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Does adding Hoodie Melo make the OKC Thunder title contenders?

After a wild offseason, it’s safe to say this upcoming year in the NBA is gonna be lit.

But after this week, the question is now are the Thunder loaded enough to make it past the Warriors and probably face LeBron and D Wade in the Finals? With the additions of Paul George and now Melo, the Thunder could have one of the most lethal offenses in the NBA.

Or they could totally implode if Russell Westbrook decides to not pass the ball.

Since arriving in OKC, Melo has been embraced by the team and city.

Thunder fans greeted Melo as he arrived in OKC. (via @FredKatz & @kixunltd_)

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He deadass even wore his hoodie adding to summer legend.

#HoodieMelo is coming

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This is gonna be a scary sight for opposing defenses all season.

Melo was then asked this ridiculous question by a reporter and had the best response.

Melo couldn’t help but laugh when asked about coming off the bench. 😂😂😂

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Carmelo has played over 900 games in the NBA and started all of them. Do you think he’s coming off the bench?

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ESPN actually reported that the Thunder plan to move him to the 4 spot and he’s already cool with their plans.

During media day, he was also asked about D Wade joining him.

As soon as Melo found out he was a free agent, he tried to recruit Wade to form an insane monster team but Flash ended up following LeBron to Cleveland. That team would’ve been too crazy!

Melo and LeBron recruiting D-Wade

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Carmelo is no longer the star on his team after joining the MVP Russell Westbrook and four-time All Star Paul George. But that doesn’t matter because he still will be a huge factor when it comes to clutch moments. And at this point he just wants to win a title!

He is low key still one of the nicest players in the league but continues to get disrespected by ESPN and NBA 2K. Don’t be surprised if Melo has one of his best seasons yet as he’s ready to prove the haters wrong.

The Western Conference is also as strong as it’s ever been after CP3 joined James Harden and the Rockets. They could’ve definitely used Melo too though.

The Spurs and the Warriors are reloaded as well but I think the Thunder have a good chance to make it far in the playoffs and hopefully make the Finals and go all the the way. That’s the storybook ending we need for our guy Melo!

As a Knicks fan, I’m hype to see Hoodie Melo go because I’ve seen what type of player and guy he is over the years and I just want him to do well. He deserves a ring man. At 33 years old, he only has a few good years left in him. This was the right move for him.

This NBA season is gonna be wild and it looks like the Thunder are back! Watch out KD and LeBron. It’s a new year and anything can happen!

Toughest trio. #ThunderFWD

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