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‘WWE 2K18’ is dropping in October but will it be worth the bread?

WWE 2K17 was a solid overall game but there are always features to be made better and wrinkles to smoothen out and WWE 2K18 looks like a solid improvement.

With the reveal of Seth Rollins as the cover star of the latest installment and some solid overall screenshots, WWE 2K18 looks to be the most realistic game in the franchise to date.

2K18 offers stunning graphics as well as some fluid gameplay that far outshines its predecessors.

MyCareer returns in 2K18 with even more improvements from last year’s game. This year, the recent Brand Split will be used to develop everyone’s individual experience.

MyCareer will allow free roaming backstage for the first time allowing players to shape their own destiny on their rise to the top of the WWE.

The Create-a-Superstar mode has been updated with even more customization options for players to fully immerse themselves in the game.

Improvements have been made to existing features like Create-A-Superstar, Create-a-Video, Create-a-Arena, and the all new Create-a-Match mode.

Related image

A new mode dubbed Road to Glory will also be added. This allows players to take their MyCareer players online to battle other players for pay-per-view spots.

This mode seems interesting as I wonder if the pay-per-views will coincide with real time or if this is a precursor to a WWE eSports league.

Create-a-Finisher as well as a GM mode are not in this game despite many fans clamoring for them to be brought back.

A GM mode would be a refreshing change in the WWE franchise as it’d be interesting to manage a whole roster of superstars and drafting them.

Create-a-Finisher was home to some of the wackiest creations I’ve ever made and it was disheartening to see it go.

2K has definitely taken a step in the right direction with the development of the game and with it comes a whole new set of experiences for fans to enjoy.

#TBT to the 10 most pivotal wrestler theme song changes of all time

A wrestler is usually defined by in-ring action as well as how they can speak on the microphone. Other aspects are taken into play like ring attire and whatever wild backstory WWE concocts for that character.

A really underrated aspect wrestling fans take in when seeing a debuting wrestler is theme music. Sometimes theme music sets the tone for a certain character.

Most of the time, we sing along to themes such as with Shinsuke, Bobby Roode, John Cena, etc. Some theme songs make us dance while some sound badass.

Some wrestlers ditch an old, uninteresting, or horrible theme and grab one that wakes up the fans signaling big things ahead.

Here are the ten best theme switch-ups in WWE.

1. Triple H from “My Time” to “The Game” by Motorhead

Triple H cemented himself as a main event heel, going from the goofy leader of DX to a main event-level heel by joining the Corporation.

He adopted a new theme “My Time ” in accordance with his slow rise to the main event.

He had won three WWF championships by the time 2001 rolled around.

Triple H began to dub himself as “The Game” claiming that he’s the best in the game and received new entrance music.

Sung by Motorhead, the Valkyrie-esque rock vibe as well as the scratchy vocals of Lemmy changed Triple H’s perception in the WWE.

He went from a rising main eventer to a reliable worker and icon in the ring as well as out.

2. Edge from “Never Gonna Stop” to “Metalingus”

Edge was an amazing tag team wrestler winning 12 tag team belts and being one of the innovators for the TLC match.

As part of the Brood, they had a pretty sick entrance song and Edge and Christian as a team, had a pretty nice theme.

They got over with the audience due to their comedic skits such as the Five Second Pose as well as in ring.

After going on to win KOTR in 2001 he got a theme in “Never Gonna Stop,” but the theme seemed awkward and didn’t fit Edge well.

Edge needed that nudge to push himself into the main event.

He adopted a new moniker “The Rated R Superstar” and changed his theme to “Metalingus” by Alter Bridge which fit the character of Edge perfectly.

Plus the opening riff to that song is so badass that you’re swinging your head along to it while Edge does that march to the ring.

It’s an iconic theme and one Edge utilized perfectly.

3. Kane from “Out of the Fire” to “Slow Chemical”

Much respect to Kane, as the dude’s been wrestling for more than 2 decades and accomplished a lot.

He debuted at Badd Blood 1997 as the kayfabe brother of the Undertaker. He ripped off the doors to the Hell in a Cell structure and attacked Undertaker.

Kane debuted with a pretty generic dirge as his theme but during the late ’90s, that all his character needed.

As he went back and forth from face to heel, he always seemed like his theme needed an update.

In 2003 after Kane had unmasked for the first time, he debuted a new, darker theme. “Slow Chemical” was a welcome change to Kane’s old and tired theme.

Kane became a more calculating and cold character and the black towel? Nice touch.

4. Stone Cold from “Ringmaster” to “I Won’t Do What You Tell Me”

“Stunning” Steve Austin was a midcarder in WCW. He was apart of the Dangerous Alliance and reigned as WCW Television Champion.

He was promised a main event push and a match against Sting for the World Title, however it was all scrapped when Ric Flair and Hogan came in.

He found tag team success as part of the Hollywood Blondes along with Brian Pillman but more disputes with WCW led to his firing via fax.

Pissed off, Austin ventured into ECW, where he cut vicious shoot promos on WCW and wrestling in general, showcasing amazing mic skills.

When Austin was signed to WWE, he was given the very forgettable “Ringmaster” gimmick and Ted DiBiase Sr. as his manager.

Austin asked for a gimmick change and WWE gave him horrible names like Otto Von Ruthless, Ice Dagger, Fang McFrost, and Chilli McFreeze.

Over a cup of tea, he came up with the Stone Cold moniker.

With this, he grew a goatee and shaved his head bald and adopted a more aggressive anti-hero persona.

He also changed his music to that iconic glass shattering rock that has become synonymous with Stone Cold.

Once he won King of the Ring in 1996 and dropped the famous Austin 3:16 promo, Austin became a megastar in the WWE.

Once you hear that glass shatter, you know that it’s time to raise hell and whoop ass.

5. Hulk Hogan from “Real American” to “Rockhouse”

Hulk Hogan was one of the biggest stars in the early days of the WWE. He helped put the company in the mainstream.

The popularity of the Rock n Wrestling Connection helped stage the first ever Wrestlemania.

American Wrestling GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Hogan was a charismatic wrestler who was the everyday American hero: big muscles and that iconic red and yellow attire.

His “Real American” theme song was one of the most iconic theme songs of the ’80s.

His return in WCW was pretty similar to his WWE run with all cartoon villains beating down the babyface hero.

However, audiences had evolved by the ’90s. Fans were tired of the same old cartoon garbage so the business began to adapt.

Hulk Hogan Swimming GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

July 7, 1996 will forever live in wrestling history as the day Hogan turned heel.

He traded in his red and yellow tights for black and white emblazoned with lightning bolts and dubbed himself “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan.

His heel turn and faction, the New World Order would gain a new theme called “Rockstar,” which was a much darker rock song than the upbeat “Real American.”

The nWo would skyrocket in popularity and the Monday Night Wars between WWE and WCW were in full swing.

6. Shane McMahon from “No Chance in Hell” to “Here Comes the Money”

Shane McMahon is probably one of my favorite authority characters simply because of how much he punishes his body for the fans’ entertainment.

He had a talent for the business but started off as the boss’ son and was always following his father.

He initially came out to his Dad’s theme, however, he started to break out of his dad’s shadow by doing crazy maneuvers in the ring.

Shane may not be a ring technician but he sure knows how to fly.

He separated himself from his father and got that awesome sounding “Here Comes the Money” theme.

He fell 50 ft. from the Summerslam scaffolding, went through riot glass twice, and finished the match concussed as hell. Dude even jumped off the Hell in a Cell last year at Wrestlemania.

Shane really is one of the greatest high flyers of all time.

7. John Cena from “Basic Thuganomics” to “My Time Is Now”

John Cena made his debut in 2002 and to me his run as the “Doctor of Thuganomics” was entertaining.

After turning on his tag partner Billy Kidman, Cena became a heel and debuted a character who rapped and rhymed all of his promos.

The “Basic Thuganomics” theme fit the heel Cena perfectly as he’d verbally toast crowds everywhere.

Also, that theme was made by Cena himself, who has some pretty good skills on the mic.

John Cena GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

As he grew into the main event babyface that would never turn heel again, Cena adopted that meme factory theme song also made by Cena.

“My Time is Now” is synonymous with Cena and cemented him as the next big face of the company.

Cena is currently tied with Ric Flair for most World Title reigns at 16 and is a positive figure outside of WWE, granting the most wishes in Make-A-Wish Foundation history.

Love him or hate him, Cena is a great worker and has built a legendary career.

8. Brock Lesnar from “Enforcer” to “The Next Big Thing”

Brock Lesnar is just a monster in and out of the ring. When he debuted in 2002, he looked like a beast doing things most guys couldn’t.

A guy of his size shouldn’t be able to move as fast and agile as Lesnar does.

He debuted with some generic jabroni garbage that sounded pretty ok for his character.

He entered the 2002 King of the Ring tournament and got a theme change in the form of “The Next Big Thing” which was also what Paul Heyman had dubbed Lesnar.

After beating RVD in the finals of the KOTR tournament, Lesnar went on to become the youngest WWE Champion in WWE history by beating the Rock for the belt.

Lesnar’s star only shot higher as he went on to become UFC Heavyweight Champion, IWGP Heavyweight Champion, snap the Undertaker’s streak, capture the WWE and Universal titles later in his career.

Brock Lesnar GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The Beast Incarnate truly lives up to that moniker.

9. Batista from “Testify” to “Monster”

Batista was one of those guys who debuted with the right idea but wrong gimmick.

He debuted as “Deacon Batista” the guardian of Reverend Devon’s “building fund” and had that horrible “Testify” theme.

He looked like a freak of nature and more of the muscle of the group than a church figure.

Once he got away from the Deacon gimmick, Batista became the muscle of Evolution and went on to win Tag Team Gold with Ric Flair.

Batista began to grow as a star and won the 2005 Royal Rumble and went on to beat his former mentor Triple H at Wrestlemania for the World Title.

Batista’s skyrocketed and became a staple of the main event over the years even with his acting career starting to take off around the same time.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Teaser GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

He plays Drax in one of my personal favorite Marvel movies: Guardians of the Galaxy.

Batista does it all in and out of the ring and is one the greatest superstars in recent memory.

10. Randy Orton from “Burn in My Light” to “Voices”

Randy Orton started his career as a babyface before turning heel and joining Evolution.

Under Ric Flair and Triple H’s management, Orton grew on the mic and in the ring. He went on to win the Intercontinental Title at Armageddon 2003.

He also became the youngest world champion at the age of 24.

Once he separated himself from Evolution, Orton went on to greater success and soon enough he went from “Legend Killer” to “The Viper.”

The Viper persona was more cold and calculating and he embodied many snake-like traits like his eyes and body movements in the ring before hitting the RKO.

He got a new theme in “Voices” which cemented his new persona.

Randy Orton Mashup GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Orton went on to win 14 World titles and won 2 Royal Rumbles in his career.

Even though he can be sometimes boring in the ring, you can’t even hide the fact you tried the RKO when it blew up as a meme.

eSports is on the verge of being added to the 2024 Olympics. It’s lit.

eSports is a growing market with a vast amount of potential.

Walter Day founded Twin Galaxies in the late ’70s, a video game record company to promote video games and push for records to be published in the Guinness World Record book.

Twin Galaxies

Televised eSports began to air around this time as well, with people trying to beat high scores on arcade games to crown a champion.

With the invention of the Internet, online games and computer games began to burst into the eSports world.

Winning Video Game GIF by Lil Yachty - Find & Share on GIPHY

Many tournaments are held each year for various games on multiple platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo 3DS.

Games like Overwatch, Pokemon, Call of Duty, DOTA, and many more have eSports leagues that are blowing up every year.

Video Games 90S GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Developers like 2K are now trying to tap into the eSports market to expand their reach into the competitive gaming world.

eSports are heavily regulated by an eSports committee to make sure there are no drugs or underhanded tactics going on so that everyone has a fair chance to win.

Thats All Folks Reaction GIF by Lil Yachty - Find & Share on GIPHY

eSports is a heavily debated topic as many people do not believe it’s a real sport, while others push for it to be accepted as a sport since actual work does go into preparing for tournaments.

The Olympic Committee has been debating over eSports for a decade with recent news that there are talks to make eSports an Olympic sport.

Should eSports be considered a sport? Hell yeah, it should.

Stone Cold GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

eSports like Overwatch and DOTA require excellent teamwork and fast reaction timing when using abilities; one misstep can spell certain doom for a team.

Pokemon requires a whole bunch of stuff from EV and IV training to get the perfect ‘mons to creating movesets and equipping items that can help a person attain victory.

Call of Duty and other FPS games are insanely brutal eSport communities where fast reaction time, focus, and good aim are major keys to success.

How is that any different from a physical sport? They both require training/preparation and skill.

eSports should definitely be a medal sport in the 2024 Olympics and beyond. It’s entertaining and would be a huge leap in the game community.

Rumor has it that Ronda Rousey is taking her talents to the WWE

Ronda Rousey is one of the biggest draws in the history of the UFC.

A former UFC Bantamweight Champion, Rousey was on an undefeated streak until getting her face rearranged courtesy of Holly Holm.

Ronda Rousey GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Rousey later returned at UFC 207 where she was mauled by Amanda Nunes suffering her second straight knockout loss.

Watching this fight was like watching a bully beat up a nerd for lunch money until the teacher breaks up the fight.

But recently, Ronda Rousey has expressed interest in joining WWE and becoming a professional wrestler, according to reports from Fightful.

She is a longtime wrestling fan and her debut isn’t such a bad idea as she already appeared at Wrestlemania 31 alongside The Rock.

Per, the buzz backstage is that Rousey will start training soon for her wrestling debut.

She has been recommended to Brian Kendrick’s gym in California to start training. Eva Marie and some other women have been sent to Kendrick’s gym for training.

I’d love to see Ronda in a WWE ring. She’d be a huge draw before even making her debut. She could lift sagging TV ratings if booked as who she really is: a straight up badass.

Rousey would automatically draw a lot of comparisons to Brock Lesnar in the sense that they’re both powerhouses that had successful UFC careers. Imagine her being managed by Paul Heyman…

Ronda’s already a legit competitor and her reported extra measure of training for an in-ring debut earns her a lot of respect on my part.

Super Saiyan GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

She’s taking the time to learn about the business and if that isn’t cool as hell, you must be living in another dimension.

Her appearance at the Mae Young Classic in support of Shayna Baszler, another former UFC fighter who’s competing in the event, has furthered the buzz of her in-ring debut.

If this rumor proves true, Ronda Rousey could definitely become one of the greatest women wrestlers in history.

5 NFL players who could become wrestlers if they were about that life

Football players are supreme athletes who take a lot of punishment on the field. They train constantly and keep themselves in top physical shape.

Professional wrestlers are in extremely good physical shape and need strength to pull off impressive feats in the ring.

New York Giants Football GIF by NFL - Find & Share on GIPHY

Some professional wrestlers were once either professional or college football players and transferred over to wrestling.

Goldberg, The Rock, and Roman Reigns are examples of successful wrestlers who played football at some level.

The New Tnn Wwe GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Some current (and former) NFL guys, if their time in the NFL is up, should definitely cross into WWE to try their hand at wrestling.

1. Rob Gronkowski

Gronk is a physical specimen and has already appeared at numerous WWE events. He appeared at this year’s Wrestlemania interfering in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal on behalf of his friend, Mojo Rawley.

Rawley later won the Battle Royal joining guys like Cesaro, Big Show, and Baron Corbin in winning the prestigious trophy.

Gronk’s likable attitude and overall great shape could allow a possible WWE in-ring debut maybe tagging alongside Rawley or trying his hand for a singles title.

2. DeAngelo Williams

Pittsburgh Steelers Football GIF by NFL - Find & Share on GIPHY

DeAngelo Williams is a talented running back who would do great in the WWE. He’s fast, agile, and coordinated meaning he’d be very good in in the cruiserweights or even on the main roster.

Williams would have great promos with guys like The Miz, John Cena, and even AJ Styles. His speed could mean a lot of high flying maneuvers and some great matches if he trains hard enough.

Hell he already gave his wrestling debut a match in IMPACT and he’s already better than most wrestlers!

3. Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman already acts like a professional wrestler.

He seems like a great candidate for the Prime Time Players if he didn’t have a football career. Then have him break away to become a megastar.

Sherman’s “You mad bro?” would become the new “If you smell what the Rock is cooking.”

As a product of his megastardom, Sherman could go from WWE Champion to huge movie star in movies like Avengers: Infinity War and Cyborg. We got plans for you Richard!

4. Jared Allen

Minnesota Vikings Football GIF by NFL - Find & Share on GIPHY

There are a couple of ways you could handle Allen. He could debut as Zeb Colter’s new “Real American” only to have him eventually turn on Jack Swagger.

He’d also find great success in some sort of a cowboy gimmick like a Godwinn revival.

WWE could make a fortune off of mullet wigs for the fans to wear. He’s a definite “best for business” candidate.

5. Steve Smith

Cant Touch This Carolina Panthers GIF by NFL - Find & Share on GIPHY

He might not be a giant by WWE standards, but he certainly talks a great game and could be a fantastic cruiserweight.

Smith’s agility is incredible and he’s surprisingly strong for his size. He could clash with guys like Rich Swann and TJP. Maybe he could even clash with Neville over the Cruiserweight Title and breath some life into a very stale division.

Smith Sr. could be the shock the cruiserweights need to change in a positive direction.

NBA 2K18 has potential to be the greatest basketball game ever

I’ve been playing 2K since NBA 2K6 when my cousin would continuously lay the smackdown on a 5-year-old me.

Since then, 2K has drastically improved gameplay and graphic-wise even though it still has its numerous glitches and bugs.

Set for release on September 19th, 2K18 offers some of the most realistic models of players in a 2K game.

2K18 will feature staples of the game like MyCareer, MyLeague, MyGM mode, and the local and online exhibition modes to sauce all your friends when they hit your crib.

Ronnie2K announced that the fan favorite MyPark will not be returning in 2K18 due to a heavier focus on 2K Pro-Am and the new E League

2K announced earlier in the year that they wanted to delve deeper into the E-Sports league to capture more dedicated players of the game.

My GM mode has been revamped and re-branded as MyGM: The Next Chapter.

Image result for 2k18 mygm

In the new MyGM mode, you take control of a former NBA player who’s been given the general manager opportunity after being away from the game for 6 years.

With features like offering max extensions similar to Steph Curry and James Harden, the power of running a team are in your hands.

But with great power comes great responsibility, so you have to keep your staff and players happy throughout the season.

The new MyGM mode comes packed with some pretty sick features and for once I actually feel like wasting a slot on testing out this revamped GM mode.

2K will still definitely have its bugs. After all, it’s never perfect on launch day just like most games.

I hope that it’s not as slow and broken as 2K last year when no one could get on MyPark and everyone was having connection errors.

2K18 seems to be graphically one of the best in the franchise with character, audience models, and sounds akin to those in real life.

With gameplay looking polished and the soundtrack being full of straight fire, NBA 2K18 has the potential to be the highest rated game in franchise history.

NYC Subway Royal Rumble 2020

A 21-year-old Harlem kid made the most fire wrestling video of the summer

When Tim Rivera began making Facebook videos in 2016, it all started with the simple idea to make funnier videos than the ones he was seeing on his timeline.

Fast forward to a little over a year later and he’s blowing up with a “Subway Royal Rumble” video going viral on Facebook with over 1.5 million views in just three days.

If you’re a fan of wrestling and have been to NYC, you know how impressive this is.

With different entrants entering from other cars and trying to eliminate their opponents at different subways stops, this is low key genius.

Rivera has posted wrestling videos like this in the past and while they went viral, none reached this level of success of his latest one. With his production skills continuing to evolve, he executed a video that will remain a classic for years to come.

But how did he do it? We caught up with Tim recently and more than anything else he was thankful for the response he’s gotten saying,

“I invested so much in this video so I’m honestly blessed that all of my hard work is being acknowledged.”

Rivera had no problems recording the video itself, however, there’s always the risk of getting arrested, a homeless guy asking for money, or even getting into fights with other passengers. As for choosing the subway for a venue he said,

“Well there’s nothing better than the subway because it’s so random and not a lot of people could do it and it’s public transportation who the hell does a wrestling match in the subway?!”

Rivera is always searching for new and creative ideas to further his page and his comedy career.

In an era where New York comedians in particular are beginning to shine, Tim Rivera is creating a lane all to his own. He said,

“Growing up in New York City has basically shaped me into the person who I am today. Especially Harlem, being raised in Spanish Harlem, and still living here helps me constantly come up with ideas and helps me expand my creativity.”

So what makes New York the perfect backdrop for his comedy? He continued,

“There’s so many things to do in New York City and nothing is impossible here I mean come on I did a freaking wrestling match on the subway if I can do that in New York City imagine what else I can get away with. New York City humor is definitely the best humor in the world.”

He uploads video parodies and skits to Facebook, garnering hundreds of thousands of views. Rivera spoke about what got him into making more and more comedy videos on Facebook saying,

“People would always tell me to do more and I did and then I eventually started expanding to doing small skits about stuff that happens in my hood and just stuff that came up in my imagination and eventually I just started creating more skits and got better and now I’m studying film production and getting better with the quality of my work.”

Rivera also spends time making other skit videos parodying famous rappers and making fun of the millennial existence. One of his favorite skits outside of his most recent was called “Pepto Bismol” parodying 21 Savage.

With his side-splitting humor and content, Tim Rivera is positioned to become the comedy kingpin of Facebook.

Even though Rivera is enjoying success with his “Subway Royal Rumble” he hasn’t stopped thinking about new content to release for his fans.

He’s plotting on how to capitalize on his success with this latest viral banger Rivera said,

“Honestly, I would love to have a Wrestlemania match at Time Square. In the middle of times Square just have a big Wrestlemania match with no interruptions but let’s see what happens.”

So what’s next for Tim on his quest to keep delivering fire content? At just 21 years old, Rivera has a lot more ideas and possibilities he’s ready to go after. He closed out saying,

“Expect a lot of more hilarious content and stuff that you never seen before. If I’m willing to wear Hulk Hogan tights in the train imagine the other crazy stuff I have in mind. Trust me you do not videos that I have planned for the future so please stay tuned.”

Best believe we’ll be tuned into Tim Rivera.

5 reasons Xavier Woods’ inner nerd is the best thing in wrestling

Video gaming is a huge world rich with content and many people of varying ages.

I personally enjoy playing the hits like NBA 2K17, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, and Tekken 7.

Gaming allows me an escape from my real life problems and enter into a fantasy adventure. Some gamers take their talents and record themselves playing popular or more low key titles on YouTube.

The YouTube Gaming community is vast and hosts many age groups from young kids watching Minecraft videos to competitive players showcasing their talents.

WWE has their own video game in the WWE 2K series, however, they have not stepped out into the gaming community beyond that.

With the help of one Xavier Woods (aka Austin Creed) steering the ship, “UpUpDownDown” has been one of the most entertaining things about WWE in the past year. His channel “UpUpDownDown,” reaches an untapped fanbase in the gaming community, something the WWE should be very happy about.

Here’s why “UpUpDownDown” is changing the face of the WWE.

It allows Xavier Woods to truly be himself

Woods wasn’t always the most social of kids growing up. He did have video games, which allowed him to become more social and make friends.

Woods said in an interview:

“I grew up in Inglewood, California for the first couple years of my life, and growing up in the ‘hood is difficult as a kid. We want to show kids there are people like you in the positions in life you want to be in. Showing kids they can do what they want to do and be great at it, that’s the stuff that means the most to me.”

Woods wants to show that being nerdy is absolutely okay. He’s very outspoken about his own nerdiness:

“I’m part of a group called the NPC Collective. It’s the Nerdy People of Color Collective. It’s me and a rapper by the name of Mega Ran, the only rapper licensed by Capcom, and a bunch of other people who do nerd rap. We rap about video games and electronics, and our goal is to show young black kids that it’s OK to be nerdy. “

Woods is set on changing the stigma around being a nerd and as a nerd myself, I’m completely behind him.

It shows the fans sides of superstars we never knew existed

Imagine this: You and a few friends are playing video games.

A lot of the time, it’s all jokes and friendly competition, but you all are bonding over a mutual love for the game.

Sometimes, you guys host a tourney or have a punishment game where the loser must do some crazy or humiliating challenge.

“UpUpDownDown” features some of the superstars of WWE like AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, Kalisto, Neville, and many more just being themselves.

Out of character, many of these guys are relatable and make you laugh incredibly hard.

It gives guys who don’t get much TV time a chance to shine in their own ways

WWE has hours of programming to fill, yet some shows feel stale or get boring after a certain point.

Some characters don’t give us a reason to get invested in the product. WWE has the roster to make their shows entertaining but don’t use a lot of their guys.

“UpUpDownDown” gives some guys like Kalisto, Jack Gallagher, and Curtis Axel an outlet to show us the person behind the character.

They become more human as we see who they really are as people.

Many guys on the show feel like longtime friends and just ordinary dudes sitting down to enjoy video gaming.

It expands WWE’s reach beyond just the average wrestling fan

Vince Mcmahon Money GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

By now, any fan of WWE knows that Vince McMahon loves to make money. The ingenious idea to have a YouTube gaming channel could have flopped miserably if given to the wrong person.

Luckily, Vince chose Woods to steer “UpUpDownDown” to great success with the channel currently sitting at 1.1 million subscribers.

The channel appeals to wrestling fans who also are gamers, as well as gamers who may not even be wrestling fans.

The channel showcases many games like the most recent WWE 2K17, VR games, and friendly tournament competition between friends.

The channel encompasses more than one market, meaning that Vince has a foot in the YouTube Gaming Community and can profit off of it.

We get to experience Woods’ love for the Final Fantasy franchise

Video Games GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Woods is absolutely in love with the Final Fantasy franchise.

He’s especially fond of Final Fantasy XIV as shown by his ring gear from Wrestlemania 33 being based off the game.

Woods stated in an interview,

“I am obsessed with Final Fantasy XIV. Oh my God, I’m a level 47 Bard, I gotta get to 50 ASAP, get into this ceremony of eternal bonding with one of my friends, we’re going to get the matching Chocobos with the rings and stuff”

I barely understand half of what Woods mentions but you can tell his passion for gaming is what makes “UpUpDownDown” so great.

The hype around the Brock Lesnar v Jon Jones fight continues… in WWE?

Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones have been the talk of the sports world recently.

Jones came back to UFC 214, challenging Daniel Cormier for the Light Heavyweight Belt after a string of incidents such as a hit and run and a positive PED test at UFC 200 stripped Jones of his belt.

Before UFC 214, Jon Jones said that he’d love to fight Brock Lesnar if he came back to the UFC.

Brock responded saying he’d fight Jones “anytime, anywhere.”

Sounds like Brock and Jones are both on board with fighting, however, Dana White said the fight most likely won’t happen because neither Jones nor White have heard from Lesnar in a long time.

WWE has even used the Jones/Lesnar story in their own recent storyline with Brock saying that if he loses at the upcoming Summerslam PPV, he will leave WWE.

Paul Heyman even mentioned an “ultimate challenge.” Sounds similar to the “superfight” between Jones and Lesnar would probably be billed as.

Imagine how many eyes would be on the UFC product if these two went at it…

This drives both stories because rumors have been swirling that Brock is going to leave WWE to get back into UFC.

GIF by WWE - Find & Share on GIPHY

Even though Lesnar is 40 years old, he’s still in tremendous physical shape. However, this fight with Jones gives him a 40 lb. advantage.

It wouldn’t be healthy for him to cut weight as he already has a history with diverticulitis. If it were to happen, the UFC would have to make the fight unsanctioned.

Brock is still serving a one year suspension from the UFC for testing positive for PEDs. So realistically the fight may not happen until 2018.

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But if both sides are really serious about taking each other on, I don’t see why they couldn’t make this match made in Octagon heaven happen ASAP.

Lesnar v. Jones would be one of the biggest draws of the year, way bigger than Mayweather v. McGregor. This clearly has the chance to be one of the biggest events in sports history.

In their first match ever, Shinsuke Nakamura must defeat John Cena

Last week on SmackDown Live, Jinder Mahal was cutting a promo on his Battleground victory saying how he crushed Randy Orton in his match then raised the title in the air looking invincible

Then out came one John Cena.

Cena congratulated Jinder on getting into better shape and retaining the WWE Title at Battleground before challenging him to a match for the title at Summerslam.

GM Daniel Bryan came out and congratulated both men on fantastic matches at Battleground. He also told Cena that on Smackdown Live opportunities are earned no matter what your name may be.

DB then schedules a dream match for this Tuesday on Smackdown Live: John Cena will go one on one with Shinsuke Nakamura for a chance to face Jinder for the WWE Title at Summerslam.

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This has the potential to be a monumental match if booked right; however, Nakamura must pin Cena clean.

It would be a great way for Cena to put over a guy like Shinsuke as well as cement Nakamura as a future main eventer.


I wouldn’t even be mad if Jinder interferes in some way making it a triple threat match adding a little spice to Summerslam.

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Cena pinning Nakamura would halt the King of Strong Style’s momentum and prevent him from becoming the main eventer all the fans know he can be.

A Cena win only confirms the fact that he’s going to break Ric Flair’s legendary record and we can hold off on that.

Cena will always come back to WWE even though he claims his time is coming to an end. Stop playing Cena, we know you want to pull a Hogan and keep wrestling till you can’t actually move anymore.

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Nakamura has long been denied his main event spot ever since moving to the main roster. He came up hot but has slowly started to fizzle out even though he is extremely over with the fans.

Nakamura needs to win either on Smackdown Live tonight, or at Summerslam, because a King always needs his crown.