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GUZZLER uses gaming NFTs as a gateway into the metaverse

Guzzler is establishing the official infrastructure that will allow users to conveniently travel throughout the metaverse using customizable and operable cars in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The metaverse is the future of online virtual interactions. In a web 3.0 world where data privacy, security, and ownership are paramount, blockchain will be the backbone of our metaverse.

To those who are uninitiated to the possibilities inherent in this brave new world, the metaverse is a persistent, shared virtual 3D space, which can be accessed using an immersive virtual reality (VR) headset or via a PC web browser in the case of less-immersive experiences. It is also possible to access metaverse spaces through augmented reality (AR).

Metaverse Explained

To get a clear understanding, think of the metaverse as a giant, interconnected series of virtual “rooms” where people can socialize, hold business meetings, attend concerts or sporting events, share documents, play immersive games together – all in a completely virtual environment.

The metaverse is not only the next step in the evolution of multiplayer gaming; it will be an entirely new paradigm for how humans interact online. It may even become much more than what we can imagine at the moment as it evolves in its ability to mimic real life.

If you thought social media and the internet have transformed how humans satisfy their intrinsic need to connect, then you haven’t seen what the metaverse can do. At its core, the metaverse will be a powerful tool for building stronger connections between people across different geographies and cultures and that is why giant social media companies are excited about its possibilities.

Currently, the concept of the metaverse is gaining reactions and various institutions are at work building the necessary infrastructure to support this brave new world. The most notable of these is the GUZZLER platform which is built with customizable and operable NFT sports cars that will transport you throughout the metaverse.

What is GUZZLER?

Just as we need cars to transport us from point A to point B in the real world, we will also need transportation into and out of the different metaverse spaces in a virtual world. Unless you want to travel throughout the metaverse on foot, you are going to need a form of transportation. This is where GUZZLER comes in.

The platform leverages the growing use of NFTs in games to create a marketplace for gamers who not only want to race their virtual cars in the metaverse but also want to gain dividends and rewards from the ownership of those NFT cars.

Through gameplay, GUZZLER’s users will be able to mint new NFT cars including accessories such as wheels, body kits, and performance parts all in the form of NFTs.

Simply put, GUZZLER will enable players to buy some rare wheels and install them to create the most unique car throughout the entire metaverse. If the player wants to upgrade, all they have to do is either sell their rare NFT car on GUZZLER’s NFT marketplace or make a purchase of a new customizable part on the marketplace.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain network (one of the biggest platforms for NFTs today) GUZZLER features an ERC-20 token (GZLR) to its platform that is used to enable the platform’s scalability and interoperability.

Apart from getting access to special NFTs through gameplay and rewards, players of the GUZZLER game can become investors in the platform by staking the platform’s GZLR token.

As a player on the platform, you can stake your GZLR tokens to earn performance parts for your NFT car, sell that car for Ethereum (ETH) or simply accrue reflections and or performance part NFTs paid out to stakers on the platform.

GUZZLER’s Tokenomics

GUZZLER’s native token ($GZLR ) will serve to increase the platform’s scalability, security and fund the ongoing growth of GUZZLER through a taxation system.

Built into the$GZLR’s tokenomics is an anti-whale feature that prevents instances of overwhelming sell pressure. The $GZLR tax system is flexible and will start with a 7% overall tax.

Out of this 7%, 3% will go to marketing, another 3% will be pumped into $GZLR’s liquidity pools and the remaining 1% will go to reflections for $GZLR holders.

Users who stake the platform’s native token will receive rewards in the form of exclusive NFTs that will never be available to the public. This category of exclusive NFTs on the GUZZLER play-to-earn platform will also be accessible to those who complete the game’s single-player mode.

For players looking to improve the performance of their NFT cars, GUZZLER will offer performance parts to those who want to equip their cars with special rims, body kits and performance part upgrades.

Players can also improve the performance of their cars by buying new tires or even faster engines. Players have access to these car upgrades through token staking, gameplay, or the platform’s NFT marketplace.


NFTs are fuelling the future of the metaverse and the token economy through gaming.

To help push NFTs forward, GUZZLER is building a platform for true gamers that will serve as a gateway into the metaverse and NFTs. GUZZLER’s exclusive NFT releases will include cars, wheels, body accessories, and color modifications that will make gameplay more interesting and dynamic.

In addition, players on the GUZZLER platform will have exclusive access to a decentralized NFT marketplace where they can buy or sell their customized cars as well as performance parts for those cars.

By staking the platform’s native tokens, users of the GUZZLER platform will be able to earn passive income from the platform’s reflection thereby turning players into investors who earn dividends on the NFTs they own.

So far, GUZZLER is championing its campaign towards amassing its next milestone of 5000 token holders not to mention the creation of multiple racetracks for its users.