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The Undertaker turns John Cena into the meme of the year at Wrestlemania

Going into Wrestlemania 34, we didn’t know what to expect from John Cena and The Undertaker.

After repeatedly calling out The Undertaker for a match on Monday Night Raw, Cena’s challenge was left unanswered. Failing to secure a slot for Wrestlemania, Cena found himself in the stands watching the spectacle unfold.

The entire wrestling world was shocked when The Undertaker had his streak snapped by Brock Lesnar during Wrestlemania 30. In Wrestlemania 33, Roman Reigns took The Deadman to school beating him with ease –– spoiling any glimmer of hope for a Wrestlemania victory.

The Undertaker, once known as the most feared wrestler in the WWE, was now just a shell of himself. In uncanny fashion, The Undertaker appeared humbled amongst the crowd after suffering back to back L’s. He bowed to his cheering to fans, hugged his wife, and strolled up the ramp in to what appeared would be his last match ever.

Just as it seemed like The Undertaker’s wrestling career was over, it received a breath of fresh air. For weeks, Taker heard Cena run his mouth on Raw.


Being 0-2 in his last 23 Wrestlemania matches didn’t sit well with the legend. Combine that with Cena challenge, it left The Undertaker no choice but to pull up to Wrestlemania 34. His return left the wrestling world in chills.

The Undertaker struck fear into Cena’s eyes as he stepped into the ring. The “U Can’t See Me” knew he was a dead man walking.

The Undertaker made quick work of Cena –– literally. The match lasted no longer than three minutes featuring Taker hitting all of signature moves. The Undertakers losing streak came to an end with Cena falling victim to a lethal tombstone.

Cena played himself from the start. Calling out The Undertaker was his first mistake. Looking shook on camera was his next. His only highlight of the night was when a WWE referee notified him about something. What that something was is still left unknown.

Nevertheless, it provided TV gold. Out of nowhere, Cena took off running like he was on the Maury Show.

It was great to see The Undertaker back in action, however, it does make you wonder what’s next for Cena?

With strong performances from Ronda Rousey and Shinsuke Nakamura , and a bloody battle between Roman Reigns  and Brock Lesnar, the WWE seems in good hands.