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eSports is on the verge of being added to the 2024 Olympics. It’s lit.

eSports is a growing market with a vast amount of potential.

Walter Day founded Twin Galaxies in the late ’70s, a video game record company to promote video games and push for records to be published in the Guinness World Record book.

Twin Galaxies

Televised eSports began to air around this time as well, with people trying to beat high scores on arcade games to crown a champion.

With the invention of the Internet, online games and computer games began to burst into the eSports world.

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Many tournaments are held each year for various games on multiple platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo 3DS.

Games like Overwatch, Pokemon, Call of Duty, DOTA, and many more have eSports leagues that are blowing up every year.

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Developers like 2K are now trying to tap into the eSports market to expand their reach into the competitive gaming world.

eSports are heavily regulated by an eSports committee to make sure there are no drugs or underhanded tactics going on so that everyone has a fair chance to win.

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eSports is a heavily debated topic as many people do not believe it’s a real sport, while others push for it to be accepted as a sport since actual work does go into preparing for tournaments.

The Olympic Committee has been debating over eSports for a decade with recent news that there are talks to make eSports an Olympic sport.

Should eSports be considered a sport? Hell yeah, it should.

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eSports like Overwatch and DOTA require excellent teamwork and fast reaction timing when using abilities; one misstep can spell certain doom for a team.

Pokemon requires a whole bunch of stuff from EV and IV training to get the perfect ‘mons to creating movesets and equipping items that can help a person attain victory.

Call of Duty and other FPS games are insanely brutal eSport communities where fast reaction time, focus, and good aim are major keys to success.

How is that any different from a physical sport? They both require training/preparation and skill.

eSports should definitely be a medal sport in the 2024 Olympics and beyond. It’s entertaining and would be a huge leap in the game community.