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Did John Cena just low key retire from the WWE last night?

Na na na na… na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye! John Cena is finally done with WWE. At least that’s what it felt like after yesterday’s pay-per-view. Roman Reigns kicked his ass last night at No Mercy, but enough with the shit talking.

John had an amazing run in the WWE over the years, tying Rick Flair’s title record at 16. Even though Cena didn’t win last night it was one of the best matches of the year and a hell of a way to go out if he’s actually done. My man Roman Reigns gave it to him!

“THANK YOU CENA!” the fans chanted as he stood in the middle of the ring to say goodbye to the WWE universe. The Undertaker already passed the torch to Roman at Wrestlemania and now Cena is doing the same for him at No Mercy.

There was something about this bow in the ring after the match that was different.

Cena has been hated and loved over the years but anytime he’s in the ring it’s always good for business. The kids loved him and he drove adult fans crazy.

But above everything else he was a class act and respected.

Now John is moving into movie acting just like The Rock did after he retired from the WWE. Not saying Cena’s gonna be the next Rock or anything but he definitely helped pave the way.

As much as he was booed, people are definitely sad that this may be the end.

John Cena had a legendary career and if it’s all over, there wasn’t much else he could’ve really done.

Let’s not forget John’s amazing debut when he answered to Kurt Angel during his open challenge. He beat him and from that moment on he started to build his name in the WWE.

Cena also had some legendary matches where he faced The Rock twice, including a Wrestlemania main event which proved he could be the face of the company.

Or even that time when he went against Brock Lesnar and got suplexed 14 times across the ring… that was too epic to watch.

My favorite Cena match is when he faced Rollins at Summer Slam. Even though he gets boos every time he comes out, he’s still one of the greatest to ever do it.

Now that John Cena is done with the WWE, Roman Reigns can be the face of it all.

Hate it or love it, Roman Reigns is the THE GUY in the WWE today. He has all the tools and the blessing from some of the biggest legends who just left the game.

At 40 years old, John Cena just isn’t as into it as he once was. He’s focused on a new career and he may even wife up Nikki Bella.

But who knows, maybe he will make a surprise visit at Wrestlemnia. We’ll see!