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Boston hip-hop artist Glvsshouse reflects on life with ‘Broken & Lost’

Glvsshouse, a name fit for the artist who uses his music to reflect his emotions back to his listeners, has recently released his brand new song, ‘Broken & Lost’. The Boston hip-hop artist hopes to reconnect with his listeners and show them who he is.

“I write songs based on emotion and if you throw a rock at a glasshouse, it shatters so it kind of reflects on my music very well”

We at Kulture Hub had the opportunity to interview him and learn just how dope he was for ourselves.

KH: What made you decide to use music as your way of expressing yourself?

Music has been an outlet for my emotions and I have a lot of mental issues and stuff, I talk about it in my music like my anxiety and music was just a way for me to vent about certain situations that can’t just be talked about and I can put it into song

KH: When you produce your songs, what is the most important thing you keep in mind? Specific lyrics, trends, sounds?

I love punk rock music and I love hip-hop so I always try to blend the two together whenever I’m making music. Those are two things that I definitely think of when I’m creating new music.

How can I incorporate punk rock background with trendy new hip hop?

I’m always supporting new hip-hop artists like Pop Smoke is probably my favorite artist right now and I can go from listening to Pop Smoke to putting on a Mayday Parade album. 

I love music like that, I grew up on music like that so when I can go back and forth between the two, something like Juice Wrld to Mayday Parade, I always do stuff like that

Every time I’m making a song, i’m always blending genres together

KH: Congratulations on being featured on Pharrell William’s ‘I am OTHER’ brand! How did you hear about it and what was the submission process like? How did you feel when you found out you were featured and what does it mean for you?

It’s a major look for me, I’m super excited about that

It’s amazing to be part of a dope collaboration like that but at the end of the day, I do this stuff every day, I’m always trying to get my music in front of people so whether it’s submitting something or having my manager make a play, I’m really grateful for any opportunity I get.

There’s going to be a lot more coming up so I’m not going to think too much about this but like I said, this is my life, I make music all the time and I’m hoping for situations like this to be pretty familiar. 

KH: I saw that you recently put out a new song, (Broken & Lost), what was the inspiration behind it?

It’s based on past relationships and issues, mentally that I’ve dealt with that goes on the table, I’ve dealt with a lot of stuff in life, it’s not always easy so sometimes you take it out on, for instance, drugs or whatever it may be.

I think the inspiration behind that song was really just me trying to show that I deal with things in a certain way, sometimes I do smoke a lot of weed and I do get caught up at the time but at the end of the day, there’s going to be a light at the end of the tunnel. 

KH: Your EP Vacant dropped a couple of months ago, did you have a specific concept behind it and some of the topics you explored?

VACANT was an EP,  a collaboration with my friend Donald Grunge and I met him probably a year and a half ago in California, and we’ve just been working ever since.

We both make music to vent about personal stuff going on so it’s just a collaboration of us two about things that were going on in our lives.

KH: What message do you hope your audience takes from your music?

I just hope anyone who’s listening can relate to my music, I make music that’s all about feelings and so I hope someone can relate to it and feel better about themselves after listening to it.  

KH: Based on your musical career so far, what is the biggest piece of advice you have?

To keep on going, keep going and don’t stop because good things are on the way. You might suck for five, maybe 10 years but you’re always going to get better if you keep going, keep being consistent

If you had to choose one song to show a brand new listener that describes you the best, what song would it be and why?

Right now, listen to Grave. That’s a very personal song to me about how I keep my word on things, that’s a really good intro to show someone if they’re just starting to listen to my music. 

KH: Are there any goals you would like to accomplish before the year is over?

I think my biggest goal which is pretty similar to a lot of artists is I wanna sell out an arena in my hometown, so the Boston Garden and we’re going to do that. It might not be the year then but within the next couple of years, we’ll be there. 


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#TBT to #Smackdown last week! Reminder, tickets for WWE #SummerSlam at TD Garden on Aug. 23 go on sale tomorrow at 10AM. 👊

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KH: Is there anything you’d like to say your listeners before we sign off?

I got a lot of music on the way, everyone that’s been supporting me from the beginning, I love you guys.

Anyone that’s listening that’s new, check out my latest single ‘Broken and Lost’ anywhere you can download music from.

If you’re a new artist starting to make music, keep going, don’t stop. There’s a lot of downfalls but there’s a lot of upsides to it too and it takes a long time, it’s not going to happen overnight.

Singing about his experiences, how he deals with his mental health, Glvsshouse is an artist that does his best to show his listeners the real him.

Be sure to check out his latest single, ‘Broken & Lost’, and be sure to follow him on Instagram and Spotify for the latest updates about his music!

Justice League NYC calls virtual town hall meeting on police brutality

In a recent virtual town hall meeting, Justice League NYC called upon the victims of police brutality, to elevate their stories. The organization also featured the voices of various activists to help demystify the #Defundthepolice movement.

The Justice League of NYC emphasized the trauma of the victims of police brutality in hopes to further encourage others to recognize the abuse of power that many officers hold.

Although taking place online, this meeting did not lose any of the impacts it sought to create.

Crime is just a way to legally enforce abuse

Brea Baker, a member of the Justice League NYC & Inspire Justice, began the meeting with the history of the police.

She reminded viewers that the police were originally created as slave patrollers. The institution of the police force did not intend to protect their citizens, but rather they enforced inhumane ways of treating those that they deemed “criminal.” The police were a way to enforce laws on and out of plantations. After the Civil War, the police became a way to reinforce Jim Crow Laws.

“Crime is a social construct”

Legislatures created crimes with the intention to give law enforcement an excuse to incarcerate. As a result, these social constructs became a way to control the general public, especially those they deemed as “extremists”.

“Extremists” are those the law considers having an opposing view or views against the government. During the 1960s and 1970s, the establishment and government institutions considered hippies and civil rights activists ‘extremists’. Now in 2020, anyone who is against police brutality is supposedly an ‘extremist’ –when we know that is not an accurate description.

Institutions can also inflict abuse by the way of involuntary labor. The US would not be where it is today without free labor. Time after time, no matter how far you look, there have always been instances where those in power exploited others for their labor. The most recognizable form of unpaid labor was slavery. And even now, in 2020, people are still being used for unpaid labor. While in the past they may have been slaves now they’re prisoners or inmates.

We must be unified

The citizens of the USA must understand the similarities between two large minority groups when it comes to prison systems: Hispanics/Latinos and Black people. Both are incarcerated at alarming rates, with the understanding that incarceration equals rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation through exploitative labor is pervasive in our culture as many of us consider it the only way to stop ‘crimes’ from happening.

That said it is important for the Hispanic/Latino community and the Black community to set aside their differences and internalized racism to work together and defeat police brutality with ideas that actually work.

Families are the losers

The siblings and family members of the police brutality victims shared their stories and the horrors of what had transpired and continues to transpire.

“Be afraid that the families are unified, the families know what changes are needed” – Yul-san Liem

It is important for families to advocate for the decertification of the police. Especially after losing a family member due to police abusing their power.

Allisa Findley states “These deaths cannot be worthless… they cannot have died without it meaning something in the face of police brutality”

Ashley Monterrosa, sister of Sean Moterrosa, believes they must turn their pain into power. Ashley and her sister, Michelle Monterrosa, recounted the story of finding out what happened to their brother with tears. They also exposed the disgusting traditions the Vallejo police have.

“They handcuffed him even after he was lifeless”

The Bay Area community knows the Vallejo police force has police officers that have not gone through training. The VPD also has the horrifying tradition of murdering someone in cold blood, as an initiation. After each murder, the cops would then bend a part of their badge as though it is a trophy.

Sean Monterrosa’s case then had its evidence tampered with and destroyed.

The justice system led each family who experienced the abuse of power at the hands of the police on a wild goose chase in the family’s attempt to learn about their family member’s death.

What to do?

We cannot let the abuse of power go any further. Countless lives have been taken and yet the murderers have not suffered the consequences.

We must vote with integrity, education, and know what we are supporting. 

#Defundthepolice #decertifythepolice

Watch the full broadcast of the virtual town hall meeting here.

Listen below to the first episode our joint podcast with The Gathering for Justice: Advocate Daily. In this episode, we speak with community activist, The Gathering for Justice CEO and President Carmen Perez-Jordan.

Why are people tweaking about this Clown Motel? A cautious investigation

Have you ever wanted to live out your dream of living in constant fear that a killer clown might actually kill you?

Well, now you can!

Located in Tonopah, Nevada, you can now spend a few nights at the Clown Motel for less than $50/night.

But the real price you pay? Trying not to freak out when you notice the giant clown hanging above your bed.

So who’s really behind this Clown Motel tho?

The CEO of Clown Motel, Hame Anand, did not come to be in charge of the motel to make people’s worst nightmares come true.


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Nature’s colors over World Famous The Clown Motel. #Nature #BlueSky #GorgeousSky #NatureWonders #Tonopah #Nevada #TheClownMotel 🤡

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Contrary to popular belief, Hame Anand came up with this idea after watching the circus when he was younger. Tigers, trapeze artists, anything similar was simply just terrifying to the 14- year old. He left after 15 minutes.

Honestly? Me too.

After his friend convinced him to give the circus one more chance, Anand soon found himself immersed in the show when a clown came out to perform, transforming the gasps into laughter.

After that eye-opening experience, Anand began to collect clowns.

The Clown Motel had been previously owned by Bob Persichetti for over two decades. When Persichetti decided to sell it, Anand believed it to be fate and immediately bought it for around $900,000.

Anand soon merged his 200 clowns with the 800 clowns that were already on the property. However, things become a little… creepy every now and then.

Ooof… The Creepy Clown Experiences

There have been accounts of rather strange events happening around the property.

From hearing voices in the dark, doors opening and closing to even a group of girls claiming to find a ghost in their bathroom that offered to fix their toilet.

The Clown Motel is conveniently located next to a graveyard, in which Anand believes that many of the ghosts that roam the grounds are just spirits that managed to find their way over from the cemetery next door.

When asked which rooms were deemed the creepiest, Anand lists just about every room.


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However, some were purposely created that way in order to play on the thrill guests get. There are certain rooms decorated in order to fit the theme, such as Halloween room, Exorcist room, and Friday the 13th room.

Don’t let the clown statues fool you though. 

“The owner is one of the most pleasant human beings I’ve met.” One review said, “The room was immaculate and modern. The clown decor is quirky, and not unsettling. The cemetery next door was just an added bonus. 10/10!!”

#BLM is about real social change not symbolic excuses

After George Floyd‘s death, people from all over the country have protested against the U.S. justice system. These protests make their message extremely clear: Reform the police and create laws that hold racists and abusers accountable for their hate crimes.

Although this seems fairly simple, it is clear that those in power care more about policing than protection.

In hopes to please protestors, there have been countless “victories”. These victories include painting street murals, having non-Black actors/actresses drop out of their role if they are not Black, and removing racist episodes on streaming services.

However, none of these “changes” are exactly what the protestors are fighting for. By completely ignoring the actual demands of the protestors and skirting around the real issue, it shows how little the government actually cares.

Painting Murals

On June 19th, New York City Mayor, Bill De Blasio, announced the five streets that would be painted and renamed in honor of the Black Lives Matter movement. This mural will be designed along the streets of Centre Street in Manhattan, 153rd street in Queens, Joralemon Street in Brooklyn, Morris Avenue in the Bronx, and Richmond Terrace in Staten Island.

In a June press conference, de Blasio said, “What will be clear — the street name and on the streets of our city — is that message that now this city must fully, fully deeply feel and this nation must as well, that Black Lives Matter.”

He also declared Juneteenth an official city and school holiday.

NYC Governor Andrew Cuomo also stated that Juneteenth will be recognized as a holiday for state employees. Next year, he will introduce legislation to make it an official state holiday.

Actors Stepping Down

Last week, actress Jenny Slate stepped down from her role as Missy in Big Mouth. She informed her followers of the decision via Instagram.

Hulu has taken down Golden Girls

Hulu has taken down an episode of Golden Girls which depicts two white women wearing a brown mud face mask. The women claim they were doing “blackface” but anyone with eyes would be able to tell that was not the case.

The two characters, Betty White and Sue McClanahan wore the beauty mud mask in preparation for a wedding they were to attend later that episode. Although these characters are not purposely wearing blackface, Hulu believes they are showing solidarity by removing this episode.

Twitter users have expressed their annoyance at how people seem to be doing a good job of avoiding what they actually want to happen.

Symbolic victories do not change or reform systems that actively harm Black people. This causes the government to push a narrative that protesters are ungrateful and unsatisfied.

In reality, every “change” as a result of protests is not effective. What is a street sign going to do for Black justice?

As Malcolm X gracefully put it, “The white man will try to satisfy us with symbolic victories rather than economic equity and real justice.”

Protestors will not back down until proper justice can be given to those who have been failed.

What does it mean for students if the CUNY ASAP program gets cut?

The City University of New York Accelerated Study in Associate Programs, or CUNY ASAP, is a program funded by the New York government. This program is offered throughout the nine CUNY colleges in New York City.

CUNY ASAP helps keep low-income students on track with their education by providing financial, academic, and personal support. This includes career counseling, waived tuition, MTA cards, and additional financial aid to buy textbooks.

The program has doubled the graduation rate for disadvantaged students. Resulting in other states are looking for a way to implement it into their own higher education system.

$20 Million taken out

As of July, Mayor De Blasio proposed budget cuts to CUNY ASAP. The NYC mayor’s office included a $20 million dollar cut to CUNY ASAP for their proposed 2021 budget.

The city has already failed in securing their student and workers’ safety during the COVID-19 crisis. Now, it aims to strip away funds meant to educate students.

By taking away their funds, CUNY ASAP will not be able to welcome any new students to this program.

Last year, de Blasio spoke well of the CUNY ASAP program at a conference. This year, his actions do not match his words.

Council Member’s responses

A few council members have taken to Twitter and news outlets to show their distress.

“The ASAP program has been a lifeline for students pursuing associate degrees in the face of tremendous hardships,” Councilman Fernando Cabrera told the Bronx Times.

He added, “At this critical time when the COVID-19 pandemic is showing us the deadliness and potential fatality of racial disparities, how can we end the programs that lead the way out of poverty?”

CUNY ASAP is one of the programs in higher education that has proven to be effective. They receive thorough evaluations by the Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation or MDRC. The program has yet to fail the audit.

CUNY ASAP recipients’ response

Some students in the program wonder why the budget allocated for education must suffer during the COVID-19 trial.

Low-income students will suffer if the CUNY ASAP program faces budget cuts. This program funds just more than students’ educations. It funds their travel to get to school and buy textbooks. College textbooks are generally expensive, so without them, students may struggle in their classes.

There is now a petition to attempt to save the program’s funding.

The New Boycott: Anti-racist Shipping ports are stopping in support of #BLM

On the western seaboard, there are around 29 seaports that are essential for the American economy. Each seaport is needed in order to ensure safety for seagoing vessels entering, operation in and leaving the seaport.

However, since the unfortunate death of George Floyd, just about every single one of these 29 ports has shut down in solidarity with the #BLACKLIVESMATTER movement and Juneteenth. 

The ILWU’s power

This staged shutdown was conducted by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU). ILWU handles millions of dollars in cargo. The stoppage of these ports for any length of time would result in a capitalist nightmare. 

By stopping these ports, ILWU has made trillions of dollars disappear. The economy lost these profits due to the stopping of the production of goods and forcing sales to halt. All operations will have to cease simply because these ports shut down. 

The ILWU as an anti-racist Union

As one of the most radical antiracist unions in the country since its founding in 1937, ILWU continuously lives up to its reputation. Back when it was first founded, ILWU was the first union of their time to desegregate work gangs in the 1930s. It was also the first to stand up against Japanese-Americans discrimination in the 1940s. They even inducted Martin Luther King Jr. as an honorary member. 

The president of ILWU stated “All the way from Washington [state] to San Diego, the ILWU will be standing by in honor of brother George Floyd and in our quest to end systemic racism and police terror,”

“It’s sad that we’re dealing with the same issue stemming from systemic racism that we were dealing with in the 1930s.”

The ILWU has also shut down their ports in solidarity of the unfortunate death of Oscar Grant in 2010.

In light of recent events, the ILWU hopes to coordinate their efforts with the ports on the East Coast, more specifically with the International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA) to perform the first-ever dual-port shutdown in American History. If this effort becomes successful, hopefully, other unions will follow in their example.

What people do not realize is that workers hold just as much power as those in the office. The only real way to give up your power is by not trying. Union workers from all across the country have worked together to show their support in the #BLM movement.

Meet Versus.xx, the LA artist who thrives on raw emotions in his music

Versus.xx is a new artist and producer that does not shy away from vulnerability, but leans into it.

“I want to be who people feel safe with,” the LA artist says, as his black-and-blue tattoos illustrate his transparency in accepting every feeling (happy or sad or anything in between) that comes to him.

Idealizing the stereotype that men are emotionless is disingenuous, and Versus.xx is here to prove to the world that vulnerability can be a positive thing.


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* 4 us .. Soon * xx! 💙🖤

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Versus.xx was born and raised in Azusa California, a 30min drive away from Los Angeles. For him, Azusa was the perfect blend of living the suburban life while being able to experience the excitement and adventure a big city has to offer.

Versus.xx chose this specific name as a constant reminder his greatest enemy is himself. Only he could push himself to become the better version of Versus.xx than he was the day before.

Versus.xx first made his debut on Soundcloud, after realizing music was his great escape. His need to escape has been the driving force to being more adventurous- from rock climbing to traveling overseas- these escapades have been huge influences on his style of music. 

We had the opportunity to interview him just before his latest single, Wings.xx, drops on Friday. 

KH: How would you describe your creative process (song lyrics, anything you tell yourself to keep in mind, any specific ritual you do, etc…)?

I’m an artist, producer, and engineer so the whole creative process is really up to me. With most songs that I make, they mainly stem from me in my room, making sure the energy is there… Open, like making sure that I feel transparent and I’m able to be transparent with what I’m feeling right now. 

With this song, Wings.xx, I started out with the beat and then added writing to it, and then I brought in my friend, Southern Wade, who would add in the guitar and the strings towards the last part of the song.

That’s mainly how my process goes, I start with myself… allowing me [myself] to be a lot more vulnerable… like I’m a super introverted person anyways so I just like creating by myself.

Once I have an idea and I have a structure going on, then I’m able to really convey that idea to others and allow other people to add their vibes in. 

KH: I notice you have a lot of .xx on the ends of your songs, is there a significant meaning behind that?

The .xx is kinda like applying to whatever struggle it is you’re facing. So the .xx is just adding onto the branding, just adding that little piece of individuality to my whole brand.

I see myself as an artist that stands out among the rest and I really get off on doing shit differently. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an artist that’s had a very contingent theme within their song titles, so the .xx consists of that. 

What song of yours is your favorite piece and why is it your favorite? 

Definitely Wings.xx, and I feel that way because every new song I make, I feel like I get a level higher, a level stronger, and with Wings.xx, it’s super relevant to my life right now and because of that relatability, it’s my favorite.

But with each new song, I feel myself becoming stronger, creative, more confident. I’m becoming closer to the creative that I want to be. 

KH: Are there any artists that you look up to? What makes them so inspiring to you?

Some of my favorite artists are definitely Kanye, growing up my favorites were Kanye and Eryka Badu and as I’ve grown to acquire my own musical taste throughout high school and stuff, I listen to a lot of Bon Iver and Bjork.

I actually got one of his songs tattooed onto my arm, it says “it’s not up to you” on my forearm. It came to me at a really sensitive time so I got it as a permanent reminder that sometimes it’s not up to me. My angels got their hands on the wheel so sometimes I just have to check where life is going. 


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* its not up 2 u 🙋‍♂️🖤

A post shared by vs.xx (@versus.xx) on

For me, I didn’t grow up super creative, my family didn’t really enhance my creativity. They were very left-brained, very analytical. My mom and my dad are both huge overthinkers and I’ve carried over a lot of those traits. So for me, creatively, sometimes we have to let go and grow up.

Have you ever heard of the term polymath? 

A polymath is like Da Vinci because he was one of the smartest mathematician and engineer in history but he also created art pieces, so it’s like polymath are people who carry a creative beautiful skill but they also have the perfect balance of their analytical side and they’re able to engineer their thoughts and think things through. 

That is a huge inspiration because I grew up in a really analytical family and analytical upbringing where I love to sit back and calculate things. I love taking care of my space and read books, but I’m also an artist and sometimes at the end of the day I just have to say fuck it and trust wherever my heart is taking me at that moment. 

KH: What do you think sets you apart from other artists? Is it the message you try to send?

I feel my music. What really inspired me in my music is being sensitive, I love being vulnerable, growing up as well. Looking at the artists I’m inspired by, people like FKA Twigs, people like Bon Iver, people like Kanye, people like Eryka.

We all know Kanye is so emotional and vulnerable at times, whether we like him or not and it always touched a place for me in my heart that other music really doesn’t.

Letting go and having that energy and just turning up sometimes feels great, but what really carries with me is being vulnerable and I love being vulnerable with my music. I love having vulnerable conversations with people so how I like to live my life is reflecting upon that.

I want to be who people feel safe with, when people feel down they feel safe to listen to my music and it’s a proper reminder for them they are not alone with the feeling that they’re feeling, and they can make it another day through that. 

KH: What do you currently think is your greatest accomplishment so far?

I would say in an emotional plane, what is so important to me, I would definitely say just the fact that I am able to make music every day and thank God that I’m safe and I’m healthy and I’m happy and life throws me bullshit sometimes but I have the proper tools to make it through

In a physical space, definitely being able to perform at the X games in Norway last year, cause that was a super fire experience. I have a lot of creative ties in Scandinavia and I’ve been traveling out there for a couple of years and I have a bunch of friends that make music out there so last year we were blessed with the opportunity to perform at the X games after show.

KH: In the Red Bull episode, you say that you try to find color in music. Is there a specific order you have for your music, like yellow is happy music and such? Why would you describe your music as blue?

Blue has always been my favorite color ever since I was a little kid. My dad still makes fun of me about it because most of my outfits consist of blue shirts, blue shorts, blue shoes and same things with my tattoos.

All my tattoos are black and blue and that’s really the only colors I have, and for me, blue has always been the most comforting color for me.

It made me feel… like every time I see blue, I feel like I’m safe. Sometimes we’re around certain people that we don’t feel comfortable being ourselves around and we feel we have to put on this facade just to not push the boundaries of the other people who aren’t as tapped in.

Whenever I see blue or whenever I hear a song that reminds me of that color, I just feel safe, I feel really comfortable. 

Every song, they call it synesthesia, which I don’t know if I have that or not, but I just feel like when you’re super tapped into the art, super tapped in with the music, you’re able to translate it to other mediums.

You know some people see shapes, for me, color has always been a thing that I kinda feel, it gives me the same emotions that some songs do.

Next time you listen to a song, close your eyes, don’t force it and let the color come to you.

KH: What are you most excited to show your listeners about your newest song? (Wings.xx)

I think some of my favorite parts about releasing a new song is like… kinda updating my resume to my listeners, as in like how I feel at that moment.

I feel like making music is sort of therapy for me, and it’s a session with my therapist, like my listeners are my therapist so whenever I’m able to… In therapy you have all this shit on your mind and you’re like damn I can’t wait to see my therapist next week and kinda air all this shit out, it’s similar to that.

I’m excited to update my listeners like okay this is what I’ve been working on. This is that much closer, even if it’s an inch, even if it’s a mile, it is that much closer to showing you guys the real vision I have.

In every month that I’m able to release a new song, I feel that I’m getting closer and closer to that version that I see in my head. It’s just a daily battle of me making it a reality, so this song is like definitely my favorite song because it’s that much closer to showing everyone the ‘me’ that I see in my head.

KH: Last but not least, Is there any advice you’d give your younger self, before starting out on your music career?

The one thing I would tell myself is that sometimes it’s not up to me. I just need to let go and let my heart do the talking sometimes, rather than my thoughts. It’s a tough balance. 

There’s this poet I read a lot of, his name is Rumi. He’s from the 1200’s and he talks a lot about our higher selves, the ‘us’ that we see in our head taking care of this ‘baby’, our physical selves.

If I coulda told myself as a kid to trust that voice in my head and to not listen to this baby that we have to take care of every day, things would’ve probably gone a lot smoother but I don’t have any regrets because it’s made me the man I am today and I hope to become stronger every day through all my mistakes and all my experiences. 

From being his own producer to even creating his own album covers (with tutorials), Versus.xx is a man of many talents.

Here is his new single, Wings.xx.

Check out Versus.xx’s Spotify and make sure to follow him on Instagram for sneak peeks of his upcoming works.

Victim blaming is on its way out: UK sets to ban the ‘rough sex defense’

Hopefully, victim blaming is finally on its way out.

Grace Millane was found dead on December 2, 2018, after a Tinder date had gone wrong. The cause of death? Manual strangulation during sex in the man’s hotel bedroom in Auckland. Her body was found in a suitcase on Waitākere Ranges a week later. 

The man claimed her death was an accident, an unfortunate event that happened during “rough sex.” However, the bruises and injuries on her body say something different. 

Millane’s parents were forced to hear, in explicit detail, about their daughter’s private life in court. They were also forced to hear the night of her murder being analyzed and debated upon in court. 

Millane was not the first girl to, unfortunately, have their murder walk free under the rough sex defense. 

However, on June 30, this all changed. 

On June 30, the UK had passed a new clause in the Domestic Abuse Bill outlawing the rough sex defense. This means that men will no longer get away with murder under the guise that sex ‘went wrong.’

This amendment will soon turn into the law later this year. For now, it rules out “consent for sexual gratification” as a defense in England and New Wales.

This change in the amendment will stop murderers from being charged with manslaughter as opposed to murder. Many people have shown their support for the bill being passed.

The campaign group ‘We Can’t Consent To This’ has also shown their support.“This will come as a huge relief to women,” the group said in a statement.

“This new law… when enforced… will go some way to making sure those women get the outcome they deserve if they report it to the police…”

The rough sex defense has seen a 90 percent increase over the last decade and over half of them have been deemed as successful.

Labour MP Jess Phillips said: “The law should be clear to you all – you cannot consent to serious injury or death.”

While the ban does not currently apply to Scotland and Northern Island, it is still one big step forward. The campaign group, We Can’t Consent To This is working hard to “influence policy to improve outcomes for women. There is still much work to do.”

One step forward is still better than none at all.

What does the CIA do with our tax money? 5 crazy projects they don’t want you to know about

When it comes to crazy CIA projects most of us are kept in the dark. Still, in the digital technology age, even the best-kept secrets could sometimes find their way out.

That said even released information that usually would be drowned out by everything our there can sometimes come to the surface.

The CIA, home of the foreign intelligence service of the USA has recently released a few documents detailing their operations. And there are some crazy CIA projects out there. 

Here are our top five picks that make us wonder why this is what our tax dollars are funding. 

The CIA Energy Hologram

The CIA released this document in 2003, although it is just getting big now in 2020. What exactly does this document detail?

Simply put, it claims we live in a hologram where nothing is a solid object. It is simply a bunch of atoms overlapping and moving rapidly. Ever heard the whole we live in a simulation bit?

The document claims our souls are energies that cannot be destroyed. Activities such as meditation and hypnosis are real and help us. When you die, your soul will return to the astral plane and from there you can choose to reincarnate, become a spirit, or stay there until you decide to go back to the original collective energy. 

Very simply put, your thoughts do shape the reality you live in.

Talk about some matrix shit.

The Acoustic Kitty Project

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In the 1960s, the CIA believed they would be able to train cats – for some odd reason – to become spies. They quickly learned that this would not go well because cats simply refuse to be anything that infringes on their independence. 

But still, the CIA believed that with proper training, cats would become proper spies and that the agency could exploit their natural instincts. They tried to train their cats to respond to audio cues and be able to record conversations from war generals of other countries. 

While this sounds like an episode of Rick and Morty, it is rather horrifying once you learn how exactly the CIA attempted this.

The CIA essentially created the “franken-kitty” in order to fulfill their desires. To create a Frankenkitty, you would have to place a battery in the cat’s stomach with the antennae along its spine. In addition to this gruesome addition, these cats had to look and act exactly like cats which meant no scars or abnormalities. 

Their first successful Frankenkitty, unfortunately, died on the road before it even met the target. By 1967, this project came to a close with unsuccessful results.

Project MK-Ultra

A project that started in 1953, Project MK-Ultra lasted until 1973. This may just be the CIA’s most infamous operation, best known for their less than stellar attempts on mind control.

The CIA would conduct hundreds of experiments on thousands of subjects- including some unsuspecting US citizens- by using LSD and other drugs, psychological torture, and information gathering for this heinous project. 

This experiment started at the height of the Cold war. America’s fear reached an all-time high about Russia somehow infiltrating the USA. The operation’s goal was to find a way to control human behavior with manipulative drugs. The CIA would use the technique against the Soviet bloc enemies.

This operation included over 150 subjects (or as far as we know of, the CIA has somehow “lost” some of their paperwork). The CIA experimented on these subjects using various psychedelic drugs, paralytics, and electroshock therapy. 

These experiments were conducted throughout universities, hospitals, and prisons in both the USA and Canada. 

Operation Popeye

Best Weather Manipulation GIFs | Gfycat

Operation Popeye was conducted in October 1966, in a strip of land located in Vietnam named Lao Panhandle. This project was the CIA’s best attempt to manipulate the weather. This experiment was carried out by the US Air Force from 1966-1972. 

Their objective for this rather absurd project was to increase rainfall in certain areas in Vietnam. They were going to try to deny road access to Vietnamese enemy road supply trucks with the rainfall.

In order to do this, they tried a method known as ‘Cloud Seeding’. This method includes forming ice particles in supercooled clouds which allows those particles to turn into liquid droplets. If enough of the ice particles turn into liquid droplets, the particles become heavy enough to fall as precipitation from clouds that otherwise would produce no precipitation.

Didn’t work obviously. Or did it?

Operation Paperclip

This one is less freaky and far more insidious. 

Operation Paperclip was brought to light towards the end of World War II when the British and American Organizations teamed up to bring a stop to Germany.

Within this time frame, the Combined Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee (CIOS) found catalogs that held lists of researchers that came to America from Germany. 

These scientists and their families moved to the USA to work on America’s behalf during the Cold War. Their main objective was to gain German Intellectual resources to help develop America’s arsenal of rockets and other biochemical weapons. 

Although President Truman banned any Nazi to be able to work on this project, officials in the CIOS would find ways to recruit them. They would omit certain information from their records. Officials believed their information was crucial to war crimes.

This lowkey got us mad.

Social media hates Trump: What will it take to get him off Twitter?

Social media hates Trump, low-key.

Donald Trump has made a name for himself for his hypocritical tweets on Twitter as well as his assumptions that are based on anything but facts. 

In fact, we’re wondering how Trump’s PR team is handling it. We hope they’re getting paid enough. 

Twitch has had enough

In fact, Trump’s hateful comments have gone far enough for him to be temporarily suspended on Twitch.

Twitch is the world’s leading streaming platform for gamers and the staff members do not agree with Trump’s policies at all. They have an extremely strict policy on how to deal with harmful misconduct. 

On their very website, they state:

We don’t tolerate conduct that encourages or condones hate or harassment in any way. Ignorance is not an acceptable excuse for conduct that results in hate or harassment”

Trump’s account has been banned for “hateful conduct” that was being aired on stream. The offending content has since then been removed. 

One of the streams that had been removed was Trump’s 2016 rally, in which Trump claimed that Mexico was sending their r/pists to the USA. They have also flagged all the racist comments during the stream of Trump’s Tulsa Rally. 

“Like anyone else, politicians on twitch must adhere to community guidelines,” a Twitch spokesperson said in an email, “We do not make any exceptions for political or newsworthy reports”

This ban happened a week after Twitch announced they would be much harsher due to multiple harassment reports. The racist language that got Trump banned is an example many other websites need to take seriously.

Many websites just allow Trump to promote his bigotry just because he is the president. Twitch has also claimed to have warned Trump’s team about their strict community guidelines when they first opened up their channel.

“We do not make exceptions for political or newsworthy content, and will take action on content reported to us that violates our rules,” Twitch told the president at the time.

Reddit comes through

Reddit, what's your favorite .gif? : AskReddit

This ban on Trump’s stream was followed by Reddit banning all subthreads that were pro-trump. The main thread on Reddit that has been banned was ‘The_Donald” forum made up of nearly 800,000 Trump fans. 

‘The_Donald’ had been banned for the 800,000 users violation of community guidelines on hate speech, harassment, and content manipulation. 

“Reddit is a place for creating community and belonging, not for attacking marginalized or vulnerable groups of people. Everyone has a right to use Reddit free of harassment, bullying, and threats of violence,” the company said.

Although it may be a bit late, it is better than to have never done it at all. Hopefully, more websites and community forums will begin to follow in their footsteps. 

Who knows what it’ll take for Twitter to ban Trump?