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Melo is washed: Why the aged superstar is worthy of all the slander

Carmelo Anthony is washed.

The 15-year vet, 10-time all-star, former scoring champ and so on and so on, has absolutely no more left in the tank; at least not like he used to. And it seems that only he and his loyalists can’t see it.

The Atlanta Hawks for a brief moment thought he was Melo of old before quickly seeing that he wasn’t and now his current team, The Houston Rockets, after boasting Melo had bought into team’s vision and was motivated to prove his critics wrong have, too, found out he’s not who they thought he was.

After missing two games due to illnesses, two days ago the New York Times‘ Marc Stein reported on Sunday, that Anthony’s recent absences could be a prelude to him being waived.

After Stein left NBA twitter in a disarray, Adrian Wojnarowski came back to drop a bomb on Monday evening, saying Anthony’s reps are reaching out to other teams in hopes of finding a possible landing spot for the veteran. Via ESPN:

“With no ongoing discussions about Carmelo Anthony rejoining the Houston Rockets, his representatives spent Monday gathering information from NBA front offices about a potential landing spot for the 10-time All-Star forward, league sources told ESPN.”

Both Anthony and front office officials around the league are privately expressing surprise at the speed in which Houston is short-circuiting this partnership, especially after the Rockets’ courtship of him this summer.

The shock around the league is valid. This is a mighty short tenure especially considering how the Rockets’ courted Anthony this summer, then you have the discussion of Melo’s play: has his talent really diminished or is are there greater factors at play which deserve blame as well? I hate to say it, but it’s the former.

Carmelo Anthony is currently averaging 13.4 points in 13 minutes, shooting 39% from three and averaging a plus-minus of -6.3. In his last game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Melo struggled mightily off the bench, scoring two points on 1-of-11 shooting.

The Rockets are 5-7 and not looking like the Western Conference finals contenders that took the defending champs to seven games a year ago. And it’s not like he wasn’t ineffective just a year ago in OKC, either. As a starter he only put up 16 points per game, a significant dip from his year prior in New York.

Frustrated New York Knicks GIF by NBA - Find & Share on GIPHY

However, some are still clinging on to this narrative that he’s being singled out or that he’s not as ineffective as he seems. Former NBA player and part-time commentator Stephen Jackson took to his Instagram to go on a spill about how Melo was being done so wrong.

“Let me say this…. Me, A.I., and a couple other players. They trying to blackball Melo. Why? The season just starting, why they coming up and saying ‘your time with the team is almost up,’ and the season’s just starting? You see what I’m saying? They trying to blackball Melo and push him out of the league and make sure it looks like he can’t play no more, or make sure it looks like every team he goes to he’s a problem or he’s a cancer on the team in the locker room. Which is so far from being true.

Stephen Jackson continued saying,

I can name 50 people Melo better than right now in the NBA. I can name 50 people he’s a better teammate than. So don’t believe this narrative they’re trying to put out there that Melo is just a cancer and he can’t play and he just makes every team bad. That’s BS.”

I get how it’s easy to get lost in his 62 points in the Garden and winning gold with Team USA and his duels with Kobe as a Nugget — but those days are long gone.

Unlike LeBron — who is also in his 15th season — Carmelo’s entire body of work has taken a step back and even though Carmelo has agreed to come off the bench, maybe an even lesser role might be better suited for him.

Hoodie Melo, L.A. Fitness & Lifetime Melo, Melo on the beach, or whichever Melo he decides to unveil next, we’re over it; the sham is up — quit with the dramatics.

We’re all ready to accept Melo is not the same player he once was, I just wish he would, too.

These 8 celebrities are helping Puerto Rico way more than Trump

It’s been a week since Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico without water and electricity.

The island has been left in devastation with experts saying the death toll could reach into the hundreds. With the island already in the throes of an economic disaster, the storm is bound to make things a lot worse for Puerto Rico.

It seems like most of the country has forgotten that Puerto Rico is a part of the United States. The island is entitled to the same amount of government response as any state.

A week after the disaster, our president chose to spend his time arguing with athletes on Twitter. When he finally decided to address the epic disaster this is what he had to say:

With that unusual response we look to celebrities who are actively working to aid the destroyed island. These 8 celebrities are doing way more for PR than Trump:

Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez

RESS RELEASE: Miami, FL- September 27, 2017 – Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez announce the creation of “SOMOS UNA VOZ” (We Are One Voice), a humanitarian relief initiative and alliance of some of the most relevant figures in the worlds of entertainment, sports and the arts. With over 1 billion social media followers to help raise awareness of, and donations for those in need, the “SOMOS UNA VOZ” alliance is working together to rush food, shelter, medicine, power and communications to those in need. Alliance members include ALEJANDRO FERNANDEZ, ALEJANDRO SANZ, ALEX RODRIGUEZ, ALEX SENSATION, BRUNO MARS, CAMILA, CHAYANNE, DADDY YANKEE, ED SHEERAN, EDWARD NORTON, ENRIQUE SANTOS, FAT JOE, FONSECA, GENTE DE ZONA, J BALVIN, JADA PINKETT SMITH, JESSY &JOY, JIMMY SMITS, JOHN LEGUIZAMO, JUAN LUIS GUERRA, KANY GARCIA, LIN MANUEL MIRANDA, LUIS FONSI, MALUMA, MAGIC!, MARIO DOMM, MOTIFF, NACHO, NARCISO RODRIGUEZ, NICKY JAM, PAUL SIMON, PITBULL, PRINCE ROYCE, RICKY MARTIN, ROMEO SANTOS, VIN DIESEL AND YANDEL To learn more and donate to the GoFundMe “SOMOS UNA VOZ” campaign, visit: Funds will be distributed among the following groups: American Red Cross, Reach Out Worldwide, United Way, United for #PuertoRico <>, with more beneficiaries to come. ABOUT SOMOS UNA VOZ: “SOMOS UNA VOZ” (We Are One Voice) is an alliance of artists working together to rush food, shelter, medicine, power, and communications to areas affected by recent natural disasters.

A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on

The Puerto Rican stars have announced their “Somos Una Voz” (We are one voice) campaign. The initiative has been backed my many celebrities in an effort to rush medicine, food, and power to all the areas devastated by recent natural disasters.

Celebrities like Alex Rodriguez and Jada Pinkett Smith, amongst many others, have pledged to back this campaign and offer any assistance they can. J. Lo herself has already personally promised $1 million to aid Puerto Rico.


Back when Hurricane Irma hit Miami a few weeks ago, Pitbull made sure to participate in his hometown’s relief. Now with Puerto Rico in need of help, the Miami rapper hasn’t missed a step in doing his part.

He’s reportedly sent his private plane to the island to retrieve cancer patients and bring them to the states for continued treatment. “Thank God we’re blessed to help. Just doing my part,” he told the New York daily news on Tuesday.

Mark Cuban & J.J. Barea Thank you … coqui

A post shared by jose barea (@jjbarea11) on

Mavericks guard J.J. Barea managed to rescue his family from the island in his team’s plane courtesy of Mark Cuban. The Puerto Rican ball player flew to the island and along with picking up his family, dropped off supplies for his people.

Barea has been posting all over his social media raising awareness for his native country and has raised $100,000 on his “Youcaring” account. While Trump denies requests for a Puerto Rico shipping waiver, this man is taking matters into his own hands.

Aubrey Plaza

link in bio to support PR and the victims of hurricane maria ❤️🇵🇷❤️

A post shared by aubrey plaza (@plazadeaubrey) on

The Parks and Recreation star posted a link on Twitter to a Generosity by Indiegogo fund. The fund has already raised nearly $500,000 and hopefully will continue growing.

According to the site 100% of the money raised will be used exclusively for long term relief for the victims of Hurricane Maria.

Carmelo Anthony & Lala Anthony

Melo has always been an extremely active member of the Puerto Rican community.

Having his own soccer team out there, it’s clear to see how important his people are to him. In the wake of this tragedy Melo has stepped to the forefront and set up his own personal “Youcaring” page. He has raised over $210,000 so far.

Lala is also doing her best to aid her country by getting involved in spreading awareness to where people can donate.

Both Lala and Melo have family in the country who they haven’t heard from as of yet due to the total lack of power the island is facing.

Does adding Hoodie Melo make the OKC Thunder title contenders?

After a wild offseason, it’s safe to say this upcoming year in the NBA is gonna be lit.

But after this week, the question is now are the Thunder loaded enough to make it past the Warriors and probably face LeBron and D Wade in the Finals? With the additions of Paul George and now Melo, the Thunder could have one of the most lethal offenses in the NBA.

Or they could totally implode if Russell Westbrook decides to not pass the ball.

Since arriving in OKC, Melo has been embraced by the team and city.

Thunder fans greeted Melo as he arrived in OKC. (via @FredKatz & @kixunltd_)

A post shared by House of Highlights (@houseofhighlights) on

He deadass even wore his hoodie adding to summer legend.

#HoodieMelo is coming

A post shared by House of Highlights (@houseofhighlights) on

This is gonna be a scary sight for opposing defenses all season.

Melo was then asked this ridiculous question by a reporter and had the best response.

Melo couldn’t help but laugh when asked about coming off the bench. 😂😂😂

A post shared by House of Highlights (@houseofhighlights) on

Carmelo has played over 900 games in the NBA and started all of them. Do you think he’s coming off the bench?

New York Knicks No GIF by NBA - Find & Share on GIPHY

ESPN actually reported that the Thunder plan to move him to the 4 spot and he’s already cool with their plans.

During media day, he was also asked about D Wade joining him.

As soon as Melo found out he was a free agent, he tried to recruit Wade to form an insane monster team but Flash ended up following LeBron to Cleveland. That team would’ve been too crazy!

Melo and LeBron recruiting D-Wade

A post shared by House of Highlights (@houseofhighlights) on

Carmelo is no longer the star on his team after joining the MVP Russell Westbrook and four-time All Star Paul George. But that doesn’t matter because he still will be a huge factor when it comes to clutch moments. And at this point he just wants to win a title!

He is low key still one of the nicest players in the league but continues to get disrespected by ESPN and NBA 2K. Don’t be surprised if Melo has one of his best seasons yet as he’s ready to prove the haters wrong.

The Western Conference is also as strong as it’s ever been after CP3 joined James Harden and the Rockets. They could’ve definitely used Melo too though.

The Spurs and the Warriors are reloaded as well but I think the Thunder have a good chance to make it far in the playoffs and hopefully make the Finals and go all the the way. That’s the storybook ending we need for our guy Melo!

As a Knicks fan, I’m hype to see Hoodie Melo go because I’ve seen what type of player and guy he is over the years and I just want him to do well. He deserves a ring man. At 33 years old, he only has a few good years left in him. This was the right move for him.

This NBA season is gonna be wild and it looks like the Thunder are back! Watch out KD and LeBron. It’s a new year and anything can happen!

Toughest trio. #ThunderFWD

A post shared by Oklahoma City Thunder (@okcthunder) on

Kid from Queens stunts on everyone with first #HoodieMelo Knicks jersey

Starting with footage of him training at the park dolo at 2 in the morning to cooking opponents at pick up games, #HoodieMelo has become a summertime legend.

Carmelo Anthony wearing a hoodie is a problem for anybody, even 2K placed Hoodie Melo at a 98 rating over his normal 84 rating.

Fans are ready for Melo to come out this season in a Knicks hoodie and unlock his full potential. That dream might actually become reality as Knicks superfan Robert Gordon had a custom Knicks jersey made specifically in honor of our summertime legend.

His masterpiece — a Melo jersey with a dope ass hoodie attached.

On paper this idea sounds goofy as hell but to be honest, it’s mad legendary. Melo can’t wear this while on the floor in case his gets shit snatched, but he should definitely come out wearing it EVERY GAME.

No doubt we’re gonna see A LOT of these at the Garden this season (with or without Melo), but you already know who set the trend first.

We managed to speak to the genius from Queens, Robert “Fingers” Gordon, about his idea to bring the Hoodie Melo jersey to life and his low-key insane Knicks fandom.

What was the process behind the Melo hoodie jersey? When did you come up with the concept and how long did it take to create?

“Hoodie Melo was definitely the meme of the summer this offseason, so when someone did the mockup of the Hoodie Melo Knicks jersey, I looked at it and said ‘I should make that.’ I already had a Melo authentic jersey, so I sourced some materials for the hood and then looked for someone who could do it. I reconnected with my bro Squeaksz, who’s been designing clothes for years with his Lethal Inspiration brand. I showed him what I wanted to do and he knocked it out the park.”


What do you think about all the Melo disrespect lately? 2K gave him a 84 rating and ESPN ranked him #64 best player in the NBA.

“Honestly, it’s all ridiculous. There aren’t 30 basketball players on the planet better than Melo, let alone 63. Nobody can guard him one on one. He’s good for 30 on any night. He’s been giving everyone work all summer and I think he’s ready for a big year.”

How many Knicks jerseys do you own? What are some of classics you got in the vault?

“I own about 40 Knicks jerseys right now. I’ve been collecting jerseys for a long time, but I’ve focused solely on Knicks jerseys the past couple of years. I have a 50th anniversary John Starks pro cut jersey, the one he wore when he flipped off the entire city of Miami. My other favorite is the Timofey Mozgov game-issued green Christmas jersey. It’s a little big on me…”


Do you think it’s time for Melo’s run with the Knicks to come to an end?

“I think Melo still has a lot to offer to the Knicks, but if he’s unhappy here, I’d want him to go somewhere to compete. It would be dope to see him team up with CP3 and Harden in Houston, but I’d really like to see him team up with LeBron. It’s a story 16 years in the making. No matter what, he’s a Knicks legend. Once a Knick, always a Knick!”

Carmelo Anthony needs to leave the Knicks to prove his haters wrong

There’s been a lot of Melo disrespect lately.

First NBA 2K gave him an 84 rating and now ESPN has him ranked as the 64th best player in the league for this upcoming season.

So you’re going to tell me there’s 63 players, including Lonzo Ball and Danny Green, who are better than him right now? GTFO here!

Carmelo Anthony Eyes Closed GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

It’s sad to say but there’s really only one way for Carmelo Anthony to prove finally his haters wrong — leave New York.

Now believe me, I’m a Knicks fan for life, but I know that Melo needs to make his way to another team if he wants to silence the critics and do something in the playoffs. The orange and blue is the only thing holding him back and they don’t even deserve him.

Melo was hurt last season and was still going off. He has been working hard on his game this summer and #HoodieMelo is turning into an urban legend. The question is, which team will be the best team for him?

Anthony has been training with renowned NBA trainer Chris Brickley all summer and has been playing highly competitive games with NBA talent like LeBron, KD, Westbrook, CP3, and Harden all summer long.

Most notably, he’s been playing with C.J. McCollum who’s been trying to recruit him hard to the Blazers. There’s been a lot of speculation and many believe that Carmelo would be fine with calling Portland home. As long as it isn’t New York!

That would be a solid team no doubt but to compete in the West, he is going to want to make a power move like joining James Harden and CP3 on the Rockets. There wouldn’t be a lot of defense on that team but it would be a lot better than his current situation.

Carmelo Anthony GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The Rockets have a very good chance of not only making it to the playoffs but competing in the Finals with or without Carmelo. This could be the most ideal situation for him. Once again, they aren’t the Knicks.

Who knows where he’ll go but at the end of the day one thing is true — if he stays on the Knicks he won’t be getting anywhere near the postseason.

He needs better players around him and more importantly better management. The ownership of James Dolan is what’s really holding New York back. Just look at what he had his goons do to my mans Charles Oakley!

Unless he knows that LeBron James is coming to New York to build the Banana Boat super team, Melo shouldn’t even think about staying with the Knicks.

But realistically that’s NEVER gonna happen so his best option is to just go to the Rockets and compete now. Any team would be happy to take someone with the talent of Melo. His contract is another story.

Melo deserves a ring more than anyone in the NBA now that KD got his.

Golden State Warriors Shrug GIF by NBA - Find & Share on GIPHY

The Warriors might have a serious problem if Melo goes to the Rockets as his scoring would help an already potent offense compete with Golden State.

If Melo went to the Blazers on the other hand, they would be good but nowhere near getting past the Spurs or Warriors any time soon.

Then again if LeBron comes to the Knicks they could build the craziest super team the NBA has ever seen. Melo could end up with more rings than any other option.

Lebron James Laughing GIF by Carmelo Anthony - Find & Share on GIPHY

There is a a slight chance Melo and LeBron play together at some point considering that they’ve been playing against each other for years starting in high school and openly talking about it for the last several years.

Being on a team with the King would pretty much guarantee a Finals appearance.

At this point of his career, why wouldn’t Melo want to do that?

ESPN has officially lost all credibility for playing Melo like this

Slandering Carmelo Anthony seems to be the new trend these days as everyone impatiently waits for him to finally accept a trade and leave NY. Even Phil Jackson had beef with him but all the disrespect he’s endured is nothing compared to what ESPN did yesterday.

ESPN is releasing their annual top 100 NBA player rankings and the list is interesting to say the least.

Dwyane Wade being left off the list as well as putting Lonzo Ball (who hasn’t even played an official NBA game) over players like Tristan Thompson and Serge Ibaka has NBA fans in a frenzy but the most damning thing has to be how they played my son Carmelo Anthony.

Frustrated New York Knicks GIF by NBA - Find & Share on GIPHY

It’s no secret that the Knicks have been trash for years, as a Knicks fan I’ve come to peace with that fact. That being said, I still recognize (as well as many others) Carmelo Anthony as being one of the top NBA players in the league.

At 33 years old Melo has a career average of 24.8 points per game proving his ability to be an elite scorer no matter the circumstances.

ESPN apparently doesn’t feel the same way as I do as Melo is ranked number 64 on their most recent NBA player rankings. Lonzo Ball — a kid who has yet to even debut in the NBA — is ranked above Melo, taking the number 63 spot.

I don’t know what the fuck the folks over at ESPN based this list on but it’s obvious this was at least partially for attention’s sake.

Melo clearly isn’t the scrub this list makes him out to be so here’s a few players who ranked above him in ESPN’s rankings that can’t hold a candle to him (statistically speaking).

I’ll put Melo’s stats first for clear comparison and the numbers each player was ranked next to their name.

Carmelo Anthony – #64

Eric Gordon – #62

Danny Green – #59

Danilo Gallinari – #54

Harrison Barnes – #58

Melo’s stats clearly trump everyone who was placed above him. I can’t even be mad at ESPN for their rankings though… this is their business model.

Making a purposely controversial list gives them topics for their on-air personalities to yell about, it’s a never ending cycle.

Regardless of how you feel about the Knicks Carmelo Anthony is still one of the greatest basketball players in the world. After the list broke Melo quickly took to Instagram to air out his feelings on his ranking.

Melo wasn’t the only one with a response though as Twitter, in usual Twitter fashion, went in on ESPN and their dumb ass list.

After Kyrie trade, LeBron needs to bring his ‘super team’ to New York

There’s no denying it – the 2017 NBA offseason has been absolutely insane.

Big name players like Paul George, Chris Paul, and Gordon Hayward all made moves to strong teams to play with fellow superstars.

This year’s rookies might be the best incoming group since LeBron, D-Wade, and Melo headlined the legendary ’03 rookie class.

But the wildest move happened last week, when the Celtics and Cavs pulled off a blockbuster trade, swapping all-star point guards Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas.

All of these moves should make the 2017-18 season one of the most entertaining in recent years. That being said, it’s pretty safe to assume that the Warriors will win another championship and every other team is going to spend the 2018 offseason scrambling to try and play catch up.

One of those teams is, of course, my beloved Knicks. You may be asking yourself – what the hell can this joke of a team possibly pull off to be even somewhat competitive? The real question isn’t what the team can do, it’s what LeBron needs to do.

We can all pretty much agree that there’s basically no chance in hell that King James returns to the Cavs when his contract is up at the end of this season.

Lebron James What GIF by SB Nation - Find & Share on GIPHY

Even this far out, everyone and their mother is trying to speculate as to where LBJ might take his talents next.

Some people think he’ll team up with Magic Johnson and take the Lakers back to their Showtime glory. Others say he’ll join the freaks of nature currently balling out in Minnesota.

While some believe he’ll head back to Miami, because anyone would be crazy to turn down an opportunity to build their empire down in South Beach.

All of that sounds dope, but there’s really only one place that makes sense for LeBron to stop next – the Mecca. The Knicks need LeBron and LeBron needs the Knicks. The two are a match made in b-ball heaven.

MSG is still the most iconic place to play basketball and LeBron is still the most iconic person playing right now (don’t even try to come at me with that Steph Curry b.s.).

In Cleveland, LeBron proved that he can take any team from the cellar to the top of the basketball world. The Knicks might be the biggest shit-show in the NBA right now and LBJ is the only person who could possibly save them at the moment.

NYC is the perfect place for LeBron and his super team of best friends (CP3, Melo, and D-Wade) to all link up. In New York, they can all continue to further grow their off court empire, while still playing for a big market team.

Besides all of the obvious reasons for King James to leave Cleveland for NYC, there’s one other extremely interesting reason. The whole Kyrie trade situation made everyone realize that there was actually some bad blood between Kyrie and LeBron.

Now that Kyrie is officially a Celtic, there would no better way of bringing back the Boston-New York rivalry than with LBJ in New York.

Just imagine – those two legendary franchises, both led by guys that can’t stand each other, back at the top of the Eastern conference, duking it out time after time at the TD Garden and MSG.

Even if it’s just for one season, LeBron James bringing his super team to New York would be a treat for Knicks fans and basketball fans across the country.

Meet Chris Brickley, trainer and homie to some of the NBA’s biggest stars

Social media has blown up over the last couple days with videos of some of the best players in the league playing pickup ball together.

A collection of players consisting of LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, JR Smith, and role players like Lance Thomas and Dahntay Jones, has basketball fans wondering, who is bringing these dudes together?

The guy bringing them together is former Louisville walk-on Chris Brickley. But how did he get to this point?

Chris Brickley’s has forged valuable connections at each stop on his basketball journey.

As a top-100 high school recruit, Brickley chose to go to Northeastern where he would meet legendary basketball coach Rick Pitino’s son Richard.

Richard Pitino convinced Brickley to transfer to Louisville and learn from the senior Pitino. At that point Brickley knew he wasn’t going to make the NBA, but he had an unquenchable thirst for basketball and who better to learn from than Rick Pitino?

After graduating from Louisville, Brickley got a job at Ole Miss and then landed an assistant gig at Fairleigh Dickinson in New Jersey.

While at Fairleigh Dickinson, Brickley became the youngest assistant coach in the country, but he also reconnected with former Louisville teammate Chris Smith, brother of JR Smith.

Brickley began working out with the Smiths and making connections within the Knicks organization. The Knicks noticed Brickley’s work ethic and dedication to the players he was training and hired him.

Some lessons are better learned through observation, rather than experience

A post shared by Chris Brickley (@cbrickley603) on

While with the Knicks, Brickley would work closely with Carmelo Anthony. As Brickley told Business Insider, he gained the trust of Anthony by being straight up with him.

Brickley said of giving Melo honest criticism:

“I wasn’t sure how he’d handle it, but after games I’d be like, ‘Dude you can play harder than that!’ I gave him constructive criticism … He ended up respecting me because of that.”

In a field where many trainers and coaches just tell players what they want to hear, Brickley isn’t going to sugarcoat anything, but he is also wildly dedicated to the players he trains.

That dedication allowed Brickley to leave the Knicks and do his own thing as an independent trainer, working with players across the league.

When former second overall draft pick D’Angelo Russell was traded to the Nets earlier this summer from the Lakers, Russell contacted Brickley as soon as he landed in his new city.

Brickley posted a video of Russell doing drills with the caption “2:09 AM. Work like there is someone working 24 hours a day to take it away from you.”

Brickley literally got out of bed to go workout with Russell. It’s this dedication that has players around the league clamoring to work with the former Louisville walk-on.

But it’s not just the work in the gym that has NBA players interested in Brickley, he’s also a relentless student of the game.

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Enes Kanter told Business Insider about Brickley’s appetite for the film room:

“He texts me in the middle of the day, like, ‘Hey man, who you wanna play like? Who was your favorite player growing up?’ And I’ll say like, Hakeem Olajuwon. And so he goes on YouTube and watches his workouts, his games, how he does it. Then we come the next day and we do the workout.”

That’s the kind of personal dedication and connection Brickley has for the players he works out with.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a multiple-time All Star like Melo or a young upstart like D’Angelo Russell, Chris Brickley wants to get the best out of his players.

#hoodieseason //

A post shared by Chris Brickley (@cbrickley603) on

We’ll be watching his players this season to see if Brickley’s help is paying off.

Carmelo Anthony is ready to dip New York. Where’s he going?

It’s no secret Carmelo Anthony wants to leave New York.

It seems to have finally hit him that he is well past his prime and if he wants to chase a championship ring, the time is now.

But over the weekend ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Knicks are attempting to convince him to stay in the Big Apple for one more season.

Anthony wasn’t happy about that and informed Knicks management that he wants out.

For weeks it appeared there were two teams in the running to obtain the former Syracuse star’s services: the Houston Rockets and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

But on Saturday, Portland Trailblazers guard C.J. McCollum posted a picture on Instagram of Carmelo Anthony in a Blazers uniform.

The Blazers could offer the Knicks a solid trade package centered around young, inexpensive wing players but it is unclear if Carmelo would waive his no-trade clause for Portland.

So if Carmelo is dealt, what would each trade look like and what would it provide each team on the court?

Cleveland Cavaliers

Lebron James Laughing GIF by Carmelo Anthony - Find & Share on GIPHY

The Cavs were praying the Knicks would buy out Carmelo and they could leverage his friendship with LeBron James to bring him to Cleveland.

But it appears the Knicks are looking to get something in return for Carmelo, which seriously hinders the Cavs’ chances.

They don’t want to swap Kevin Love for Carmelo one-for-one because they feel Love is more valuable and could fetch more in another deal.

The Cavs could try and send Iman Shumpert and Tristan Thompson to New York, though I don’t think the Knicks are interested in either of those players.

On the court the Cavs could use Carmelo as a small-ball power forward and involve him in pick-and-rolls with LeBron or Kyrie Irving. Think of how Carmelo played in the Olympics: this is exactly how the Cavs would want to use him.

Instead of using him in the post like the Knicks do, they would station him beyond the three-point arc and let him fire away.

Anthony is also a capable rebounder when he wants to be and could hurt the Golden State Warriors on the boards in a potential Finals rematch. The King is apparently working hard to bring Anthony to Northeast Ohio.

Houston Rockets

Happy Houston Rockets GIF by NBA - Find & Share on GIPHY

Houston has already had a huge offseason, bringing in Chris Paul, as well as role players P.J. Tucker and Luc Mbah a Moute. Adding Carmelo would give them an extra offensive punch they will need to seriously challenge the Warriors.

Houston doesn’t want to part ways with Trevor Ariza but they might have to in order to get the deal done. Houston wants to unload the Ryan Anderson contract but the Knicks would have to be brain dead to accept that deal.

Anthony would fit nicely next to Paul and James Harden by playing off the ball in Mike D’Antoni’s system.

If they hold onto Ariza and Clint Capella, they will have a ton of versatile players that could cover up Carmelo’s defensive deficiencies.

Portland Trailblazers

Damian Lillard Basketball GIF by Portland Trail Blazers - Find & Share on GIPHY

Of all the teams rumored to be interested in ‘Melo, the Blazers are the most intriguing. The Blazers reportedly went after Paul George but found the price to be too high.

If they were able to land Carmelo he would give them the scoring from the wing they have long needed.

With Damian Lillard and McCollum dominating the ball and initiating the offense, the Blazers are looking for someone to take the scoring load off of them.

The Blazers could probably offer the Knicks the best deal centered around Al-Farouq Aminu and Moe Harkless, two wings who make less than $10 million per year.

The addition of Carmelo and a healthy Jusuf Nurkic could push the Blazers into the middle of the Western Conference.

Phil Jackson is finally out of New York and Knicks fans are hype

Wednesday morning, the New York Knicks fired team President Phil Jackson, according to ESPN reports.

Apparently Knicks owner James Dolan decided to make the move because of a disagreement over Carmelo Anthony’s future with the franchise. Jackson wanted to buy out Anthony but Dolan felt the Knicks should keep the perennial All-Star.

Knicks fans are hype. Jackson never endeared himself to the New York faithful, making suspect trades, insisting on running the triangle, calling out Anthony in the media and finishing with a record of 80-166 in three rebuilding seasons.

Jackson, who still has $24 million left on his deal, promised to restore hope to the Knicks franchise by instituting the triangle offense that led to 11 titles in Chicago and Los Angeles.

But the league has changed and the offense didn’t generate enough pace or three-point opportunities to become efficient in the modern NBA. Anthony often ended up playing hero ball at the end of the shot clock, forcing up long contested two-point shots.

But the decision to let go of Jackson comes at an odd time, just two days before free agency is set to open.

Granted, the Knicks spent most of their cap room on Joakim Noah and Courtney Lee last summer, but they had enough money to make some moves on the fringes.

As recently as February, Dolan sang the praises of Jackson. He told ESPN Radio:

“Whether I like the results or don’t like the results, I am going to honor that agreement (with Jackson), all the way to the end.”

GM Steve Mills will take over for Jackson on an interim basis but that wont be an easy job. Jackson murdered the Knicks’ credibility around the league and are no longer a desirable destination for players looking to win.

The Knicks should focus on developing first round pick Frank Ntilikina, an 18-year-old point guard who has shown a good deal of potential over in France.

Well Knicks fans, you got your wish. Phil Jackson is finally gone, but what’s next?

Update: Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting the Knicks are targeting Toronto GM Masai Ujiri to replace Phil Jackson.