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Jon Jones just single-handedly destroyed his own career… Again.

Jon Jones is one of the best pound for pound fighters in the cage today. However, he has single-handedly destroyed two careers: his own and Daniel Cormier’s.

Jones fought and defeated Cormier for the UFC Light Heavyweight Title at UFC 214 via knockout in the 3rd round. It was an impressive victory and a great redemption story.

Yet again, the fairy tale victory of Jon Jones comes to a crashing halt.

News broke on Tuesday night that Jones tested positive for steroids for the third time in his career. He’s been stripped of the lightweight belt and may face a 4-year suspension.

Once the news broke, mixed responses came out as many reacted to the Jones drug test.

Some fighters weren’t surprised at Jones’ failed drug test with many claiming that Jones’ career is pretty much over.

Others are praying for the results to be false and just some crazy miscalculation. Personally, I feel bad for Daniel Cormier.

Cormier’s camp released a statement where the former lightweight champ said he “doesn’t know anymore” and “can’t believe we’re going through this again.”

Cormier believed he was beaten by the better man that night at UFC 214 and to find out Jones had an unfair advantage must be devastating.

Jones has a history of failing drug tests with the last one being at UFC 200 in which he made up some crazy story on how his performance boosters were tainted.

Yeah sure, and pigs fly.

The UFC 214 fight should be overturned but that’s simply not enough to fix the emotional damage and career of Cormier.

Jones’ third failed drug test of signals an end to his career as well.

And as for the rumored fight with Brock Lesnar?

Extremely unlikely with Lesnar still suspended for a year and Jones most likely serving a 4-year suspension.

Jones’ fantasy comeback from a dark situation to reclaiming the UFC Lightweight Title is simply ruined by his problem with steroids.

Thus signals the end of one of the greatest pound for pound fighters ever, whose problems outside the Octagon led to his inevitable downfall.