging the developers to a WWE trivia quiz (which I won).

The app was a bit buggy with a few minor glitches such as when putting in an answer it would lag but beyond that the game was pretty fun to play.

Personally do I see myself playing the game? Nah, it’s not my cup of tea but it was definitely the best and most developed mobile app at Play NYC.

Replay Value: 8.5/10

“Next Up Hero”

“Next Up Hero” takes a spin on the 2D beat ’em up genre. Players can resurrect other dead players, called “echoes” to fight for them in game.

An interesting concept for a beat ’em up game, Digital Continue has changed the 2D beat ’em up scene with their innovative gameplay and level design.

While playing the demo, you could choose from 9 heroes with assorted abilities from long range to close combat characters.

The enemies are meant to be ridiculous and sure enough they were absolutely bonkers. The challenge is defeating all the enemies on the floor in order to progress through every level.

A challenging game with an interesting premise, “Next Up Hero” is a hidden gem on the indie market.

Replay Value: 9/10

This parody video perfectly sums up Kyrie Irving’s summer

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been involved in some strange postseason drama.

Kyrie Irving, Cleveland’s starting point guard, requested a trade after being displeased with playing second fiddle to LeBron James.

He stated that he wanted to be the focal point of an offense and be leader of his own team.

Kyrie Irving Basketball GIF by NBA - Find & Share on GIPHY

Rumors began swirling that tensions increased between the two to the point where things would become physical if the two saw each other.

Usually, August is a quiet month for basketball news, however the Cavs have the rumor mill on overdrive.

Kyrie has reportedly stated that he prefers to go to Minnesota, New York, or San Antonio. However, he is a restricted free agent and really has no say in where the Cavs trade him.

With all this Cavs drama, a video made by AOK surfaced parodying Eminem’s track “Stan” called “Dear Lebron” by Kyrie ft. Dido.

The track states both true facts on Kyrie’s amazing stats throughout the season, as well as some hilarious jabs at LeBron for not caring despite all the work he’s putting in.

In the song, Kyrie reminisces about how they won the chip in ’16 with Bron’s block on Andre Igoudola and Kyrie’s super clutch three as well as their deteriorating friendship.

Uncle Drew remarks on how LeBron is getting really friendly with Lakers and how the Cavs were never really his to begin with.

GIF by NBA - Find & Share on GIPHY

The song also pokes fun at D Rose for signing with the Cavs for the vet minimum and Kyrie’s belief that the Earth is flat.

Kyrie goes from trying to earn LeBron’s attention with all the posters and Fatheads in his room to tearing them all down because his efforts are in vain.

AOK’s parody also pokes fun at LeBron’s departure to Miami a few years back and poses the question: could Kyrie win a chip without LeBron?

Running Man Nba GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

This parody is spot on and encapsulates what Cleveland’s front office is dealing with at the current moment.

AOK’s masterpiece of a parody contains hot fire as well as some hilarious moments. Definitely one the best parodies in recent months.

#TBT to the greatest Ric Flair moments that prove he’s a true legend

Ric Flair is one the greatest professional wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of wrestling boots.

His natural charisma, amazing mic skills, and in ring acumen were second to none. He won 16 World Titles across multiple promotions like the NWA, WCW, WWE, and more.

In the past few days, news broke that Flair was placed in a medically induced coma and needed surgery. A woman identified by several news outlets as Flair’s fiancee stated that the icon is dealing with multiple organ problems.

Legacy Talent, managers for Flair, sent out a Facebook post asking for prayers for the Hall of Famer. We wish Flair a speedy recovery and our prayers go out to the Flair family in this troubling time.

In his honor, let’s look back at some of the greatest moments in Ric Flair’s career.

Ric Flair and Jay Lethal have a “Woo!” Off

TNA was always known for running some pretty questionable angles but very rarely, they’d hit the nail on the head with comedy segments.

One of these included the GOAT Ric Flair and the charismatic Jay Lethal.

This had me cracking up from beginning to end with both men putting on an absolute comedy fest showcasing Jay’s natural mic skills and quick wit.

Jay’s impression of Flair is so spot on while he absolutely destroys Fortune, Ric’s TNA stable of young talent such as Beer Money Inc. and AJ Styles.

A perfect showcase of Ric’s incredible promos, as well as his signature crazy style of talking, this is one of the most underrated segments in TNA history.

Flair and Batista Win Tag Team Gold

Ric Flair began accompanying Batista to his matches once he came from Smackdown to Raw.

Flair and Batista would join Evolution alongside Triple H and Randy Orton. They were all managed by Flair as Evolution represented the past, present, and future of the WWE.

Batista lost his Armageddon encounter against Shawn Michaels even with interference from Flair. Flair promised Batista that they were winners.

The Dudley Boyz had just retained their tag titles when Eric Bischoff came out and announced that the match wasn’t over since the Dudleyz hadn’t fought every team.

Then he introduced Ric Flair and Batista as the last team.

Flair and Batista made quick work of the Dudleyz and became Tag Champs. It was simply a great moment as Batista won his first title in WWE and with a legend like Flair.

Ric Flair returns to WCW in 1998

Ric Flair was WCW. He lived WCW, breathed WCW, and bled WCW.

However, contract disputes as well as backstage problems with management led to their World Champion walking out with the belt.

He went to WWF and stayed there for awhile before returning to the company in 1995.

WCW had changed at the time with Eric Bischoff in charge and Hogan pulling the strings, Flair was made a joke by the hot New World Order.

Walking out after a dispute with Bischoff, Flair returned in 1998 after the Four Horsemen brought him out.

He cut a heartfelt promo first thanking the WCW fans and the Horsemen then flipped to an aggressive shoot at WCW management and Bischoff.

Definitely one of the best promos Flair ever cut in his career.

Flair turns on Sting

Sting and Flair were set to take on Brian Pillman and Arn Anderson in a tag match at Halloween Havoc ’95 when Flair was nowhere to be found.

Sting, being the heroic babyface, fought valiantly in a two on one situation. However, he was constantly getting beat down by the two men

Then Ric Flair showed up to a huge pop. He climbed up on the apron and it took a good 10 minutes for Sting to tag in Flair

The crowd reached a fever pitch as Flair bounded off the ropes and then hit Sting.

Pillman, Anderson, and Flair assaulted Sting afterwards. Flair did this to reform the Horsemen in WCW.

Sting found out the hard way why Ric Flair is the “Dirtiest Player in the Game.”

Flair Forms The Horsemen

The Four Horsemen are one of the greatest factions in wrestling history.

The original and best incarnation was comprised of Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, and Ole Anderson.

They lived the extravagant lifestyle outside the ring with jets, limos, and pretty ladies all day, everyday.

The Horsemen could also back it up in the ring as Ric was World Champion, Arn and Ole were Tag Champs, and Blanchard was Television Champion.

They broke Dusty Rhode’s hand and ankles and feuded with some of the best talent like Manum TA and Barry Windham.

One of the greatest factions of all time formed by one of the greatest wrestlers ever.

Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair

Ric Flair was told at the beginning of 2008 that the next match he lost, he would have to retire from in-ring competition.

Flair wanted his last match to be against Shawn Michaels, who at first didn’t want to be the man who ended Flair’s legendary career.

Then began an intense feud where Michaels claimed he was going to put Old Yeller (Flair) out of his misery at Wrestlemania 24.

Their match was masterful storytelling at its finest and when Flair got up and told Shawn to give it to him and Michaels said “Im sorry. I love you” it was beautiful.

Michaels immediately vacated the ring to give Flair his moment alone in the ring.

As Flair tearfully stood up and waved his goodbye, he was given a standing ovation by the crowd.

The 1992 Royal Rumble

Flair was fresh out of WCW when Vince McMahon came and offered Flair a contract, which the wrestler accepted. He debuted in the WWF with Bobby Heenan as his manager.

The WWF Championship was vacated due to some shenanigans and was up for grabs at the ’92 Royal Rumble.

Flair entered at number three and lasted all the way until the end, last eliminating Sid Justice to win the vacant belt.

This led to Flair’s famous “With a Tear in my eye” promo and cemented him as one of the top wrestlers in any promotion whether in WCW or WWE.

Flair’s Farewell from the WWE

Flair had lost at Wrestlemania the night before and as per the stipulation, he had to retire.

He came out on Raw to a huge pop and entered the ring. He cut a heartfelt promo thanking the fans for their support.

Vince McMahon and the whole locker room came out to wish their farewells to Flair.

He did the signature jacket elbow drop and strutted across the ring to huge “Woo” and “Thank you Flair” chants.

Even the Undertaker broke kafaybe and came out to hug Flair in which Taker shed a tear.

One of the greatest sendoffs ever done by the WWE for a legend like Ric Flair.

The 3 best (and 3 worst) SummerSlam moments of all time

SummerSlam is one of WWE’s biggest PPV’s of the year and they go all out to make it a huge success.

With SummerSlam taking root in Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center for the next two years, WWE hopes to draw huge numbers in the Barclays Center for a third and fourth time.

SummerSlam has been home to some incredible moments over the years including some epic, and some not so epic, memories.

With SummerSlam right around the corner, the go home episodes of both Raw and Smackdown get fans prepared for the monster card Sunday will offer.

#6 Worst: Goldberg gets merketh by a Sledgehammer (2003)

Goldberg had finally arrived in WWE in late 2003 and he was ready to wreak some havoc on the entire locker room.

He speared the life out of the Rock on his arrival and went on to beat Rock at Backlash and Chris Jericho at Badd Blood.

Goldberg seemed invincible as he challenged for Triple H’s World Heavyweight Championship, which would be contested in the Elimination Chamber.

Goldberg entered last and went on a tear eliminating 3 guys in a row. It came down to him and a beaten up Triple H.

He looked poised to defeat him until Ric Flair showed up with a sledgehammer.

After beating three people, it took one sledgehammer shot and there went Goldberg, pinned clean by Triple H.

Goldberg went on to win the title at the next PPV but his momentum had already been murdered by that Elimination Chamber mishap.

#5 Best: Shawn Michaels the Flopgod (2005)

Personally I enjoyed this match, simply for the fact that Michaels’ unprofessional antics made for an entertaining 21 minutes and 24 seconds.

Rumor is that Hogan and Michaels were supposed to work a trio of matches with Hogan winning at SummerSlam and Michaels going over at Unforgiven.

This would then lead to a rubber match between the two with Hogan putting Michaels over in the last one.

However, Hulk Hogan IS Hulk Hogan after all. He changed the trio of matches into one match with him going over Michaels.

American Wrestling GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

When Michaels found out, he made the decision to oversell all of Hogan’s offense.

Many found the display to be a farce but to me, it was gold.

I laughed as Michaels flopped around more than LeBron James whenever Hogan hit him with some form of offense.

The best however was during the Hogan comeback. Michaels took a Big Boot and did a huge flippy spin and then threw himself down and forget the Leg Drop impact.

Honestly, this was so funny that it made a match I thought would be a boring affair entertaining.

#4 Worst: Divas Dodgeball (2004)

Whoever in WWE Creative said “Hey guys lets put actual women’s wrestlers in a dodge-ball match with non-wrestlers from the Diva Search” should never write again, period.

This was a horrible idea all in all. WWE was still on the “Look, sexy women everywhere!” phase and that year’s Diva Search was a paradise to some.

At SummerSlam in 2004, the Diva Search contestants were pitted against the women’s roster in a dodgeball match.

This was actually a shoot match and the Diva Search contestants won. A whole roster of professionally trained women lost to some models? You gotta be kidding me.

The women’s divsion took a huge hit in the locker room as well as with fans.

#3 Best: AJ Styles vs John Cena (2016)

AJ Styles is one of the best wrestlers on the planet. John Cena is one of the greatest superstars since Austin and Hogan.

Once AJ signed with WWE, a clash between the two was inevitable.

Aj Styles GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Their match at Money in the Bank was pretty solid but had an unsatisfying ending with the Club helping AJ to win.

So when the rematch was booked for SummerSlam, everyone hoped AJ wouldn’t be buried by Cena.

John Cena Wwe GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

They put on an absolute classic at SummerSlam. Both men pulled out incredible moves from their arsenals and neither could put the other away.

They went on and eventually Styles pinned Cena clean. I jumped out of my seat in the Barclays Center and cheered for Styles’ victory.

Aj Styles GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Cena then had a stand alone moment in the ring and left an armband in the ring. That was cool too and we gave him an ovation.

The feeling of seeing it live, as well as the great match itself, was straight gold.

#2 Worst: The Nexus Who? Cena wins LOL (2010)

The Nexus was one of the hottest stables back in 2010.

A group of NXT rookies who were hellbent on gaining WWE contracts invaded the main event of Raw between John Cena and CM Punk.

They swarmed the ring and beat up Cena and Punk, tore the ringside area apart, and destroyed the ring.

They all seemed like legit badasses at that moment.

Nexus kept showing up on episodes of Raw and Smackdown, costing people matches and causing mass havoc.

They kept up the antics, costing Cena a WWE Title rematch at Money in the Bank.

Cena formed a team and challenged Nexus to a match at SummerSlam, which they accepted.

Image result for team nexus vs team cena wwe poser

It looked as if Cena was going to actually be beaten, as he was the only member of his team left while Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel were left for Team Nexus.

Oh how wrong we all were.

Cena came back and eliminated Gabriel and then made Barrett submit to win the match.

This killed Nexus’ momentum dead in its tracks. Nexus looked weak as hell and Wade looked like a complete idiot.

#1 Best: The First TLC Match (2000)

I watched this with my grandpa when I was 6 years old and this ignited my love for professional wrestling.

The Hardy Boyz, Edge and Christian, and the Dudley Boyz put on an absolutely hard-hitting and spot filled match that kept viewers glued to the screen.

It was also the first ever Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match in WWE and it didn’t fail to amaze.

Each competitor put their body on the line for our entertainment.

Matt and Jeff flew off ladders like mad men, Edge and Christian used the con-chair-to and the Dudleyz were planting people through tables with that signature 3D.

Jeff had a really cringe-worthy spot when he attempted a Swanton on a prone Bubba Ray and Bubba moved out of the way leaving Jeff to fall straight into a table.

Edge and Christian retaining the belts after a grueling match made all the men involved into mega stars.

How Donald Glover became one of the most influential entertainers in America

Donald Glover has had major success in whatever he’s accomplished, whether that be in the music or film industry.

Glover burst onto the scene mainly due to TV programming but he really caught many people’s attention with his debut album Camp.

He expanded his reach from just being a comedian on shows like Community to being a musical talent as well.

His LP Because the Internet released in December of 2010 was nominated for two Grammy awards, cementing his stage persona of Childish Gambino as a legitimate act.

Gambino was known for his unorthodox rap style as well as hard-hitting tracks.

However Gambino was not a one trick pony. He could give you a hard-hitting track such as “Bonfire” and then immediately hit your feelings with something like “3005.”

Gambino recently released his third album Awaken! My Love to critical acclaim. It was a step in the other direction for Glover.

Awaken! My Love goes for a more relaxed and soulful vibe that still gets deep messages across as well as hit you in the feelings.

Tracks like “Baby Boy,” “Redbone,” and “California” encapsulate different facets of human emotions from sadness and loss to hope for the future.

With his recent role as Aaron Davis in Spiderman: Homecoming and upcoming roles in the Han Solo film, as well as being cast for Simba in The Lion King, Glover is set to be a king of the artistic world.

The Xbox One X is dropping later this year and it’s looking like the future

The Xbox One had a depressing introduction into the world of “next-generation” consoles.

It offered very few first-party games at its introduction and was slated to drop at an expensive price tag of $500.

Xbox One GIF by gaming - Find & Share on GIPHY

It was stated to be a powerhouse console and would have tons of new features and updating old things everyone loved about the Xbox 360.

Then came a barrage of problems.

First it was announced that there would be no backwards compatibility, which angered a whole bunch of fans whose 360 collection would go to absolute waste.

Magic The Gathering Table Flip GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Then they announced that there would be no connection between 360 and Xbox One players making it impossible to connect with friends who don’t have the latest console.

Most of these idiotic decisions led to many people choosing PlayStation as their console, the PS4 offered a wide variety of games and was $100 less.

Microsoft later righted their wrongs and made the Xbox One backward compatible, however, it was only for certain games.

Angry Inside Out GIF by Disney Pixar - Find & Share on GIPHY

I own an Xbox One and it’s a decent little console but heavens the space issue is probably one of the worst.

Large games like NBA 2K18 and GTA V take up huge amounts of space and once you run out, you’re stuck either buying additional storage or lamenting on having to delete a game just to make space.

Recently Xbox teased a new console called “Project Scorpio” leading everyone to believe a new console was on the way.

Tv Show Reaction GIF by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Find & Share on GIPHY

Microsoft debuted the Xbox One X (fka Project Scorpio) at E3 in July and it touted some pretty impressive specs.

It renders in 4K graphics, has a 8-core Custom AMD CPU clocked at 2.3GHz, and with 6 Teraflops, 326GB/s of memory bandwidth, the Scorpio Engine is the world’s most powerful console gaming processor.

Pretty impressive, as shown by the gameplay of the newest Assassin’s Creed game, which is slated to drop with the console.

However, Microsoft still hasn’t learned from the Xbox One debacle as the One X is slated for a pricey $500.

Many believe the One X’s price, as well as a required 4K television, will drive people away from what is, graphically speaking, a breathtaking console.

The Xbox One X has the potential to be a game changer in the industry, pun intended.

Is Conor McGregor ready to throw the hands with Floyd? An investigation

Conor McGregor is one of the most polarizing sports figures in recent memory.

He’s a vocal individual and probably one of the greatest MMA trash talkers in the past few years.

The Irishman achieved huge success and notoriety after defeating Jose Aldo for the UFC Featherweight Championship at UFC 194 in just thirteen seconds.

At UFC 205, McGregor defeated Eddie Alvarez for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship, becoming the first man in UFC history to hold two different weight division titles.

He’s on top of the UFC mountain and soon he and Floyd Mayweather began trading shots on social media with fans clamoring for a clash between the two fighters.

Conor Mcgregor Mma GIF by UFC - Find & Share on GIPHY

Rumors swirled for weeks about whether the fight would be in the Octagon or in a boxing ring.

Sure enough, the fight was confirmed on June 14th as it was announced the two would clash in a boxing match at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Floyd is undefeated in the boxing world with a pristine 49-0 record with 26 knockout victories.

Conor Mcgregor Boxing GIF by UFC - Find & Share on GIPHY

Conor on the other hand, has never fought in a professional boxing match but is known in the UFC for his striking power.

It’s a blatant mismatch but Conor has been hard at training for his boxing debut.

In training with Chris van Heerden, Conor clearly gets tagged multiple times and slumped like a sack of potatoes. He looks like he’s playing Wii Sports Boxing out here.

Recently, video footage of Conor’s latest spar have surfaced and it shows some form of hope for the Lightweight Champ.

In it, McGregor seemingly knocks out a former champ Paulie Malignaggi in what has stirred up plenty of controversy in recent weeks.

It seems like an impressive achievement for the 29-year-old however, there are clearly flaws in the “achievement.”

Conor and his camp claim that Malignaggi wasn’t able to land a single blow on McGregor and McGregor himself claims to have whooped Malignaggi during the spar.

Many former boxing champs are not impressed and neither am I.

For one, even though Malignaggi is a former champ, you can clearly tell that he’s way out of shape and he’s not as young as McGregor.

Three-division champion Shane Mosley watched McGregor’s sparring video and says he doesn’t think highly of Conor McGregor’s abilities as a pugilist. In an interview Mosley said:

“(McGregor) throws more at the fighter, instead of through the fighter. If you’re going to throw at Mayweather, you’re never going to hit him with anything.”

Mosley has a point. McGregor’s only throwing at and not through his opponent. If he wants to have any chance of beating Mayweather, he needs to punch through.

McGregor has also been seen gassing early and been knocked out by a heavy bag in an open practice.

Does McGregor stand a chance of knocking out Floyd? Nope, there’s no chance in hell McGregor will beat Floyd.

Or, he could shut down the naysayers and etch his name yet again in the history books as the only man to ever beat Floyd Mayweather.