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Ortho Teams Up With Fashion Designer Le Thanh Hoa for Metaverse Launch

ORTHO, a metaverse brand focused on the fashion industry, is launching its virtual world that merges high-fashion and high-tech themes to cultivate a community that is oriented towards fashion innovation.

To mark its launch, ORTHO is collaborating with respected Vietnamese fashion designer Le Thanh Hoa, who is delivering a virtual runway fashion show called AN – translated as peace. Besides the virtual reality experience, Le Thanh Hoa and ORTHO will offer a physical fashion show scheduled for October 27 in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam.

Le Thanh Hoa Presents Unique Metaverse Fashion Show and NFT Collection

Le Thanh Hoa has been a prominent figure in Vietnam’s fashion industry for over a decade, and his collections have been attracting many local stars. His metaverse fashion line, which is the first such experience for Vietnam and the metaverse world, will present his designs and concepts in both physical and virtual reality.

Le Thanh Hoa’s style reflects the beauty of Vietnam’s nature, which is in line with ORTHO’s philosophy of focusing on the originality of Vietnam’s creative culture.

Le Thanh Hoa’s physical collection is made from purely natural silk, combining the traditional with breakthrough modernity.

Metaverse and fashion fans have the opportunity to get their hands on beautiful physical dresses designed by Le Thanh Hoa and made from 100% natural silk. There is a limited collection of 200 NFT (non-fungible token) cocoons that give owners exclusive access to the runway show. 

To have a glimpse and experience AN collection of designer Le Thanh Hoa in the metaverse space through the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the Ortho website

Step 2: Click the ‘Explore’ button 

Step 3: Then click on ‘Visit Metaverse Runway‘ to enter Le Thanh Hoa x ORTHO’s metaverse space

When it comes to the show itself, the virtual venue is already prepared for the event. The virtual space, created by ORTHO and powered by metaverse development platform Spatial, reflects the inner peace amidst the bold red field, resulting in a unique Oriental atmosphere.

The space is filled with the vibrancy of Milano Red tone coatings and East Asian native items such as red outfits, antique vases, and rustic bamboo, which delivers an ambiance of nostalgic, tranquil yet not melancholic imagery. 

As the red color symbolizes everlasting contentment in Oriental cultures, the red theme in Le Thanh Hoa’s show is meant to bring happiness and contentment in life.

ORTHO Brings Fashion to Metaverse

ORTHO is creating an open metaverse dedicated to everyone enthusiastic about fashion innovation. Its goal is to become the fashion brand for the future, merging the best aspects of high fashion and high-tech.

The digital world provides new and exciting tools and approaches for self-expression and individuality, and ORTHO has developed a fashion-oriented virtual world and other Web3 tools to foster creativity.

Founder Xno believes in a society in which our personalities combine the physical with the virtual. She has spent over 15 years developing user experiences in brick-and-mortar and virtual realms.

Her work includes a wide range of design creation, from interior to UI/UX and branding. With ORTHO, she is stepping into the fashion world, bringing unique experiences powered by the metaverse.  

ORTHO develops physical products, digital collectibles (in the form of NFTs), experiential events and spaces, marketplaces, and much more. It will become a place for artists and designers to collaborate on limited fashion items. It will also act as a social space for the Haute digital set to interact through games and NFT drops or gather in virtual meeting spaces.

While the concept of digital identity has been in focus due to the rapid expansion and evolution of Web3, remaining authentic and original in the digital world is a challenge.

ORTHO aims to give people all the tools to express their originality and showcase their status. The metaverse platform is positioned at the forefront of the digital fashion revolution, which becomes an independent sector and is expected to drive fashion trends in the coming years.

ORTHO aims to reduce society’s addiction to fast fashion as well as fight fakeness, counterfeiting, and forgery, which have become serious issues both in the physical and especially digital world. Its manifesto reads:

“In a world where originality is no longer exclusive to one reality, identity has become a hunger. With the endless crave for uniqueness, humanity is chasing after fast fashion, eating up their planet like fast food.”