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The Undertaker turns John Cena into the meme of the year at Wrestlemania

Going into Wrestlemania 34, we didn’t know what to expect from John Cena and The Undertaker.

After repeatedly calling out The Undertaker for a match on Monday Night Raw, Cena’s challenge was left unanswered. Failing to secure a slot for Wrestlemania, Cena found himself in the stands watching the spectacle unfold.

The entire wrestling world was shocked when The Undertaker had his streak snapped by Brock Lesnar during Wrestlemania 30. In Wrestlemania 33, Roman Reigns took The Deadman to school beating him with ease –– spoiling any glimmer of hope for a Wrestlemania victory.

The Undertaker, once known as the most feared wrestler in the WWE, was now just a shell of himself. In uncanny fashion, The Undertaker appeared humbled amongst the crowd after suffering back to back L’s. He bowed to his cheering to fans, hugged his wife, and strolled up the ramp in to what appeared would be his last match ever.

Just as it seemed like The Undertaker’s wrestling career was over, it received a breath of fresh air. For weeks, Taker heard Cena run his mouth on Raw.


Being 0-2 in his last 23 Wrestlemania matches didn’t sit well with the legend. Combine that with Cena challenge, it left The Undertaker no choice but to pull up to Wrestlemania 34. His return left the wrestling world in chills.

The Undertaker struck fear into Cena’s eyes as he stepped into the ring. The “U Can’t See Me” knew he was a dead man walking.

The Undertaker made quick work of Cena –– literally. The match lasted no longer than three minutes featuring Taker hitting all of signature moves. The Undertakers losing streak came to an end with Cena falling victim to a lethal tombstone.

Cena played himself from the start. Calling out The Undertaker was his first mistake. Looking shook on camera was his next. His only highlight of the night was when a WWE referee notified him about something. What that something was is still left unknown.

Nevertheless, it provided TV gold. Out of nowhere, Cena took off running like he was on the Maury Show.

It was great to see The Undertaker back in action, however, it does make you wonder what’s next for Cena?

With strong performances from Ronda Rousey and Shinsuke Nakamura , and a bloody battle between Roman Reigns  and Brock Lesnar, the WWE seems in good hands.

It looks like the Undertaker making a WWE comeback, but why?

After a legendary 27-year career in the WWE, which ended last Wrestlemania at the hands of Roman Reigns, there’s multiple reports about the Deadman AKA The Undertaker making his comeback to avenge the loss heard around the world.

At 52 years old, nobody really wants to see the legend make a return but apparently he’s been training in the gym just for that. There aren’t too many other details but we’d assume his return would be in time for Wrestlemania 34.

But the real question now is, why the hell is he tryna come back?

Fans don’t really want to see a worn-down Taker in the ring especially after how his last match ended. He just couldn’t keep up with Roman and besides, they wanted to see John Cena retire Taker but we all know how Vince likes controversy.

At this point I don’t know how many spears or superman punches he can take.

You can boo Roman Reigns all you want but it’s really his yard especially after he just retired John Cena too. We shall see if The Undertaker can redeem himself though. Fans would go crazy if Roman beat him two times in a row!

At this point I don’t know how many spears or superman punches he can take.

If they were to have a rematch at Mania this is how it should play out.

First, Roman would kick his ass the whole time and and just as he was about to pin The Undertaker I would have Stone Cold Steve Austin pull the ref away.

After that Roman would get a stunner and get pinned by the Deadman. Would there be any more epic way to end the match?

It really is crazy that The Undertaker is fighting at his age. Roman obviously has the advantage by being 20 years younger. He’s much faster and stronger for sure so if Taker were to win, it wouldn’t make for a very good storyline. Someone needs to interfere and who better than the Texas Rattlesnake?

Stone Cold Wrestling GIF by WWE - Find & Share on GIPHY

You never know when, or if, the Deadman will return but it could potentially be on Monday Night Raw. Roman Reigns could be talking shit in the ring and The Undertaker could pop up out of nowhere to finish where they left off.

Maybe they’d go with how he he usually does and it just shut off the lights to send a message that he demands his rematch. However The Undertaker decides to return, just know that it will be epic and the fans will lose their shit.

Win or lose, if facing Roman Reigns again is the only reason for him to come back. I just don’t know if the WWE Universe could handle another Taker loss.

Did John Cena just low key retire from the WWE last night?

Na na na na… na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye! John Cena is finally done with WWE. At least that’s what it felt like after yesterday’s pay-per-view. Roman Reigns kicked his ass last night at No Mercy, but enough with the shit talking.

John had an amazing run in the WWE over the years, tying Rick Flair’s title record at 16. Even though Cena didn’t win last night it was one of the best matches of the year and a hell of a way to go out if he’s actually done. My man Roman Reigns gave it to him!

“THANK YOU CENA!” the fans chanted as he stood in the middle of the ring to say goodbye to the WWE universe. The Undertaker already passed the torch to Roman at Wrestlemania and now Cena is doing the same for him at No Mercy.

There was something about this bow in the ring after the match that was different.

Cena has been hated and loved over the years but anytime he’s in the ring it’s always good for business. The kids loved him and he drove adult fans crazy.

But above everything else he was a class act and respected.

Now John is moving into movie acting just like The Rock did after he retired from the WWE. Not saying Cena’s gonna be the next Rock or anything but he definitely helped pave the way.

As much as he was booed, people are definitely sad that this may be the end.

John Cena had a legendary career and if it’s all over, there wasn’t much else he could’ve really done.

Let’s not forget John’s amazing debut when he answered to Kurt Angel during his open challenge. He beat him and from that moment on he started to build his name in the WWE.

Cena also had some legendary matches where he faced The Rock twice, including a Wrestlemania main event which proved he could be the face of the company.

Or even that time when he went against Brock Lesnar and got suplexed 14 times across the ring… that was too epic to watch.

My favorite Cena match is when he faced Rollins at Summer Slam. Even though he gets boos every time he comes out, he’s still one of the greatest to ever do it.

Now that John Cena is done with the WWE, Roman Reigns can be the face of it all.

Hate it or love it, Roman Reigns is the THE GUY in the WWE today. He has all the tools and the blessing from some of the biggest legends who just left the game.

At 40 years old, John Cena just isn’t as into it as he once was. He’s focused on a new career and he may even wife up Nikki Bella.

But who knows, maybe he will make a surprise visit at Wrestlemnia. We’ll see!

No Politics Wrestling: No Mercy preview, Canadian heels & more

Welcome to another edition of the must-listen wrestling podcast! Now I shouldn’t have to tell you because I’m sure y’all already know what time it is: NO MERCY!

The Monday Night RAW-exclusive PPV is this Sunday, and the card is stacked with some big-time matchups, so you already know the Top Guys of the wrestling podcast world had to rundown the card and share their thoughts.

But that’s not all, we even found time to show Smackdown Live some love as usual. So if you’re fiending for your weekly wrestling fix, you’ve come to the right podcast, as this episode is sure to hit you with a heavy dose.

In this episode, we briefly discuss the 9/18-9/19 editions of Monday Night RAW and Smackdown Live, review the storylines and feuds heading into the No Mercy PPV as we make our predictions…

We theorize exactly what it is that makes Kevin Owens and his fellow Canadians such great heels…

Prepare for the inevitable coming of the Broken Universe…

And the potential supernatural feud with Bray Wyatt.

WWE GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Plus we talk humans collectively controlling the weather with our minds… yeah, shit got type weird.

We loved it, we hated it: just another week in wrestling!

The 3 best (and 3 worst) SummerSlam moments of all time

SummerSlam is one of WWE’s biggest PPV’s of the year and they go all out to make it a huge success.

With SummerSlam taking root in Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center for the next two years, WWE hopes to draw huge numbers in the Barclays Center for a third and fourth time.

SummerSlam has been home to some incredible moments over the years including some epic, and some not so epic, memories.

With SummerSlam right around the corner, the go home episodes of both Raw and Smackdown get fans prepared for the monster card Sunday will offer.

#6 Worst: Goldberg gets merketh by a Sledgehammer (2003)

Goldberg had finally arrived in WWE in late 2003 and he was ready to wreak some havoc on the entire locker room.

He speared the life out of the Rock on his arrival and went on to beat Rock at Backlash and Chris Jericho at Badd Blood.

Goldberg seemed invincible as he challenged for Triple H’s World Heavyweight Championship, which would be contested in the Elimination Chamber.

Goldberg entered last and went on a tear eliminating 3 guys in a row. It came down to him and a beaten up Triple H.

He looked poised to defeat him until Ric Flair showed up with a sledgehammer.

After beating three people, it took one sledgehammer shot and there went Goldberg, pinned clean by Triple H.

Goldberg went on to win the title at the next PPV but his momentum had already been murdered by that Elimination Chamber mishap.

#5 Best: Shawn Michaels the Flopgod (2005)

Personally I enjoyed this match, simply for the fact that Michaels’ unprofessional antics made for an entertaining 21 minutes and 24 seconds.

Rumor is that Hogan and Michaels were supposed to work a trio of matches with Hogan winning at SummerSlam and Michaels going over at Unforgiven.

This would then lead to a rubber match between the two with Hogan putting Michaels over in the last one.

However, Hulk Hogan IS Hulk Hogan after all. He changed the trio of matches into one match with him going over Michaels.

American Wrestling GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

When Michaels found out, he made the decision to oversell all of Hogan’s offense.

Many found the display to be a farce but to me, it was gold.

I laughed as Michaels flopped around more than LeBron James whenever Hogan hit him with some form of offense.

The best however was during the Hogan comeback. Michaels took a Big Boot and did a huge flippy spin and then threw himself down and forget the Leg Drop impact.

Honestly, this was so funny that it made a match I thought would be a boring affair entertaining.

#4 Worst: Divas Dodgeball (2004)

Whoever in WWE Creative said “Hey guys lets put actual women’s wrestlers in a dodge-ball match with non-wrestlers from the Diva Search” should never write again, period.

This was a horrible idea all in all. WWE was still on the “Look, sexy women everywhere!” phase and that year’s Diva Search was a paradise to some.

At SummerSlam in 2004, the Diva Search contestants were pitted against the women’s roster in a dodgeball match.

This was actually a shoot match and the Diva Search contestants won. A whole roster of professionally trained women lost to some models? You gotta be kidding me.

The women’s divsion took a huge hit in the locker room as well as with fans.

#3 Best: AJ Styles vs John Cena (2016)

AJ Styles is one of the best wrestlers on the planet. John Cena is one of the greatest superstars since Austin and Hogan.

Once AJ signed with WWE, a clash between the two was inevitable.

Aj Styles GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Their match at Money in the Bank was pretty solid but had an unsatisfying ending with the Club helping AJ to win.

So when the rematch was booked for SummerSlam, everyone hoped AJ wouldn’t be buried by Cena.

John Cena Wwe GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

They put on an absolute classic at SummerSlam. Both men pulled out incredible moves from their arsenals and neither could put the other away.

They went on and eventually Styles pinned Cena clean. I jumped out of my seat in the Barclays Center and cheered for Styles’ victory.

Aj Styles GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Cena then had a stand alone moment in the ring and left an armband in the ring. That was cool too and we gave him an ovation.

The feeling of seeing it live, as well as the great match itself, was straight gold.

#2 Worst: The Nexus Who? Cena wins LOL (2010)

The Nexus was one of the hottest stables back in 2010.

A group of NXT rookies who were hellbent on gaining WWE contracts invaded the main event of Raw between John Cena and CM Punk.

They swarmed the ring and beat up Cena and Punk, tore the ringside area apart, and destroyed the ring.

They all seemed like legit badasses at that moment.

Nexus kept showing up on episodes of Raw and Smackdown, costing people matches and causing mass havoc.

They kept up the antics, costing Cena a WWE Title rematch at Money in the Bank.

Cena formed a team and challenged Nexus to a match at SummerSlam, which they accepted.

Image result for team nexus vs team cena wwe poser

It looked as if Cena was going to actually be beaten, as he was the only member of his team left while Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel were left for Team Nexus.

Oh how wrong we all were.

Cena came back and eliminated Gabriel and then made Barrett submit to win the match.

This killed Nexus’ momentum dead in its tracks. Nexus looked weak as hell and Wade looked like a complete idiot.

#1 Best: The First TLC Match (2000)

I watched this with my grandpa when I was 6 years old and this ignited my love for professional wrestling.

The Hardy Boyz, Edge and Christian, and the Dudley Boyz put on an absolutely hard-hitting and spot filled match that kept viewers glued to the screen.

It was also the first ever Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match in WWE and it didn’t fail to amaze.

Each competitor put their body on the line for our entertainment.

Matt and Jeff flew off ladders like mad men, Edge and Christian used the con-chair-to and the Dudleyz were planting people through tables with that signature 3D.

Jeff had a really cringe-worthy spot when he attempted a Swanton on a prone Bubba Ray and Bubba moved out of the way leaving Jeff to fall straight into a table.

Edge and Christian retaining the belts after a grueling match made all the men involved into mega stars.

In their first match ever, Shinsuke Nakamura must defeat John Cena

Last week on SmackDown Live, Jinder Mahal was cutting a promo on his Battleground victory saying how he crushed Randy Orton in his match then raised the title in the air looking invincible

Then out came one John Cena.

Cena congratulated Jinder on getting into better shape and retaining the WWE Title at Battleground before challenging him to a match for the title at Summerslam.

GM Daniel Bryan came out and congratulated both men on fantastic matches at Battleground. He also told Cena that on Smackdown Live opportunities are earned no matter what your name may be.

DB then schedules a dream match for this Tuesday on Smackdown Live: John Cena will go one on one with Shinsuke Nakamura for a chance to face Jinder for the WWE Title at Summerslam.

Excited John Cena GIF by WWE - Find & Share on GIPHY

This has the potential to be a monumental match if booked right; however, Nakamura must pin Cena clean.

It would be a great way for Cena to put over a guy like Shinsuke as well as cement Nakamura as a future main eventer.


I wouldn’t even be mad if Jinder interferes in some way making it a triple threat match adding a little spice to Summerslam.

Shaun The Sheep Movie Ok GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Cena pinning Nakamura would halt the King of Strong Style’s momentum and prevent him from becoming the main eventer all the fans know he can be.

A Cena win only confirms the fact that he’s going to break Ric Flair’s legendary record and we can hold off on that.

Cena will always come back to WWE even though he claims his time is coming to an end. Stop playing Cena, we know you want to pull a Hogan and keep wrestling till you can’t actually move anymore.

John Cena Lol GIF by Saturday Night Live - Find & Share on GIPHY

Nakamura has long been denied his main event spot ever since moving to the main roster. He came up hot but has slowly started to fizzle out even though he is extremely over with the fans.

Nakamura needs to win either on Smackdown Live tonight, or at Summerslam, because a King always needs his crown.