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Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar is the Wrestlemania rematch fans deserve

The first time Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns faced off at Wrestlemania 31 for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, the hype was like no other. People were dying to see this match and the show they put on delivered.

It turned out to be a real fight… at least for Brock Lesnar. The story they told, with a little surprise interference, made for one of the greatest Wrestlemania matches ever.

It started with Brock giving Roman an F-5 in the first couple of minutes and everyone already thought it was over but Roman didn’t give up just yet.

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Reigns would hang in there and fight back only to get suplexed all over the ring 10 times and helped usher in the “Suplex City bitch” catchphrase.

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Finally Roman got him back, pushing him into the ring post and busting Brock open with blood all over his face.

From there Roman gave him a few superman punches and spears. That didn’t keep the beast down, Brock would then catch him in a F-5.

They were both down and next thing you know… Seth Rollins music starts playing.

Everyone lost their minds, they couldn’t believe he was cashing in his Money In The Bank! Rollins would go on to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and steal Roman’s Wrestlemania moment.

Three years later at Wrestlemania 34 it would probably be better then the first time they faced off. If Roman wins this time it would be the biggest push for him and this is the rematch everybody wants to see.

There is no point of booking this match if Roman doesn’t win though since he got robbed last time they faced off. I can already hear the fans booing him now!

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Roman needs this win (if it all goes down) plus it would be the fourth time in a row to main event Wrestlemania. Just another reminder that he’s THE GUY.

This is definitely what the fans want to see as it keeps getting rumored every year but does not end up happening. Brock is getting closer to the end of his career and only has so many 5-star matches left in him.

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Roman already retired The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33 so you know the company trusts him enough to put him over Brock when he decides to leave.

Then we can watch Lesnar destroy opponents in the UFC where he really belongs.