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Ortho Teams Up With Fashion Designer Le Thanh Hoa for Metaverse Launch

ORTHO, a metaverse brand focused on the fashion industry, is launching its virtual world that merges high-fashion and high-tech themes to cultivate a community that is oriented towards fashion innovation.

To mark its launch, ORTHO is collaborating with respected Vietnamese fashion designer Le Thanh Hoa, who is delivering a virtual runway fashion show called AN – translated as peace. Besides the virtual reality experience, Le Thanh Hoa and ORTHO will offer a physical fashion show scheduled for October 27 in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam.

Le Thanh Hoa Presents Unique Metaverse Fashion Show and NFT Collection

Le Thanh Hoa has been a prominent figure in Vietnam’s fashion industry for over a decade, and his collections have been attracting many local stars. His metaverse fashion line, which is the first such experience for Vietnam and the metaverse world, will present his designs and concepts in both physical and virtual reality.

Le Thanh Hoa’s style reflects the beauty of Vietnam’s nature, which is in line with ORTHO’s philosophy of focusing on the originality of Vietnam’s creative culture.

Le Thanh Hoa’s physical collection is made from purely natural silk, combining the traditional with breakthrough modernity.

Metaverse and fashion fans have the opportunity to get their hands on beautiful physical dresses designed by Le Thanh Hoa and made from 100% natural silk. There is a limited collection of 200 NFT (non-fungible token) cocoons that give owners exclusive access to the runway show. 

To have a glimpse and experience AN collection of designer Le Thanh Hoa in the metaverse space through the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the Ortho website

Step 2: Click the ‘Explore’ button 

Step 3: Then click on ‘Visit Metaverse Runway‘ to enter Le Thanh Hoa x ORTHO’s metaverse space

When it comes to the show itself, the virtual venue is already prepared for the event. The virtual space, created by ORTHO and powered by metaverse development platform Spatial, reflects the inner peace amidst the bold red field, resulting in a unique Oriental atmosphere.

The space is filled with the vibrancy of Milano Red tone coatings and East Asian native items such as red outfits, antique vases, and rustic bamboo, which delivers an ambiance of nostalgic, tranquil yet not melancholic imagery. 

As the red color symbolizes everlasting contentment in Oriental cultures, the red theme in Le Thanh Hoa’s show is meant to bring happiness and contentment in life.

ORTHO Brings Fashion to Metaverse

ORTHO is creating an open metaverse dedicated to everyone enthusiastic about fashion innovation. Its goal is to become the fashion brand for the future, merging the best aspects of high fashion and high-tech.

The digital world provides new and exciting tools and approaches for self-expression and individuality, and ORTHO has developed a fashion-oriented virtual world and other Web3 tools to foster creativity.

Founder Xno believes in a society in which our personalities combine the physical with the virtual. She has spent over 15 years developing user experiences in brick-and-mortar and virtual realms.

Her work includes a wide range of design creation, from interior to UI/UX and branding. With ORTHO, she is stepping into the fashion world, bringing unique experiences powered by the metaverse.  

ORTHO develops physical products, digital collectibles (in the form of NFTs), experiential events and spaces, marketplaces, and much more. It will become a place for artists and designers to collaborate on limited fashion items. It will also act as a social space for the Haute digital set to interact through games and NFT drops or gather in virtual meeting spaces.

While the concept of digital identity has been in focus due to the rapid expansion and evolution of Web3, remaining authentic and original in the digital world is a challenge.

ORTHO aims to give people all the tools to express their originality and showcase their status. The metaverse platform is positioned at the forefront of the digital fashion revolution, which becomes an independent sector and is expected to drive fashion trends in the coming years.

ORTHO aims to reduce society’s addiction to fast fashion as well as fight fakeness, counterfeiting, and forgery, which have become serious issues both in the physical and especially digital world. Its manifesto reads:

“In a world where originality is no longer exclusive to one reality, identity has become a hunger. With the endless crave for uniqueness, humanity is chasing after fast fashion, eating up their planet like fast food.”

5 Virgil Abloh legacy projects that will continue to live on after his death

As a trailblazing fashion designer and entrepeneur, Virgil Abloh’s legacy continues to grow by the day, even after losing his private battle with heart cancer in 2021 at the age of 41.

While he was most known for his role as Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton, it was the work behind the scenes that made him special.

Virgil was a true innovator who had the foresight to see a world he wanted even after he was gone. This is evidenced by a bunch of his unique projects that would long outlive him.

“You know who I am most inspired by? That kid that hasn’t had the chance to showcase their brand yet. Those kids motivate the work I do every day. That’s the muse for me: the next generation. And I want my work to inspire people like them”

– Virgil Abloh

From educating the youth to just giving them a place to be creative, here are just a few of the amazing things left to us by Virgil.

Freedom Skatepark in Ghana

In 2020, Virgil created plans to design and build Freedom Skatepark, the first skatepark ever in the country of Ghana. And while he wasn’t there to see it, Off-White and Daily Paper came together to make it come to life.

Located in the middle of Accra, not only does this skatepark give the youth a place to develop their passions but it is used as a creative hub for people to spread ideas and away from any pain or violence they live through.

The Freedom Skatepark honors Virgil was a “VIRGIL WAS HERE” sign to remind all of the skaters and creatives to keep going.

“Free Game” Educational Website

Virgil Abloh was as much an entrepreneur as he was an artist. So he knew kids coming up likely had the same questions that he had.

That’s why he created a free website with tools such as how to develop your brand, get a trademark done, a tutorial on how to design on Adobe Creative Suite, how to screen print, and more.

Not only that but he created this as a resource to support Black creatives under a tuition support fund called the Post-Modern Scholarship Fund. 

Project Maybach for Mercedes-Benz

Described as “the ultimate legacy collaboration,” Project Maybach was just a taste of the innovation Virgil had in store for us.

Along with the chief design officer of Daimler AG, Gorden Wagener, they designed an off-read Maybach to push the boundaries of combining utility with luxury.

In a mini-doc released by Mercedes, they highlight the creative process between Virgil and the Mercedes team and eventually brought the concept to life to honor Abloh and his contributions.

Recycled Plastic Water Bottle for Evian

Sustainability was always very important to Virgil Abloh, and his work with Evian as Creative Advisor for Sustainable Innovation Design is another testament to that.

In 2018 he partnered with a French bottled water company to create a make a bottle made of 100% recycled materials. The design had a “hammered” finish to reflect its previous life.

Album Covers for Jay-Z, Kanye West, 2 Chainz, Lil Uzi & more

Virgil Abloh was a prolific album cover artist for some of the greatest rappers including his longtime friend Kanye West.

For Ye, Virgil was responsible for the covers of 808s & Heartbreaks, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Yeezus, and Watch the Throne with Jay-Z.

As well as many other iconic covers such as Based On A T.R.U. Story for 2 Chainz, Long.Live.A$AP for A$AP Rocky, and Luv Is Rage 2 for Lil Uzi.

No doubt Virgil’s work within fashion, music, and products will continue to live on and inspire forever. A true game changer who was able to leave his impact regardless of the time he had.

A Jacob & Co. metaverse exists? The beautiful world of crypto and jewelry

Jacob & Co. are opening up their luxury line of watches and jewelry to the NFT and metaverse space. In March, we witnessed the launch of ‘Astronomia Metaverso,’ the company’s debut NFT collection in partnership with UNXD.

Welcome to the Jacob & Co. metaverse

A team of Jacob & Co. scientists, were able to recover these precious pieces through the power of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), leaving them with special privileges within the evolving Jacob & Co. Astronomia Metaverso community.

The full story can be experienced here.

The crypto-inspired watches are slated for release in 2023, building on their existing ‘Astronomia’ line, as this project sees the jewelers put their original time-stamp on the NFT market.

Jacob & Co. has crafted the first luxury watch NFT metaverse project of its kind. Meshing the physical and the metaphysical as the brand successfully co-opts the two spaces.

The watches “are works of art in their own right,” according to Jacob & Co. As the company looks to reveal its works in an NYC flagship boutique.

Founder Jacob Arabov has exclusively designed eight watches that will never be made again in light of the company’s first dip into NFT waters. 

With five physical watch designs and three digital-only designs, Astronomia Metaverso’ is breathing new life into the industry. 

Metarverso Saturn
Photo Courtesy: Jacob & Co. Metarverso Saturn

All eight limited edition designs are inspired by the earth’s solar system, as the gem-encrusted pieces prioritize sleekness to celebrate their entry into the galaxy of the metaverse.

Each of them has 4k animated and still renders in the NFT space, alongside either physical or digital wearables.

‘Earth,’ ‘Mercury,’ ‘Venus,’ ‘Mars,’ and ‘Jupiter’ are all available to purchase in their physical form. While ‘Neptune,’ ‘Uranus,’ and ‘Saturn’ are the first appearances of bespoke digital renders of Jacob & Co.’s wears. 

Jacob & Co. astronomia metaverso
Photo Courtesy: Jacob & Co. Metarverso Earth
Jacob & Co. Metarverso Mecury
Photo Courtesy: Jacob & Co. Metarverso Mecury

With three different realms (digital, physical, and experiential), the company is searching to give consumers access to quality products in the real and virtual spheres. 

Jacob & Co.’s physical and metaverse goods are joined by an opportunity for consumers to access exclusive company events and private tours of their Geneva production facility. 

Each NFT is not only a beautiful work of art but also a membership pass to Jacob & Co. digital/physical activations.

Membership via the NFT includes access to an exclusive slate of events and activities. Each NFT includes high-resolution renders of the watch and a beautiful “digital timepiece” that functions as a clock.

Owners of NFTs from the five closest planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter) can claim the physical watch. But the company doesn’t want the ‘Astronomia Metaverso’ line’s exclusivity to signal this as a one-time thing.

Benjamin Arabov, CEO of Jacob & Co., said “This is a long-term commitment for us and the first in a series of launches…”

“As a company, we’ve always been on the bleeding edge of art and technology forging our own path instead of following the crowd. We’re putting all our creative energy into this and can’t wait to show the world what we’re making.”

Benjamin Arabov, CEO of Jacob & Co.

The luxury jewelry line has also announced future forays into the NFT and metaverse space, boasting their intention for a 2023 release of crypto-inspired watches.

Possibly, giving buyers a chance to partake in the design process for this new project. The Jacob & Co. brand has harnessed the stars of the metaverse but won’t stop there.

Additional details about Astronomia Metaverso will be unveiled in the coming weeks, and the collection will be released exclusively on UNXD.

Shashi Menon, CEO of UNXD, said “Jacob & Co.’s immense cultural impact has been long documented. We’re thrilled to bring this iconic brand into the metaverse in partnership with UNXD. We think people will be blown away when we reveal what we’re creating and the roadmap ahead.”

The Astronomia Metaverso collection will be released exclusively on UNXD. Reserve your spot now. Click here.

An inside look at Jim Jones’ latest NFT drop

Mogul Productions, a global NFT marketplace for film, music and television, has teamed up with iconic American rap artist Jim Jones in hosting a groundbreaking NFT collection drop.

Jim Jones is a leading name in the American music industry. He is the co-CEO of Diplomat Records with Cam’ron, the founding members of the rap collective The Diplomats. 

Three of his five released studio albums reached #1 on the US Rap Chart. Apart from producing popular songs like ‘We Fly High’ and ‘We Set the Trends,’ Jones is a crypto-enthusiast who has also created a social token, $CapoCoin. 

The collection built around Jim Jones will launch exclusively on the Mogul NFT marketplace. Included in these featured items will be the chance to own the world’s first crypto song as an NFT.

The upcoming collection from Jim Jones comes out under the banner “Digital Money”.

STARS, the native token of Mogul, will power the collection. The drop on Binance Smart Chain will coincide with Jones’s performance at the 2022 NFT LA conference, with thousands of music fans and NFT enthusiasts participating. 

More About ‘Digital Money’

“Digital Money” includes four NFT tiers, each providing users with access and insights into music production. There is a tier which allows users to attend a virtual studio session in the metaverse.

Another lets the crypto holders meet Jones and his production team. The in-person studio session will happen in the US.  One up-and-coming artist who is able to grab the collection’s 1:1 NFT will receive the unique opportunity to team up with Jones and provide his next song’s lyrics.

Mogul’s Journey in the DeFi and NFT Space

Mogul collaborates with some of the most prominent names in film, music and television, helping artists connect with their ardent fans. Moreover, Mogul makes the process of artists connecting with fans more exciting, by equipping fans with innovative ways to engage and co-create with them. 

In every area of film, music and television, Mogul carves out a niche for fans to have a voice. As an immersive and inclusive platform, Mogul is able to leverage the unique features of decentralization to include community members in the production process.

It is one of the first cross-chain NFT marketplaces known for out-of-the-box approaches to minting and launching exclusive collections.  Combined with the capabilities of being a DeFi platform, Mogul leads the space where tokenization mechanisms intersect with entertainment. 

Apart from the Jim Jones launch, Mogul Productions has NFTs from many Hollywood icons. Signing up and acquiring these NFTs makes one eligible to engage with filmmakers in more meaningful ways. Plus there are the usual advantages of purchasing artwork, footage, and experiences through NFTs.

The Mogul Marketplace is not only for the consumer’s benefit.  It strengthens the entire entertainment ecosystem. The Mogul team helps creators who submit their projects, methodically turn them into NFT collection drops.

Creators get the scope to collaborate, build interest, and even get their films funded through Mogul.

Mogul Productions enjoys the backing of many leading DeFi industry players as its partners, including Chainlink, CEEK, Polygon, Apeswap, Anyswap, NFTY, and more. 

The native STARS token fuels the platform. Holding STARS helps projects get submitted for consideration and voted on for the next big blockbuster. Apart from community ownership and governance rights, STARS can be redeemed for exclusive rewards. Holders can earn more STARS by staking them. 

Overall, Mogul’s visionary approach towards the entertainment industry helps it benefit from NFT technology. It has created a stronger synergy between artists and their fans. The trajectory of Mogul in the days to come will be an exciting story to track. 

GUZZLER uses gaming NFTs as a gateway into the metaverse

Guzzler is establishing the official infrastructure that will allow users to conveniently travel throughout the metaverse using customizable and operable cars in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The metaverse is the future of online virtual interactions. In a web 3.0 world where data privacy, security, and ownership are paramount, blockchain will be the backbone of our metaverse.

To those who are uninitiated to the possibilities inherent in this brave new world, the metaverse is a persistent, shared virtual 3D space, which can be accessed using an immersive virtual reality (VR) headset or via a PC web browser in the case of less-immersive experiences. It is also possible to access metaverse spaces through augmented reality (AR).

Metaverse Explained

To get a clear understanding, think of the metaverse as a giant, interconnected series of virtual “rooms” where people can socialize, hold business meetings, attend concerts or sporting events, share documents, play immersive games together – all in a completely virtual environment.

The metaverse is not only the next step in the evolution of multiplayer gaming; it will be an entirely new paradigm for how humans interact online. It may even become much more than what we can imagine at the moment as it evolves in its ability to mimic real life.

If you thought social media and the internet have transformed how humans satisfy their intrinsic need to connect, then you haven’t seen what the metaverse can do. At its core, the metaverse will be a powerful tool for building stronger connections between people across different geographies and cultures and that is why giant social media companies are excited about its possibilities.

Currently, the concept of the metaverse is gaining reactions and various institutions are at work building the necessary infrastructure to support this brave new world. The most notable of these is the GUZZLER platform which is built with customizable and operable NFT sports cars that will transport you throughout the metaverse.

What is GUZZLER?

Just as we need cars to transport us from point A to point B in the real world, we will also need transportation into and out of the different metaverse spaces in a virtual world. Unless you want to travel throughout the metaverse on foot, you are going to need a form of transportation. This is where GUZZLER comes in.

The platform leverages the growing use of NFTs in games to create a marketplace for gamers who not only want to race their virtual cars in the metaverse but also want to gain dividends and rewards from the ownership of those NFT cars.

Through gameplay, GUZZLER’s users will be able to mint new NFT cars including accessories such as wheels, body kits, and performance parts all in the form of NFTs.

Simply put, GUZZLER will enable players to buy some rare wheels and install them to create the most unique car throughout the entire metaverse. If the player wants to upgrade, all they have to do is either sell their rare NFT car on GUZZLER’s NFT marketplace or make a purchase of a new customizable part on the marketplace.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain network (one of the biggest platforms for NFTs today) GUZZLER features an ERC-20 token (GZLR) to its platform that is used to enable the platform’s scalability and interoperability.

Apart from getting access to special NFTs through gameplay and rewards, players of the GUZZLER game can become investors in the platform by staking the platform’s GZLR token.

As a player on the platform, you can stake your GZLR tokens to earn performance parts for your NFT car, sell that car for Ethereum (ETH) or simply accrue reflections and or performance part NFTs paid out to stakers on the platform.

GUZZLER’s Tokenomics

GUZZLER’s native token ($GZLR ) will serve to increase the platform’s scalability, security and fund the ongoing growth of GUZZLER through a taxation system.

Built into the$GZLR’s tokenomics is an anti-whale feature that prevents instances of overwhelming sell pressure. The $GZLR tax system is flexible and will start with a 7% overall tax.

Out of this 7%, 3% will go to marketing, another 3% will be pumped into $GZLR’s liquidity pools and the remaining 1% will go to reflections for $GZLR holders.

Users who stake the platform’s native token will receive rewards in the form of exclusive NFTs that will never be available to the public. This category of exclusive NFTs on the GUZZLER play-to-earn platform will also be accessible to those who complete the game’s single-player mode.

For players looking to improve the performance of their NFT cars, GUZZLER will offer performance parts to those who want to equip their cars with special rims, body kits and performance part upgrades.

Players can also improve the performance of their cars by buying new tires or even faster engines. Players have access to these car upgrades through token staking, gameplay, or the platform’s NFT marketplace.


NFTs are fuelling the future of the metaverse and the token economy through gaming.

To help push NFTs forward, GUZZLER is building a platform for true gamers that will serve as a gateway into the metaverse and NFTs. GUZZLER’s exclusive NFT releases will include cars, wheels, body accessories, and color modifications that will make gameplay more interesting and dynamic.

In addition, players on the GUZZLER platform will have exclusive access to a decentralized NFT marketplace where they can buy or sell their customized cars as well as performance parts for those cars.

By staking the platform’s native tokens, users of the GUZZLER platform will be able to earn passive income from the platform’s reflection thereby turning players into investors who earn dividends on the NFTs they own.

So far, GUZZLER is championing its campaign towards amassing its next milestone of 5000 token holders not to mention the creation of multiple racetracks for its users.

How to get SHABANGRS? The first-ever photography-focused NFT

One of the latest collections to drop is the SHABANGRS NFTs, the first-ever photography-focused NFT collection.

The non-fungible token (NFT) craze continues to grow, with more inventive and exciting new projects being launched all the time. 

What are NFTs?

NFTs are unique and non-interchangeable units of data that are stored on blockchains. NFTs are often represented by stylized photos, videos, audio, or other forms of types of digital files. Because NFTs live on blockchains, they have public proof of ownership. 

As NFTs grow in popularity, more industries take them on, creating unique tokens representing their respective industry. 

The Inspo…

World-famous headshot photographer Peter Hurley created the SHABANGRS NFTs to honor millions of photographers worldwide.

After Hurley had noticed that the current state of photography was becoming stagnant in the digital space, he concluded that the NFT space was the best option. Also backing the project is the Headshot Crew, one of the world’s largest photographer communities.

On top of being photography-inspired, this collection also puts an inventive new twist on NFTs with its unique perk system. Each one will have an exclusive perk that will remain with the token until it is used. 

The First-Ever Photography-Focused NFT

The SHABANGRS NFTs are a set of 2,500 unique NFTs that have stylistic designs depicting photographers with cameras for heads. This collection of NFTs will be dynamic as the perks have a one-time use.

Visit the official site here.

This means that NFTs with perks that aren’t used will grow in rarity and value. Those who have a SHABANGRS NFT can choose to use the perk or resell it for profit. SHABANGRS has also noted that the perks that are included with the NFTs could be life-changing.

Those who hold SHABANGRs will also be granted citizenship to Shabangrsville, a virtual city in the Metaverse. Shabangrsville will provide its citizens exclusive lifetime perks and rewards. Citizens of this virtual town will also be given access to a community of the world’s best photographers and creators.

On top of the aforementioned perks, buying a SHABANGR NFTS also gives you a chance to win some other prizes.

Some of the other prizes include a lifetime membership with the HeadshotCrew, a private workshop with Hurley, a $500 B&H gift card, a 16” MacBook Pro, a Canon EOS R5, the chance to name a street in Shabangrsville, and having your SHABANGRs character featured in a movie or game.

A percentage of the profits made by the collection will be given to a charity that teaches refugee children photography known as the United Nations Association of Tampa Bay’s Picture My Life® program. Any remaining profit will be reinvested back into the community. There are also additional utilities attached to the NFTs, such as offers and raffles.

Every SHABANGR NFT consists of:

  • 1 of the available 20 backgrounds
  • 1 of the available 2 base bodies
  • 1 of the available 40 heads
  • 1 of the available 20 jackets
  • 1 of the available 27 shirts, pullovers, or tattoos
  • 1 of the available 24 pants or shorts
  • 1 of the available 25 shoes
  • 1 of the available 2 hands
  • 1 of the available 20 right-hand items
  • 1 of the available 31 left-hand items

Not every trait is equally distributed. Instead, some traits will be rare than others, which will lead to a higher resale value. 

Meet the SHABANGRs Co-Founder Peter Hurley

The co-founder of SHABANGRs, world-famous headshot photographer Peter Hurley is a portrait photographer based in New York and Los Angeles.

He is an industry leader known for capturing genuine expressions for his executive business portraits and actors’ headshots. Hurley is an official partner of major brands like Canon and B&H Photos. 

SHABANGRS is also backed by Headshot Crew which Hurley started following the release of his book, The Headshot, a number one bestseller in photography on Amazon. The Headshot crew has become the largest group of headshot specialists globally, with 18,668 photographers from 136 countries worldwide.

SHABANGRS are the first-ever photography-focused NFT collection with life-changing perks. The unique perks system is helping them differentiate themselves from other projects on the market. 

Triller NFTs to make waves at Art Basel Miami with Our Friend Jean

Wait, Triller has NFTs too?

The extraordinary and engagement-driven platform Triller has presented us with the culture-shifting series VERZUZ is now taking things up a notch at BLK Studios for Art Basel Miami.

Kicking off the first week of December with an all-around exciting event, Triller will be hosting a creative project in partnership with The Bishop Gallery to present the Our Friend, Jean: HBCU Tour exhibition

As Triller promises more engaging and significant experiences, from Monday, November 29 through December 4, the week-long physical and digital curated exhibition will include personal and never-before-seen displays of work by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Triller NFTs hit different…

Not only does the exhibit shine a light on Basquiat’s personal life through collections of rare photography,  fascinating parts about this showcase include live discussions with Basquiat’s long-time friends Alexis Adler, co-curator and photographer.

Also Al Diaz, roommate, and co-creator of SAMO. Other collectors and guest speakers, including Jane Diaz, Hilary Jaeger, Katie Taylor, and Lucy Sante look to also be a part of the gallery experience, sharing the unique and intimate stories of their friend, Jean.

Triller Basquiat NFT
Pictured: Al Diaz | Photo Courtesy: Alexis Adler

For the first time during Art Basel Miami, Triller will be premiering a live Our Friend Jean NFT auction on Friday, December 3, featuring the never before seen photos of Basquiat’s art live and available on the marketplace.

On the platform, there will be an exclusive selection of drops with available previews and purchasing opportunities. TrillerNFT was chosen by the Bishop Gallery for the Basquiat marketplace mostly due to the platform being specifically engineered to minimize complexities and computing costs, reducing carbon footprint effects. 

Beginning early in 2022, the Our Friend, Jean: HBCU Tour will make its way to eight HBCU schools.

Triller NFTs
Photo Courtesy: Alexis Adler

The focus and the highlights of this showcase will surround the appreciation and positive impact of the legendary neo-expressionist artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and his iconic and influential works of art that have left a blueprint on artistic expression for modern-day creatives.

This year, Triller has marked an influential time while utilizing the platform to create the most remarkable events within the art and cultural community.

The Basquiat exhibition and NFT drop will not only become one of Triller’s most unforgettable and historic events but also the idea will give recognition to Jean-Michel Basquiat’s hidden gems.

triller basquiat nft
Pictured: Jean Michel Basquiat | Photo Courtesy: Alexis Adler

The week-long exhibition will be showcased at Triller NFTs BLK Studios location at 2060 NW 1st Ave in Miami, Florida. More information will be included on the Triller site.

MAFIA B drops new music video for Mental: Meet the mob that gave it life

MAFIA B has been delivering quality music content all year long. After the “What You Came For” music video dropped in September, followed by the limited merch drop video that accompanied the latest EP, WTF, the DJ-turned-producer is back for more with visuals for “Mental”.

As an emerging artist in artist in the underground scene, one may ask how they can develop such quality content. The answer lies within his mob, in other words, his team both on-camera and behind the scenes.

Watch Mafia B’s music video for “Mental” here!

The “Mental” official music video is not only a cinematic masterpiece, but it is also a visual representation of the entire team’s hard work and dedication to the art. Meet the young powerful creatives below.

MAFIA B – Music Producer/Artist

Bryan Fein, aka MAFIA B, the Artist based in NYC, is no stranger to storytelling. As mentioned from the artist’s Instagram account while he was creating the songs for his latest EP, he was learning how to create music for film, hence why the songs and video have a cinematic vibe to them.

Andy Estonia – Director & Editor

Andy is a self-taught cinematographer/editor from Estonia who has worked on projects for major companies such as Western Union, Comcast, and Panasonic LUMIX.

Andy’s work can be characterized by deep rich coloring and often dynamic camera movements. His passion for capturing life’s moments and making them bigger draws from many great filmmakers, some of them including Nicolas Winding Refn, Riddley Scott, Danny Boyle, and Michael Bay.

Alisa Seliverstova – Main Actor/ Artist

Alisa Seliverstova, also known by her artist name Russian Doll, is an artist from Russia and is now based in New York. She is known for her large-scale silkscreen paintings as a way to project her experience and self-image through the use of notable classical art themes.

Her works were featured at Ethos Contemporary in Los Angeles, “The No Theme Show” in Soho, NY, “The Resurrection” show in NY, and the Art Factory in New Jersey. You can also find Alisa’s stencil art in the streets of New York.

Maria Tychynskaya – Stylist

Maryia Tychynskaya is a creative director & stylist from Belarus. She is responsible for the look of the characters in the “Mental” video. Her previous work includes styling artist Julie Mehretu for W Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, and the New York Times.

She is also responsible for creating a unique outfit for Attica White Jaques for the bell ringing event on November 22nd.

Christopher Wong De Jesus – Creative Director

Chris Wong De Jesus is well versed in the creative software suites and the engineering principles that accompany them.

Not only that he’s the creative lead on MAFIA B’s music videos but he also possesses experience in telecom, boutique digital marketing, and fin-tech with some of the leading firms in the industry.

Chris is a native of NYC with years of intuitive experience unparalleled in academic circles and seeks experience above all else.

John Daniel – Actor/Model

IG: @johndaniel.3

John Daniel is an actor based in New York who is a familiar face in MAFIA B’s past projects.

His previous work includes Netflix’s highly successful ‘When They See Us’.

When not working as an actor he’s still seen working on sets as a stand-in for actors such as Jaden Smith and Jharrel Jerome.

Rami Paradise – Artist Assistant/ Actor

IG: @ramiparadise

Hailing from Minsk, Belarus, Ramilya is a New York-based DJ, Singer, Actress, and Writer.

Her previous work includes performances in music videos with Pitbull & 50 Cent. Currently, she is starring in a psychological thriller/comedy “ Covideo Man” (directed by Nick Noga), as well as an improvised film “Birdie” (directed by George Selinsky and co-produced by Ms. Paradise).

Rami is an active member of Mafia B’s team and participates in the production of photoshoots and music videos.

It goes to show that it can take a limited amount of people to create a quilty music video but it does take the right amount of hardworking and dedicated people to pull off a quality piece such as “Mental”.

Check out more of Mafia B and his music below.

El Museo De Barrio to come back: Why we love the neighborhood museum

El Museo De Barrio, the name of the museum translates to the “neighborhood museum.” They are a Latin cultural institution that moves through Latin, Caribbean, and Latin American cultures.

El Museo del Barrio
VIA El Museo De Barrio

Founded in 1969, Rafael Montañez Ortíz created El Museo with his Puerto Rican parents, and community educators, and artists. It was defined as an educational institution that helped people feel proud of their heritage, to find their personal connection to Latin America. 

The exhibit holds a diverse range of collections that recognize the contributions and influence of Latin culture. They provide a variety of content that ranges from films to educational programs to visual arts and more. 

museum theatre
El Museo De Barrio’s theater for film screenings, theatrical performances, and conferences.

So why are galleries like El Museo De Barrio important?

For more than 50 years the museum has provided consistent learning spaces and environments to society. It is a crucial part of keeping people educated about Latin influence, and what better way than to learn visually. 

Not only does El Museo keep visitors in contact with the heritage, but they keep in touch with communities and artists that create the influence of Latin culture. They emphasize the importance of a strong community because of its impact from storytelling, passed down traditions, and keeping memories alive. 

Originality is key

El Museo’s work has come a long way from collecting archives that obtain a lineage of history that is used to educate the public. They are committed to keeping this ongoing collection because these existing references are crucial in maintaining tradition. Originality is key to the community that cannot be strayed away from. 

Within New York City, El Museo De Barrio is one of the few Spanish-owned galleries. The rare ownership is an impact on Latin exhibits in keeping their originality. This leads to the question of why there are very few galleries that are Spanish-owned? 

latin american art
Inside of El Museo De Barrio

Having spaces that are Spanish-owned is a trail to creating more opportunities in listening to history that is from the experience of a Latin individual. 

We look forward to the neighborhood museum’s reopening in having the public learn more about Latin America through their connection with communities, artists, and people that are the definition of Latin culture.

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How Maori artist Sam Mangakahia turned his passion into a successful business

Turning your passion into a business doesn’t happen overnight. Just ask Maori artist Sam Mangakahia. 

It takes hard work, dedication, and most importantly passion. When you add talent to the mix, then you get results like what Sam has built with his company, Hamiora.

The recent BYU-Hawaii graduate by way of Queensland, Australia shared his journey into art and entrepreneurship with us and gave some solid advice for young creatives looking to turn their passion into a successful business.

maori artist sam Mangakahia

A successful business starts with an idea and a foundation built with passion

The Maori artist told us about the day he decided to start carving designs into some family instruments laying around the house. He explained to us,

“I was home alone when I picked up my dad’s Mahalo Ukulele and started to play. I then thought to myself, ‘Hmm this would be pretty cool if this had some designs on it.’ I then went to the kitchen and grabbed a bread knife.”

Inspired by the Ta Moko, which are the indigenous tattoo designs originating from his Maori culture, Sam acted on his idea immediately. He continued,

“Two hours later I etched in a design that to me represented my Maori culture. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I brought it to school and soon enough I had kids asking me if I could do it to their ukulele. The rest is history.”

Without even knowing it, this became a major moment in Sam’s life. He would take this hobby, continue to learn and perfect it, and now fast forward a few years later, Sam has a thriving business that continues to grow. He says,

“From that point up until today, I have sold 385 Ukulele and about 11 guitars.”

passion into business

Combining art and entrepreneurship

Going into college where he studied graphic design, art, and entrepreneurship, Sam continued to master his craft. It was at this time when he began to develop the business mindset around his passion. 

One of the pivotal things that helped him along the way was an internship with Rangi Kipa, a famous Moko artist he long looked up to in New Plymouth, Taranaki. This experience made him realize exactly what he wanted to do with his art and his career.

His only business experience, at this point, was selling shoes on eBay. He began to embrace the entrepreneurial lifestyle – dedicating all his extra time outside of school to building his brand.

As he dove deeper, he realized that he was just as interested in the business side as he was on the art side. He says,

“I love art but I also love entrepreneurship. Creating a well-functioning business is fascinating to me, just the thought of making money when I don’t have to be present is incredible.”

Using storytelling to connect cultures

Identity has always been important to Sam and his family alike. Staying connected to his culture and sharing it with others is one of the main reasons why he does what he does. The Ta Moko in particular allows him to tell people’s stories through art.

Through conversation, he’s able to create a design representative of their story. This is a process he’s built out over time. Starting with his friends and family, Sam now does commission work for musical acts he’s admired throughout Hawaii and New Zealand.

While guitars and ukeleles have a soft spot in Sam’s heart, he has also experimented with shoes, surfboards, and trucks. His dream one day is to max out a Lamborghini with his Maori designs. Considering his journey has only just begun, he will

Passion + business = sucess

Sam’s story is something he loves to share and even though it’s still being told, he has some advice for kids looking to create their own lane in art just like him. 

“I’m hustling so hard to prove to people that you can develop your talents and use them to benefit your life and the people around you. I believe that we are most happy and fulfilled when we are doing things that fulfill our inner divine potential. Finding what your gifts help in the quest to live a happy full life.”

It’s not just about the hustle for Sam. He found something that fulfills him and from there he figured out a way for it to work for him. At the end of the day, it takes a lot of commitment and sacrifice. Sam explained it best:

business into passion