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Triller NFTs to make waves at Art Basel Miami with Our Friend Jean

Wait, Triller has NFTs too?

The extraordinary and engagement-driven platform Triller has presented us with the culture-shifting series VERZUZ is now taking things up a notch at BLK Studios for Art Basel Miami.

Kicking off the first week of December with an all-around exciting event, Triller will be hosting a creative project in partnership with The Bishop Gallery to present the Our Friend, Jean: HBCU Tour exhibition

As Triller promises more engaging and significant experiences, from Monday, November 29 through December 4, the week-long physical and digital curated exhibition will include personal and never-before-seen displays of work by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Triller NFTs hit different…

Not only does the exhibit shine a light on Basquiat’s personal life through collections of rare photography,  fascinating parts about this showcase include live discussions with Basquiat’s long-time friends Alexis Adler, co-curator and photographer.

Also Al Diaz, roommate, and co-creator of SAMO. Other collectors and guest speakers, including Jane Diaz, Hilary Jaeger, Katie Taylor, and Lucy Sante look to also be a part of the gallery experience, sharing the unique and intimate stories of their friend, Jean.

Triller Basquiat NFT
Pictured: Al Diaz | Photo Courtesy: Alexis Adler

For the first time during Art Basel Miami, Triller will be premiering a live Our Friend Jean NFT auction on Friday, December 3, featuring the never before seen photos of Basquiat’s art live and available on the marketplace.

On the platform, there will be an exclusive selection of drops with available previews and purchasing opportunities. TrillerNFT was chosen by the Bishop Gallery for the Basquiat marketplace mostly due to the platform being specifically engineered to minimize complexities and computing costs, reducing carbon footprint effects. 

Beginning early in 2022, the Our Friend, Jean: HBCU Tour will make its way to eight HBCU schools.

Triller NFTs
Photo Courtesy: Alexis Adler

The focus and the highlights of this showcase will surround the appreciation and positive impact of the legendary neo-expressionist artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and his iconic and influential works of art that have left a blueprint on artistic expression for modern-day creatives.

This year, Triller has marked an influential time while utilizing the platform to create the most remarkable events within the art and cultural community.

The Basquiat exhibition and NFT drop will not only become one of Triller’s most unforgettable and historic events but also the idea will give recognition to Jean-Michel Basquiat’s hidden gems.

triller basquiat nft
Pictured: Jean Michel Basquiat | Photo Courtesy: Alexis Adler

The week-long exhibition will be showcased at Triller NFTs BLK Studios location at 2060 NW 1st Ave in Miami, Florida. More information will be included on the Triller site.