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How to get SHABANGRS? The first-ever photography-focused NFT

One of the latest collections to drop is the SHABANGRS NFTs, the first-ever photography-focused NFT collection.

The non-fungible token (NFT) craze continues to grow, with more inventive and exciting new projects being launched all the time. 

What are NFTs?

NFTs are unique and non-interchangeable units of data that are stored on blockchains. NFTs are often represented by stylized photos, videos, audio, or other forms of types of digital files. Because NFTs live on blockchains, they have public proof of ownership. 

As NFTs grow in popularity, more industries take them on, creating unique tokens representing their respective industry. 

The Inspo…

World-famous headshot photographer Peter Hurley created the SHABANGRS NFTs to honor millions of photographers worldwide.

After Hurley had noticed that the current state of photography was becoming stagnant in the digital space, he concluded that the NFT space was the best option. Also backing the project is the Headshot Crew, one of the world’s largest photographer communities.

On top of being photography-inspired, this collection also puts an inventive new twist on NFTs with its unique perk system. Each one will have an exclusive perk that will remain with the token until it is used. 

The First-Ever Photography-Focused NFT

The SHABANGRS NFTs are a set of 2,500 unique NFTs that have stylistic designs depicting photographers with cameras for heads. This collection of NFTs will be dynamic as the perks have a one-time use.

Visit the official site here.

This means that NFTs with perks that aren’t used will grow in rarity and value. Those who have a SHABANGRS NFT can choose to use the perk or resell it for profit. SHABANGRS has also noted that the perks that are included with the NFTs could be life-changing.

Those who hold SHABANGRs will also be granted citizenship to Shabangrsville, a virtual city in the Metaverse. Shabangrsville will provide its citizens exclusive lifetime perks and rewards. Citizens of this virtual town will also be given access to a community of the world’s best photographers and creators.

On top of the aforementioned perks, buying a SHABANGR NFTS also gives you a chance to win some other prizes.

Some of the other prizes include a lifetime membership with the HeadshotCrew, a private workshop with Hurley, a $500 B&H gift card, a 16” MacBook Pro, a Canon EOS R5, the chance to name a street in Shabangrsville, and having your SHABANGRs character featured in a movie or game.

A percentage of the profits made by the collection will be given to a charity that teaches refugee children photography known as the United Nations Association of Tampa Bay’s Picture My Life® program. Any remaining profit will be reinvested back into the community. There are also additional utilities attached to the NFTs, such as offers and raffles.

Every SHABANGR NFT consists of:

  • 1 of the available 20 backgrounds
  • 1 of the available 2 base bodies
  • 1 of the available 40 heads
  • 1 of the available 20 jackets
  • 1 of the available 27 shirts, pullovers, or tattoos
  • 1 of the available 24 pants or shorts
  • 1 of the available 25 shoes
  • 1 of the available 2 hands
  • 1 of the available 20 right-hand items
  • 1 of the available 31 left-hand items

Not every trait is equally distributed. Instead, some traits will be rare than others, which will lead to a higher resale value. 

Meet the SHABANGRs Co-Founder Peter Hurley

The co-founder of SHABANGRs, world-famous headshot photographer Peter Hurley is a portrait photographer based in New York and Los Angeles.

He is an industry leader known for capturing genuine expressions for his executive business portraits and actors’ headshots. Hurley is an official partner of major brands like Canon and B&H Photos. 

SHABANGRS is also backed by Headshot Crew which Hurley started following the release of his book, The Headshot, a number one bestseller in photography on Amazon. The Headshot crew has become the largest group of headshot specialists globally, with 18,668 photographers from 136 countries worldwide.

SHABANGRS are the first-ever photography-focused NFT collection with life-changing perks. The unique perks system is helping them differentiate themselves from other projects on the market.