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How Donald Glover became one of the most influential entertainers in America

Donald Glover has had major success in whatever he’s accomplished, whether that be in the music or film industry.

Glover burst onto the scene mainly due to TV programming but he really caught many people’s attention with his debut album Camp.

He expanded his reach from just being a comedian on shows like Community to being a musical talent as well.

His LP Because the Internet released in December of 2010 was nominated for two Grammy awards, cementing his stage persona of Childish Gambino as a legitimate act.

Gambino was known for his unorthodox rap style as well as hard-hitting tracks.

However Gambino was not a one trick pony. He could give you a hard-hitting track such as “Bonfire” and then immediately hit your feelings with something like “3005.”

Gambino recently released his third album Awaken! My Love to critical acclaim. It was a step in the other direction for Glover.

Awaken! My Love goes for a more relaxed and soulful vibe that still gets deep messages across as well as hit you in the feelings.

Tracks like “Baby Boy,” “Redbone,” and “California” encapsulate different facets of human emotions from sadness and loss to hope for the future.

With his recent role as Aaron Davis in Spiderman: Homecoming and upcoming roles in the Han Solo film, as well as being cast for Simba in The Lion King, Glover is set to be a king of the artistic world.