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Ronda Rousey could be the Brock Lesnar of the WWE women’s division

Triple H revealed that Ronda Rousey could join the WWE if (and when) she wants to and low-key she could be the Brock Lesnar of the women’s division.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Ronda would dominate pro wrestling if she decided to cross over. She has all of the physical tools to immediately compete with talents like Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, and even Asuka.

But the question is, could she be as dominant as Brock Lesnar is in the men’s division? And better yet, could she even team up with Brock to bring some truly epic moments?

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If I was a WWE story writer, this is how I would plan Ronda’s debut…

First, I would have Brock Lesnar come out to promote his next match only to be interrupted by¬†Stephanie McMahon. Next thing you know she slaps Brock and Ronda surprises everybody by going behind her to give her the SUPLEX. The fans would lose there minds that’s one thing for sure.


For an epic Wrestlemania match I would book Brock and Ronda to face Triple H and Stephanie on a 2-on-2. The whole time both of them giving out German suplexes.

Two years ago Ronda Rousey had her Wrestlemania moment when she was in the ring with the most electrifying man in the world — The People’s Champ THE ROCK.

Triple H was talking shit to the Rock and basically saying get out of our ring we own this blah blah blah the Rock didn’t listen and decided to bring in Ronda. The fans loved seeing The Rock layeth the smack down on Triple H’s candy ass.

Realistically, Ronda just twisted Stephanie’s arm but everyone still loved it.

Ronda joining the WWE can make the women’s division even stronger but question is would she be on Smackdown or Raw? Either way it’s gonna be lit.

There has been a huge rumor about Ronda going up against Stephanie for a Wrestlemania match. If that ends up happening I just hope The Rock and Triple H get involved somehow just because that’s what the fans need to see!

It would also be cool to see Ronda do part time in the WWE like Brock did. We all know Brock went back and forth, maybe Ronda will do the same but only time will tell.

One way or another the fans will for sure enjoy Ronda being in the WWE ring kicking ass and hopefully becoming champion over time. If she won immediately, you know the marks would start crying. It’s the Roman Reigns effect.

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At the end of the day could she pull a Chyna and compete with the guys? She is truly strong enough to make it believable.

She can dismember anybody with an armbar and if she borrowed some of Brock’s moves it would be madness! Plus that hip toss is no joke!

Who knows, Ronda might just cash in the money in the bank on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Do you think she could make Shinsuke Nakamura tap out?

That would be too crazy but hey, you never know!