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5 WWE superstars that need another roster shakeup to save their careers

WWE had an ingenious idea in the Superstar Shakeup, where talent would either switch brands or NXT talent would make their main roster debuts.

The one after Wrestlemania saw talents like Shinsuke Nakamura and Tye Dillinger debut as well as Kevin Owens and The Miz switch brands.

This freshens up competition and creates brand new feuds so the product doesn’t become stale.

Recently, rumors of another Superstar Shakeup have been swirling after Summerslam, with some rumors stating that some talent may be shifted down to NXT.

Another Superstar Shakeup is definitely what the company needs to do in order to keep the same feuds from happening too many times.

Big Cass from Raw to Smackdown Live

Big Cass is going to be a great big man, even despite getting injured.

For one, he has the skills and tools needed to succeed in the role. Management is high on Cass as he’s receiving a huge push.

He turned heel and distanced himself from Enzo Amore and demolished him in their match at Great Balls of Fire and again on Raw that Monday night.

His current feud with Big Show and Amore has no purpose other than to give Cass momentum into a bigger tier feud.

A move to Smackdown would be great for Cass as he can reunite with Carmella and get rid of Ellsworth for good.

They could be the heel couple on Smackdown Live and should give Cass the boost he needs towards his first singles title.

Roman Reigns from Raw to Smackdown Live

I hate Roman Reigns.

His character is straight garbage and he just needs to flat out be a heel.

He was rushed to the top of WWE and down fans’ throats. Naturally, they all revolted and booed the crap out of him.

Even The Rock couldn’t save him from the shower of boos that Roman got after winning the Royal Rumble in 2015.

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He’s been in a really physical feud with Braun Strowman lately and just inserted himself into the Universal Title Picture for Summerslam.

With Cena rumored to be moving to Raw, this would be the perfect opportunity for Reigns to move to Smackdown.

He can be a heel there and freshen up his opponents to guys like Tye Dillinger, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Baron Corbin.

Apollo Crews From Raw to NXT

God, what happened to Apollo Crews?

He was touted with so much fanfare as many remember him for his work in PWG as Uhaa Nation.

He debuted and had serviceable matches in NXT but wasn’t ready for the main roster just yet. He was just a smiley babyface with no character depth.

Then he was rushed to main roster and fell flat on his face.

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Yeah, he had great athleticism and speed with that bulky frame but no one could get invested in him because well, what or who was he and why is he on my screen?

He had a lackluster feud with The Miz over the IC Title and then disappeared into the midcard vacuum.

He recently surfaced as part of the Titus Brand, but hasn’t done anything of value yet in the company.

A move back to NXT benefits Crews as he can flesh out a new character for fans to latch onto and still show his incredible athleticism.

Dolph Ziggler From Smackdown Live to NXT

Poor Dolph Ziggler. This guy went from being a World Champion to not even being booked for this year’s Summerslam.

Ziggler has always been a great babyface and also worked well as a heel. However, recent events have left Ziggler off the card entirely.

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A move to NXT is good as his credibility can help build up the brand and he can find new, younger talent to work with.

Ziggler just deserves better. Even if he has to work down in NXT for a while, it’s still better than being left out of the loop entirely.

Mike Kanellis from Smackdown Live to NXT

I love Mike Bennett. He’s great as a heel and could have been magic to Smackdown.

Then he was saddled with the love gimmick and he immediately fell flat. God, that gimmick just makes me want to throw up.

It’s just such a bad deviceĀ for a wildly talented wrestler who could do so much better.

Send him to NXT where he can get a totally new gimmick and be the heel I loved in NJPW, ROH, and even TNA.