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This parody video perfectly sums up Kyrie Irving’s summer

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been involved in some strange postseason drama.

Kyrie Irving, Cleveland’s starting point guard, requested a trade after being displeased with playing second fiddle to LeBron James.

He stated that he wanted to be the focal point of an offense and be leader of his own team.

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Rumors began swirling that tensions increased between the two to the point where things would become physical if the two saw each other.

Usually, August is a quiet month for basketball news, however the Cavs have the rumor mill on overdrive.

Kyrie has reportedly stated that he prefers to go to Minnesota, New York, or San Antonio. However, he is a restricted free agent and really has no say in where the Cavs trade him.

With all this Cavs drama, a video made by AOK surfaced parodying Eminem’s track “Stan” called “Dear Lebron” by Kyrie ft. Dido.

The track states both true facts on Kyrie’s amazing stats throughout the season, as well as some hilarious jabs at LeBron for not caring despite all the work he’s putting in.

In the song, Kyrie reminisces about how they won the chip in ’16 with Bron’s block on Andre Igoudola and Kyrie’s super clutch three as well as their deteriorating friendship.

Uncle Drew remarks on how LeBron is getting really friendly with Lakers and how the Cavs were never really his to begin with.

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The song also pokes fun at D Rose for signing with the Cavs for the vet minimum and Kyrie’s belief that the Earth is flat.

Kyrie goes from trying to earn LeBron’s attention with all the posters and Fatheads in his room to tearing them all down because his efforts are in vain.

AOK’s parody also pokes fun at LeBron’s departure to Miami a few years back and poses the question: could Kyrie win a chip without LeBron?

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This parody is spot on and encapsulates what Cleveland’s front office is dealing with at the current moment.

AOK’s masterpiece of a parody contains hot fire as well as some hilarious moments. Definitely one the best parodies in recent months.