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Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh dishes advice: Why we had to save all the ‘Free Game’

Legendary innovator Virgil Abloh dropped some free advice that went live after his untimely death.

After incurring several problems with access to the site we decided to preserve all the “Free Game” and information about the Post-Modern Scholarship Fund the black designer left entrepreneurs.

The sudden passing of Virgil Abloh has left social media and the world of fashion in a state of devastation and personal reflection.

Designers, models, artists, musicians, and many influencers have mourned the loss of the inspiring creative genius, bringing together an overview of the positive impact Virgil Abloh has had on the industry.

How Virgil Abloh became the designer every brand wants to collab with

As a black entrepreneur that has partnered with some of the biggest names in entertainment and style, Virgil’s legacy has become a trademark to the tools that help and grow black entrepreneurship.

There is no denying that Virgil Abloh’s success was major and informative. The designer and visionary himself served as a role model and icon for modern-day creatives and entrepreneurs who have perceived his accomplishments and fame as guidance to becoming the most successful and productive beings. 

Part of Abloh’s aim was not only to execute the ideas and projects he created but to also teach those who tend to follow in his footsteps. ‘Free Game’ was created to master and conquer plans and put them into action.

Virgil constructed a series of contexts displaying the earliest phases of developing a brand and all the keys needed to develop the skillsets and be open to opportunities. The platform itself was introduced as an accessible support template for black creatives under a tuition support fund called the Post-Modern Scholarship Fund. 

Outside of the Free Game program, Virgil Abloh raised $1 million with the support of hundreds of students within the black community to manage an academic promise for fashion-oriented education and development in partnership with the Fashion Scholarship Fund (FSF).

The mission of the scholarship provides a form of mentorship services and step-by-step topics made as a helping hand guide based on Abloh’s past experiences in learning about the keys of having a business and being a marketer.

Some of these tips are used as a direction to enlighten the start of creating your own imprint on the world. He outlined all the Free Game in 12 steps.

Step 1 – Virgil gives advice on how to name your brand

designer virgil abloh advice

Advice via Virgil Abloh:

For me, the brand or entity name has been the most important part of my logic. Your brand name should be an endless reference point to why your brand exists.

Also, editors note; don’t be afraid to stop and start a new brand name out of nowhere. As they also say, if it’s broke, fix it. New ideas come all the time; I often see people too precious with old ideas.

Your brand’s name is the most powerful asset that you can have. How does one come to the final choice for their brand name? Using this video, see the multiple steps that you, as a founder, can do to assess and create a brand name that will stand out.

Step 2 – Virgil recommends obtaining a trademark

virgil abloh advice

Advice via Virgil Abloh:

From creating a brand to producing content for the brand, an essential factor that is often overlooked is to protect your intellectual property. Obtaining a trademark can sound confusing, but with this overview, you can initiate the process to start protecting your brand.

Step 3 – Master Adobe Creative Suite

free game virgil

Advice via Virgil Abloh:

In creating artwork, there are several programs you can use to accomplish this task. Adobe Creative Suite brings all these programs together: Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, etc.

Step 4 – Virgil dishes advice on how to create a screen Print

fashion off white

Advice via Virgil Abloh:

Many brands start off with Screen Printed Garments as their foundation to expand on. But to start, you need to understand what goes into screen printing and what machinery, materials, and techniques are needed.

The tools and supply list to make your own screen print is in the video description.

Step 5 – Find the right blank canvas for your design

blanks virgil abloh

Advice via Virgil Abloh

For screen printing, you will need to spend time sourcing blanks. Using this video, you will come to understand the different characteristics from blank to blank and why you choose the blank that you want to use for your product.

Step 6 – Challenge accepted… Shoot a lookbook

look book virgil

Advice via Virgil Abloh:

Once all product has been created, the marketing material showcasing the items will need to be produced. This is where a lookbook will come into play.

Using this tutorial, you will come to understand the steps necessary to execute a strong lookbook.

The Off White founder was able to not only give us one video but three! Check them out below.

Step 7 – Make a website

virgil website advice

Advice via Virgil Abloh

When a lookbook is created, it will need to be distributed publically – To do this, a website is needed. Follow this video to create a website for your brand and your products.

Step 8 – Budget it out and add Shopify

virgil abloh shopify

Advice via Virgil Abloh:

Once your website is created and functional, you will need to link it to a system that will help consumers purchase products.

Shopify will help you do this and also help you organize in the backend shipping and logistics. Use this video to obtain knowledge of how Shopify works and how you can best utilize it for your brand.

Step 9 – More inspo from Virgil Abloh as he provides his must-see overarching lectures

lectures virgil abloh

Advice via Virgil Abloh:

Here is a historical archive of my lectures that can help you align with my thinking process and the building of my personal brand.

Step 10 – Cop the Figures of Speech Catalogue

figures of speech virgil abloh

Advice via Virgil Abloh:

My Figures of Speech catalog is a book filled with all my work from the beginning of my career. Follow the pages in the book to understand the trajectory of my career and my thinking process throughout the years.

More info about the book: The Virgil Abloh: “Figures of Speech” is a published book based on my personal experiences while developing my design career. To be used as an open-source guide for others to pattern their multi-disciplinary career.

This book features figuratively “10,000” hours of work and the rationale behind my personal art practice. This book was in tandem with the “Figures of Speech” exhibition curated by Michael Darling for the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

Click here to cop.

Step 11 – Find you some personal mentors

fashion mentor

Advice via Virgil Abloh:

The videos illustrate the videos I watched as I was building my Brand. Use these to help the buildout of your brand. My personal mentor: Peter Saville – this video taught me millions of things.

Step 12 – Keep digging further for inspiration

See more of Virgil’s inspo here.

From daily inspo to 10,000 hours of work mapped out in his Figures of Speech book, the “Free Game” program overall highlights Virgil’s most important steps in obtaining stability and efficiency for anyone wanting to pursue an artistic-driven profession.

As a flourished designer and entrepreneur, Virgil’s long-standing initiative was to assist young black creatives such as himself to discover this widespread platform, influencing ideas and brand ownership.

Open to all who are willing to learn and obtain the knowledge of strengthening personal growth, the operation of the Virgil Abloh fund was used as a map in understanding the needs of building business.

The art of expressing skill and imagination as well as inspiring millions of individuals to accomplish their goals across the globe was one of the biggest callings to Virgil Abloh’s career.

The recent passing of the generation’s most innovative and influential figure in fashion history has led the media to shed light on what Abloh stood for and the lead he took in opening doors for the black community to come across a more positive and instructive path in the industry.

Triller NFTs to make waves at Art Basel Miami with Our Friend Jean

Wait, Triller has NFTs too?

The extraordinary and engagement-driven platform Triller has presented us with the culture-shifting series VERZUZ is now taking things up a notch at BLK Studios for Art Basel Miami.

Kicking off the first week of December with an all-around exciting event, Triller will be hosting a creative project in partnership with The Bishop Gallery to present the Our Friend, Jean: HBCU Tour exhibition

As Triller promises more engaging and significant experiences, from Monday, November 29 through December 4, the week-long physical and digital curated exhibition will include personal and never-before-seen displays of work by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Triller NFTs hit different…

Not only does the exhibit shine a light on Basquiat’s personal life through collections of rare photography,  fascinating parts about this showcase include live discussions with Basquiat’s long-time friends Alexis Adler, co-curator and photographer.

Also Al Diaz, roommate, and co-creator of SAMO. Other collectors and guest speakers, including Jane Diaz, Hilary Jaeger, Katie Taylor, and Lucy Sante look to also be a part of the gallery experience, sharing the unique and intimate stories of their friend, Jean.

Triller Basquiat NFT
Pictured: Al Diaz | Photo Courtesy: Alexis Adler

For the first time during Art Basel Miami, Triller will be premiering a live Our Friend Jean NFT auction on Friday, December 3, featuring the never before seen photos of Basquiat’s art live and available on the marketplace.

On the platform, there will be an exclusive selection of drops with available previews and purchasing opportunities. TrillerNFT was chosen by the Bishop Gallery for the Basquiat marketplace mostly due to the platform being specifically engineered to minimize complexities and computing costs, reducing carbon footprint effects. 

Beginning early in 2022, the Our Friend, Jean: HBCU Tour will make its way to eight HBCU schools.

Triller NFTs
Photo Courtesy: Alexis Adler

The focus and the highlights of this showcase will surround the appreciation and positive impact of the legendary neo-expressionist artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and his iconic and influential works of art that have left a blueprint on artistic expression for modern-day creatives.

This year, Triller has marked an influential time while utilizing the platform to create the most remarkable events within the art and cultural community.

The Basquiat exhibition and NFT drop will not only become one of Triller’s most unforgettable and historic events but also the idea will give recognition to Jean-Michel Basquiat’s hidden gems.

triller basquiat nft
Pictured: Jean Michel Basquiat | Photo Courtesy: Alexis Adler

The week-long exhibition will be showcased at Triller NFTs BLK Studios location at 2060 NW 1st Ave in Miami, Florida. More information will be included on the Triller site.