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5 NFL players who could become wrestlers if they were about that life

Football players are supreme athletes who take a lot of punishment on the field. They train constantly and keep themselves in top physical shape.

Professional wrestlers are in extremely good physical shape and need strength to pull off impressive feats in the ring.

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Some professional wrestlers were once either professional or college football players and transferred over to wrestling.

Goldberg, The Rock, and Roman Reigns are examples of successful wrestlers who played football at some level.

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Some current (and former) NFL guys, if their time in the NFL is up, should definitely cross into WWE to try their hand at wrestling.

1. Rob Gronkowski

Gronk is a physical specimen and has already appeared at numerous WWE events. He appeared at this year’s Wrestlemania interfering in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal on behalf of his friend, Mojo Rawley.

Rawley later won the Battle Royal joining guys like Cesaro, Big Show, and Baron Corbin in winning the prestigious trophy.

Gronk’s likable attitude and overall great shape could allow a possible WWE in-ring debut maybe tagging alongside Rawley or trying his hand for a singles title.

2. DeAngelo Williams

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DeAngelo Williams is a talented running back who would do great in the WWE. He’s fast, agile, and coordinated meaning he’d be very good in in the cruiserweights or even on the main roster.

Williams would have great promos with guys like The Miz, John Cena, and even AJ Styles. His speed could mean a lot of high flying maneuvers and some great matches if he trains hard enough.

Hell he already gave his wrestling debut a match in IMPACT and he’s already better than most wrestlers!

3. Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman already acts like a professional wrestler.

He seems like a great candidate for the Prime Time Players if he didn’t have a football career. Then have him break away to become a megastar.

Sherman’s “You mad bro?” would become the new “If you smell what the Rock is cooking.”

As a product of his megastardom, Sherman could go from WWE Champion to huge movie star in movies like Avengers: Infinity War and Cyborg. We got plans for you Richard!

4. Jared Allen

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There are a couple of ways you could handle Allen. He could debut as Zeb Colter’s new “Real American” only to have him eventually turn on Jack Swagger.

He’d also find great success in some sort of a cowboy gimmick like a Godwinn revival.

WWE could make a fortune off of mullet wigs for the fans to wear. He’s a definite “best for business” candidate.

5. Steve Smith

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He might not be a giant by WWE standards, but he certainly talks a great game and could be a fantastic cruiserweight.

Smith’s agility is incredible and he’s surprisingly strong for his size. He could clash with guys like Rich Swann and TJP. Maybe he could even clash with Neville over the Cruiserweight Title and breath some life into a very stale division.

Smith Sr. could be the shock the cruiserweights need to change in a positive direction.

NFL star DeAngelo Williams makes wrestling debut, looks ready for WWE

DeAngelo Williams is a 34-year-old free agent running back in the NFL. So in football years, he’s damn near a senior citizen.

But Williams has shown no signs of slowing down on the field and was a solid backup for Le’Veon Bell and the Steelers last season, but Williams has yet to sign with a new team for the upcoming season.

If one thing is for certain, however, it’s that he’s already thinking about life after football and as an avid wrestling fan was able to make his in-ring debut recently with Impact Wrestling.

The results were way better than anyone could’ve expected and honestly after just peeping this quick sequence, you can see this dude actually has some potential to get signed and really do this if he wanted to.

It’s safe to say that 95% of the NFL (excluding kickers, punters, and some QBs) could translate their skills to wrestling well but DeAngelo is actually a student of the game and has been pulling up to events his whole life, so he knows what’s good.

But just how good can he be? Respected wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer was impressed, saying of Williams’ debut,

“This guy, in his first match…is probably better than almost anyone…with two years training in WWE. And a lot of guys with two years training in New Japan!…It was freaky how good he was.”

Considering that the WWE will have Lavar Ball pull up on Monday Night Raw, it’s not too far out of the imagination to think that they’d give DeAngelo a call.

Not everything went smoothly though. There was one botch in his match when DeAngelo attempted the frog splash through a table and underestimated his athleticism, landing on his neck and avoiding serious injury.

Damn if he woulda stuck that landing and broke the table, shit woulda been TOO LIT.

Realistically this dude should just peace from the NFL while he can and get into the WWE. Imagine him facing off against an AJ Style or Shinsuke Nakamura? I can already hear the marks complaining about it now.