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NYC Subway Royal Rumble 2020

A 21-year-old Harlem kid made the most fire wrestling video of the summer

When Tim Rivera began making Facebook videos in 2016, it all started with the simple idea to make funnier videos than the ones he was seeing on his timeline.

Fast forward to a little over a year later and he’s blowing up with a “Subway Royal Rumble” video going viral on Facebook with over 1.5 million views in just three days.

If you’re a fan of wrestling and have been to NYC, you know how impressive this is.

With different entrants entering from other cars and trying to eliminate their opponents at different subways stops, this is low key genius.

Rivera has posted wrestling videos like this in the past and while they went viral, none reached this level of success of his latest one. With his production skills continuing to evolve, he executed a video that will remain a classic for years to come.

But how did he do it? We caught up with Tim recently and more than anything else he was thankful for the response he’s gotten saying,

“I invested so much in this video so I’m honestly blessed that all of my hard work is being acknowledged.”

Rivera had no problems recording the video itself, however, there’s always the risk of getting arrested, a homeless guy asking for money, or even getting into fights with other passengers. As for choosing the subway for a venue he said,

“Well there’s nothing better than the subway because it’s so random and not a lot of people could do it and it’s public transportation who the hell does a wrestling match in the subway?!”

Rivera is always searching for new and creative ideas to further his page and his comedy career.

In an era where New York comedians in particular are beginning to shine, Tim Rivera is creating a lane all to his own. He said,

“Growing up in New York City has basically shaped me into the person who I am today. Especially Harlem, being raised in Spanish Harlem, and still living here helps me constantly come up with ideas and helps me expand my creativity.”

So what makes New York the perfect backdrop for his comedy? He continued,

“There’s so many things to do in New York City and nothing is impossible here I mean come on I did a freaking wrestling match on the subway if I can do that in New York City imagine what else I can get away with. New York City humor is definitely the best humor in the world.”

He uploads video parodies and skits to Facebook, garnering hundreds of thousands of views. Rivera spoke about what got him into making more and more comedy videos on Facebook saying,

“People would always tell me to do more and I did and then I eventually started expanding to doing small skits about stuff that happens in my hood and just stuff that came up in my imagination and eventually I just started creating more skits and got better and now I’m studying film production and getting better with the quality of my work.”

Rivera also spends time making other skit videos parodying famous rappers and making fun of the millennial existence. One of his favorite skits outside of his most recent was called “Pepto Bismol” parodying 21 Savage.

With his side-splitting humor and content, Tim Rivera is positioned to become the comedy kingpin of Facebook.

Even though Rivera is enjoying success with his “Subway Royal Rumble” he hasn’t stopped thinking about new content to release for his fans.

He’s plotting on how to capitalize on his success with this latest viral banger Rivera said,

“Honestly, I would love to have a Wrestlemania match at Time Square. In the middle of times Square just have a big Wrestlemania match with no interruptions but let’s see what happens.”

So what’s next for Tim on his quest to keep delivering fire content? At just 21 years old, Rivera has a lot more ideas and possibilities he’s ready to go after. He closed out saying,

“Expect a lot of more hilarious content and stuff that you never seen before. If I’m willing to wear Hulk Hogan tights in the train imagine the other crazy stuff I have in mind. Trust me you do not videos that I have planned for the future so please stay tuned.”

Best believe we’ll be tuned into Tim Rivera.