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How influencers and idiots are gentrifying the #BLM protests

#BlackLivesMatter is meant to bring power to Black people. It also raises awareness of the oppression that they have faced.

Unfortunately, a few people have begun to use this as a publicity stunt rather than actually caring about the movement. Some have even decided to use these protests as a means to have fun.

We came across screenshotted conversations this week that proved people have ulterior motives for protesting.

These people used this protest for clout and didn’t even hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. One Twitter user had his two cents to offer after seeing both girls at the protest.

It seems as though influencers have also taken it upon themselves to gentrify oppression.

Other influencers have taken it upon themselves to “spread the word”, by taking a photo in front of a broken store glass window and dipping.

This instance below here is the kicker. Luckily, we had a bystander who called her out and even caught her license plate on camera.

The second influencer caught on camera is a woman named Fiona Moriarty-McLaughlin, a political intern with the Washington Journal and a former journalist for Billboard and Hollywood Reporter.

Since the video has gone viral, there have been over 24 million views, producing multiple backlash from many infuriated Twitter users berating her for her callous behavior.

For those of you lamenting over the fact that it was the rioters who broke the windows and are therefore causing strain within this movement, here’s where you’re wrong. 

Many people have taken it upon themselves to use this movement as a way to fuel their shoplifting and anger management needs, therefore defiling the true meaning of what #BlackLivesMatter actually means. 

First posted on TikTok, this video depicts someone smashing windows with a skateboard until someone comes by to stop him, berating him for his actions. Since being uploaded onto Twitter, this video has had over six million views.

This is what the media doesn’t want you to see. This is what the media is doing its best to hide from you. 

Another instance of people using this movement for their own personal gain can be seen when white people had decided to enter through a broken store window to steal shoes from a popular brand, Vans. For people claiming that the #BlackLivesMatter movement is just a way for Black people to break into stores, think again. 

The media trying to pretend as though these protests are nothing near peaceful — that is a far cry from the truth. There are multiple instances of white people ruining peaceful protests, a perfect example of that being shown in a video that has gone viral on Twitter.

The man is shown to be kicking police cars and showing the middle fingers to the protestors as well as those that film him and try to stop him.

But, “The police are called to stop the protestors from breaking into stores and protect the businesses!” Well, if that is the case, who do we call when the police are the ones who have decided to start breaking into stores?

Videos of cops breaking store windows with their batons have begun to circulate the internet leaving people bewildered over the fact that it is the cops who have started the vandalism, but that’s not new for those who have seen this happening for days now.

Pretending to care about #BlackLivesMatter is not it. Enough is enough.