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How the Bangtan Boys are changing the world through effective activism

Bangtan Boys, also known as BTS, is a well-renowned K-Pop group. BTS does more than just sing and dance. The group constantly pushes social boundaries and challenges Korea’s conservative social morals as well as the world’s.

The Bangtan Boys campaign for a better world

Not only has BTS advocated for #BlackLivesMatter, but they have also made dozens of contributions to campaigns everywhere. Their most popular one being LOVE MYSELF.

LOVE MYSELF is a two-year campaign that promotes anti-violence against children and teenagers. It launched on November 1st, 2017. BTS worked in tandem with UNICEF in Japan and Korea.

BTS’s advocacy work doesn’t stop there. They recently expressed their solidarity with the #BLM movement with a simple tweet that got their point across.

BTS back up their words with cold cash

BTS’s music label, BigHit Entertainment confirmed their donation of 1 million dollars to CNN Entertainment. After learning about BTS’s donation, fans have decided to #MatchAMillion through their own donation site for #BLM.

“Just like BTS, we were able to donate 1M dollars to help fund bailouts for those arrested for protesting police brutality,” they said in a tweet

Shortly after the initiation of the project, the fundraiser raised over $817,000. It met its goal of 1 million dollars a few days later.

These funds were later donated to organizations such as the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Black Aids Institute, Black LGBTQIA+ Migrant Project, and The Marshall Project.  Donations from the fundraiser were also made to bailouts for protesters and organizations that support Black communities.

Once the 1 million dollar donation had been met, One in an ARMY increased its donation goal to 2 million.

K-Pop group BTS’ activism funding inspires others

After BTS and fans’ generous donations, many celebrities began to follow in their footsteps. John Cena was one of them, a pro-wrestler who claimed that BTS inspired him. You may or may not see him in the tweet below.

However, these valiant acts from K-pop fans extend from more than just donations. From blocking out racist hashtags to advocating for human rights, what can’t K-pop stans do?

What’s D’Art Shtajio? Japan’s first Black-owned animation studio

Japan is home to anime, also known as called Japanimation. Anime has colorful graphics, lively characters, and outrageous plots, making it a source of entertainment that appeals to people of all ages.

Japan is a homogenous country, where people of different cultures and backgrounds are almost considered ‘new’ to them. Black-owned businesses are seldom seen in Japan.

However, that has started to change.


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Almost time that time! Head over to room 411B at 8pm @animeexpo.

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Japan’s first predominantly Black-owned animation studio, D’Art Shtajio is here to make a name for itself.

D’Art Shtajio was founded in 2016 by two brothers, Arthell and Darnell Isom. Their goal is to blend Japanese animation with Western animation with the help of their animator, Henry Thurlow.

Ultimately, they want to revolutionize the animation industry in Japan. The Isom brothers are not new to the animation industry and neither is Thurlow.

Arthell Isom worked on many animation series like Bleach, Gintama, Naruto, and Black Butler, just to name a few. His mentor, Hiromasa Ogura, best known for his work in Ghost in the Shell, helped guide him along the way.

Henry Thurlow worked with the animation studio, Nakamura, as an animator for series such as Pokemon origins and Gundam Fighters as well as work with the animation studio, Pierrot Animation, as an animator for popular series, Tokyo Ghoul

Why is having a black animation studio in Japan so significant, some of you may be thinking. After all, it’s just an animation studio.

Japan values uniformity, so it’s seen as a loss to be different.

In an interview Thurlow did with JapanTimes, he states “Back then I was drawing for ‘Gundam’ and ‘Pokemon,’ but my name was never mentioned and I was literally making $4 a day.” He claimed that the “artist in me is satisfied” despite not being able to make a living because of being a foreigner. 

Despite all these hardships, D’Art Shtajio has also worked on popular series such as Castlevania, Seven Deadly Sins, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and more.

The brothers even animated their own mini skits like Indigo United. They also created the first episode of a new anime series based on the manga, Xogenasys written by NBA player, Johnny O’Bravo.

Xogenasys features Darius Smith, an artistic youth living in a dystopian world. He is recruited to fight in XOGenaSYS, a gladiator sport fought with powered exoskeletons, and the powerful prince, Mustafa. He wants Darius to become the next new fighter.


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Family is Forever.

A post shared by XOgenaSYS (@xogenasys) on

D’Art Shtajio’s resume is fairly long. The studio was home to the production of an Adidas commercial.

We can’t wait to see what new works D’Art Shtajio brings us!

Take them all down! Racist statues get a long awaited rejection

Most people agree that communities cement statues into their spaces as a reminder of the greatness of a historical individual. Consequently, the removal of statues is a hugely symbolic act- a rejection of ideals that whoever created that statue upheld.

Since the death of George Floyd, people have become extremely conscious of the number of confederate soldiers that are standing in our neighborhoods. Many of those people have also taken it upon themselves to reject these racist symbols — physically.

What do statues of racists mean to our society?

Previous society leaders put up these statues as a way to commemorate the chosen person’s their victories. But today’s citizens believe keeping these statues sends a message of white supremacy. By allowing these statues to stay up society is glorifying a government and individuals who exploited slaves.

Citizens have called on dozens of government agencies and local councils to take down statues, markers, and all other monuments that glorified controversial Civil War leaders.

Over the course of a few years, there have been isolated incidents of people taking down these statues. A few states have even passed laws in an attempt to preserve them. But people are tired of constantly seeing a Confederate’s face in a place where people of all races and ethnicities should be celebrated.

After the unfortunate death of George Floyd, the amount of protestors and even certain council members that are removing civil war monuments has increased tenfold. These acts of solidarity are hopeful.  Their removal is a call to stop glorifying these people’s “achievements” and ignoring what they have done to oppress people of color.

Protesters have removed tons of statues from various states- Louisville, Kentucky, Jacksonville, Florida, Birmingham, Alabama- just to name a few. In some cities like Baltimore, the mayor had authorized the removal of these statues.

Statues that would be better than racists statues

Protestors everywhere are celebrating the downfall of these racist historic figures, with many people even offering their own suggestions over what should be put in their place.

(In my opinion, the giant Godzilla statue would look amazing)

There has even been people around vying for a statue of Dolly Parton to be erected in Tennessee in place of the KKK leader memorial.

Fuck Christopher Columbus too

All around, protestors are celebrating in their own meaningful way. The best example of this? The aftermath of the removal of Christopher Columbus by protestors and the American Indian Movement.

The world may best know Christopher Columbus for “discovering” the New World. While this has been studied in school for many years, his acts of defiling Native Americans and stripping them of their human rights is less known, or simply ignored.

But after the removal of the statue, people began playing Native Music. It was a perfect way to celebrate the destruction of a statue meant to commemorate a man who did far more harm than good.

Statues fall around the world for #BLM

All around the world, people are taking this idea to heart. Protestors in different countries are now removing statues of their own that do not acknowledge the crimes against humanities these people have committed.

After the #BLM protestors took down Edward Colston’s statue, Belgium has taken down King Leopold II and London has taken down Robert Milligan.

Butthurt bigots try fishing them out

Of course, many people are upset about the fact that their statues are being drowned, being forced to come off a pedestal they do not deserve. These people are so butthurt that they have tried to retrieve the statues thrown in harbors and other bodies of water.

Stop trying guys, it’s a bit embarrassing for all of us.

If we replace all statues that glorify those that strip humans of basic rights and replace them with giant Gundam statues, the world will be a much better place.

#VogueChallenge: How Black creators are taking over the trend

Vogue is one of the most well known American monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine covering many topics including fashion, beauty, culture, living, and runway based in New York City.

Fashionistas and model all over hope to one day find themselves onto the Vogue Cover, an incredible accomplishment.

Tired of waiting, many models have taken it upon themselves to photoshop themselves into a faux Vogue cover and the results are stunning, to say the least.

While the trend of putting a photo onto a faux magazine cover is nothing new, this #VogueChallenge is a little different from the rest. The #VogueChallenge was created by Oslo-based student, Salma Noor in an attempt to bring attention to the #BLM movement.

The challenge began with a simple black and white photograph of Salma Noor herself with the headline ‘Being Black is Not a Crime.’

This challenge went on as a way for Black models and photographers to challenge Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue since 1988, artistic director for Condé Nast, and Vogue’s publisher, since 2013. She claimed there was simply ‘not enough space’ for Black Creatives despite being in charge of Vogue’s Editing Team for almost three decades.

In fact, the only Black photographer that had been chosen to shoot a Vogue Cover was Tyler Mitchell. Tyler Mitchell was chosen not by a staff member but rather the model herself, Beyonce.

Anyone who has picked up any magazine of Vogue knows that they very rarely showed people of color and the #VogueChallenge is a way for Black creatives to amplify their voices.

The #VogueChallenge is a great example of Black creatives no longer waiting for the chance to come to them, but rather seizing the moment themselves.

While it is fun to imagine people of color onto such a well-known magazine cover, it is even better to believe that many magazine covers will take these criticisms into consideration and be inclusive of all people to tell their own narrative.

By showing people of color onto such an infamous magazine, not only does it promote a voice of activism but it also reminds people that their dreams can one day become a reality with hard work and perseverance.

Inclusion should not just be one black character on the TV show you happen to be watching, but rather it should be the ability to give an authentic voice and chance to showcase their own talent without fear of letting their body/race/gender/sexual orientation hinder them.

With that being said, here are a few of our favorite contributions of the #VogueChallenge where it makes it a little easier to believe that one day Black and other people of color creatives can have a place to tell their own story.

Classical music type beat: A list of Black composers to always bump

Classical Music seems to be a genre dominated by Europeans. Pictures of mainly white people pop up when you check them out on Google but the truth is, this music genre has just as much diversity as many others.

There is just simply less coverage for them, but we’re here to fix that. Here’s a quick list of black classical music composers to check out and diversify your taste

Samuel Coleridge Taylor

Samuel Coleridge Taylor was raised in England with his mother, studying violin and learning how to sing in church choirs before officially entering the Royal College of Music in 1890 as a violin student.

Samuel Coleridge Taylor is best known for his song, Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast. Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast is the first of three songs, although the next two were not as successful as the first. This song helped jump-start his music career as a composer and performer.

He also composed a few songs using his heritage background as inspiration for his compositions with works such as African Romances (1897), and African Suite (1898), as prime examples.

Florence B Prince

Florence B Prince is the first Black woman composer to gain such wide recognition as a symphonic composer. Her first performance was at the age of four before officially studying at the New England Conservatory of Music.

With her entire career devoted to music, it’s hard not to believe that she would then go on to win the Wanamaker Prize for her own composition, Symphony in E Minor

Not only was she well known in the classical music world, but she would also go on to play the organ for silent films and create popular commercial jingles.

Overall, Prince had created over 300 musical pieces, each one with their own unique sound however one thing remains similar about throughout many of her works. Each one takes its influence from her own cultural heritage as well as the beginning of the Harlem Renaissance.

William Grant Still

William Grant Still has a list of huge achievements notched on his belt, each one being much more impressive than the last. Still, he would go on to be known for being the first African American composer to conduct a major American symphony orchestra.

As well as be the first African American to have an original opera produced by the New York City Opera. Still, he was also the first to have a symphony performed by a leading orchestra and the first to have an opera performed on national television.

His most famous composition is Afro-American’ Symphony No. 1., a song that combined blues progressions and rhythms, a sound that described popular African American music at the time.

Scott Joplin

Scott Joplin is known as the ‘King of Ragtime’ — a title fitting for his complex bass patterns and spontaneous syncopation. Joplin picked up the piano himself at a young age and began working as a traveling musician.

He is best known for his song, The Entertainer

Chevalier de Saint-Georges

Saint-Georges is perhaps one of the better-known musicians in the Classical Musician World. His work was widely renowned and was even considered the “Black Mozart”

He is the first African composer in the classical music world, with even the president John Adams deeming him as the most accomplished man in Europe.

HIs list of accomplishments don’t stop there. King Louis XVI even appointed him as director of the Paris Opera, unfortunately only to have a group of divas refuse to perform under a man of color.

However, this is still a great accomplishment.

Who is Nyota Parker? The Cape Town rapper blending genres

Nyota Parker, a 20-year-old upcoming hip hop artist garners the attention of many. Her music combines elements of hip hop, jazz, and trap (a genre she calls Trazz).

Growing up in Dublin and Cape Town, Parker incorporates different cultures in her music. Her sassy and bubbly personality, paired with her intense passion for composing music is a recipe for success.


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Have you streamed Transcend?🌈 Also, check out my last post for some Common love👊🏾🔥

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Her music conveys a message of individuality. She emphasizes chasing your dreams and letting people know they should not limit themselves and unlock their full potential.

Nyota Parker’s songs bridge the gap between old school hip hop and new school hip hop. Her music brings people from all generations together. It also draws similarities to iconic hip hop artists that inspire her like Lauryn Hill. 

One of her biggest inspirations when it comes to composing music is Nicki Minaj, a huge influence in Parker’s music since she was 11 years old.

Nicki Minaj was considered one of the biggest female rappers to dominate in a male-centric music genre. Nyota Parker was influenced by her creativity and attitude.

Her other influences include Common, Erykah Badu, and Tom Misch among many others.

Meet Nyota, the non-conformist

However, what really sets Nyota Parker apart, other than her fusion of music genres, is her refusal to swear in her songs. Parker believes that many people, especially female rappers have this urge to use as much vulgar language as they can when rapping in a feeble attempt to make themselves look as though they belong.

Because of this, Parker refuses to conform to these standards, finding different ways to stand out from the crowd through the messages in her music and her way of projecting her messages, as well as making sure not to feature any artists that may curse in her music.

She released her first project on May 1st, 2017. Her mixtape, Age of Enlightenment consists of 15 different tracks, each one with an inspiring message. She released the Energy EP in 2019 which also has some bops like “Glow” and “Don’t Let Them In.”

Her latest song, “Transcend”, highlights the different genres of music she incorporates, into one.

“Transcend” is a reminder to remember what you believe in and to continue breaking the boundaries you or other people have set for you. It is a message she wants to claim for herself in 2020; to continue breaking the gender norms in her day to day life and in the music industry.

Parker transforms the music industry one song at a time with her own take on genres that inspire her and the messages she believes in.

Be sure to check her out on SoundCloud and Spotify as well as her YouTube channel for more content.


A list of NYC Black-owned bookstores and businesses you can support

One way people are showing their solidarity for the #BlackLivesMatter movement is by supporting black-owned businesses. And we know, at times, it can be hard to find them but we got you, fam. 

We’ve compiled a list of NYC black-owned bookstores and businesses to support. Check it out and most importantly, pull up!


Harriett’s Bookshop

This bookstore is dedicated to celebrating the work of female authors, activists, and artists. Harriett’s is temporarily closed due to COVID-19, but you should head over once it opens up again. Harriett’s Bookshop is located on 258 E. Girard Ave and is open daily from 10 am-6 pm. 

The store accepts donations via Venmo at @$harriettsbookshop.

The Lit Bar

The Lit Bar is an independent bookstore, wine bar, and the only indie bookstore in the Bronx. The owner, Noelle Santos, came up with this idea while she was protesting with 3,000 others over the closing of Barnes and Noble. Noelle has created a more sustainable, accessible space that reflects the needs of her community.

The Lit Bar is located on 131 Alexander Avenue in the Bronx.

The bookstore is also temporarily closed due to COVID-19 but you can still support by ordering books online via their partner,

Revolution Books

Revolution Books is the place to go for books related to social change. Although it is not black-owned, it is home to many books that focus on racial oppression.

This bookstore is located on 437 Malcolm X Boulevard in Harlem.

Cafe Con Libros

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What is the meaning of freedom? Angela Y. Davis’ life and work have been dedicated to examining this fundamental question and to ending all forms of oppression that deny people their political, cultural, and sexual freedom. In this collection of twelve searing, previously unpublished speeches, Davis confronts the interconnected issues of power, race, gender, class, incarceration, conservatism, and the ongoing need for social change in the United States. With her characteristic brilliance, historical insight, and penetrating analysis, Davis addresses examples of institutional injustice and explores the radical notion of freedom as a collective striving for real democracy – not something granted or guaranteed through laws, proclamations, or policies, but something that grows from a participatory social process that demands new ways of thinking and being. “The speeches gathered together here are timely and timeless,” writes Robin D.G. Kelley in the foreword, “they embody Angela Davis’ uniquely radical vision of the society we need to build, and the path to get there.”⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The Meaning of Freedom articulates a bold vision of the society we need to build and the path to get there. This is her only book of speeches.

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Cafe Con Libros (coffee with books) is best known for being the home of an intersectional feminist community as well as a coffee shop. Their mission is to have a place where female-identifying artists and creators have a safe space to share their work. 

Cafe Con Libros is located on 724 Prospect Place in Brooklyn. You can support them by ordering a book through their website.

Sisters Uptown Bookstore

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Reposted from @_onekin ⁣In the words of our Bookstore partner @sistersuptown , “Reading is Power”. During these times of mourning and social upheaval, it is essential to lean on past and present Black + POC literary greats for clarity, guidance and healing. ⠀ ⠀ We’ve curated a ‘Consciousness Reading Book Guide’ to help educate, empower and help both allies and POC KINfolk alike navigate these dark times. Because we are all being challenged to confront and combat our own conditioning. ⠀ ⠀ Swipe left, visit the Sister’s Uptown shop on the oneKIN marketplace for the full list of books to buy, and feel free to share with friends/family/colleagues etc.⠀ ⠀ We are so grateful to the hundreds who’ve reached out to oneKIN and Sister’s Uptown in the last 48 hours. Welcome to our family, thank you for your requests, orders, recommendations and support. As always, this is a space for community, so please continue to reach out for support and/or recommendations. Community, education and collective action is what it will take to change the inequitable status quo!⠀ ⠀ #StandwithSisters #oneKIN #shopBLKnBRN #ReadingIsPower – #regrann

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Sisters Uptown Bookstore is a family-owned and operated bookstore. This bookstore expands the knowledge of its community members with books written by African American authors and others.

Their motto, “knowledge is key” further emphasizes their mission of creating an educational environment where all are welcomed.

Sisters Uptown Bookstore is located at 1942 Amsterdam Ave in Washington Heights.

Food Businesses

Before you scroll down, be sure to download the EatOkra app. EatOkra will help you find your local Black restaurants.

Africana Restaurant

Africana Restaurant is considered one of the top 10 best African restaurants in Queens. It is located on 14612 Liberty Ave. Take the time to enjoy some Jollof rice while appreciating the Nigerian culture!

Jamaica Breeze

Jamaica Breeze is known for its wide variety of Jamaican foods, baked goods, and drinks. A restaurant of Jamaican chefs that have passed down authentic recipes for generations? It’s almost too good to be true. 

Jamaica Breeze is located on 103-02 Astoria Boulevard in East Elmhurst. Take the time to enjoy some delicious Jamaican jerk chicken and take a quick trip to Jamaica.

Country Life Jerk

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A post shared by Country Life Jerk Restaurant (@countrylifejerk) on

Country Life Jerk is located on 147-12 Tuskegee Airmen Way in Jamaica, Queens. With delicious foods and even better customer service, many customers have begun to make this place a must-visit.

Percy’s Jerk Hut

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Jerk Pork All Day!!!! 🐷 🐷 #jerkhut #jerkpork

A post shared by percysjerkhut (@percysjerkhut) on

Percy’s Jerk Hut specializes in serving the best authentic Jamaican food you can find in Queens. With many customers claiming they have the best Jerk chicken around, there’s only one way to find out!

Percy’s is located on 231-07 Merrick Blvd in Jamaica, Queens.

Island Taste Lounge

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$10 Crab Clusters

A post shared by Island Taste Restaurant (@islandtastelounge) on

Best known for its delicious Caribbean food, Island Taste Lounge is the place to be. Located on 243-10 Merrick Blvd in Queens, this is the place to go for all your Caribbean food needs!

Freckle’s Juice Bar

Freckle’s Juice Bar is dedicated to serving natural juices, smoothies, and healthy foods, including vegan and gluten-free options.

Freckles Juice has two locations, one in the Bronx and one in White Plains. 

Amy Ruth’s

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Thank you for supporting #harlemsmallbusiness @cy_eats We strive to deliver the best chicken and waffles in NYC !!!! This photo is OUTSTANDING and so are you! Go give @cy_eats a follow!!! We love being able to deliver our soul food to you during these times. Thank you for continuing to keep us open by ordering to go meals. We appreciate all your support. 🙏🏽 ……………………………………………………….. PLEASE REMEMBER WE ARE PROVIDING TAKE-OUT 7 DAYS A WEEK 11AM-8PM and you can get delivery via @grubhub and now @doordash Stay safe. We love and miss you all. 📸 Tag us on your Amy Ruth’s take-out/delivery posts and get featured on our IG! . . . #harlem #soulfood #food #foodporn #foodie #love #nyc #nycrestaurants #eat #grubhub #staystrong #family #friends #foodphotography #amyruthsharlem #amyruths

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Best known for their chicken and waffles (deemed #2 in the country, by the way), Amy Ruth’s menu will make you fall in love with homestyle southern cooking. 

Swing by at 113 West 116th Street in Harlem.

Field Trip NYC

Founded in 2019, Field Trip is a community-based restaurant that specializes in rice. Their motto is “Rice is Culture”. Rice is the staple of many dishes and founder of Fieldtrip, Chef JJ Johnson recognizes that rice connects us all. 

Take a field trip to Field Trip, located on 109 Malcolm X Blvd in Harlem.

Kingston Harlem

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#JerkShrimp and #CoconutGrits — #IssaBottomlessBrunch #IssaRumPunch #ShrimpandGrits

A post shared by Kingston Restaurant and Bar (@kingstonharlem) on

Kingston Harlem brings the warmth of Jamaica right back to New York City! This restaurant blesses you with an authentic Jamaican and Caribbean experience.

Located on 218 W 116th St in Harlem, head to Kingston, but in New York!

Boulevard Bistro

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#PresidentsDay brunch is here! Come by and get all your favorites BLVD favorites on your extra day off.

A post shared by BLVD Bistro (@blvdbistro) on

Boulevard Bistro’s mission is to bring you soul food classics with a twist. Cocktails and wine are the staple drinks here. Many have dubbed this place a favorite, recommending dishes like the biscuit sandwiches, fried grouper, pancakes, okra, fried chicken, potato salad, collard greens, smoked chicken, and meatloaf.

Come down to 239 Malcolm X Boulevard for a modernized take on classic soul foods. 

Sugarcane Raw Bar and Grill

Sugarcane Raw Bar and Grill is meant to provide an escape from your everyday life. This business dedicates itself to help us all celebrate the simple pleasures in life–eating good food and celebrating with friends. 

Located on 55 Water Street in Brooklyn, the view will make you go in and the food will make you stay. 

Sweet Science

Sweet Science is known for its generous bar space and amazing comfort foods. It is a must-visit for visitors and New Yorkers all around. 

Bring your friends over to Sweet Science where you’ll always feel comfortable and goodbyes are bittersweet. Sweet Science is currently open for delivery and pickups. It is located on 135 Graham Avenue in Brooklyn.

MangoSeed Restaurant

MangoSeed Restaurant is known for its Caribbean food mixed in with the Brooklyn ingenuity and also, wood fire pizza. This restaurant is best known for its neo-Caribbean cuisine. They offer warm hospitality, good music, and a lively environment. 

Come by to Mangoseed Restaurant and Bar, located on 757 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn.

Tilly’s BKLYN

Tilly’s BKLYN is a family-owned beer and wine bar, located in 1223 Bedford Ave in Brooklyn. Known for serving a wide selection of wine and craft beers, you should also come by to enjoy live music and game nights (when coronavirus is over, of course).


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Yes, vegan food can be delicious, comforting, and healthy. Available for take out and delivery. #WelcomeHome #ItsTeranga

A post shared by TERANGA️️️ (@itsteranga_) on

At Teranga, their mission to celebrate African culture through their food, showcasing the depth, richness, and vibrancy of African heritage through modernized settings. Teranga’s food is inspired by traditional African home cooking with ingredients carefully sourced from smallholder farms in Africa and locally produced ones in America. 

Teranga is located on 1280 5th Avenue in Harlem.

Lee Lee’s Rugelach

Lee Lee’s Rugelach was founded by Alvin Lee Smalls, a man whose passion was to create baked goods from all-natural ingredients. Customers rave about his baked goods, claiming it to be better than those in stores.

Find him on 283 West 118th Street in Harlem. Come for the treats and stay for the sweet nature of Alvin Lee Smalls, affectionately known as “Lee-Lee” or “Mr. Lee” by his regulars.

Chez Alain

Chez Alain serves delicious Senegalese food. Many testimonials claim that this place is a must-visit. Huge portions, amazing food, and great customer service–what else can you ask for?

Check them out at 2046 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd in Harlem.

Make My Fish

Make My Fish serves great Southern-style food, with fish and chips being their most popular. Their food quality is consistent and its ambiance is super casual.

Come find your fish at 120 W 116th Street in Harlem.


Gorgeous Gains is a business that caters to those who want to get active and feel beautiful. The founder, Jhavonne, turned to the gym when things became tough for her and used it as her safe haven. As her confidence increased, so did her gains!

In her words herself, “I just want to help people love themselves and feel beautiful, so never forget to get them gains, gorgeous.”

Beauty businesses

Scotch Porter is a black-owned business for men’s hair, skin, and beard products. Self-care is their priority, so if you’re part of the #BeardGang, head on over!

We hope we’ve provided your taste buds, hair, and body with a tangible set of Black-owned businesses. Give Black people your coins–they have worked hard for centuries and they deserve it!

For more information on Black businesses, click here.

For more Black-owned restaurants in NYC, click here.

How K-Pop stans are bodying racist trends all over the internet

K-pop stans rise up! Best known for their fierce fan bases the K-pop community has decided to take it one step further and use their enormous fanbase to fight the racist trends all over the internet.

For many years, they’ve been known for their progressive and politically aware community. And the #BLM movement is no different for them.

In order to show their support of the protests in the US, many stans have taken it upon themselves to hack into the racist hashtags and flood it with fan-cams of their favorite artists.

Thus taking the side of protestors and making it virtually impossible for anything other than their memes and videos to be found under them.

The taking over of racist hashtags

#WhiteLifeMatters and #WhiteLivesMatter




In fact, many K-pop stans have used the hashtag so often while being able to show off their favorite member’s choreography that twitter has even put it into the K-pop category.

Many racists have taken it upon themselves to criticize these fans for their “disrespect” and “refusal to let the truth out.”

Who knows how the racists will react when they realize the K-pop stans are doing everything they can to make sure the lies the racists try to spread never reach Twitter’s algorithm.

Working with Anonymous

K-pop stans are so powerful that they’ve even garnered the attention of Anonymous, the infamous international activist/hacktivist group that is best known for their cyberattacks against the US government and many other countries. And the Church of Scientology.

Anonymous has called on the K-pop stans for help to take down many racist hashtags and apps that the police have been creating in order to get the identities of many protestors.

Anonymous and K-pop stans now work in tandem with each other. Their most recent feat? The takedown of the Dallas Police Department’s app (iWatch) by spamming it with fan-cams and memes until it crashed. The app was originally created for identifying protestors.

Unfortunately for Dallas PD, many people have other ideas.

Another win for K-pop stans!

If there’s one thing we can admire about the K-pop stans is their tenacity. Bless up for your service!

How influencers and idiots are gentrifying the #BLM protests

#BlackLivesMatter is meant to bring power to Black people. It also raises awareness of the oppression that they have faced.

Unfortunately, a few people have begun to use this as a publicity stunt rather than actually caring about the movement. Some have even decided to use these protests as a means to have fun.

We came across screenshotted conversations this week that proved people have ulterior motives for protesting.

These people used this protest for clout and didn’t even hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. One Twitter user had his two cents to offer after seeing both girls at the protest.

It seems as though influencers have also taken it upon themselves to gentrify oppression.

Other influencers have taken it upon themselves to “spread the word”, by taking a photo in front of a broken store glass window and dipping.

This instance below here is the kicker. Luckily, we had a bystander who called her out and even caught her license plate on camera.

The second influencer caught on camera is a woman named Fiona Moriarty-McLaughlin, a political intern with the Washington Journal and a former journalist for Billboard and Hollywood Reporter.

Since the video has gone viral, there have been over 24 million views, producing multiple backlash from many infuriated Twitter users berating her for her callous behavior.

For those of you lamenting over the fact that it was the rioters who broke the windows and are therefore causing strain within this movement, here’s where you’re wrong. 

Many people have taken it upon themselves to use this movement as a way to fuel their shoplifting and anger management needs, therefore defiling the true meaning of what #BlackLivesMatter actually means. 

First posted on TikTok, this video depicts someone smashing windows with a skateboard until someone comes by to stop him, berating him for his actions. Since being uploaded onto Twitter, this video has had over six million views.

This is what the media doesn’t want you to see. This is what the media is doing its best to hide from you. 

Another instance of people using this movement for their own personal gain can be seen when white people had decided to enter through a broken store window to steal shoes from a popular brand, Vans. For people claiming that the #BlackLivesMatter movement is just a way for Black people to break into stores, think again. 

The media trying to pretend as though these protests are nothing near peaceful — that is a far cry from the truth. There are multiple instances of white people ruining peaceful protests, a perfect example of that being shown in a video that has gone viral on Twitter.

The man is shown to be kicking police cars and showing the middle fingers to the protestors as well as those that film him and try to stop him.

But, “The police are called to stop the protestors from breaking into stores and protect the businesses!” Well, if that is the case, who do we call when the police are the ones who have decided to start breaking into stores?

Videos of cops breaking store windows with their batons have begun to circulate the internet leaving people bewildered over the fact that it is the cops who have started the vandalism, but that’s not new for those who have seen this happening for days now.

Pretending to care about #BlackLivesMatter is not it. Enough is enough.