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One crypto crowdfund looks to change the way creatives collaborate

This crypto crowdfund is for creators, supporters, and collectors seeking to participate in the birth of “yams.” A unique collaborative work by VSN & friends.

VSN’s goal: Introduce the universe of VSN through a high-quality visual production.

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Who is VSN?

A unique musical talent. A master of transmutation. A new future for People of Culture. A magnetic community builder in the Black Web3 ecosystem. An onramp for the best and brightest, led by compassion and equity.

VSNendeavors to work within the tenets of compassion and equity to build a cycle of creation and healing through music, art, and Web3 technology.

The music itself is a calling card infused with overarching themes of joy, self-celebration, and spirituality. It’s meant to spark listeners to action around wellness and community

black crypto crowdfund
“In order to create, we must heal. In order to heal, we must create.” – vsn

The Fact: Black Culture is the first decentralized protocol

It was (and is) viral, wireless, and open-source – long before any of these concepts manifested in technology.

Watch two Black kids from two different countries who’ve never met performing almost identical dance moves to different genres of music. Listen to artists from foreign countries adopt Hip-Hop culture and Rap music.

Trace the lines between Country, Jazz, Blues, Rock n’ Roll, Soul music, Funk, and Future Beats.

This protocol lies within us all. It’s who we are, and who we have always been.

The Problem: The spectrum of Black Culture is not properly represented in media.

At the highest level, our culture is commodified by people who lack authentic proximity to it. The existing mindset toward diverse projects in major industries limits the breadth of culture; what is deemed marketable is allowed to exist.

Diversity and Inclusion initiatives in traditional industries that deal in culture won’t be enough to solve this problem. The innovation and inspiration provided to the world by People of Culture require new systems for recognition, payment, and distribution.

Check out the crypto crowdfund on

Our Solution: Create a crypto crowdfund infrastructure befit for Cultural Works.

The provenance and autonomy afforded by Web3 technology will allow more Black and Brown creators to own their means of distribution.

The more control artists have over how people access their work, and the price of that access, the more integrated their brands become in the lives of their supporters.

Web3 affords creators new ways to grow fruits through holistic ownership.

The future is flora; a sovereign garden made up of creators growing at their own pace and scale, designing new futures through collaboration.

What’s our first crop in this garden? “yams.”

VSN’s solo visual genesis project

A music video centering Black women in joy, leisure, and power, created with People of Culture. Logline: An auspicious beauty pageant featuring Black women showcasing their hidden talents. 🔮

“yams.” will set a new standard for collaborative Web3 projects by working with the Web3 community to raise funds for the video itself through the crowdfund, and assigning value to the people who produce and capture this work upon the project mint.

The key to VSN’s system for creators in Web3: rewarding their faith.

A radical shift in how contributors are integrated into large-scale projects is necessary.

When artists own their content and its’ means of distribution, they’re able to displace middlemen and embrace the community in their collaborative exchanges. Create + Heal.

The VSN crypto crowdfund, broken into three parts:

Compassion 🌼

Create a high-visibility project for People of Culture that nurtures their full selves, while onboarding key creators into Web3 through what they do best.

For “yams.”, this means providing collectors the privilege of holding space for the creation of high-level Black culture on-chain as associate producers of “yams.”.

Future VSN projects will prioritize early adopters as the ecosystem expands to incorporate large collaborative projects, token utility, and events.

Check out the crypto crowdfund on


In the sale of this work, vsn will split ~50% of primary and secondary sales with the creative team producing “yams.” Culture creators deserve this level of integration on the backend because these projects don’t happen without them.


“yams.” will capture Black Culture in real time, through a community-centric architecture that will:

  • Incentivize collaboration between artists
  • Encourage the appropriate engagement of all people in cultural works
  • Maintain the cultural authenticity of vsn projects


The tokens disseminated through the crypto crowdfund will allow contributors to play a part in the vsn. Holders are granted (varying by token):

  • A special edition version of vsn’s 2nd album, “flora.”
  • New music first via private virtual spaces held by vsn
  • A unique pass into “the garden.”, the growing universe of vsn where compassion and equity underpin cultural Web3 projects

And most importantly…

Production credits and governance in the “yams.” music video crypto crowdfund, to be released this Summer.

There’s a lot of magnetic Black energy, technology, and community baked into “yams.”, and the project is only in pre-production.

All will be revealed in the coming weeks via Mirror and **vsn’s** Twitter. Token holders will know what’s coming ahead of time.

Join our diverse community. Create a new vsn. If you read through the crypto crowdfund, tweet the link, your (brief) thoughts, and some yams.