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Kid from Queens stunts on everyone with first #HoodieMelo Knicks jersey

Starting with footage of him training at the park dolo at 2 in the morning to cooking opponents at pick up games, #HoodieMelo has become a summertime legend.

Carmelo Anthony wearing a hoodie is a problem for anybody, even 2K placed Hoodie Melo at a 98 rating over his normal 84 rating.

Fans are ready for Melo to come out this season in a Knicks hoodie and unlock his full potential. That dream might actually become reality as Knicks superfan Robert Gordon had a custom Knicks jersey made specifically in honor of our summertime legend.

His masterpiece — a Melo jersey with a dope ass hoodie attached.

On paper this idea sounds goofy as hell but to be honest, it’s mad legendary. Melo can’t wear this while on the floor in case his gets shit snatched, but he should definitely come out wearing it EVERY GAME.

No doubt we’re gonna see A LOT of these at the Garden this season (with or without Melo), but you already know who set the trend first.

We managed to speak to the genius from Queens, Robert “Fingers” Gordon, about his idea to bring the Hoodie Melo jersey to life and his low-key insane Knicks fandom.

What was the process behind the Melo hoodie jersey? When did you come up with the concept and how long did it take to create?

“Hoodie Melo was definitely the meme of the summer this offseason, so when someone did the mockup of the Hoodie Melo Knicks jersey, I looked at it and said ‘I should make that.’ I already had a Melo authentic jersey, so I sourced some materials for the hood and then looked for someone who could do it. I reconnected with my bro Squeaksz, who’s been designing clothes for years with his Lethal Inspiration brand. I showed him what I wanted to do and he knocked it out the park.”


What do you think about all the Melo disrespect lately? 2K gave him a 84 rating and ESPN ranked him #64 best player in the NBA.

“Honestly, it’s all ridiculous. There aren’t 30 basketball players on the planet better than Melo, let alone 63. Nobody can guard him one on one. He’s good for 30 on any night. He’s been giving everyone work all summer and I think he’s ready for a big year.”

How many Knicks jerseys do you own? What are some of classics you got in the vault?

“I own about 40 Knicks jerseys right now. I’ve been collecting jerseys for a long time, but I’ve focused solely on Knicks jerseys the past couple of years. I have a 50th anniversary John Starks pro cut jersey, the one he wore when he flipped off the entire city of Miami. My other favorite is the Timofey Mozgov game-issued green Christmas jersey. It’s a little big on me…”


Do you think it’s time for Melo’s run with the Knicks to come to an end?

“I think Melo still has a lot to offer to the Knicks, but if he’s unhappy here, I’d want him to go somewhere to compete. It would be dope to see him team up with CP3 and Harden in Houston, but I’d really like to see him team up with LeBron. It’s a story 16 years in the making. No matter what, he’s a Knicks legend. Once a Knick, always a Knick!”