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It looks like the Undertaker making a WWE comeback, but why?

After a legendary 27-year career in the WWE, which ended last Wrestlemania at the hands of Roman Reigns, there’s multiple reports about the Deadman AKA The Undertaker making his comeback to avenge the loss heard around the world.

At 52 years old, nobody really wants to see the legend make a return but apparently he’s been training in the gym just for that. There aren’t too many other details but we’d assume his return would be in time for Wrestlemania 34.

But the real question now is, why the hell is he tryna come back?

Fans don’t really want to see a worn-down Taker in the ring especially after how his last match ended. He just couldn’t keep up with Roman and besides, they wanted to see John Cena retire Taker but we all know how Vince likes controversy.

At this point I don’t know how many spears or superman punches he can take.

You can boo Roman Reigns all you want but it’s really his yard especially after he just retired John Cena too. We shall see if The Undertaker can redeem himself though. Fans would go crazy if Roman beat him two times in a row!

At this point I don’t know how many spears or superman punches he can take.

If they were to have a rematch at Mania this is how it should play out.

First, Roman would kick his ass the whole time and and just as he was about to pin The Undertaker I would have Stone Cold Steve Austin pull the ref away.

After that Roman would get a stunner and get pinned by the Deadman. Would there be any more epic way to end the match?

It really is crazy that The Undertaker is fighting at his age. Roman obviously has the advantage by being 20 years younger. He’s much faster and stronger for sure so if Taker were to win, it wouldn’t make for a very good storyline. Someone needs to interfere and who better than the Texas Rattlesnake?

Stone Cold Wrestling GIF by WWE - Find & Share on GIPHY

You never know when, or if, the Deadman will return but it could potentially be on Monday Night Raw. Roman Reigns could be talking shit in the ring and The Undertaker could pop up out of nowhere to finish where they left off.

Maybe they’d go with how he he usually does and it just shut off the lights to send a message that he demands his rematch. However The Undertaker decides to return, just know that it will be epic and the fans will lose their shit.

Win or lose, if facing Roman Reigns again is the only reason for him to come back. I just don’t know if the WWE Universe could handle another Taker loss.