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If anyone deserves a title shot against Brock Lesnar, it’s Finn Balor

Recently, Brock Lesnar has been crushing everyone in his PPV main event matches.

After taking down Braun Strowman at No Mercy, and a rematch with Roman Reigns most likely being saved for either Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania, who could he face next?

Right now there aren’t many other guys who match up with the Beast Incarnate but probably the best possible opponent for him right now is none other than the Demon Slayer, Finn Balor.

His momentum since returning from injury is through the roof and he’s way over with the crowd. He’s already a title contender but a match against Brock would solidify him as one of the top guys. Plus it’s a classic David vs. Goliath storyline.

Of course Brock would most likely take him to Suplex City and Balor would have to take the L but we won’t know ’till we see them face off! This is the match the WWE universe has been dreaming about for months now.

It seems like Vince has a lot of confidence in his former NXT star to be one of the next big faces of the company. Balor is ready to be that dude.

Let’s not forget about Finn being the first Universal Champion when he beat Seth Rollins at SunmmerSlam. He never actually lost his belt, that’s why he deserves his match against The Beast Brock Lesnar more than anyone else.

Finn is on fire right now and his feud with Bray Wyatt is only making him more epic.

I don’t mind seeing him face off with Bray but we need to keep the fire in Finn going. Most likely we will need to see Seth vs. Finn first to see who will face Brock for the title. Balor vs. Reigns could set that up as well.

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They need to keep booking Finn with big names to get him a bigger push.

Another interesting thing to watch out for is if The Shield reunites and gets in his way of Brock. We could easily see some type of three-way match happen as well.

Whenever they give Finn his chance, he has been ready for it since he joined the main roster.

Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar is the Wrestlemania rematch fans deserve

The first time Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns faced off at Wrestlemania 31 for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, the hype was like no other. People were dying to see this match and the show they put on delivered.

It turned out to be a real fight… at least for Brock Lesnar. The story they told, with a little surprise interference, made for one of the greatest Wrestlemania matches ever.

It started with Brock giving Roman an F-5 in the first couple of minutes and everyone already thought it was over but Roman didn’t give up just yet.

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Reigns would hang in there and fight back only to get suplexed all over the ring 10 times and helped usher in the “Suplex City bitch” catchphrase.

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Finally Roman got him back, pushing him into the ring post and busting Brock open with blood all over his face.

From there Roman gave him a few superman punches and spears. That didn’t keep the beast down, Brock would then catch him in a F-5.

They were both down and next thing you know… Seth Rollins music starts playing.

Everyone lost their minds, they couldn’t believe he was cashing in his Money In The Bank! Rollins would go on to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and steal Roman’s Wrestlemania moment.

Three years later at Wrestlemania 34 it would probably be better then the first time they faced off. If Roman wins this time it would be the biggest push for him and this is the rematch everybody wants to see.

There is no point of booking this match if Roman doesn’t win though since he got robbed last time they faced off. I can already hear the fans booing him now!

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Roman needs this win (if it all goes down) plus it would be the fourth time in a row to main event Wrestlemania. Just another reminder that he’s THE GUY.

This is definitely what the fans want to see as it keeps getting rumored every year but does not end up happening. Brock is getting closer to the end of his career and only has so many 5-star matches left in him.

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Roman already retired The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33 so you know the company trusts him enough to put him over Brock when he decides to leave.

Then we can watch Lesnar destroy opponents in the UFC where he really belongs.

Ronda Rousey could be the Brock Lesnar of the WWE women’s division

Triple H revealed that Ronda Rousey could join the WWE if (and when) she wants to and low-key she could be the Brock Lesnar of the women’s division.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Ronda would dominate pro wrestling if she decided to cross over. She has all of the physical tools to immediately compete with talents like Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, and even Asuka.

But the question is, could she be as dominant as Brock Lesnar is in the men’s division? And better yet, could she even team up with Brock to bring some truly epic moments?

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If I was a WWE story writer, this is how I would plan Ronda’s debut…

First, I would have Brock Lesnar come out to promote his next match only to be interrupted by Stephanie McMahon. Next thing you know she slaps Brock and Ronda surprises everybody by going behind her to give her the SUPLEX. The fans would lose there minds that’s one thing for sure.


For an epic Wrestlemania match I would book Brock and Ronda to face Triple H and Stephanie on a 2-on-2. The whole time both of them giving out German suplexes.

Two years ago Ronda Rousey had her Wrestlemania moment when she was in the ring with the most electrifying man in the world — The People’s Champ THE ROCK.

Triple H was talking shit to the Rock and basically saying get out of our ring we own this blah blah blah the Rock didn’t listen and decided to bring in Ronda. The fans loved seeing The Rock layeth the smack down on Triple H’s candy ass.

Realistically, Ronda just twisted Stephanie’s arm but everyone still loved it.

Ronda joining the WWE can make the women’s division even stronger but question is would she be on Smackdown or Raw? Either way it’s gonna be lit.

There has been a huge rumor about Ronda going up against Stephanie for a Wrestlemania match. If that ends up happening I just hope The Rock and Triple H get involved somehow just because that’s what the fans need to see!

It would also be cool to see Ronda do part time in the WWE like Brock did. We all know Brock went back and forth, maybe Ronda will do the same but only time will tell.

One way or another the fans will for sure enjoy Ronda being in the WWE ring kicking ass and hopefully becoming champion over time. If she won immediately, you know the marks would start crying. It’s the Roman Reigns effect.

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At the end of the day could she pull a Chyna and compete with the guys? She is truly strong enough to make it believable.

She can dismember anybody with an armbar and if she borrowed some of Brock’s moves it would be madness! Plus that hip toss is no joke!

Who knows, Ronda might just cash in the money in the bank on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Do you think she could make Shinsuke Nakamura tap out?

That would be too crazy but hey, you never know!

Jon Jones just single-handedly destroyed his own career… Again.

Jon Jones is one of the best pound for pound fighters in the cage today. However, he has single-handedly destroyed two careers: his own and Daniel Cormier’s.

Jones fought and defeated Cormier for the UFC Light Heavyweight Title at UFC 214 via knockout in the 3rd round. It was an impressive victory and a great redemption story.

Yet again, the fairy tale victory of Jon Jones comes to a crashing halt.

News broke on Tuesday night that Jones tested positive for steroids for the third time in his career. He’s been stripped of the lightweight belt and may face a 4-year suspension.

Once the news broke, mixed responses came out as many reacted to the Jones drug test.

Some fighters weren’t surprised at Jones’ failed drug test with many claiming that Jones’ career is pretty much over.

Others are praying for the results to be false and just some crazy miscalculation. Personally, I feel bad for Daniel Cormier.

Cormier’s camp released a statement where the former lightweight champ said he “doesn’t know anymore” and “can’t believe we’re going through this again.”

Cormier believed he was beaten by the better man that night at UFC 214 and to find out Jones had an unfair advantage must be devastating.

Jones has a history of failing drug tests with the last one being at UFC 200 in which he made up some crazy story on how his performance boosters were tainted.

Yeah sure, and pigs fly.

The UFC 214 fight should be overturned but that’s simply not enough to fix the emotional damage and career of Cormier.

Jones’ third failed drug test of signals an end to his career as well.

And as for the rumored fight with Brock Lesnar?

Extremely unlikely with Lesnar still suspended for a year and Jones most likely serving a 4-year suspension.

Jones’ fantasy comeback from a dark situation to reclaiming the UFC Lightweight Title is simply ruined by his problem with steroids.

Thus signals the end of one of the greatest pound for pound fighters ever, whose problems outside the Octagon led to his inevitable downfall.

5 times Brock Lesnar took things a little too far in the WWE ring

Whenever Brock Lesnar enters a WWE ring everyone gets too hype because either he’s gonna send somebody to Suplex City or have a fire promo, thanks to Paul Heyman.

Don’t know what Suplex City is? It’s when Brock gives his opponents a German Suplex across the ring multiple times until they can’t get up anymore. The crowd loves it and shit actually looks like it hurts.

Although he already retired, we would forever enjoy his last few fights in WWE. His performance at SummerSlam showed not only how much of a beast he is but also how much he really has left in the tank.

Brock is one of the most polarizing figures in all of sports and is currently the reigning undisputed WWE Champion of the World.

The fans will never get tired of seeing someone go to Suplex City, especially if it’s Roman Reigns. But most importantly they’re gonna miss how real Brock makes it feel when he steps into the ring. These are the moments he took it there.

Welcome to Suplex City Mr. Cena

Let’s just start by saying Brock Lesnar is one man you don’t want to fuck with.

In 2014, Lesnar went toe to toe with John Cena during the SummerSlam main event for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

From the jump, Brock took him to SUPLEX CITY with 16 straight suplexes. Cena was showing signs to the ref that he was hurt but Brock didn’t give two fucks about his pain.

After all 16 suplexes, Lesnar finished him with an F5. Then became WWE World Heavyweight Champion again.

Brock unleashes his elbows on Orton

At last year’s SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar gave all the elbows to Randy Orton’s face. Within seconds Orton’s face was covered in blood.

After that they had to stop the match because Brock Lesnar went way too hard.

Lesnar once said, “I show up to kick the living shit out of somebody’s ass and I get paid to do it.” He’s been saying that for a while now, even John Cena called him out for that multiple times in their promos.

That time Brock Lesnar broke Shawn Michaels’s arm

A few years ago Brock Lesnar was supposed to face the legend Shawn Michaels in a highly anticipated PPV match.

But before the fight Brock broke Michaels’ arm because that’s how he is.

Brock Lesnar proved how dangerous and unpredictable he can be. Don’t play games with this dude! I beg you, don’t mess around with him he will make you pay as we have seen many times before.

When Brock almost killed the cameraman with an F5

When Brock lost his title at Mania he went crazy and started to attack anybody he saw in the back.

After giving a huge F5 to Michael Cole, he delivered another one to the cameraman for no reason. Of course this would build up to Seth facing Brock for title rematch.

When the time came for the rematch, Brock gave Seth 10 suplexes but when suddenly The Undertaker interfered with the match, adding a bunch of hype to the next PPV.

that time Brock almost killed J&J servises

Brock destroyed J&J’s new car and on top of that he gave one Suplex cracking the front window on Monday Night Raw not too long ago.

After that, he was chasing Seth Rollins, who luckily got away or else Brock would have taken him to SUPLEX CITY. Brock would have definitely injured Seth that night if he got to him.

The fans are saying they wanna see Brock in a TLC match, which would be too wild.

We could only wonder what Brock would do with weapons in a match. The last time he had a TLC with Cena few years ago, it was marked one of the best TLC matches of all time.

The hype around the Brock Lesnar v Jon Jones fight continues… in WWE?

Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones have been the talk of the sports world recently.

Jones came back to UFC 214, challenging Daniel Cormier for the Light Heavyweight Belt after a string of incidents such as a hit and run and a positive PED test at UFC 200 stripped Jones of his belt.

Before UFC 214, Jon Jones said that he’d love to fight Brock Lesnar if he came back to the UFC.

Brock responded saying he’d fight Jones “anytime, anywhere.”

Sounds like Brock and Jones are both on board with fighting, however, Dana White said the fight most likely won’t happen because neither Jones nor White have heard from Lesnar in a long time.

WWE has even used the Jones/Lesnar story in their own recent storyline with Brock saying that if he loses at the upcoming Summerslam PPV, he will leave WWE.

Paul Heyman even mentioned an “ultimate challenge.” Sounds similar to the “superfight” between Jones and Lesnar would probably be billed as.

Imagine how many eyes would be on the UFC product if these two went at it…

This drives both stories because rumors have been swirling that Brock is going to leave WWE to get back into UFC.

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Even though Lesnar is 40 years old, he’s still in tremendous physical shape. However, this fight with Jones gives him a 40 lb. advantage.

It wouldn’t be healthy for him to cut weight as he already has a history with diverticulitis. If it were to happen, the UFC would have to make the fight unsanctioned.

Brock is still serving a one year suspension from the UFC for testing positive for PEDs. So realistically the fight may not happen until 2018.

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But if both sides are really serious about taking each other on, I don’t see why they couldn’t make this match made in Octagon heaven happen ASAP.

Lesnar v. Jones would be one of the biggest draws of the year, way bigger than Mayweather v. McGregor. This clearly has the chance to be one of the biggest events in sports history.

Brock Lesnar vs Jon Jones could be the biggest fight in UFC history

I love MMA. People getting their heads kicked off, brutal knockouts, blood everywhere, triumphant wins, and crushing defeats.

A few years back, when I heard that Brock Lesnar, a WWE guy, had signed with UFC, I knew I had to check him out.

The first UFC PPV I ever watched was UFC 91 when Brock defeated Randy Couture to become the new UFC Heavyweight Champion.

It was wild seeing Lesnar achieve success in only his third fight. I’ve only recently started to dig deeper into MMA, learning about legends and watching Bellator on a weekly basis. Tuning into UFC Fight Nights has been a whole new, fresh experience.

Brock’s returning win against Mark Hunt at UFC 200 was clouded by Lesnar’s testing positive for hydroxy-clomiphene: a substance banned by the USADA.

He was fined 10% of his purse and suspended for a year. This was seemingly swept under the rug by WWE as he returned to the competition shortly after UFC 200.

On the other hand, Jon Jones has been on a long road back to the top after hitting rock bottom these past couple of years. Still, he is at the prime of his abilities.

“Bones” Jones also tested positive for hydroxy-clomiphene at UFC 200 and was suspended for a year and stripped of the interim Lightweight title.

Jones is scheduled to fight Daniel Cormier on Saturday at UFC 214 to try and reclaim his Light Heavyweight crown, however he’s already entertaining the idea of fighting one of the sport’s biggest names.

Jones said in a Facebook Live video:

“I would love to fight Brock Lesnar. He’s a massive dude. I mean, it would be a massive draw. Really big for the sport. It’d be a great challenge. That’s a big ole’ boy. I doubt Brock Lesnar would take that fight, though.”

This comes off the heels of a denied report that Lesnar was re-entering the USADA testing pool after testing positive twice for clomiphene back during UFC 200.

Today, Lesnar responded,

“Would I fight Jon Jones? Anytime, anywhere. Right now he should be worried about D.C. on Saturday night.”

Since Lesnar seems down for the proposed fight, UFC would have to figure out how to bridge the 50 pound weight difference between the two men.

Brock is still a popular star in MMA and with Jones touted as one of the best in MMA today, this fight has the potential to be a great one.

Brock already possesses great wrestling skills and his ground game is fantastic, while Jones is well-versed in Jiu-Jitsu and boxing and much faster than Lesnar

I would be down to see these two men beat the living hell out of each other.

First and foremost, it’d be a hard-hitting encounter with two of arguably the biggest stars in recent UFC history.

Conor McGregor trying to cross over into the world of boxing with his match against Floyd Mayweather would be nowhere near the success of a possible Lesnar/Jones bout.

Lesnar vs Jones could go down as one of the greatest fights in recent memory.