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Carmelo Anthony needs to leave the Knicks to prove his haters wrong

There’s been a lot of Melo disrespect lately.

First NBA 2K gave him an 84 rating and now ESPN has him ranked as the 64th best player in the league for this upcoming season.

So you’re going to tell me there’s 63 players, including Lonzo Ball and Danny Green, who are better than him right now? GTFO here!

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It’s sad to say but there’s really only one way for Carmelo Anthony to prove finally his haters wrong — leave New York.

Now believe me, I’m a Knicks fan for life, but I know that Melo needs to make his way to another team if he wants to silence the critics and do something in the playoffs. The orange and blue is the only thing holding him back and they don’t even deserve him.

Melo was hurt last season and was still going off. He has been working hard on his game this summer and #HoodieMelo is turning into an urban legend. The question is, which team will be the best team for him?

Anthony has been training with renowned NBA trainer Chris Brickley all summer and has been playing highly competitive games with NBA talent like LeBron, KD, Westbrook, CP3, and Harden all summer long.

Most notably, he’s been playing with C.J. McCollum who’s been trying to recruit him hard to the Blazers. There’s been a lot of speculation and many believe that Carmelo would be fine with calling Portland home. As long as it isn’t New York!

That would be a solid team no doubt but to compete in the West, he is going to want to make a power move like joining James Harden and CP3 on the Rockets. There wouldn’t be a lot of defense on that team but it would be a lot better than his current situation.

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The Rockets have a very good chance of not only making it to the playoffs but competing in the Finals with or without Carmelo. This could be the most ideal situation for him. Once again, they aren’t the Knicks.

Who knows where he’ll go but at the end of the day one thing is true — if he stays on the Knicks he won’t be getting anywhere near the postseason.

He needs better players around him and more importantly better management. The ownership of James Dolan is what’s really holding New York back. Just look at what he had his goons do to my mans Charles Oakley!

Unless he knows that LeBron James is coming to New York to build the Banana Boat super team, Melo shouldn’t even think about staying with the Knicks.

But realistically that’s NEVER gonna happen so his best option is to just go to the Rockets and compete now. Any team would be happy to take someone with the talent of Melo. His contract is another story.

Melo deserves a ring more than anyone in the NBA now that KD got his.

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The Warriors might have a serious problem if Melo goes to the Rockets as his scoring would help an already potent offense compete with Golden State.

If Melo went to the Blazers on the other hand, they would be good but nowhere near getting past the Spurs or Warriors any time soon.

Then again if LeBron comes to the Knicks they could build the craziest super team the NBA has ever seen. Melo could end up with more rings than any other option.

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There is a a slight chance Melo and LeBron play together at some point considering that they’ve been playing against each other for years starting in high school and openly talking about it for the last several years.

Being on a team with the King would pretty much guarantee a Finals appearance.

At this point of his career, why wouldn’t Melo want to do that?