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If anyone deserves a title shot against Brock Lesnar, it’s Finn Balor

Recently, Brock Lesnar has been crushing everyone in his PPV main event matches.

After taking down Braun Strowman at No Mercy, and a rematch with Roman Reigns most likely being saved for either Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania, who could he face next?

Right now there aren’t many other guys who match up with the Beast Incarnate but probably the best possible opponent for him right now is none other than the Demon Slayer, Finn Balor.

His momentum since returning from injury is through the roof and he’s way over with the crowd. He’s already a title contender but a match against Brock would solidify him as one of the top guys. Plus it’s a classic David vs. Goliath storyline.

Of course Brock would most likely take him to Suplex City and Balor would have to take the L but we won’t know ’till we see them face off! This is the match the WWE universe has been dreaming about for months now.

It seems like Vince has a lot of confidence in his former NXT star to be one of the next big faces of the company. Balor is ready to be that dude.

Let’s not forget about Finn being the first Universal Champion when he beat Seth Rollins at SunmmerSlam. He never actually lost his belt, that’s why he deserves his match against The Beast Brock Lesnar more than anyone else.

Finn is on fire right now and his feud with Bray Wyatt is only making him more epic.

I don’t mind seeing him face off with Bray but we need to keep the fire in Finn going. Most likely we will need to see Seth vs. Finn first to see who will face Brock for the title. Balor vs. Reigns could set that up as well.

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They need to keep booking Finn with big names to get him a bigger push.

Another interesting thing to watch out for is if The Shield reunites and gets in his way of Brock. We could easily see some type of three-way match happen as well.

Whenever they give Finn his chance, he has been ready for it since he joined the main roster.