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One crypto crowdfund looks to change the way creatives collaborate

This crypto crowdfund is for creators, supporters, and collectors seeking to participate in the birth of “yams.” A unique collaborative work by VSN & friends.

VSN’s goal: Introduce the universe of VSN through a high-quality visual production.

Check out the crypto crowdfund on

Who is VSN?

A unique musical talent. A master of transmutation. A new future for People of Culture. A magnetic community builder in the Black Web3 ecosystem. An onramp for the best and brightest, led by compassion and equity.

VSNendeavors to work within the tenets of compassion and equity to build a cycle of creation and healing through music, art, and Web3 technology.

The music itself is a calling card infused with overarching themes of joy, self-celebration, and spirituality. It’s meant to spark listeners to action around wellness and community

black crypto crowdfund
“In order to create, we must heal. In order to heal, we must create.” – vsn

The Fact: Black Culture is the first decentralized protocol

It was (and is) viral, wireless, and open-source – long before any of these concepts manifested in technology.

Watch two Black kids from two different countries who’ve never met performing almost identical dance moves to different genres of music. Listen to artists from foreign countries adopt Hip-Hop culture and Rap music.

Trace the lines between Country, Jazz, Blues, Rock n’ Roll, Soul music, Funk, and Future Beats.

This protocol lies within us all. It’s who we are, and who we have always been.

The Problem: The spectrum of Black Culture is not properly represented in media.

At the highest level, our culture is commodified by people who lack authentic proximity to it. The existing mindset toward diverse projects in major industries limits the breadth of culture; what is deemed marketable is allowed to exist.

Diversity and Inclusion initiatives in traditional industries that deal in culture won’t be enough to solve this problem. The innovation and inspiration provided to the world by People of Culture require new systems for recognition, payment, and distribution.

Check out the crypto crowdfund on

Our Solution: Create a crypto crowdfund infrastructure befit for Cultural Works.

The provenance and autonomy afforded by Web3 technology will allow more Black and Brown creators to own their means of distribution.

The more control artists have over how people access their work, and the price of that access, the more integrated their brands become in the lives of their supporters.

Web3 affords creators new ways to grow fruits through holistic ownership.

The future is flora; a sovereign garden made up of creators growing at their own pace and scale, designing new futures through collaboration.

What’s our first crop in this garden? “yams.”

VSN’s solo visual genesis project

A music video centering Black women in joy, leisure, and power, created with People of Culture. Logline: An auspicious beauty pageant featuring Black women showcasing their hidden talents. 🔮

“yams.” will set a new standard for collaborative Web3 projects by working with the Web3 community to raise funds for the video itself through the crowdfund, and assigning value to the people who produce and capture this work upon the project mint.

The key to VSN’s system for creators in Web3: rewarding their faith.

A radical shift in how contributors are integrated into large-scale projects is necessary.

When artists own their content and its’ means of distribution, they’re able to displace middlemen and embrace the community in their collaborative exchanges. Create + Heal.

The VSN crypto crowdfund, broken into three parts:

Compassion 🌼

Create a high-visibility project for People of Culture that nurtures their full selves, while onboarding key creators into Web3 through what they do best.

For “yams.”, this means providing collectors the privilege of holding space for the creation of high-level Black culture on-chain as associate producers of “yams.”.

Future VSN projects will prioritize early adopters as the ecosystem expands to incorporate large collaborative projects, token utility, and events.

Check out the crypto crowdfund on


In the sale of this work, vsn will split ~50% of primary and secondary sales with the creative team producing “yams.” Culture creators deserve this level of integration on the backend because these projects don’t happen without them.


“yams.” will capture Black Culture in real time, through a community-centric architecture that will:

  • Incentivize collaboration between artists
  • Encourage the appropriate engagement of all people in cultural works
  • Maintain the cultural authenticity of vsn projects


The tokens disseminated through the crypto crowdfund will allow contributors to play a part in the vsn. Holders are granted (varying by token):

  • A special edition version of vsn’s 2nd album, “flora.”
  • New music first via private virtual spaces held by vsn
  • A unique pass into “the garden.”, the growing universe of vsn where compassion and equity underpin cultural Web3 projects

And most importantly…

Production credits and governance in the “yams.” music video crypto crowdfund, to be released this Summer.

There’s a lot of magnetic Black energy, technology, and community baked into “yams.”, and the project is only in pre-production.

All will be revealed in the coming weeks via Mirror and **vsn’s** Twitter. Token holders will know what’s coming ahead of time.

Join our diverse community. Create a new vsn. If you read through the crypto crowdfund, tweet the link, your (brief) thoughts, and some yams.

Gaming and social media: The combo helping gamers level up

Compared to the gaming industry, social media is a fairly new phenomenon. However, these two industries are becoming increasingly entwined.

More developers than ever are embracing social media platforms to promote releases and engage with audiences. Meanwhile, social media channels provide the perfect platform for video gaming communities to connect. 

By the end of 2022, it’s estimated there will be more than 3 billion gamers worldwide. With many of these gamers also being active social media users, social media will certainly continue to shape gaming communities and the industry as a whole. 

Social Media Lets Gamers Monetize Their Streams 

In recent years, streaming networks like Twitch have made it possible for video game enthusiasts to earn money from doing what they love.

Expert streamers can earn an average of $4,000 every month, providing they deliver around 40 hours of content on a weekly basis. This level of income can be boosted further by securing additional advertising revenues.

While Twitch is considered a streaming network, rather than a social one, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Many of the most lucrative Twitch streamers, including Ninja and Tfue, actively use their Twitter and social media channels to promote their Twitch streams. 

Social Media Cultivates Online Communities 

Gone are the days when video game enthusiasts had to meet in musty basements and backwater messageboards. The gamer of today is only a tweet away from connecting with legions of fellow enthusiasts. 

Social platforms not only facilitate online discussion and friendships but also allow like-minded players to connect to form online teams and leagues. As the esports market continues to boom, social media channels will remain a key line of communication for budding professionals looking to connect with potential teammates and sponsors. 

While the most established esports tournaments like the EVO Championship Series and Fortnite World Cup require little introduction, smaller tournaments will continue to capitalize on social media to promote fixtures and results.

Social media will have a crucial role in promoting more minor tournaments, helping facilitate a broader spectrum of playing leagues that encompass all skill levels. Looking to follow the action yourself?

You can watch esports favorites like CS:GO, Dota 2, and League of Legends live at today. 

Connecting Players with Developers 

In the past, the success of a game largely hinged on physical sales. While digital downloads have largely supplanted physical formats, social media is also changing the way we think about success metrics. 

Social media has redefined the relationship between gamers and developers. Developers can leverage social channels to generate buzz for new releases and upcoming DLCs.

Likewise, it also allows unhappy gamers to express their issues with half-baked gameplay and problematic bugs. In the worst cases, social media uproars can snowball and prove devastating to the reputation of a developer.

However, developers can also take heed of this feedback and engage with their audience. Several developers have been able to save themselves from disaster after releasing lackluster launch editions by listening to complaints from players and providing downloadable upgrades for free. 

The Future of Gaming and Social Media 

More than anything else, social media has allowed gaming to become a global multiplayer experience.

For developers, it’s an incredibly valuable platform for gleaning feedback from audiences and, in an age where digital formats are the standard, the chance to remedy issues quickly.

For gamers, these platforms have transformed the very nature of gaming, turning it into something truly social.

Senator Karen Coin? The new NFT project immortalizing politicians

Elizabeth Warren may not be a name familiar to crypto enthusiasts or the ever-growing NFT art world, but she is about to become a household name. That’s because the one-week-old crypto project known as Senator Karen Coin is alive and well.

What’s the goal of the project, you ask?

It’s to immortalize politicians and celebrities on the blockchain through NFT art work, but not for the most flattering reason. Senator Karen Coin wants to highlight only those who speak out against blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, masquerading the fact that what they really want to do is protect their old-world comrades working in traditional finance.

Why is Senator Karen Coin necessary? And why is the representative of Massachusetts, Ms. Warren, the first to be immortalized?

Glad you asked.

What Is Senator Karen Coin?

Senator Karen Coin lives on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s both a crypto with a purpose and a meme coin rolled in one. The token supply of $KAREN is over 6.942 billion and the cost per token at the present moment is $0.00015997. That’s a very meme-friendly price for those looking to put anti-crypto politicians and celebrities on notice.

The project wants to support the crypto community by challenging those that oppose it directly. Senator Warren undoubtedly has her own following as a key political figure in the United States and if the crypto world can challenge her opinions on DeFi (that it’s the most dangerous part of the crypto world), perhaps the crypto community as a whole can be the change it wishes to see.

The project itself is raising money to create these NFTs, challenge the anti-crypto movement, and ultimately grow its community, but the coolest part of this project is actually its origin story.

Senator Warren Blasts Elon Musk Over Taxes on Twitter

Elon Musk is having a big year by anyone’s measure. His 2021 highlights include taking Tesla to new heights, holding Bitcoin in its treasury, becoming the unofficial DogeFather of Dogecoin, and being named Person of the Year by Time Magazine and The Financial Times. To say the least, people in both the business world and the crypto world either anoint him a genius or express how much they dislike him.

Senator Warren clearly dislikes him.

She called him out on Twitter recently while criticizing America’s tax system, stating: “Let’s change the rigged tax code so the Person of the Year will actually pay taxes and stop freeloading off of everyone else.”

Musk wasted no time responding with a series of tweets, accurately pointing out that in 2021, he will pay more in taxes than any American has ever paid before. Musk ended his series of responses with quite a punchline:

“Please don’t call the manager on me, Senator Karen.”

That’s all it took. Senator Karen Coin is now a living, breathing project.

The Project Is Taking Off and Minting Soon

In less than 24 hours, Senator Karen Coin amassed a market capitalization of over $900,000. In the last 24 hours, it has seen over $374,000 in volume pass through its contract address. The project is clearly off to a flying start, and the goal is much bigger than just making a bunch of money.

That said, there will almost certainly be an opportunity to ape in and cash in too. The project is minting Senator Warren’s NFT first any day now. She’s undoubtedly going to be the poster child for the many more doubters and detractors that are immortalized by the project going forward.

Yes, Senator Karen Coin is going to benefit from “memeification”, but it has the potential to garner historical NFT status as the founders work to change the public perception of some of the most influential people in politics. One immutable and immortalized NFT at a time.

Listen up: Some of the best sports podcasts you need to hear

What’s your favorite sports podcast?

Sport is best enjoyed visually, as our eyes and brains are able to process the intricate tactical decisions, glorious passing movements, and outstanding moments of individual brilliance incredibly quickly.

However, many fans are not able to make it to live events, or watch games on TV, for a number of reasons, so they, therefore, rely on the audio commentary, such as live radio, to follow along with the action.

There are some absolutely fabulous commentators out there, who do much more than just describe what is happening in front of them. They are also able to give us the context of these events and focus on the bigger picture than just what they’re seeing.

If you’ve got a long drive coming up in the next few weeks, and have to schedule it during your team playing live, find the radio station that is broadcasting it, and sit back and enjoy.

Of course, these days live radio isn’t the only audio medium that we can listen to hear all about sport. In the past 15 years, podcasts have become an essential part of our everyday lives.

They can be listened to in your own time, meaning people will often tune in to their favorite shows when they are traveling to work, whilst exercising, or whilst trying to go to sleep.

The range of sports podcasts varies widely. Some will recap recent games. Some will focus on specific teams. Some will talk about the best sportsbooks for finding odds on live games. Whatever you like to listen to, there will be a podcast out there for you.

We will attempt to cover some of the best podcasts out there, for each of the major sports. Many of you will have heard them already, but these can act as great entry points for people who are new to the world of sports podcasts.

sports podcasts

What’s your go-to sports podcast for American football?

It’s a huge sport, so obviously it is tough to choose between the hundreds of NFL podcasts out there. There is of course an official NFL one, but we don’t want to choose that. Instead, why not give The Ringer NFL Show a listen. It comes out several times a week, with the first show breaking down all the weekend’s action, whilst the mid-week edition focuses more on the wider NFL stories.

It has some great hosts in Kevin Clark and Jason Goff and has former NFL players such as James Jones and Ryan Shazier give their insights too. It is a great listen, whether you have a passing interest or burning passion for the NFL.

Keeping up to date with soccer podcasts

Where to start? There are a number of great shows that recap the action several times a week, such as Football Weekly and The Totally Football Show. The Athletic has a number of shows, some more general ones, whilst others focus on specific teams. 

Then there are also some soccer podcasts that don’t take things too seriously, such as the Athletico Mince, hosted by Bob Mortimer, or Quickly Kevin, Will He Score?, hosted by Josh Widdicombe. Both are very funny shows and explore a very different side to the world of soccer.

Why are you including a sport that we’ve barely heard of, let alone watched? Yes, many people in North America or parts of Europe have never gotten into cricket, but there are 2 billion other people on the planet who absolutely adore it. It is the second most viewed sport in the world, so there are certainly a huge number of cricket podcast fans out there.

Given it is an English sport, it is fitting that two of the best podcasts come from the BBC. The Test Match Special podcasts perfectly blend the main highlights of the days’ action, with some of the best cricket commentators on the planet, as well as interviews with former players and celebrity fans.

TMS is the more traditional choice, whereas Tailenders is aimed at a younger crowd. Radio DJ Greg James is joined by musician Felix White and the world’s greatest fast bowler Jimmy Anderson to talk about the world of cricket, Jimmy’s experiences, and muck around making fun of each other. Once you ‘get it’, you’ll be a fan for life.

Baseball fans love a good sports podcast

With the World Series going down to the wire, baseball fans will be eager to find a podcast to listen to, so that they are kept up to date with all the recent goings-on.

Baseball Tonight, a spin-off of the ESPN TV show is one that you can’t afford to miss. Hosted by Buster Olney, he perfectly mixes the hot topics, his own views, and listener interaction, to make a very listenable podcast. It is an absolute must for anyone who is a fan of America’s pastime.

How does music impact casinos and set the mood for big wins?

There’s nothing quite like good music and a big win at casinos.

Music holds so much power within it. In fact, it is one of the oldest forms of entertainment. Man learned to sing soon after the discovery of language, and ever since then, music has kept evolving with the development and advancement of language.

For the Swedes, music was a way to relieve stress after a long day of work. Hence, it is safe to say that music has a tremendous psychological impact on human behavior and performance.

In the present world, music is an integral part of our everyday lives and influences several of our behaviors like health, mood, productivity. What’s more, it can even control expenditure. Perhaps, this is the reason why it is being adopted by casinos lately.

Casinos leverage music to make people spend more time at their establishments. While music affects every person differently, various studies explain the effect of music on a person’s neurology. For instance, listening to an upbeat song when feeling sad can improve your mood. Casinos use this knowledge to make more money.

Good Music Creates a Good Atmosphere for Big Wins in Casinos

As mentioned earlier, music has the power to alter a person’s mood. When you walk into a nightclub, you will be embraced by fast tempo and heavy bass music. This obviously depends on the establishment. The same rule is applied in the gaming world as well.

The music played in casinos is chosen carefully to align with various games and helps set a mood. For instance, you will typically hear fast-paced music when you are in a crazy frantic match. On the other hand, a more relaxed gameplay mode will feature a slower and lighter rhythm.

In most cases, players aren’t really bothered about the music until there occurs some sort of disorganization, like playing the wrong music that makes them irritated. Game developers usually select music that aligns with the atmosphere and sets the mood, so players know when they have made some progress. This is imperative in a casino where making the players feel relaxed and welcome ultimately depends on the right mood and background.

Good Music Can Influence Good Habits

music and casinos
A woman listens to music

Another way music helps independent casinos are by forming betting habits and thereby generating more revenue. For example, a luxurious casino where relaxing jazz music is being played is more likely to encourage players to spend more time there and bet during their leisure time. A similar environment is perfect for playing slots or extended gaming sessions. 

Rapid and fast-paced music turns gambling behaviors erratic, thereby increasing the frequency in which punters play. Gamblers playing something fast around the gaming tables means higher revenues for the establishment.

In a majority of cases, players aren’t aware of how such background music influences their actions. But various studies prove how music affects the environment and directly impacts how gamers feel while playing.

The Sound Effects Do Matter

Have you ever noticed how you get enveloped in beautiful, attractive music as soon as you walk into a casino?

A lot of casinos use sound effects to influence the gambler’s decision-making process. If you have been to a casino where sound effects are being used, you would probably be familiar with the sound effect of a coin dropping on the floor.

This effect shows that you stand the chance of winning a lot of money if you keep playing. So, in general, the right sound effect gives hope to players, even those who have already lost money that they could win ultimately. 

Additionally, combining these sounds with HD visuals and lightings helps create an even better environment for betting in the casino.

Music also enhances the online casino gaming experience of gamblers, to draw more visitors, casinos in addition to offering betting promo codes
also, use these effects in the games to make players stay by making them feel as if they are in a traditional casino environment.

Final Thoughts on the Influence of Music in Casinos

Much like the music played in stores that contribute to the number of groceries or other stuff a customer purchases, or movies to set the mood, all the fantastic impressions created just sound in casinos can have a significant impact on how players bet. And this can eventually affect the revenues of the casino.

Gambling is perhaps the easiest to track when it comes to the psychological impact of music on the behavior of players. So, casino owners can leverage it to the fullest and see how they fare.

On the flip side, though the music in casinos is considered normal, it can result in unhealthy gambling behaviors. You can think of it as a way of controlling gamblers’ minds.

Well, it is to a certain degree. Though music doesn’t directly control your mind, it does act upon your subconscious, thereby pushing you to make careless decisions.

But at the end of the day, there is no way we can think of casinos without music.

Top 7 benefits of pet ownership and how it can better your life

Pet ownership can bring so much joy and benefits into someone’s life. It can be a big responsibility to care for an animal, but the benefits can offer so much.

Over 67 percent of US households own a furry (or scaled or feathered) friend. Animal companions make great company, make people laugh and smile, and bring the love of a living connection. 

Some people may think that the responsibility is off-putting, but animal friends can change your life for the better. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways owning a pet can improve your life. 

Company and Companionship

Pets are a great addition to any household but can be particularly beneficial to those who live alone or spend a lot of time without a partner. Single people, the elderly, or couples who end up separated for work such as military families can all see a huge boost to mental health and overall comfort with a pet.

These little companions help ensure you always have someone waiting for you at home. Animal snuggles go a long way to fighting loneliness. 

People Love a Pet Owner

Few things can break the ice better than when someone meets your dog or cat. If you find yourself struggling to find common ground with people, loving a pet is a great place to start.

There are also many communal spaces such as dog parks where it is almost guaranteed you can start a conversation with people coming up to meet your furry friend. Who knows, the romance story of 101 Dalmatians could be yours!

Health and Immunity Benefits of Pet Ownership

This may not be something thought about very often, but owning pets in your household can actually aid your immune system. Let’s face it, our animal companions aren’t always the cleanest roommates.

They attract germs and dirt into the home, but this can actually be helpful. The result of having pets at home is that your immune system will adapt to the added germs and microbes.

There have been studies that suggest that pet ownership can correlate to better immune system response. There is even evidence to suggest that owning a pet in homes with babies can reduce the chance of developing certain allergies. 

Pet Ownership Teaches Responsibility

Yes, pet ownership can demand a lot, but learning to provide for an animal can be very rewarding, especially for helping children learn responsibility and care. Having a pet can teach a lot of important skills, both to adults and to children. Learning to maintain a routine, provide for needs, grooming and training, can all build empathy and nurturing skills. 

Security and Safety

Animals can provide protection and comfort. There are many dog breeds greatly suited to guard duties, and burglars can be deterred just by the knowledge of a dog being present. Again, those living alone can feel a lot safer with an animal by their side. 

Emotional Support is a Benefit of Pet Ownership

In our modern world, anxiety is not a rare occurrence. Few things can relax someone quite like the company of an animal. Pet ownership can even lower blood pressure and reduce cortisol levels. Unwinding with a loving pet can be incredibly therapeutic and beneficial to your mental health. 

Staying Active

Pet ownership is an excellent reason to get out of the house and stay active daily. If you have a dog that needs to go for a decent walk every day to stay healthy, this can be just the reason you need to go outdoors. This can be especially beneficial to people who work from home.

Animals can have a lot of energy, and a good amount of activity can be required for them to stay happy and healthy. The thing is, a good amount of activity is required for you to stay happy and healthy, too! This is why pets make the perfect exercise buddies.

Pets can do so much for our wellbeing, and they bring so much joy to our lives, that it’s only fair that pet owners do everything possible to take care of them and give them the best life.

Having a good pet insurance plan can provide much-needed security and preparation to make sure your animal friends are well taken care of. It is important to make sure you are prepared for any event and that you can provide all that is needed for your furry companion to be with you for as long as possible.

One lasting benefit of pet ownership — When you love them, they love you back!

Why powerful sports narratives move more than any Hollywood film

There’s a reason why sports are popular all over the world and why millions of fans spend time, money, and emotional energy watching sports. As well as drama, excitement and human interest, sports narratives have wonderful uncertainty.

Even the most mundane ball game or meaningless football encounter can turn into an epic struggle that captures the imagination of fans. In many ways, sports narratives have everything that can be found in the movies and more besides.

Here are four occasions when sports narratives outshone Hollywood:

Muhammad Ali, 1974

When Muhammad Ali took on George Foreman in October 1974, Foreman was the big favorite. Ali, once the darling of US boxing, had been stripped of his titles in 1967 following his refusal to fight in Vietnam. For seven years, he battled to regain his world heavyweight crown.

He was finally given a shot, but at the age of 32, few gave him a chance against the 25-year-old Foreman, who combined immense physical presence with incredible punching power.

The fight, dubbed ‘The Rumble in the Jungle’, was packed with drama. After taking the initiative in the first round, Ali switched tactics, going on the defensive, allowing Foreman to pepper his body with punches, and even goading the younger man to punch him harder.

By the seventh round, Foreman was visibly tiring, but he still had that famed punching power and finally managed to catch Ali on the jaw. Instead of crumbling, Ali taunted him again, saying: “That all you got, George?” Foreman was a beaten man.

The fight was stopped in the eighth round and Muhammad Ali had proved his critics wrong and written his name into the sport’s history as one of the all-time greats.

It is worth mentioning that whilst Muhammad Ali might be the greatest boxer of all time, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the wealthiest. During his career Mayweather’s popularity with audiences guaranteed him high payouts and top billing at the biggest fights in the best venues.

Mayweather has used some of his staggering $560 million net worth to become a serious gambler, often placing large bets on football games. Some of his bets have been so big that they have had to be divided between different sportsbooks such as Unibet.

While his recent exhibition match against YouTuber Logan Paul would probably have deeply disappointed Ali and Foreman, Mayweather remains an impressive figure in the history of boxing.

Green Bay Packers, 1967

The 1967 NFC Championship game was one of the greatest NFL sports narratives of all time. Known as the Ice Bowl, it was played in brutally cold conditions at Lambeau Field between two fierce rivals: the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys were on the rise as an NFL franchise, while the Packers were bidding to become the first team to win three consecutive championships in the modern era.

The Packers raced into a 14-0 lead, but the Cowboys fought back, benefitting from two fumbles to make it 14-10 at halftime. On the first play of the fourth quarter, Dan Reeves scored for the Cowboys off a 50-yard half-back option pass.

Green Bay fought back and earned a field goal to tie the game, but the kick was no good. With time running out, Green Bay embarked on one last drive and quarterback Bart Starr ran the ball into the end zone with 13 seconds on the clock to give the Packers a famous win.

Ian Botham and England, 1981

Two games into the 1981 Ashes series between England and Australia, England was trailing 1-0 and had just seen their captain and best player, Ian Botham, resign his position.

Botham was the most exciting talent to emerge in English cricket in decades, a fearless batter and formidable bowler, with a hunger for action and an astonishing will to win.

His time as captain, however, had been miserable. He had been hounded remorselessly by the press, and his own form with bat and ball had fallen away, to the point where it was uncertain if he would play in the third game in Leeds. 

He did play, after all, but had little impact on the first three days as the game appeared to be going the way of the previous two. Australia dominated and by the time Botham came out to bat on day four, England was all but beaten.

It seemed unlikely that Australia would even have to bat again. However, freed from the shackles of captaincy, Botham unleashed a ferocious onslaught, crashing 149 runs to give England a narrow lead. On a dramatic final day, they clinched the game. Botham the hero was back.

Leicester City, 2016

The English Premier League is one of the richest sports tournaments in the world. Not surprisingly, it is almost always won by one of the big-name teams, who can spend hundreds of millions of pounds on player wages. No team outside the Big Four had won it in the big-money era.

Enter Leicester City. The medium-sized club from the unfashionable East Midlands had very little history or money behind them. In the 2014/15 season, they had been in danger of relegation, but in 2015/16, they defied the odds.

They were rated a 5000/1 chance to win the Premier League at the start of the season, but guided by veteran coach Claudio Ranieri and powered by the goals of former amateur player Jamie Vardy, they shocked the football world by winning the title by 10 points, making history in the process.

We love online nursing but is there a doctor in the house?

The nursing industry is booming. It has long been said that nothing tests a person’s resolve quite as much as a crisis. This is something we’ve all been witness to over the past couple of years since Covid-19 reared its ugly head.

Hospitals have been overflowing since those first early days and every time it looks like we’re catching a break, the numbers start surging again. Everyone in healthcare has been working, sometimes around the clock, with few breaks and sometimes even fewer success stories in those early days.

Not only was SARS-CoV-2 a relative unknown but it emerged as a cross-species disease thought to have spilled over from live birds in a Wuhan, China marketplace to a vendor. From there, the rest is history, or what we can piece together of it. 

Mixed Messages Add to the Confusion

Since there was so little reliable information coming out in the very beginning, it seemed as though everyone had a different viewpoint on just what this novel coronavirus actually was and how it would spread.

While the world’s leading epidemiologists and virologists knew that it was airborne and spread through microscopic particulates, there was also some amount of controversy over whether or not it could be spread on surfaces.

In those first weeks, people were advised to let mail sit for a period of time before bringing it in and were also urged to use hand sanitizer before and after handling anything that was just delivered to their home or office. 

The one thing that was a certainty would be how few experts agreed even among themselves and that if you wanted what you considered to be “reliable” information you chose a camp and subscribed to it.

For this reason, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Chief Medical Advisor to the President of the United States and the Director of the NIAID emerged as the leading authority on all things Covid-19.

Staffing Issues Growing Worse by the Day and Professional Nursing Could be the Answer

With so little reliable information in those early days and doctors now being required to work even longer hours than ever before, a great number of physicians simply began retiring early or even changing professions.

The world was already short thousands of doctors and now Covid was demanding more of these already overworked professionals than they could muster the energy for.

Nurses began taking on greater responsibilities and many decided that this was the time to advance their degrees to give them the credentials needed to affect real change in a healthcare system that was failing patients.

By enrolling in nursing leadership courses offered at Baylor University they would be preparing for a non-clinical DNP career within the administration.

While some RNs enrolled in DNP Clinical Practice graduate studies with the intention of filling voids left by physicians retiring and leaving the profession, others felt that their mission in life was to work toward administrative positions in which they could bring healthcare back to a patient-centric industry. 

A Nation at War with Itself: Online Nursing to the Rescue

Unfortunately, much of that early misinformation carried over onto long-term situations in which we’ve created what amounts to being a nation at war with itself.

Instead of working together to mitigate the spread of a lethal disease, we are still arguing such things as the efficacy of masking and distancing. Some people are still disputing the reliability and safety of the vaccines and we even have groups fighting over which vaccine offers the best level of immunity.

Some have made it a political statement while others yet find that religion has all the answers. In all this, there still remains the fact that we simply don’t have the resources to provide adequate patient care for the large numbers of patients still requiring hospitalization.

There isn’t a hospital in the nation that isn’t at or near capacity in their ICU department and with a shortage of healthcare or nursing professionals across the board, something needs to be done, and the sooner the better.

No More Band-Aids!

To date, it seems as though every ‘fix’ has been nothing more than a Band-Aid. However, it will take more than a Band-Aid to fix a broken system. The nation’s handling of the pandemic or lack of a reasonable response is due largely in part to a system that has needed revamping for decades.

The initial steps which began with Obamacare could have reached further in the ensuing years but without a champion, it was doomed to stall. 

Now is the time when all the shortcomings are painfully obvious because we’ve had a chance to witness Murphy’s Law of healthcare. What could go wrong, did go wrong, but that doesn’t mean it’s doomed to failure going forward.

With the vision of true heroes like Dr. Fauci and those nurses willing to step forward into positions of greater responsibility, we may never need another Band-Aid. Let’s fix the system once and for all. No one can promise there won’t be another pandemic but let’s not repeat the mistakes of our past.

A New Generation of Leaders

This brings us back to the beginning where we see the need for a new generation of leaders in healthcare and nursing is great place to start.

That Doctor of Nursing Practice with an emphasis on administration has all the ingredients necessary to fix an antiquated system, a system that let us down when we needed it most. Perhaps that is the one good thing to come out of such a horrific couple of years.

By having worked in the system with all its failures, it is easier to envision working within a system that has analyzed shortcomings to set into motion practices and policies that offer real results.

Instead of leaving policy in the hands of lawmakers, why not insert DNPs with a vision for tomorrow, a vision rooted in healthcare as it’s meant to be? Together with DNPs on the clinical side, administrative DNPs can create an environment in which patients are where they are meant to be, and that would be in the center of all that healthcare is and is focused on being.

Red Borneo Kratom

Why is Red Borneo Kratom for menstrual issues? Find out

Are you looking for a natural remedy able to help you with your menstrual issues? You’ve probably stumbled upon Red Borneo Kratom during your research.

Understandably, you want to learn more about its benefits, use cases, and dosage, so check out this guide – (CLICK HERE)

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It’s good that you are here because the information you’ll find in this article will help you make an informed decision. Below you can find everything you need to know about Red Borneo Kratom and find out what makes Red Borneo Kratom suitable for menstrual issues.

What is Red Borneo Kratom

Kratom is a plant discovered long ago by ancient civilizations and used for its medicinal properties. They chewed kratom leaves to experience the benefits this plant has to offer.

Today we know Kratom leaves contain high levels of alkaloids, and the two most powerful are hydroxy-mitragynine and mitragynine. There are four types of Kratom, one of which is Red Borneo Kratom.

Red Borneo Kratom belongs to the family of Kratom plants with red leaf veins. We use it for various purposes, mainly to promote pain relief, enhance sleep, and achieve total relaxation. These days, Red Borneo Kratom is available in several forms – pills, powder, and dried leaves.

Common menstrual issues

menstrual issues
Image by Saranya7 from Pixabay

Before we answer your question of “Why is Red Borneo Kratom for menstrual issues?” let’s quickly revisit the most common menstrual issues. Keep in mind that not all women experience these issues, nor do they experience them to the same extent:

  • Cramping – your uterine muscles play an important role during your period. They need to tighten and relax to get the blood out of your uterus. Women often experience it as a sharp pain that originates in the lower abdomen right between their lower back and stomach;
  • Moodiness – moodiness and rapid mood swings are also two common menstrual issues. The main culprits behind this state of mind are hormones in charge of starting and carrying out the period. You can feel angry, sad, and even anxious;
  • Nausea – nauseous is a normal part of the period for many women. During your period, your nausea can be followed by a headache, vomiting, and diarrhea;
  • Lack of energy – lack of energy is a common issue for most women because it is a symptom of blood loss and hormones working in the background. Sometimes it can be so severe that women can’t summon the strength to get out of bed.

You can alleviate the majority of these symptoms if you maintain healthy sleep and physical activity. But the problem is that for many women, a good night’s sleep and workout are out of reach because of pain, nausea, lack of energy, and mood swings.

Red Borneo Kratom is good for menstrual issues!

Red Borneo Kratom is good for menstrual issues for several reasons. You’ve probably picked up the key piece of information about it promoting relaxation, sleep, and pain relief. Let’s see how it can help you go through your periods as if it was just another typical day of your life.

Pain relief

Red Borneo Kratom contains naturally occurring substances with analgesics properties. Analgesics are commonly used worldwide for pain relief. 7-hydroxy-mitragynine is found in Red Borneo’s leaves in high concentrations.

When you take Red Borneo, 7-hydroxy-mitragynine will bind to your opioid receptors, and the effect can be instantaneous. You won’t experience pain, and you’ll be able to go through your day as if you were not on your period. Additionally, a study finds out that it can help with muscle cramps as it relaxes muscles throughout the body.

Lifts your spirits

The Green type of Kratom is more famous for its euphoric effects. However, Red Borneo packs just the right amount of kick to give you the much-needed energy to make it through the day. 

Red Borneo can help when you are feeling down and don’t want to leave your bed. It can lift your spirits and help you feel more relaxed and less anxious. You may feel back on your feet again, willing to engage in physical activity, which will help you manage pain and mood swings. 

Better sleep

It’s hard to relax when your emotions control you, and the pain just doesn’t stop. Sleep is quite beneficial, especially during the period. Red Borneo can help you soothe your mind and achieve deep relaxation.

With Red Borneo Kratom, you can sleep through the night and wake up fresh and ready for whatever awaits you. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to worry about side effects. Plus, a study finds that all kratom types and strains don’t have abuse potential.

Hopefully, this answers your question. Red Borneo Kratom can be considered a natural remedy for menstrual issues. It will help you relax, alleviate pain, get better sleep, and feel energized to stay active. 

How Maori artist Sam Mangakahia turned his passion into a successful business

Turning your passion into a business doesn’t happen overnight. Just ask Maori artist Sam Mangakahia. 

It takes hard work, dedication, and most importantly passion. When you add talent to the mix, then you get results like what Sam has built with his company, Hamiora.

The recent BYU-Hawaii graduate by way of Queensland, Australia shared his journey into art and entrepreneurship with us and gave some solid advice for young creatives looking to turn their passion into a successful business.

maori artist sam Mangakahia

A successful business starts with an idea and a foundation built with passion

The Maori artist told us about the day he decided to start carving designs into some family instruments laying around the house. He explained to us,

“I was home alone when I picked up my dad’s Mahalo Ukulele and started to play. I then thought to myself, ‘Hmm this would be pretty cool if this had some designs on it.’ I then went to the kitchen and grabbed a bread knife.”

Inspired by the Ta Moko, which are the indigenous tattoo designs originating from his Maori culture, Sam acted on his idea immediately. He continued,

“Two hours later I etched in a design that to me represented my Maori culture. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I brought it to school and soon enough I had kids asking me if I could do it to their ukulele. The rest is history.”

Without even knowing it, this became a major moment in Sam’s life. He would take this hobby, continue to learn and perfect it, and now fast forward a few years later, Sam has a thriving business that continues to grow. He says,

“From that point up until today, I have sold 385 Ukulele and about 11 guitars.”

passion into business

Combining art and entrepreneurship

Going into college where he studied graphic design, art, and entrepreneurship, Sam continued to master his craft. It was at this time when he began to develop the business mindset around his passion. 

One of the pivotal things that helped him along the way was an internship with Rangi Kipa, a famous Moko artist he long looked up to in New Plymouth, Taranaki. This experience made him realize exactly what he wanted to do with his art and his career.

His only business experience, at this point, was selling shoes on eBay. He began to embrace the entrepreneurial lifestyle – dedicating all his extra time outside of school to building his brand.

As he dove deeper, he realized that he was just as interested in the business side as he was on the art side. He says,

“I love art but I also love entrepreneurship. Creating a well-functioning business is fascinating to me, just the thought of making money when I don’t have to be present is incredible.”

Using storytelling to connect cultures

Identity has always been important to Sam and his family alike. Staying connected to his culture and sharing it with others is one of the main reasons why he does what he does. The Ta Moko in particular allows him to tell people’s stories through art.

Through conversation, he’s able to create a design representative of their story. This is a process he’s built out over time. Starting with his friends and family, Sam now does commission work for musical acts he’s admired throughout Hawaii and New Zealand.

While guitars and ukeleles have a soft spot in Sam’s heart, he has also experimented with shoes, surfboards, and trucks. His dream one day is to max out a Lamborghini with his Maori designs. Considering his journey has only just begun, he will

Passion + business = sucess

Sam’s story is something he loves to share and even though it’s still being told, he has some advice for kids looking to create their own lane in art just like him. 

“I’m hustling so hard to prove to people that you can develop your talents and use them to benefit your life and the people around you. I believe that we are most happy and fulfilled when we are doing things that fulfill our inner divine potential. Finding what your gifts help in the quest to live a happy full life.”

It’s not just about the hustle for Sam. He found something that fulfills him and from there he figured out a way for it to work for him. At the end of the day, it takes a lot of commitment and sacrifice. Sam explained it best:

business into passion