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An inside look at Jim Jones’ latest NFT drop

Mogul Productions, a global NFT marketplace for film, music and television, has teamed up with iconic American rap artist Jim Jones in hosting a groundbreaking NFT collection drop.

Jim Jones is a leading name in the American music industry. He is the co-CEO of Diplomat Records with Cam’ron, the founding members of the rap collective The Diplomats. 

Three of his five released studio albums reached #1 on the US Rap Chart. Apart from producing popular songs like ‘We Fly High’ and ‘We Set the Trends,’ Jones is a crypto-enthusiast who has also created a social token, $CapoCoin. 

The collection built around Jim Jones will launch exclusively on the Mogul NFT marketplace. Included in these featured items will be the chance to own the world’s first crypto song as an NFT.

The upcoming collection from Jim Jones comes out under the banner “Digital Money”.

STARS, the native token of Mogul, will power the collection. The drop on Binance Smart Chain will coincide with Jones’s performance at the 2022 NFT LA conference, with thousands of music fans and NFT enthusiasts participating. 

More About ‘Digital Money’

“Digital Money” includes four NFT tiers, each providing users with access and insights into music production. There is a tier which allows users to attend a virtual studio session in the metaverse.

Another lets the crypto holders meet Jones and his production team. The in-person studio session will happen in the US.  One up-and-coming artist who is able to grab the collection’s 1:1 NFT will receive the unique opportunity to team up with Jones and provide his next song’s lyrics.

Mogul’s Journey in the DeFi and NFT Space

Mogul collaborates with some of the most prominent names in film, music and television, helping artists connect with their ardent fans. Moreover, Mogul makes the process of artists connecting with fans more exciting, by equipping fans with innovative ways to engage and co-create with them. 

In every area of film, music and television, Mogul carves out a niche for fans to have a voice. As an immersive and inclusive platform, Mogul is able to leverage the unique features of decentralization to include community members in the production process.

It is one of the first cross-chain NFT marketplaces known for out-of-the-box approaches to minting and launching exclusive collections.  Combined with the capabilities of being a DeFi platform, Mogul leads the space where tokenization mechanisms intersect with entertainment. 

Apart from the Jim Jones launch, Mogul Productions has NFTs from many Hollywood icons. Signing up and acquiring these NFTs makes one eligible to engage with filmmakers in more meaningful ways. Plus there are the usual advantages of purchasing artwork, footage, and experiences through NFTs.

The Mogul Marketplace is not only for the consumer’s benefit.  It strengthens the entire entertainment ecosystem. The Mogul team helps creators who submit their projects, methodically turn them into NFT collection drops.

Creators get the scope to collaborate, build interest, and even get their films funded through Mogul.

Mogul Productions enjoys the backing of many leading DeFi industry players as its partners, including Chainlink, CEEK, Polygon, Apeswap, Anyswap, NFTY, and more. 

The native STARS token fuels the platform. Holding STARS helps projects get submitted for consideration and voted on for the next big blockbuster. Apart from community ownership and governance rights, STARS can be redeemed for exclusive rewards. Holders can earn more STARS by staking them. 

Overall, Mogul’s visionary approach towards the entertainment industry helps it benefit from NFT technology. It has created a stronger synergy between artists and their fans. The trajectory of Mogul in the days to come will be an exciting story to track.